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European Network on Physics beyond the Standard Model

24-27 February 1999
Trieste, Italy
published June 15, 1999
The meeting of the European Network on Physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) was held in SISSA, Trieste, on 24-27 February 1999. It was the third meeting of the Network after those of Corfu (1998) and Valencia (1997). Its main purpose was the mid-term review of the Network, with representatives of the European Commission. There was also a scientific workshop, where the participants, in particular young post-docs and PhD students, presented a number of talks. The main topics that were discussed include the unification of fundamental forces including gravity, strings and superstrings, electroweak symmetry breaking, Higgs physics and supersymmetry, as well as neutrino physics. The objectives of the BSM Network is to broaden, coordinate and further strengthen the current collaboration amongst a group of European centers working in many aspects of "Physics Beyond the Standard Model". It is supported by the European Union under the Training and Mobility of Researchers programme (contract ERBFMRX-CT96-0090) for the period 1996-2000 , and involves 11 participant institutions established in 8 European countries (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom). Further information can be found in the Network homepage.

Editorial Board
Antoniadis Ignatios, Masiero Antonio, Pastor Sergio (chairman)

Wednesday 24
Thursday 25
Wednesday 24
Neutrino oscillation effects on the indirect signal of neutralino dark matter from the Earth core
PoS(trieste99)001 pdf N. Fornengo
Unstable relics and the rescue of pure Cold Dark Matter models
PoS(trieste99)002 pdf D. Montanino
Testing new physics with future low-energy neutrino experiments
PoS(trieste99)003 pdf O.G. Miranda
Neutrinoless double beta decay in bilinear R-parity breaking SUSY
PoS(trieste99)004 pdf M. Hirsch
Phenomenology of R-Parity Breaking
PoS(trieste99)005 pdf A. Akeroyd
Yukawa couplings and proton decay in SUSY models
PoS(trieste99)006 pdf M. Gomez
The decay $b\rightarrow s \gamma$ and the charged Higgs boson mass without R-parity
PoS(trieste99)007 pdf E. Torrente-Lujan
Degenerate or hierarchical neutrinos in supersymmetric inflation
PoS(trieste99)008 pdf G. Lazarides
Confining N=1 SUSY gauge theories from Seiberg duality
PoS(trieste99)009 pdf M. Klein
Supersymmetric Quintessence
PoS(trieste99)010 pdf F. Rosati
Solutions for atmospheric neutrino anomalies
PoS(trieste99)011 file missing O.L.G. Peres
Thursday 25
Hidden wall supersymmetry breakdown
PoS(trieste99)012 pdf H.P. Nilles
Anomalies, unitarity and irreversibility
PoS(trieste99)013 pdf D. Anselmi
On the perturbative corrections around D-string instantons
PoS(trieste99)014 pdf A. Hammou
Non-Supersymmetric Open String Vacua
PoS(trieste99)015 pdf C. Angelantonj
A consistent calculation of bubble-nucleation rates
PoS(trieste99)016 pdf N. Tetradis
Supersymmetry Breaking in M-theory
PoS(trieste99)017 pdf Z. Lalak
Heterotic Type I Duality in Four Dimensions in the Presence of Anomalous U(1)'s
PoS(trieste99)018 pdf S. Lavignac
Five-Branes and Three-Family Models in M-Theory
PoS(trieste99)019 file missing A. Lukas
Yukawa Unification on the bilinear R-Parity model
PoS(trieste99)020 pdf J.C. Romao
Stabilized NMSSM without domain walls
PoS(trieste99)021 pdf K. Tamvakis
Inclusive semileptonic charmless B-decays in SUSY
PoS(trieste99)022 pdf E. Lunghi
Phenomenological analysis of a quark mass texture
PoS(trieste99)023 pdf A. Romanino
The why of Seiberg-Witten duality
PoS(trieste99)024 file missing L. Baulieu
N=1 Super-Yang-Mills on the Lattice: Weak and Strong Coupling Limits
PoS(trieste99)025 pdf E. Gabrielli
The effects of the Kaluza Klein states on the gauge coupling unification
PoS(trieste99)026 pdf D. Ghilencea
Thermodynamics of D-brane probes
PoS(trieste99)027 pdf E. Kiritsis and T. Taylor