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The XIth International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons

HQL 2012 - (other hql conferences)
11-15 June, 2012
Prague,The Czech Republic
published December 14, 2012
The XIth International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons continues the tradition of regular scientific meetings, first started in 1993 at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati in Rome, Italy, under the name "Heavy Quarks at Fixed Target". In 2002 the scope was widened to include leptons with the workshop renamed to what is known as today. This workshop is dedicated to the study of the heavy quarks, namely charm, bottom and top, with obvious extensions to interesting topics involving the strange quark. Neutrino oscillation studies and new insights in mu and tau lepton phenomenology are also included.
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CP Violation
Neutrino Physics
Kaon Physics
Lepton Flavour Violation
Top Quark Physics
Rare Decays
New Experiments
Summary and Closeout
Poster Session
New Spectroscopy of Heavy Mesons.
PoS(HQL 2012)001 pdf F. De Fazio
Production and properties of b-hadrons.
PoS(HQL 2012)002 pdf N. Pozzobon
Excited b and c hadrons.
PoS(HQL 2012)004 pdf A. Poluektov
Charmonium(-like) states.
PoS(HQL 2012)005 pdf G. Cibinetto
Bottomonium(-like) states.
PoS(HQL 2012)006 pdf attachments P. Krokovny
High precision measurement of the form factors of the semileptonic decays K+-\rightarrow pi0 l+- nu (Kl3).
PoS(HQL 2012)007 pdf R. Wanke
Charm semileptonic decays.
PoS(HQL 2012)008 pdf A. Oyanguren
Exclusive charmed/charmless semileptonic decays (mini-review).
PoS(HQL 2012)009 pdf A. Sibidanov
Inclusive charmed/charmless semileptonic decays (mini-review) and B\rightarrow D(*) tau nu at BaBar.
PoS(HQL 2012)011 pdf C. Bozzi
Leptonic and semileptonic B decays with tau at the B factories.
PoS(HQL 2012)012 pdf Y. Horii
CP Violation
Charm mixing and CPV.
PoS(HQL 2012)033 pdf V. Gligorov
Measurement of phi_s.
PoS(HQL 2012)034 pdf Y.S. Amhis
Measurement of gamma.
PoS(HQL 2012)035 pdf M.P. Whitehead
Direct and mixing-induced CP violation in charmless two-body B decays.
PoS(HQL 2012)036 pdf D. Derkach
Recent Topics in CP Violation
PoS(HQL 2012)037 pdf M. Jung
CP Violation at ATLAS.
PoS(HQL 2012)038 pdf T. Jovin
CP and Time Reversal Violation from BABAR
PoS(HQL 2012)039 pdf F. Martinez Vidal
CP Violation at Belle.
PoS(HQL 2012)040 pdf K. Negishi
Searches for BSM physics through CP violation at CDF.
PoS(HQL 2012)041 pdf S. Leo
Neutrino Physics
Observation of electron-antineutrino disappearance at Daya Bay.
PoS(HQL 2012)051 pdf H. Band
Recent Results on Solar Neutrinos.
PoS(HQL 2012)052 pdf G. Ranucci
Status of the geoneutrino study.
PoS(HQL 2012)053 pdf S. Zavatarelli
Developments on double beta decay search.
PoS(HQL 2012)054 pdf O. Cremonesi
Searches for high energy neutrinos.
PoS(HQL 2012)055 pdf J. Brunner
Kaon Physics
Chiral perturbation theory tests.
PoS(HQL 2012)014 pdf R. Fantechi
Lepton Universality Tests in Kaon Decays at NA62.
PoS(HQL 2012)015 pdf F. Bucci
The NA62 experiment at CERN.
PoS(HQL 2012)016 pdf M. Fiorini
The Music of KOTO: K0_L -\rightarrow 0  anti-.
PoS(HQL 2012)017 pdf J. Comfort
Recent results on CP and CPT tests at KLOE.
