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51st International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics

Bormio 2013 - (other bormio conferences)
21-25 January 2013
Bormio (Italy)
published October 22, 2013
Long-standing conference bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics. The conference location is Bormio, a beautiful mountain resort in the Italian Alps. Unlike many workshops, the Bormio meeting does not focus on a single topic. Instead, the aim is to bring together researchers and students from related fields in subatomic physics. Addressed topics include hadron physics, heavy ion physics, nuclear astrophysics and nuclear structure, particle physics, detectors and future projects as well as applications of these fields.
Monday Morning Session
Monday Afternoon Session
Tuesdsday Morning Session
Tuesday Afternoon Session
Wednesday Morning Session
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Thursday Morning Session
Thursday Afternoon Session
Friday Morning Session
Friday Afternoon Session
Monday Morning Session
Recent results from CMS
PoS(Bormio 2013)003 pdf E. Torassa
Properties of non-qqbar XYZ mesons and results of a search for the H-dibaryon
PoS(Bormio 2013)004 pdf S.L. Olsen
Monday Afternoon Session
Experimental study of the relative phase between J/Psi production amplitudes
PoS(Bormio 2013)010 pdf M. De Stefanis
Study of Sigma+ pi- Invariant Mass spectrum with the KLOE detector; preliminary results and possible hints for Sigma+ n internal conversion
PoS(Bormio 2013)011 pdf A. Scordo
Studies on the antikaon-nucleon interaction with the KLOE Drift Chamber
PoS(Bormio 2013)012 pdf O. Vasquez-Doce
Encounters with Di-Baryons - from the ABC Effect to a New Resonance?
PoS(Bormio 2013)013 pdf E. Perez del rio
A Partial-Wave Analysis of Centrally Produced Two-Pseudoscalar Final States in $pp$ Reactions at COMPASS
PoS(Bormio 2013)014 pdf A. Austregesilo
Simulation of a new endcap time of flight system for the BESIII experiment
PoS(Bormio 2013)016 pdf M. Ullrich
Electronics development for Cherenkov particle identification detectors for PANDA at FAIR
PoS(Bormio 2013)017 pdf M. Cardinali, M.I. Ferretti Bondy, O. Corell, W. Lauth, S. Schlimme, M. Thiel, C. Ugur and C. Sfienti
Quality Assurances for Silicon Double sided Sensors in Silicon Tracker System for CBM Experiment at FAIR
PoS(Bormio 2013)018 pdf P. Ghosh
Red emitting silicones for particles detection: coupling with avalanche photodiodes
PoS(Bormio 2013)019 pdf M. Dalla Palma, A. Quaranta, S. Carturan, F. Gramegna, T. Marchi, G. Collazuol and M. Cinausero
Current status of the WLCG data management system, the experience from the three years of data taking and future role of Grids for the LHC data processing
PoS(Bormio 2013)020 pdf D. Adamová
The structure of the excited 02+ state in 150Sm observed in double beta decay
PoS(Bormio 2013)021 pdf S. Phumudzo Bvumbi
Application of the Isobaric Mass Multiplet Equation to the rp process in Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(Bormio 2013)022 pdf W. Richter and A. Brown
A Hough Transform Based Pattern Recognition for the PANDA Forward Tracking System
PoS(Bormio 2013)023 pdf M. Galuska, J. Hu, W. Kuehn, J.S. Lange, Y. Liang, D. Muenchow, S. Spataro, B. Spruck and M. Wagner
P2 - The weak charge of the proton
PoS(Bormio 2013)024 pdf D. Becker and K. Gerz
Search for kaonic bound states
PoS(Bormio 2013)025 pdf R. Muenzer
Particle Production in Ar+KCl-collisions at 1.76A GeV
PoS(Bormio 2013)026 pdf H. Schuldes
Tuesdsday Morning Session
Chiral Dynamics and the Pion Polarisability at COMPASS
PoS(Bormio 2013)030 pdf J. Friedrich
Study of hadronic ϒ(nS) decays in strange (multi-)baryons
PoS(Bormio 2013)031 pdf A. Filippi
Decay spectroscopy of neutron-rich nuclei around 37Al
PoS(Bormio 2013)032 pdf K. Steiger
Heavy ion results from the CMS Collaboration
PoS(Bormio 2013)033 pdf O. Evdokimov
Tuesday Afternoon Session
Low energy kaon-nuclei interaction studies through the $\Sigma^0 \pi^0$ channel with the KLOE detector.
