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Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources XIV

MULTIF2023 - (other multif conferences)
12-17 June 2023
Palermo, Italy
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After the long interruption of the Frascati Workshops series due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are finally able to restart this historic series in complete safety. This is the fourteenth edition of the series of Frascati Workshops on "Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources" which is undoubtedly a largely accepted biennial meeting in which an updated experimental and theoretical panorama will be depicted. This edition comes at the 39th anniversary of the first historical "multifrequency" workshop about "Multifrequency Behaviour of Galactic Accreting Sources", held in Vulcano (Archipelago of the Eolian Islands) in September 1984.
This surely renders the Frascati Workshop Series the oldest among the many devoted to "Multifrequency Studies of Cosmic Sources". 
The study of the physics governing the cosmic sources will be the main goal of the workshop considering also the recent detection of gravitational waves from the merging of collapsed objects. A session devoted to the ongoing and next generation ground- and space-based experiments will give the actual prospects for the first decades of this millennium. 

We deliberately do not want to change the workshop name from "Multifrequency Behavior of High Energy Cosmic Sources" to "Multimessenger Behavior of High Energy Cosmic Sources" in order to preserve the name of our historical workshop series.

   •  The following items will be reviewed:Cosmology: Cosmic Background, Clusters of Galaxies
   • Extragalactic Sources: Active Galaxies, Normal Galaxies
   • Gamma-Rays Burst: Experiments versus Theories
   • Galactic Sources: Pre-Main-Sequence and Main-Sequence Stars, Cataclysmic Variables and Novae, Supernovae and SNRs, X-Ray Binary Systems, Pulsars, Black Holes, Gamma-Ray Sources,Nucleosynthesis.
   • Gravitationl waves: Theory Vs Experiments.
   • Science from large area multiwavelength surveys and deep-exposure pointings.
   • The Astrophysics with the Ongoing and Future Experiments: Space-Based Experiments,Ground-Based Experiments.
Participation in the workshop is by invitation only. 
All participants are kindly invited to attend the whole workshop.
The workshop will include several 30-min talks to introduce the current problems, and typically 20-min talks giving new experimental and theoretical results.
A series of 15-min talks will be devoted to ongoing and next generation experiments.

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