PoS - Proceedings of Science

Swift: 10 Years of Discovery

2-5 December 2014
La Sapienza University, Rome, Italy
published August 19, 2015
The conference Swift: 10 years of discovery was held in Roma at La Sapienza University on Dec. 2-5 2014 to celebrate 10 years of Swift successes. Thanks to a large attendance and a lively program, it provided the opportunity to review recent advances of our knowledge of the high-energy transient Universe both from the observational and theoretical sides. When Swift was launched on November 20, 2004, its prime objective was to chase Gamma-Ray Bursts and deepen our knowledge of these cosmic explosions. And so it did, unveiling the secrets of long and short GRBs. However, its multi-wavelength instrumentation and fast scheduling capabilities made it the most versatile mission ever flown. Besides GRBs, Swift has observed, and contributed to our understanding of, an impressive variety of targets including AGNs, supernovae, pulsars, microquasars, novae, variable stars, comets, and much more. Swift is continuously discovering rare and surprising events distributed over a wide range of redshifts, out to the most distant transient objects in the Universe. Such a trove of discoveries has been addressed during the conference with sessions dedicated to each class of events. Indeed, the conference in Rome was a spectacular celebration of the Swift 10th anniversary. It included sessions on all types of transient and steady sources. Top scientists from around the world gave invited and contributed talks. There was a large poster session, sumptuous lunches, news interviews and a glorious banquet with officials attending from INAF and ASI. All the presentations, as well as several conference pictures, can be found in the conference website (http://www.brera.inaf.it/Swift10/Welcome.html). Each paper, from submission to final acceptance, has been monitored by Paolo D'Avanzo who should be considered the main Editor of these Proceedings. The Conference has been made possible by the support from La Sapienza University as well as from the ARAP association. We acknowledge valuable inputs from the conference SOC and from the Swift User Committee Chair Dieter Hartmann. We also thank the LOC for their unrelenting efforts to solve all practical details. We would like to acknowledge financial support from INAF, ASI and NASA/GSFC.


Patrizia Caraveo
Paolo D’Avanzo
Neil Gehrels
Gianpiero Tagliaferri
conference main image
Swift and future GRB missions
Low luminosity - Very Long GRBs
Swift catalogs
Compact Objects and the Galactic Center
Tidal Disruption
AGN - Blazar
GRB Posters
Non-GRB Posters
GROND coverage of the main peak of Gamma-Ray Burst 130925A
PoS(SWIFT 10)010 pdf
J. Greiner, H.F. Yu, T. Krühler, D.D. Frederiks, A. Beloborodov, P.N. Bhat, J. Bolmer, H.J. Van Eerten, R.L. Aptekar, J. Elliott, S.V. Golenetskii, J.F. Graham, K. Hurley, D.A. Kann, S. Klose, A. Nicuesa Guelbenzu, A. Rau, P. Schady, S. Schmidl, V. Sudilovsky, D.S. Svinkin, M. Tanga, M.V. Ulanov, K. Varela, A. von Kienlin and X.L. Zhang
Optical properties of Swift long Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(SWIFT 10)011 pdf A. Melandri
Linear and circular polarization in GRB afterglows
PoS(SWIFT 10)018 pdf L. Nava, E. Nakar and T. Piran
Exploring the chemical enrichment at z>2 via GRB afterglow spectroscopy