PoS(Bormio 2013)034 pdf K. Piscicchia
Search for the eta-mesic 4He with WASA-at-COSY detector
PoS(Bormio 2013)036 pdf W. Krzemień
Performances of a GEM-based Time Projection Chamber prototype for the AMADEUS experiment
PoS(Bormio 2013)037 pdf M. Poli Lener
High Resolution (3He,nγ) Two Proton Stripping Reaction to 0+ States Populated in Double β Decay
PoS(Bormio 2013)038 pdf P. Papka
Measurement Of The Proton Spin Polarisabilities
PoS(Bormio 2013)039 pdf D. Middleton and P.P. Martel
Wednesday Morning Session
Direct Reactions for Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(Bormio 2013)041 pdf C. Bertulani
Recent results from BESIII
PoS(Bormio 2013)043 pdf J. Messchendorp
Recent Results from RHIC
PoS(Bormio 2013)072 pdf A. Schmah
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Dynamics of the low-lying pseudoscalar and vector mesons
PoS(Bormio 2013)046 pdf C. Terschluesen
Measurement of charmonium photoproduction in Ultra-Peripheral Collisions with the ALICE detector at the LHC
PoS(Bormio 2013)047 pdf A. Agostinelli
Effect of pairing on nuclear dynamic
PoS(Bormio 2013)048 pdf G. Scamps and D. Lacroix
The measurement of non-photonic electrons in STAR
PoS(Bormio 2013)050 pdf O. Hajkova
Thursday Morning Session
New experimental approaches to determine the in-medium properties of the η'-meson*
PoS(Bormio 2013)054 pdf M. Nanova
Off-equilibrium photon production during the chiral phase transition
PoS(Bormio 2013)055 pdf C. Greiner
Thursday Afternoon Session
Access to particle-particle emitting sources at intermediate energies.
PoS(Bormio 2013)057 pdf E.V. Pagano
Particle Idenfication at PANDA
PoS(Bormio 2013)058 pdf M. Zuehlsdorf
Time-like proton form factors and heavy lepton production at PANDA experiment
PoS(Bormio 2013)059 pdf A. Dbeyssi
Di-pion and di-electron production in NN reactions with HADES at 1.25GeV incident beam energy.
PoS(Bormio 2013)060 pdf H. Kuc
Status and Challenges of the Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) Experiment at FAIR
PoS(Bormio 2013)061 pdf H.R. Schmidt
Friday Morning Session
Recent results from ATLAS
PoS(Bormio 2013)063 pdf F. Winklmeier
Investigating the In-medium Effects of Strange Particles with the FOPI detecto
PoS(Bormio 2013)066 pdf V. Zinyuk
Hadron physics from Dyson-Schwinger equations -
PoS(Bormio 2013)065 pdf W. Heupel, S. Kubrak, G. Eichmann and C. Fischer
Friday Afternoon Session
Heavy flavour production measurement with ALICE at the LHC
PoS(Bormio 2013)067 pdf F. Bossu
Search for the SM Higgs Boson decaying to ZZ diboson at CMS
PoS(Bormio 2013)068 pdf G. Singh
Study of alpha clusters in 40Ca through nuclear break-up
PoS(Bormio 2013)069 pdf L. Lefebvre
Symmetric Moeller/Bhabha luminosity monitor for the OLYMPUS experiment
PoS(Bormio 2013)070 pdf R.F. Perez
Dynamic Pairing and Semiclassical Trajectories
PoS(Bormio 2013)071 pdf L. Moretto