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VII Workshop Italiano sulla fisica pp a LHC

16-18 May 2016
Pisa, Italy
published October 07, 2016
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LHCpp2016 is the seventh edition of the Italian workshop on LHC physics with proton beams. This series of meetings was born in Pisa in 2003 with the aim of stimulating the exchange of ideas among the experimental communities of ATLAS, CMS and LHCB, together with the theoretical community. A key feature of these meetings is that many talks are prepared by small groups formed by members of the experiments and theorists. Much space in the preparation and presentation of the talks is given to young researchers. This seventh edition, which was held again Pisa, was focused on the discovery potential of data collected during the run II of the LHC.

Introductory session
Session 1: Beyond the Standard Model
Session 2: Flavour physics
Session 3: The Higgs Boson
Session 4: Standard Model
Closing session
Introductory session
Keynote talk: the LHC Run 2 and BSM phenomenology
PoS(PP@LHC2016)001 pdf A. Wulzer
Session 1: Beyond the Standard Model
Search for two-body resonances (experiment)
PoS(PP@LHC2016)002 pdf R. Radogna and R. Turra
Search for two-body resonances (theory)
PoS(PP@LHC2016)003 pdf D. Buttazzo
Search for Dark Matter (experiment)
PoS(PP@LHC2016)004 pdf M. Tosi and V. Ippolito
Search for signatures with top, bottom, tau and exotics
PoS(PP@LHC2016)006 pdf L. Longo, A. Favareto and C. Galloni
Session 2: Flavour physics
Beauty and charm rare decays
PoS(PP@LHC2016)008 pdf S. Fiorendi, F. Dettori and U. De Sanctis
CKM matrix and CP violation in charm and beauty
PoS(PP@LHC2016)009 pdf M. Bona, A. Contu, G. Fedi and M.J. Morello
Exotic states (X,Y,Z, pentaquark, ecc)
PoS(PP@LHC2016)010 pdf M. Pappagallo, L. Cristella and S. Palestini
Session 3: The Higgs Boson
Higgs boson properties (theory)
PoS(PP@LHC2016)011 pdf F. Sala
Higgs boson properties in the Standard Model
PoS(PP@LHC2016)012 pdf G. Mancini and R. Covarelli
Higgs boson and quark top: measurements and searches at LHC
PoS(PP@LHC2016)013 pdf L. Bianchini and M. Pinamonti
Higgs boson searches beyond the Standard Model
PoS(PP@LHC2016)014 pdf P. Francavilla and C. Caputo
Higgs boson searches in exotics scenarios
PoS(PP@LHC2016)015 pdf M. Pelliccioni and F. Cirotto
Session 4: Standard Model
Electroweak processes at Run 2
PoS(PP@LHC2016)016 pdf M. Spalla, F. Cossutti and L. Sestini
QCD and Jets
PoS(PP@LHC2016)017 pdf L. Anderlini, M. Bauce and D. Ciangottini
Electroweak corrections
PoS(PP@LHC2016)018 pdf S. Uccirati
Top physics
PoS(PP@LHC2016)019 pdf A. Iorio, S. Bifani and M. Franchini
Parton Distribution Functions
PoS(PP@LHC2016)020 pdf S. Carrazza and Z. Kassabov
Closing session
The future of accelerator-based physics after LHC
PoS(PP@LHC2016)021 pdf F. Bedeschi