PoS(SWIFT 10)023 pdf A. Cucchiara
Swift and future GRB missions
The SVOM gamma-ray burst mission
PoS(SWIFT 10)005 pdf
B. Cordier, J. Wei, J.L. Atteia, S. Basa, A. Claret, F. Daigne, J. Deng, Y. Dong, O. Godet, A. Goldwurm, D. Gotz, X. Han, A. Klotz, C. Lachaud, J. Osborne, Y. Qiu, S. Schanne, B. Wu, J. Wang, C. Wu, L. Xin, B. Zhang and S.N. Zhang
Einstein Probe — a small mission to monitor and explore the dynamic X-ray Universe
PoS(SWIFT 10)006 pdf W. Yuan, C. Zhang, H. Feng, S.N. Zhang, Z.X. Ling, D.H. Zhao, J. Deng, Y.L. Qiu, J.P. Osborne, P. O'Brien, R. Willingale and J.S. Lapington
Low luminosity - Very Long GRBs
Testing for a class of ULGRBs using Swift GRBs
PoS(SWIFT 10)032 pdf M. Boer, B. Gendre and G. Stratta
Swift catalogs
The XRT catalogs
PoS(SWIFT 10)036 pdf P. Evans
The Swift UVOT serendipitous source catalogue
PoS(SWIFT 10)037 pdf M.J. Page, V. Yershov, A. Breeveld, P. Kuin, R. Mignani, P.J. Smith, J. Rawlings, S. Oates, M. Siegel and P. Roming
The Third Swift Burst Alert Telescope Gamma-Ray Burst Catalog
PoS(SWIFT 10)038 pdf A. Lien, T. Sakamoto, S.D. Barthelmy, W. Baumgartner, K. Chen, N.R. Collins, J. Cummings, N. Gehrels, H.A. Krimm, C.B. Markwardt, D.M. Palmer, M. Stamatikos, E. Troja and T.N. Ukwatta
Swift, UVOT and Hot Stars
PoS(SWIFT 10)042 pdf M. Siegel, C.A. Gronwall, L. Hagen and E.A. Hoversten
The Swift X-ray Cluster Survey
PoS(SWIFT 10)043 pdf A. Moretti, T. Liu, J.X. Wang, P. Tozzi, E. Tundo, S. Campana, G. Tagliaferri and M. Giavalisco
The X-ray outburst of the Galactic Centre magnetar as monitored by Chandra and XMM-Newton
PoS(SWIFT 10)046 pdf
F. Coti Zelati, N. Rea, A. Papitto, D. Vigano', J.A. Pons, R. Turolla, P. Esposito, D. Haggard, F.K. Baganoff, G. Ponti, G. Israel, S. Campana, D.F. Torres, A. Tiengo, S. Mereghetti, R. Perna, S. Zane, R. Mignani, A. Possenti and L. Stella
Compact Objects and the Galactic Center
Swift contribution to our understanding of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources
PoS(SWIFT 10)048 pdf L. Zampieri
Tidal Disruption
Spoon-feeding an active galactic nucleus
PoS(SWIFT 10)051 pdf D. Mainetti, S. Campana, M. Colpi, G. Lodato, P. D'Avanzo, P. Evans and A. Moretti
AGN - Blazar
The largest Swift AGN monitoring: UV/optical variability in NGC 5548
PoS(SWIFT 10)053 pdf S. Connolly, I. McHardy, D. Cameron, T. Dwelly, P. Lira, D. Emmanoulopoulos, J. Gelbord, E. Breedt, P. Arevalo and P. Uttley
GRB Posters
Simulations of GRB detections with the ECLAIRs telescope onboard the future SVOM mission
PoS(SWIFT 10)059 pdf S. Antier, S. Schanne, B. Cordier, A. Gros, D. Gotz and C. Lachaud
The GRB's Sky Exposure Function
PoS(SWIFT 10)060 pdf Z. Bagoly, L.G. Balazs, I. Horvath, I.I. Rácz, L.V. Toth and J. Hakkila
Lower orphan afterglow rates for Gaia and LSST
PoS(SWIFT 10)061 pdf J. Kóbori, Z. Bagoly, L.G. Balazs, Z. Ivezic and I. Horvath
10 years of XRT light curves: a general view of the X-ray afterglow
PoS(SWIFT 10)062 pdf O. Bardho, M. Boer and B. Gendre
Shedding light on the prompt high efficiency paradox - self consistent modeling of GRB afterglows
PoS(SWIFT 10)064 pdf attachments P. Beniamini, L. Nava, R. Barniol Duran and T. Piran
Comparing the spectral lag of short and long gamma-ray bursts and its relation with the luminosity
PoS(SWIFT 10)065 pdf M.G. Bernardini and G. Ghirlanda
The Swift UVOT grism calibration and example spectra
