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XII Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources Workshop

MULTIF2017 - (other multif conferences)
12-17 June, 2017
Palermo, Italy
published May 30, 2018
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This is the twelfth edition of the series of Frascati Workshops on "Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources" which is undoubtedly a largely accepted biennial meeting in which an updated experimental and theoretical panorama will be depicted. This edition comes at the 33rd anniversary of the first historical "multifrequency" workshop about "Multifrequency Behaviour of GalacticAccreting Sources", held in Vulcano in September 1984. This surely renders the Frascati Workshop Series the oldest among the many devoted to "Multifrequency Studies of Cosmic Sources". The study of the physics governing the cosmic sources will be the main goal of the workshop. A session devoted to the ongoing and next generation ground- and space-based experiments will give the actual prospects for the first decades of this millennium.

The following items will be reviewed:

The workshop will include few 30-minute general review talks to introduce the current problems, and typically 20-minute talks discussing new experimental and theoretical results. A series of 20-minute talks will discuss the ongoing and planned ground- and space-based experiments.

The cadence of the workshop is biennial.
The participation will be only by invitation.
All participants are kindly invited to attend the whole workshop.

However, to keep alive the workshop it was decided that all presentations should be compulsorily given to the LOC, so that they can be inserted into the web page of the workshop. These presentations will form the basis for writing the papers to be published in the proceedings of the Frascati Workshop 2017 in electronic form by the Proceedings of Science (PoS-SISSA), after a peer referee process, and they will be freely available at once in the NASA-ADS.

The editors of the proceedings will be Franco Giovannelli and Lola Sabau-Graziati.

