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The 4th KMI International Symposium

KMI2019 - (other kmi conferences)
18-20, February 2019
Nagoya, Japan
published December 23, 2019
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The Kobayashi-Maskawa Institute (KMI), Nagoya University will host the 4th KMI International Symposium on “Quest for the Origin of Particles and the Universe” (KMI2019) from February 18 through 20, 2019. The aim of the symposium is to review the status and prospect of the cutting-edge researches in relevant fields, and to develop the interdisciplinary researches to approach the mysteries of Dark Universe. One of the highlights of KMI2019 will be a session focused on mysteries of the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the Universe.

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Status and Prospect of Physic at LHC
PoS(KMI2019)001 file missing Y. Nakahama
LHC upgrade and LHC-ATLAS upgrade
PoS(KMI2019)002 pdf Y. Okumura
Interplay between the LHC and flavor physics
PoS(KMI2019)003 pdf Y. Omura
Belle II status and prospects
PoS(KMI2019)004 file missing K. Trabelsi
Tau Physics at Belle II
PoS(KMI2019)005 file missing K. Hayasaka
Neutron Experiments at J-PARC
PoS(KMI2019)006 pdf M. Kitaguchi
Indirect DM search
PoS(KMI2019)007 file missing G. Zaharijas
NEWSdm experiment
PoS(KMI2019)008 file missing T. Naka
XENON1t → nT
PoS(KMI2019)009 file missing S. Kazama
CP violation in the quark sector
PoS(KMI2019)010 file missing T. Iijima
EDM search
PoS(KMI2019)011 file missing M. Ramsey-Musolf
High energy hadron physics at zero degrees
PoS(KMI2019)012 file missing H. Menjo
Quark-Gluon Plasma: Recent Development of Phenomenological Models
PoS(KMI2019)013 file missing C. Nonaka
Jets and perfect liquid at RHIC and LHC
PoS(KMI2019)014 pdf J. Velkovska
Exotic hadron physics
PoS(KMI2019)015 file missing Y. Kato
Recent developments in AdS/CFT - Emergence Space for Quantum Information -
PoS(KMI2019)016 pdf T. Takayanagi
Prospects of X-ray astronomy
PoS(KMI2019)017 file missing K. Nakazawa
Probing the Epoch or Reionisation with the MWA
PoS(KMI2019)018 pdf C. Jordan, C. Trott, C. Lynch and J.L.B. Line
Primordial gravitational wave and DECIGO
PoS(KMI2019)019 pdf S. Kawamura and  on behalf of the Decigo Working Group
Cosmological test of gravity with gravitational waves
PoS(KMI2019)020 pdf A. Nishizawa
Dark Energy
PoS(KMI2019)021 file missing S. Yokoyama
Status and Prospect of Neutrino CP Violation and Baryon Number Violation
PoS(KMI2019)022 pdf F. Di Lodovico
Physics of Anti-matter in space
PoS(KMI2019)023 file missing S. Haino
Summary Talk
PoS(KMI2019)024 file missing J. Ellis
Search for Dark Matter Axions by the use of Josephson Junctions
PoS(KMI2019)025 file missing M. Yamamoto
MC study for the effect of diffractive events on air shower developments
PoS(KMI2019)026 pdf K. Ohashi, H. Menjo and Y. Itow
Test of the R(D(*)) anomaly at the LHC
PoS(KMI2019)027 pdf S. Iguro
A novel constraint on the Primordial Magnetic Fields using 21-cm line absorption signal
PoS(KMI2019)028 pdf T. Minoda, H. Tashiro and T. Takahashi
Development of the neutron polarizer for the T-violation search using compound nuclei
PoS(KMI2019)029 pdf T. Okudaira
Heavy quark spin multiplet structure of Pc-like pentaquark as hadronic molecular states
PoS(KMI2019)030 pdf Y. Shimizu
Tomography by neutrino pair beam
PoS(KMI2019)031 pdf H. Okui
Current status of the singlet-doublet dark matter model
PoS(KMI2019)032 pdf T. Abe and R. Sato
Detector for High Ionizing Particle experiment Spatial Resolution Under Sub-micrometer
PoS(KMI2019)033 file missing S. Tada
Chameleon mechanism on gravitational wave in f(R) gravity
PoS(KMI2019)034 pdf T. Nakamura, T. Katsuragawa, T. Ikeda and S. Capozziello
Constraint on the Annihilation Cross-section with Fermi Gamma-Ray Sky and HSC Lower Surface Brightness Galaxies
PoS(KMI2019)035 pdf D. Hashimoto
Symmetry and geometry in generalized Higgs sector
PoS(KMI2019)036 file missing Y. Uchida
GRAINE 2018 experiment: high-angular resolution gamma-ray telescope with nuclear emulsion
PoS(KMI2019)037 file missing H. Rokujo
Development of the muon tracking trigger based on Thin Gap Chamber for the ATLAS experiment at High-Luminosity LHC
PoS(KMI2019)038 pdf H. Asada
GRAINE 2018 experiment: Performance evaluation of gamma-ray telescope utilizing nuclear emulsion
PoS(KMI2019)039 pdf Y. Nakamura and  on behalf of the GRAINE Collaboration
Development of High Spatial Resolution Cold/Ultra-cold Neutron Detector using fine-grained Nuclear Emulsion
PoS(KMI2019)040 file missing N. Naganawa
Developing new high speed scanning machine for Directional Dark Matter Search Project NEWSdm
PoS(KMI2019)041 file missing R. Kobayashi
Verification of the compound nuclear model for T-violation search
PoS(KMI2019)042 pdf T. Yamamoto, H.M. Shimizu, K. Ishizaki, Y. Niinomi, M. Kitaguchi, S. Takada, J. Koga, S. Makise, T. Yoshioka, A. Kimura, K. Sakai, T. Oku, T. Okudaira, S. Endo, Y. Tani, H. Fujioka, H. Yoshikawa, K. Hirota and T. Shima
Effect of gravitational lensing on supernova cosmology
PoS(KMI2019)043 pdf A.J. Nishizawa, H. Sakakibara, M. Oguri, M. Tanaka, B.C. Hsieh and K.C. Wong
Search for magnetic monopoles with Belle II experiment
PoS(KMI2019)044 pdf D. Neverov
Mitigation of the radiation effects on the readout electronics of the Thin Gap Chamber
PoS(KMI2019)045 file missing H. Inaguma
Projection of inclusive Search for Gluinos and Squarks at the HL-LHC ATLAS experiment
PoS(KMI2019)046 pdf M. Wakida
Development of the ATLAS muon trigger system on multi-threaded software framework
PoS(KMI2019)047 pdf S. Hayashida
A bunch structure measurement of muons accelerated by RFQ using a longitudinal beam-profile monitor with high time-resolution
PoS(KMI2019)048 file missing Y. Sue
Development of Geant4 based simulation for Super-Kamiokande
PoS(KMI2019)049 pdf M. Harada, Y. Koshio and K. Hagiwara
Measurement of gamma-rays from neutron-oxygen reaction for neutrino-nucleus interaction
PoS(KMI2019)050 pdf T. Horai and  on behalf of the E525 Collaboration
Observation of ttH production at ATLAS
PoS(KMI2019)051 file missing Y. Horii