PoS(SWIFT 10)066 pdf P. Kuin, A. Breeveld and M.J. Page
Numerical Models of Blackbody-Dominated GRBs
PoS(SWIFT 10)069 pdf C. Cuesta-Martínez, M.A. Aloy, P. Mimica, C. Thöne and A. de Ugarte Postigo
GRB 130831A: The Birth and Death of a Magnetar at z=0.5
PoS(SWIFT 10)071 pdf
M. De Pasquale, S.R. Oates, J. Racusin, D.A. Kann, B. Zhang, A. Pozanenko, A.A. Volnova, A. Trotter, N.R. Frank, A. Cucchiara, E. Troja, B. Sbarufatti, N.R. Butler, S. Schulze, Z. Cano, M.J. Page, A.J. Castro-Tirado, J. Gorosabel, A. Lien, O.D. Fox, O. Littlejohns, J. Bloom, J.X. Prochaska, J.A. de Diego, J. Gonzalez, M.G. Richer, C. Roman-Zuniga, A. Watson, N. Gehrels, S.H. Moseley, A. Kutyrev, S. Zane, V. Hoette, R. Russell, V. Rumyantsev, E. Klunko, O. Burkhonov, A. Breeveld, D. Reichart and J. Haislip
Properties of Low Luminosity Afterglow GRBs
PoS(SWIFT 10)072 pdf H. Dereli, M. Boer, B. Gendre, L. Amati and S. Dichiara
Binary progenitors of GRBs in the fireshell model: relevance of Swift observations
PoS(SWIFT 10)073 pdf M. Enderli, C.L. Bianco, L. Izzo, M. Kovacevic, M. Muccino, G. Pisani, J.A. Rueda Hernandez, R. Ruffini and Y. Wang
The Microchannel X-ray Telescope on board the SVOM satellite
PoS(SWIFT 10)074 pdf
D. Gotz, C. Adami, S. Basa, V. Beckmann, V. Burwitz, R. Chipaux, B. Cordier, P. Evans, O. Godet, R. Goosmann, N. Meidinger, A. Meuris, C. Motch, K. Nandra, P. O'Brien, J.P. Osborne, E. Perinati, A. Rau, R. Willingale, K. Mercier and F. Gonzalez
Constraining GRB progenitors environment with Swift XRT
PoS(SWIFT 10)075 pdf D. Saez and D. Gotz
The distribution of GRB spectral lags: implications for the lag - Liso relation
PoS(SWIFT 10)077 pdf V. Heussaff, J.L. Atteia and J.P. Dezelay
Anomalies in the GRBs' spatial distribution
PoS(SWIFT 10)078 pdf I. Horvath, Z. Bagoly, J. Hakkila and L.V. Toth
Nucleosynthesis of heavy elements in gamma-ray bursts
PoS(SWIFT 10)080 pdf A. Janiuk and B. Kaminski
Fitting GRB afterglow broadband data to hydrodynamical simulations
PoS(SWIFT 10)083 pdf F. Knust, H.J. Van Eerten, J. Greiner and R. Filgas
Photospheric emission from long duration gamma-ray bursts powered by variable engines
PoS(SWIFT 10)084 pdf D. Lopez-Camara, B.J. Morsony and D. Lazzati
GRB 140619B: a short GRB from a neutron star merger leading to the black hole formation
PoS(SWIFT 10)086 pdf M. Muccino, R. Ruffini, M. Kovacevic, L. Izzo, F.G. Oliveira, J.A. Rueda, C.L. Bianco, M. Enderli, A.V. Penacchioni, G. Pisani, Y. Wang and E. Zaninoni
Black Hole Spin Down in GRB observations and cosmology
PoS(SWIFT 10)090 pdf A. Nathanail, I. Contopoulos and S. Basilakos
Metallicity Measurements of GRB Explosion Sites: Lessons from HII regions in M31
PoS(SWIFT 10)091 pdf Y. Niino, K. Nagamine and B. Zhang
The early afterglow and magnetized ejecta present in GRB 110731A
PoS(SWIFT 10)092 pdf N. Fraija and W.H. Lee
Reviewing the case of atypical central-engine activity in GRB 110709B
PoS(SWIFT 10)093 pdf N. Fraija, E. Moreno-Mendez and B. Patricelli
Exploring the behaviour of long gamma-ray bursts with intrinsic afterglow correlations
PoS(SWIFT 10)094 pdf S. Oates, J. Racusin, M. De Pasquale, M.J. Page, A.J. Castro-Tirado, J. Gorosabel, P.J. Smith, A. Breeveld and P. Kuin
Numerical study of relativistic shock breakout in circumstellar medium
PoS(SWIFT 10)095 pdf Y. Ohtani, A. Suzuki and T. Shigeyama
Gamma-ray burst jets: uniform or structured?
