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Volume 375 - 14th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections (RADCOR2019) - Mixed EW-QCD
Mixed QCD-EW two-loop corrections to Drell-Yan production
M. Heller,* A. von Manteuffel, R. Schabinger, H. Spiesberger
*corresponding author
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Pre-published on: 2019 December 20
Published on: 2020 February 18
The Drell-Yan production of charged lepton pairs is one of the key processes measured at hadron colliders. The QCD corrections to the cross section are known to order $\alpha_s^2$ and electroweak corrections are known to order $\alpha$. The next important step for a better theoretical understanding is the complete calculation of the mixed QCD-EW corrections of order $\alpha_s\alpha$. In my talk, I report on the first complete calculation of the virtual two-loop corrections of order $\alpha\alpha_s$ to the lepton-pair production cross section. The calculation is carried out analytically using tensor reduction, integration-by-parts relations and the method of differential equations. We validate a previous calculation of the subset of mixed QCD-QED corrections and show how the jet and soft functions of that reference can be used to subtract the infrared divergences of the complete mixed QCD-electroweak virtual corrections.
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