Editorial Board

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Opening Remarks
Gravitational Waves
Star Formation and Pre-Main-Sequence Stars
Astrophysics of High Energy Cosmic Sources
Jet Sources and Gamma-Ray Bursts
Ongoing Experiments
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Address
Opening Remarks
Multifrequency Astrophysics (A pillar of an interdisciplinary approach for the knowledge of the physics of our Universe)
PoS(MULTIF2017)001 pdf F. Giovannelli and L. Sabau-Graziati
Dark Matter 2017
PoS(MULTIF2017)002 pdf G. Auriemma
The Physics of our Universe
PoS(MULTIF2017)003 pdf R. Henry
Does the core collapse in globular clusters onset before than commonly believed?
PoS(MULTIF2017)004 pdf M. Merafina
Machine learning recognition of late type stars (M stars and Carbon stars) in DFB
PoS(MULTIF2017)005 file missing M. Topinka
Where are the Ultra High Energy Cosmic Ray (UHECR) originated?
PoS(MULTIF2017)006 pdf D. Fargion, P.G. De Sanctis Lucentini and M.Y. Khlopov
Gravitational Waves
Gravitational Wave Astrophysics: A Review
PoS(MULTIF2017)007 file missing D. Rosinska
Electromagnetic Follow-up of GW150914
PoS(MULTIF2017)008 pdf M. Diaz and  on behalf of the TOROS Collaboration
May GWs signals by BH-BH merging be associated with any $\gamma$ or $\nu$ burst? The case of a $NS − NS$ merging in GW-GRB170817A
PoS(MULTIF2017)009 pdf D. Fargion, P.G. De Sanctis Lucentini, P. Oliva and M.Y. Khlopov
The history of the Dark Ages and the Epoch of Reionization
PoS(MULTIF2017)010 file missing S. Colafrancesco
The Formation of the First Quasars in the Universe
PoS(MULTIF2017)011 file missing D. Whalen
Galaxy Clusters - A Review
PoS(MULTIF2017)012 file missing S. Ettori
High-redshift proto-clusters: A spectroscopically confirmed rich proto-cluster at z~6.5
PoS(MULTIF2017)013 file missing J.M. Rodriguez Espinosa
Clusters of galaxies with SPIDERS (The Spectroscopic IDentification of eROSITA Sources)
PoS(MULTIF2017)014 pdf N. Clerc
Correlation between Gamma-ray Sky and Catalogs of Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters
PoS(MULTIF2017)015 pdf M. Regis
Ultraviolet Background Radiation from beyond Pluto
PoS(MULTIF2017)016 pdf R. Henry
Highlights of Planck results
PoS(MULTIF2017)017 pdf J. Tauber and  On behalf of the Planck Collaboration.
Cosmology with Gamma-Ray Bursts
PoS(MULTIF2017)018 file missing L. Amati
Supernovae - a tool for observational cosmology
PoS(MULTIF2017)019 pdf M. Pruzhinskaya and P.F. Leget
High-Redshift AGNs and the First Supermassive Black Holes
PoS(MULTIF2017)020 file missing W. Brandt
Current and future observations of the high-z IGM with the 21cm line
PoS(MULTIF2017)021 pdf G. Bernardi
Cosmic Far - Infrared Background Radiation
PoS(MULTIF2017)022 pdf V. Netchitailo
Star Formation and Pre-Main-Sequence Stars
The Hubble Tarantula Treasury Project - Updated results
PoS(MULTIF2017)023 file missing E. Sabbi
A study of the Cat's Paw Nebula (NGC6334) at different wavelengths
PoS(MULTIF2017)024 file missing P. Persi
Extinction in young massive clusters
PoS(MULTIF2017)025 file missing G. De Marchi
Astrophysics of High Energy Cosmic Sources
Unveiling the AGN activity in multiple SMBH systems observed with XMM-Newton
PoS(MULTIF2017)026 file missing S. Bianchi
2RXS - the deepest and cleanest X-ray all-sky survey before eROSITA
PoS(MULTIF2017)027 file missing T. Boller
Neutrino Astronomy in the IceeCube Era
PoS(MULTIF2017)028 file missing T. Stanev
The Pierre Auger Observatory highlights
PoS(MULTIF2017)029 pdf L. Caccianiga and  on behalf of the Pierre Auger Collaboration
Study of a Large-scale Anisotropy in the Arrival Directions of Cosmic Rays above 4 EeV Detected at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(MULTIF2017)030 file missing C. Dobrigkeit
Future Ground-based Wide Field of View Air Shower Detectors
PoS(MULTIF2017)031 pdf G. Di Sciascio
TeV Gamma-ray emitters in our Galaxy
PoS(MULTIF2017)032 file missing A. Santangelo
The TeV blazar 1ES 1959+650 - a short review
PoS(MULTIF2017)033 pdf B. Kapanadze, D. Dorner, P. Romano, S. Vercellone and L. Tabagari
Observations of Polars
PoS(MULTIF2017)034 file missing P.A. Mason
AGILE: ten years after
PoS(MULTIF2017)036 pdf attachments C. Pittori and  on behalf of the AGILE Collaboration
Evolutions of Neutron Stars and their Magnetic Fields
PoS(MULTIF2017)037 pdf G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
High-energy emission properties of pulsars
PoS(MULTIF2017)038 pdf C. Venter, A.K. Harding and I. Grenier
Accretion Processes in HMXRBs
PoS(MULTIF2017)039 file missing N. Ikhsanov
Kinetic theory of the heat conductivity in the crust of a magnetized neutron star
PoS(MULTIF2017)040 pdf G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan and M. Glushikhina
MHD simulation of accretion curtains in magnetic CVs
PoS(MULTIF2017)041 file missing D. Bisikalo
Stellar winds interacting with relativistic outflows in binary systems
PoS(MULTIF2017)042 file missing V. Bosch-Ramon
The vertical structure of the boundary layer around compact objects
PoS(MULTIF2017)043 file missing M. Hertfelder
On the multi-frequency emission and evolution of the white dwarf pulsar binary system AR Scorpii
PoS(MULTIF2017)044 pdf P. Meintjes
Review on the multiwavelength emission of the gamma-ray binary LS I +61 303
PoS(MULTIF2017)045 pdf B. Marcote
Highlights from the X-ray Astronomy Satellite Hitomi (ASTRO-H)
PoS(MULTIF2017)046 pdf M. Ishida and  on behalf of Hitomi Collaboration