PoS(SWIFT 10)096 pdf O.S. Salafia, A. Pescalli, F. Nappo, G. Ghisellini, G. Ghirlanda, R. Salvaterra and G. Tagliaferri
Binary-driven HyperNovae and their nested late X-ray emission
PoS(SWIFT 10)097 pdf G. Pisani, R. Ruffini, M. Muccino, C.L. Bianco, M. Enderli, A.V. Penacchioni, J.A. Rueda Hernandez, Y. Wang, E. Zaninoni and L. Izzo
Early detections of properties of Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(SWIFT 10)098 pdf G. Pizzichini
Survival analysis of the optical brightness GRB host galaxies
PoS(SWIFT 10)099 pdf I.I. Rácz, L.G. Balazs, Z. Bagoly and L.V. Toth
Testing and Performance of UFFO Burst Alert & Trigger Telescope
PoS(SWIFT 10)102 pdf
J. Ripa, M.B. Kim, J. Lee, H. Park, E. Kim, H. Lim, S. Jeong, A.J. Castro-Tirado, P. Connell, C. Eyles, V. Reglero, J.M. Rodrigo, V. Bogomolov, M.I. Panasyuk, V. Petrov, S. Svertilov, I. Yashin, S. Brandt, C. Budtz-Jørgensen, Y. Chang, P. Chen, M.A. Huang, T.C. Liu, J. Nam, M.Z. Wang, C.R. Chen, H.S. Choi, S.W. Kim and K.W. Min
What is the Astrophysical Meaning of the Intermediate Subgroup of GRBs
PoS(SWIFT 10)103 pdf J. Ripa and A. Meszaros
Investigating the peak energy-intensity correlation for GRB Physics and Cosmology
PoS(SWIFT 10)106 pdf attachments D. Sawant and L. Amati
The ECLAIRs GRB trigger telescope onboard the future SVOM mission
PoS(SWIFT 10)107 pdf S. Schanne, B. Cordier, J.L. Atteia, O. Godet, C. Lachaud and K. Mercier
Short gamma-ray bursts from binary neutron star mergers: the time-reversal scenario
PoS(SWIFT 10)108 pdf R. Ciolfi and D. Siegel
Temporal Variability and the Bulk Lorentz Factor of GRBs
PoS(SWIFT 10)109 pdf E. Sonbas, G. MacLachlan, K.S. Dhuga, P. Veres and A. Shenoy
Hydrodynamical models for low-luminosity GRBs and relativistic SNe
PoS(SWIFT 10)110 pdf A. Suzuki, K. Maeda and T. Shigeyama
Determining the Dust Composition of GRB Host Galaxies
PoS(SWIFT 10)114 pdf A. Updike and D.H. Hartmann
Constraining the fireball scenario of GRB afterglows with GROND and multi-wavelength data
PoS(SWIFT 10)115 pdf attachments K. Varela, H.J. Van Eerten, J. Greiner and P. Schady
GRB Cosmology and SOC in GRBs
PoS(SWIFT 10)116 pdf F. Wang
Effect of Rapid Evolution of Magnetic Tilt Angle of a Newborn Magnetar on Light Curve of Gamma-ray Burst
PoS(SWIFT 10)119 pdf M. Xu
Ten years of Swift: a universal scaling for short and long gamma-ray bursts (EX,iso-Egamma,iso-Epk)
PoS(SWIFT 10)120 pdf E. Zaninoni, M.G. Bernardini, R. Margutti and L. Amati
Magnetically-induced outflows from binary neutron star merger remnants
PoS(SWIFT 10)169 pdf D. Siegel and R. Ciolfi
Evidence for Two-Component Jet in Sw J1644+57
PoS(SWIFT 10)170 pdf J. Wang, W. Lei, D. Wang, W. Xie and B. Zhang
Hypercritical accretion, induced gravitational collapse and binary driven Hypernovae
