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Accretion Processes in Cosmic Sources

APCS2016 - (other apcs conferences)
5-10 September 2016
Saint Petersburg, Russia
published May 16, 2018
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Accretion is a universal phenomenon that takes place in the vast majority of astrophysical objects. The progress of ground-based and space-borne observational facilities has resulted in the great amount of information on various accreting astrophysical objects, collected within the last decades. The accretion is accompanied by the process of extensive energy release that takes place on the surface of an accreting object and in various gaseous envelopes, accretion disk, jets and other elements of the flow pattern. The results of observations inspired the intensive development of accretion theory, which, in turn, enabled us to study unique properties of accreting objects and physical conditions in the surrounding environment. One of the most interesting outcomes of this intensive study is the fact that accretion processes are, in a sense, self-similar on various spatial scales from planetary systems to galaxies. This fact gives us new opportunities to investigate objects that, by various reasons, are not available for direct study.

Cataclysmic variable stars are unique natural laboratories where one can conduct the detailed observational study of accretion processes and accretion disks. This is the main reason why several participants and a few members of the Organizing Committee of the conference «The Golden Age of Cataclysmic Variables and Related Objects – III» (September 7-12, 2015, Palermo, Italy) have decided to hold a special conference, focused on accretion processes, as a branch of that series.

Main topics:

Young Stellar Objects, protoplanetary discs, exoplanets in binary stars

Accretion on white dwarfs (Cataclysmic variables and related objects)

Accretion on neutron stars (X-ray Binary Systems and related objects)

Accretion on black holes (stellar BH and AGN)

The workshop will include a few 35-minute general review talks to introduce the current problems, and 20-minute talks to discuss new experimental and theoretical results. A series of 15-minute talks will discuss the ongoing and planned ground-based and space-based experiments. There will also be some general talks about the future directions of scientific research on cosmic sources. The papers will pass a peer-review process and the workshop proceedings will be edited by Franco Giovannelli & Lola Sabau-Graziati.

The location of the workshop is the Ambassador Hotel, located in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, a venue that will provide a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