A review of recent observations of supernova remnant
PoS(MULTIF2017)047 file missing S. Katsuda
The Multifrequency Behavior of Sagittarius A*
PoS(MULTIF2017)048 pdf A. Eckart, N. Fazeli, G. Busch, B. Shahzamanian, M. Subroweit, F. Peissker, N. Sabha, M. Valencia-S., M. Horrobin, C. Straubmeier, S. Rost, J. Schneeloch, A. Borkar, V. Karas, S. Britzen, A. Zensus and F. Kamali
Hot accretion flow in Sgr A*
PoS(MULTIF2017)049 file missing F. Yuan
Sgr A*, the best-sampled of all AGN?
PoS(MULTIF2017)050 pdf W. Kundt
Intermediate Mass Black Holes: A Review
PoS(MULTIF2017)051 pdf F. Koliopanos
Supergiant Fast X-ray Transients - A short review
PoS(MULTIF2017)052 pdf L. Sidoli
Multifrequency Behaviour of Galactic and Extragalactic Novae
PoS(MULTIF2017)053 pdf R. Poggiani
HE, VHE, and UHE Astrophysics – A Review
PoS(MULTIF2017)054 file missing A. Morselli
Origin of the Galactic Diffuse X-ray Emission: Fe Line Diagnostics with $Suzaku$
PoS(MULTIF2017)055 pdf M. Nobukawa, K.K. Nobukawa, S. Yamauchi, H. Uchiyama and K. Koyama
Multifrequency Behaviour of V404 Cyg
PoS(MULTIF2017)056 file missing R. Plotkin
Multifrequency Behaviour of HD226868/Cyg X-1 - A Review
PoS(MULTIF2017)057 file missing R. Zanin
Evolution of donors in the low mass X-ray binary systems
PoS(MULTIF2017)058 file missing J. Ziolkowski
Of pulsars and their winds
PoS(MULTIF2017)059 file missing B. Rudak
A Universal Correlation between the Duration and the X-ray Luminosity in Stellar Flares
PoS(MULTIF2017)060 pdf Y. Tsuboi, R. Sasaki", Y. Sugawara" and M. Matsuoka"
Blazars in the FERMI Era - A Review
PoS(MULTIF2017)061 file missing L. Costamante
Jet Sources and Gamma-Ray Bursts
A Review of Astrophysical Jets
PoS(MULTIF2017)062 pdf J.H. Beall
Hydrodynamic Simulations of Astrophysical Jets
PoS(MULTIF2017)063 pdf J.H. Beall, D.V. Rose, K. Lind, M. T. Wolff, B. van Soelen, I. van der Westhuizen and P. Meintjes
Magnetized, Relativistic Jets
PoS(MULTIF2017)064 pdf M. Perucho, J.M. Martí, J.L. Gómez and A. Fuentes
Single and binary stellar progenitors of long-duration gamma-ray bursts
PoS(MULTIF2017)065 pdf D. Szecsi
Short Duration GRBs in the Swift and LIGO Era
PoS(MULTIF2017)066 file missing E. Troja
Gamma-Ray Bursts: The Current Understanding of
PoS(MULTIF2017)067 file missing B. Zhang
Polarimetry with POLAR
PoS(MULTIF2017)068 pdf M. Kole and  on behalf of the POLAR Collaboration
Long gamma-ray bursts as tracers of star formation
PoS(MULTIF2017)069 pdf J. Japelj
Supernovae and gamma-ray bursts connection
PoS(MULTIF2017)070 file missing M. Della Valle
GRB 130427A afterglow: a test for GRB models
PoS(MULTIF2017)071 pdf M. De Pasquale, M.J. Page, D.A. Kann, S.R. Oates, S. Schulze, B. Zhang, Z. Cano, B. Gendre, D. Malesani, A. Rossi, N. Gehrels, E. Troja, L. Piro, M. Boër and G. Stratta
Microphysics in GRB central engine
PoS(MULTIF2017)072 pdf A. Janiuk, K. Wojczuk and K. Sapountzis
Critical Tests Of GRB Theories
PoS(MULTIF2017)073 file missing A. Dar
Star-jet interactions in active galactic nuclei
PoS(MULTIF2017)074 file missing V. De La Cita
The astrophysical jets (again): as the most complicated inorganic machines known to us
PoS(MULTIF2017)075 pdf W. Kundt
Ongoing Experiments
4MOST - a 4 m-class spectroscopic survey of >30 Million sources (EHT: black hole imaging and GR tests)
PoS(MULTIF2017)076 file missing T. Boller
Focusing On Relativistic universe and Cosmic Evolution: the FORCE mission
PoS(MULTIF2017)077 pdf K. Mori, T. Go Tsuru, K. Nakazawa, Y. Ueda, T. Okajima, H. Murakami, H. Awaki, H. Matsumoto, Y. Fukazawa, H. Tsunemi, T. Takahashi and W. W. Zhang
The BlackHoleCam project
PoS(MULTIF2017)078 file missing C. Goddi
Tools and results from the FP7 project ARCHES (Astronomical Resource Cross-matching for High Energy Studies)
PoS(MULTIF2017)079 file missing C. Motch
The TOROS project and the optical follow-up of gravitational wave events
PoS(MULTIF2017)080 pdf M. Diaz and  on behalf of the TOROS Collaboration
Insight-HXMT: the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope mission
PoS(MULTIF2017)081 file missing S.N. Zhang
The possibilities for comprehensive studies involving the Thirty Meter Telescope of the ‘zoo’ of high energy sources
PoS(MULTIF2017)082 pdf W. Skidmore
Multifrequency Astrophysics with very small satellites
PoS(MULTIF2017)083 pdf R. Hudec
Weighing the vacuum with the Archimedes experiment
PoS(MULTIF2017)084 pdf attachments
S. Avino, A. Basti, E. Calloni, S. Caprara, R. De Rosa, M. De Laurentis, G. Esposito, F. Frasconi, G. Gagliardi, M. Grilli, E. Majorana, G. Pepe, S. Petrarca, P. Puppo, P. Rapagnani, F. Ricci, L. Rosa, C. Rovelli, P. Ruggi, N. L. Saini, C. Stornaiolo, D. Stornaiuolo and F. Tafuri
The EXTraS project: Exploring the X-ray Transient
PoS(MULTIF2017)085 file missing A. Belfiore
eXTP - Enhanced X-ray Timing and Polarization mission
PoS(MULTIF2017)086 file missing Y. Evangelista
A real time, Linux Container system to monitor transient events with INTEGRAL IBIS telescope
PoS(MULTIF2017)087 pdf B.L. Martino, U. Zannoni and G. Patria
Concluding Remarks
Concluding Remarks - I
PoS(MULTIF2017)088 pdf G. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
Concluding Remarks - II
PoS(MULTIF2017)089 file missing P.A. Mason
XII Multifrequency Behaviour of High Energy Cosmic Sources Concluding Remarks
PoS(MULTIF2017)090 pdf R. Hudec
Concluding Remarks - IV
PoS(MULTIF2017)091 file missing J. Ziolkowski
Concluding Address
Frascati Workshop 2017: Concluding Address
PoS(MULTIF2017)092 pdf F. Giovannelli