PoS(SWIFT 10)171 pdf L.M. Becerra Bayona, C.L. Bianco, M. Enderli, C.L. Fryer, L. Izzo, M. Muccino, A.V. Penacchioni, G. Pisani, J.A. Rueda Hernandez, R. Ruffini, Y. Wang and E. Zaninoni
Non-GRB Posters
Mining the XRT archive to probe the X-ray absorber structure in the AGN population
PoS(SWIFT 10)122 pdf L. Ballo, P. Severgnini, A. Moretti, R. Della Ceca, S. Andreon, V. Braito, A. Caccianiga, S. Campana and C. Vignali
SOUSA's Swift Supernova Siblings
PoS(SWIFT 10)125 pdf P. Brown
Follow-up of X-ray transients detected by SWIFT with COLORES using the BOOTES network
PoS(SWIFT 10)126 pdf M.D. Caballero Garcia, M. Jelinek, A.J. Castro-Tirado, R. Hudec, R. Cunniffe, O. Rabaza and L. Sabau-Graziati
High energy gamma-ray emission from PSR B1259-63 SS 2883 during 2014 and 2010 periastron passages
PoS(SWIFT 10)127 pdf G.A. Caliandro, C.C. Cheung, J. Li, D.F. Torres and K.S. Wood
The non standard evolution of the Compton corona in the three 2008-2010 subsequent outbursts of the Black Hole Candidate 4U 1630-47
PoS(SWIFT 10)128 pdf F. Capitanio, R. Campana, G. De Cesare and C. Ferrigno
Swift Communications and Public Outreach
PoS(SWIFT 10)130 pdf L. Cominsky, A. Simonnet and S. E/PO team
Long-Term X-ray Spectral Variability of Seyfert Galaxies with Swift
PoS(SWIFT 10)131 pdf S. Connolly, I. McHardy and T. Dwelly
The 4th Palermo Swift-BAT catalogue: 100 months of survey of the hard X-ray sky
PoS(SWIFT 10)132 pdf A. Segreto, G. Cusumano, V. La Parola and A. Maselli
The multi-faceted synergy between Swift and Fermi in radio-loud AGN studies
PoS(SWIFT 10)133 pdf F. D'Ammando
An overview of the EXTraS project: Exploring the X-ray Transient and Variable Sky
PoS(SWIFT 10)135 pdf A. De Luca, R. Salvaterra, A. Tiengo, D. D'Agostino, M.G. Watson, F. Haberl and J. Wilms
Exploring Multiwavelength AGN Variability with Swift Archival Data
PoS(SWIFT 10)137 pdf J. Gelbord, C.A. Gronwall, D. Grupe, D. Vanden Berk and J. Wu
Collisionless shocks and X-ray emission around supernova shock breakout
PoS(SWIFT 10)138 pdf G. Giacinti and A.R. Bell
UVOT Measurements of Dust and Star Formation in the SMC and M33
PoS(SWIFT 10)140 pdf L. Hagen, M. Siegel, C.A. Gronwall, E.A. Hoversten, A. Vargas and S. Immler
The Swift-XRT observations of HBL Source 1ES 1959+650
PoS(SWIFT 10)142 pdf attachments B. Kapanadze, P. Romano, S. Vercellone, S. Kapanadze and G. Kharshiladze
Seyfert galaxies with Swift: giant flares, rapid drops, and other surprises
PoS(SWIFT 10)143 pdf S. Komossa, D. Grupe, R. Saxton and L. Gallo
Finding AGN in Deep X-ray Flux States with Swift
PoS(SWIFT 10)144 pdf D. Grupe, S. Komossa, M. Bush, C. Pruett, S. Ernst, T. Barber, J. Carter, N. Schartel, P. Rodriguez and M. Santos-Lleo
Using X-ray catalogues to find counterparts to unassociated high-energy Fermi/LAT sources
PoS(SWIFT 10)145 pdf R. Landi, L. Bassani, J.B. Stephen, N. Masetti, A. Malizia and P. Ubertini