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Opening Remarks
Ongoing Experiments
Special Night Session
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Address
Opening Remarks
Accretion Processes in Astrophysics: The State of Art
PoS(APCS2016)001 pdf F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati
The INTEGRAL High Energy Survey: the Accretion Driven Sky
PoS(APCS2016)002 file missing P. Ubertini
Simulations of accretion flows in cosmic sources
PoS(APCS2016)003 file missing D. Bisikalo
The AAVSO as a Resource for Research
PoS(APCS2016)004 file missing S. Kafka
Detecting Gravitation-Wave Memory with LIGO
PoS(APCS2016)005 file missing P. Lasky
Search for Electromagnetic Counterparts of Gravitational Wave Events
PoS(APCS2016)006 file missing L. Natalucci
The Impact of the Indian X-ray satellite, AstroSat, on Accretion Processes in Cosmic Sources
PoS(APCS2016)007 pdf attachments K.P. Singh
Some dynamical similarities among protostellar, AGN, and CV disks
PoS(APCS2016)008 file missing D. Lin
Protoplanetary Disks – A Review
PoS(APCS2016)009 pdf T. Hanawa
Turbulence in Accretion and Protoplanetary Disks
PoS(APCS2016)010 file missing E. Kurbatov
Observations of Protoplanetary Disks with Subaru
PoS(APCS2016)011 file missing S. Mayama
Accretion on Exoplanets – Formation of Primordial Atmospheres
PoS(APCS2016)012 file missing V. Shematovich
The Effect of Coronal Mass Ejection on the Atmosphere of a Hot-Jupiter Exoplanet
PoS(APCS2016)013 file missing A. Cherenkov
H2 shocks and mass accretion rate in high mass young stellar objects (HMYSOs)
PoS(APCS2016)014 pdf P. Persi and M. Tapia
Accretion Processes in Massive Star Formation
PoS(APCS2016)015 file missing K. Tanaka
Mass Accretion Rates of Pre-Main-Sequence Stars
PoS(APCS2016)016 file missing G. De Marchi
Disks Around Young Stars
PoS(APCS2016)017 file missing V. Grinin
Accretion physics in T Tauri stars
PoS(APCS2016)018 file missing A.I. Gomez de Castro
Accretion Processes in CV AM CVn SDSS J090221.35+381941.9
PoS(APCS2016)019 pdf M.M. Montgomery
Accretion-induced variability links young stellar objects, white dwarfs, and black holes
PoS(APCS2016)020 file missing E. Aranzana Martinez
Flows and Shocks: Some Recent Developments in Symbiotic Star and Nova Research
PoS(APCS2016)021 pdf J. Sokoloski, S. Lawrence, A.P.S. Crotts and K. Mukai
SALT Observations of Accretion Driven Systems
PoS(APCS2016)022 file missing D. Buckley
ACCRETION PROCESSES IN COSMIC SOURCES: The Atmospheres of Accreting White Dwarfs
PoS(APCS2016)023 pdf E. Sion and P. Godon
Properties of the accretion flow in the Dwarf Novae HL CMa from the properties of the aperiodic variability of its brightness
PoS(APCS2016)024 file missing A. Semena
Long Term Evolution of Cataclysmic Variables
PoS(APCS2016)025 file missing G. Shaviv
Explosive Magnetorotational Instability in Keplerian Disks
PoS(APCS2016)026 file missing E. Liverts
Accretion and Outflows in Accreting White Dwarf Binaries
PoS(APCS2016)027 file missing S. Balman
Magnetic white dwarfs with debris disks
PoS(APCS2016)028 file missing J. Isern
Accretion on WD, Observations of Polars
PoS(APCS2016)029 file missing P.A. Mason
Features of the Mass Transfer in the Cataclysmic Variable AE Aqr
PoS(APCS2016)030 file missing P.B. Isakova
Numerical modeling of accretion in EX Hya
PoS(APCS2016)031 file missing A. Zhilkin
Bow-shocks in disks of young binary systems
PoS(APCS2016)032 file missing A. Fateeva
Experimental Indicators of Accretion Processes in Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(APCS2016)033 pdf
A. Eckart, M. Valencia-S., B. Shahzamanian, M. Zajacek, L. Moser, G. Busch, M. Parsa, M. Subroweit, F. Peissker, N. Sabha, S.E. Hosseini, M. Horrobin, C. Straubmeier, N. Fazeli, A. Borkar, D. Kunneriath, V. Karas, C. Rauch, S. Britzen, A. Zensus, M. Garcia-Marin and Y.E. Rashed
Extracting black-hole rotational energy
PoS(APCS2016)034 file missing M. Abramowicz
Discovery of Repetitive Optical Variation Patterns from the Accretion Disk During the 2015 Outbursts of the Black Hole X-Ray Binary V404 Cyg
PoS(APCS2016)035 pdf M. Kimura, K. Isogai, T. Kato, Y. Ueda, S. Nakahira, M. Shidatsu, T. Enoto, T. Hori, D. Nogami, C. Littlefield, R. Ishioka, A. Imada, M. Uemura, E. Pavlenko and A. Pozanenko
Be-BH Systems – A Review
PoS(APCS2016)036 file missing J. Ziolkowski
Time lag in transient cosmic accreting sources
PoS(APCS2016)037 pdf G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan and F. Giovannelli
Gamma Ray Emission from Accreting Binaries
PoS(APCS2016)038 file missing R. Zanin
Magnetically driven transient phenomena in accretion driven systems: New breakthroughs with meerKAT and CTA?
PoS(APCS2016)039 pdf P. Meintjes
Wind Accretion - Observations Vs Theory
PoS(APCS2016)040 pdf N.I. Shakura and K. Postnov
Accretion Processes on X-ray pulsars
PoS(APCS2016)041 file missing N. Ikhsanov
Extremely-long period X-ray pulsars
PoS(APCS2016)042 file missing N. Beskrovnaya
Millisecond pulsar formation in high-mass X-ray binaries
PoS(APCS2016)043 pdf W. Kluzniak
The OJ 287 black hole binary: witness of the validity of the General Relativity
PoS(APCS2016)044 pdf S. Ciprini
Star-jet interactions in AGNs
PoS(APCS2016)045 file missing V. De La Cita
Ultraluminous X-ray sources. Optical data.
PoS(APCS2016)046 pdf S.N. Fabrika
KYNREFREV - Implementation of an X-ray Reverberation Model in XSPEC
PoS(APCS2016)047 pdf M. Caballero-Garcia, I.E. Papadakis, E. Kara, V. Karas, M. Dovciak, A. Epitropakis and J. Svoboda
Accretion onto Symbiotic Variables
PoS(APCS2016)048 file missing J. Mikolajewska
3D Models of Symbiotic Binaries
PoS(APCS2016)049 file missing S. Mohamed
Superhumps in SU UMA Dwarf Novae
PoS(APCS2016)050 pdf attachments I. Voloshina
Galactic and extragalactic novae - A Review
PoS(APCS2016)052 pdf R. Poggiani
High resolution X-ray spectra of classical and recurrent novae
PoS(APCS2016)053 file missing M. Orio
Disc-Stream Interaction in Semidetached Binaries
PoS(APCS2016)054 file missing P. Kaygorodov
Introducing Octo-tiger/HPX: Simulating Interacting Binaries with Adaptive Mesh Refinement and the Fast Multipole Method
PoS(APCS2016)055 pdf attachments D. Marcello, K. Kadam, G.C. Clayton, J. Frank, H. Kaisar and P. Motl
Accretion-Outflow Activity in Herbig Ae/Be Stars
PoS(APCS2016)056 pdf L. Tambovtseva and V. Grinin
Observing polarimetric variability from CVs to BLAZARS
PoS(APCS2016)057 pdf S. Potter
Ongoing Experiments
WSO-UV core program on accretion physics and high energy source
PoS(APCS2016)058 file missing M. Sachkov
Geographical Delocalization of FITS Data in MongoDB Environment
PoS(APCS2016)059 pdf B.L. Martino, F. Guglietta, F. Reale and G. Patria
Special Night Session
Global Warming, Global Warming Pause and the Role of CO2
PoS(APCS2016)060 pdf G. Shaviv
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Remarks
PoS(APCS2016)061 file missing J. Sokoloski
Concluding Remarks
PoS(APCS2016)062 pdf D. Bisikalo
Concluding Remarks
PoS(APCS2016)063 file missing P.A. Mason
Concluding Remarks
PoS(APCS2016)064 file missing J. Ziolkowski
Concluding Address
Accretion Processes in Astrophysics: Concluding Address
PoS(APCS2016)065 pdf F. Giovannelli