PoS(HQL 2012)018 pdf A. De Santis
Kaon Physics: Theory Overview
PoS(HQL 2012)019 pdf A. Pich
Lepton Flavour Violation
Lepton Flavor Violation in tau and B meson decays.
PoS(HQL 2012)042 pdf M. Calvi
Search for charged-lepton-flavor-violation in rare muon decays.
PoS(HQL 2012)043 pdf attachments C. Voena
Muon to e Conversion: Experimental Status in Japan and US.
PoS(HQL 2012)045 pdf J. Miller
Top Quark Physics
Top Quark Production @ Tevatron.
PoS(HQL 2012)046 pdf A. Chen
Measurement of top quark properties at Tevatron.
PoS(HQL 2012)047 pdf P. Vokáč
Top production and ttbar at LHC.
PoS(HQL 2012)048 pdf S. Walsh
Measurement of top quark properties at LHC.
PoS(HQL 2012)049 pdf H. Liao
CP violation in top-quark pair production and decay.
PoS(HQL 2012)050 pdf G. Valencia
Rare Decays
Rare B decays at CMS including B\rightarrow di-muonic decays.
PoS(HQL 2012)027 pdf P. Ronchese
Rare heavy flavor decays at LHCb
PoS(HQL 2012)028 pdf F. Archilli
Rare B decays at ATLAS including B\rightarrow di-muonic decays.
PoS(HQL 2012)029 pdf I. Ibragimov
Rare decay searches at BaBar and Belle.
PoS(HQL 2012)030 pdf F. Wilson
Rare decay searches at CDF
PoS(HQL 2012)031 pdf P. Maestro
Theory status of b\rightarrow s l^+ l^- decays and their combined analysis
PoS(HQL 2012)032 pdf C. Bobeth
New Experiments
ORKA, The Golden Kaon Experiment: Precision measurement of K+\rightarrow pi+,nu,nubar and other ultra-rare processes.
PoS(HQL 2012)020 pdf J. Comfort
The LHCb upgrade.
PoS(HQL 2012)021 pdf T. Szumlak
Belle II status and plans.
PoS(HQL 2012)023 pdf C. Schwanda
Nova status and plans.
PoS(HQL 2012)024 pdf A. Norman
SNO+ status.
PoS(HQL 2012)025 pdf B. Von Krosigk
Introduction to Project X.
PoS(HQL 2012)026 pdf A. Norman
Summary and Closeout
Summary of the CP Violation session.
PoS(HQL 2012)060 pdf M. Smizanska
Summary of the Neutrino Physics session.
PoS(HQL 2012)061 pdf R. Leitner
Summary of the Rare Decays session.
PoS(HQL 2012)063 pdf B. Cox and W. Walkowiak
Summary of the Top Physics session.
PoS(HQL 2012)064 pdf K. Soustruznik
Summary of the New Experiments session.
PoS(HQL 2012)066 pdf Z. Dolezal and A. Lopez
Poster Session
Physics with Tau Lepton Final States in ATLAS
PoS(HQL 2012)067 pdf N. Ruthmann
Reconstruction and Identification of Hadronically Decaying Tau Leptons at ATLAS
PoS(HQL 2012)068 pdf D. Jennens
Two approach to the ratio of the charm structure functions
PoS(HQL 2012)069 pdf G.R. Boroun
4th generation searches at ATLAS
PoS(HQL 2012)070 pdf S. Nektarijevic
Implication of the LHCb results in the anomalous tsW couplings
PoS(HQL 2012)071 pdf K.Y. Lee and J.P. Lee
Lepton Flavor violation processes in 331 models
PoS(HQL 2012)072 pdf J.A. Rodriguez
Optimization of the Belle II Vertex Detector
PoS(HQL 2012)073 pdf Z. Drasal and K. Prothmann
Top A_FB and charge asymmetry in chiral U(1)' model with flavored Higgs doublets
PoS(HQL 2012)074 pdf P. Ko, Y. Omura and C. Yu