Swift XRT monitoring of the ULX M33 X8
PoS(SWIFT 10)146 pdf V. La Parola, G. Cusumano, T. Mineo and A. D'ai
Three years of X-ray Light Curve of Swift J164449.3+573451
PoS(SWIFT 10)147 pdf V. Mangano, D. Burrows, B. Sbarufatti and J.K. Cannizzo
New blazars from the cross-match of recent multi-frequency catalogs
PoS(SWIFT 10)148 pdf attachments A. Maselli, G. Cusumano, V. La Parola, A. Segreto, F. Massaro, R. D'Abrusco and G. Tosti
Energy Dependent Intensity Variations of Persistent X-ray Emission of Magnetars
PoS(SWIFT 10)150 pdf Y. Nakagawa and K. Ebisawa
Flaring activity of Mrk 421 in 2012 and 2013: orphan flare and multiwavelength analysis
PoS(SWIFT 10)152 pdf N. Fraija, J.I. Cabrera, E. Benitez and D. Hiriart
SWIFT/BAT AGN2 reveal broad emission lines in the NIR: the first virial measure of their black hole masses
PoS(SWIFT 10)153 pdf F. Onori, F. La Franca, F. Ricci, M. Brusa, E. Sani, R. Maiolino, S. Bianchi, A. Bongiorno, F. Fiore, A. Marconi and C. Vignali
Long-term spot topography and multi-band flare analysis of active ultra-fast rotator LO Peg
PoS(SWIFT 10)155 pdf S.B. Pandey, J.C. Pandey, S. Karmakar and I.S. Savanov
Electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational wave candidates: perspectives in INAF
PoS(SWIFT 10)156 pdf
S. Piranomonte, E. Brocato, M. Branchesi, S. Campana, E. Cappellaro, S. Covino, A. Grado, E. Palazzi, L. Nicastro, E. Pian, G. Stratta, G. Greco, M. Castellano, G. Giuffrida, S. Marinoni, L. Pulone, L.A. Antonelli, M.G. Bernardini, P. D'Avanzo, A. Melandri and L. Stella
A systematic search for periodicities of X-ray binaries in the Swift BAT data
PoS(SWIFT 10)157 pdf R. Poggiani
The 100-month Swift Catalogue of Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients
PoS(SWIFT 10)158 pdf P. Romano, H.A. Krimm, D.M. Palmer, L. Ducci, P. Esposito, S. Vercellone, P. Evans, C. Guidorzi, V. Mangano, J. Kennea, S.D. Barthelmy, D. Burrows and N. Gehrels
Numerical simulations of the internal shock model in magnetized relativistic jets of blazars
PoS(SWIFT 10)159 pdf J. Rueda-Becerril, P. Mimica and M.A. Aloy
Broad-band Transient Monitor using the Swift/BAT and the MAXI/GSC data
PoS(SWIFT 10)160 pdf T. Sakamoto, Y. Oda and A. Yoshida
Wide-band X-ray Studies of Inner Disc Structure in Galactic Black Hole Binaries
PoS(SWIFT 10)162 pdf M. Shidatsu, Y. Ueda, T. Hori, C. Done and S. Nakahira
Swift and Suzaku observations of spectral evolution in the FRED type GRBs
PoS(SWIFT 10)164 pdf attachments M. Tashiro, H. Ueno and J.i. Enomoto
Search and Machine Learning Classification of Short Untriggered Transients
PoS(SWIFT 10)165 pdf M. Topinka and R. Hudec
X-ray and UV long-term properties of 3C 454.3 during low gamma-ray states: the Swift view
PoS(SWIFT 10)167 pdf S. Vercellone and P. Romano