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XLVIII International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics in Memoriam of Ileana Iori

BORMIO2010 - (other bormio conferences)
25-29 January 2010
Bormio, Italy
published December 03, 2010
Long-standing conference bringing together researchers and students from various fields of subatomic physics. The conference location is Bormio, a beautiful mountain resort in the Italian Alps.
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Introductory words
PoS(BORMIO2010)002 pdf A.R. Ricci
Ileana Iori and INFN
PoS(BORMIO2010)003 pdf E. Chiavassa
The early activity of Ileana on nuclear physics: reactions induced by nucleons
PoS(BORMIO2010)004 pdf A. Bracco
Ileana and Aladin - a fortunate concurrence
PoS(BORMIO2010)005 pdf U. Lynen
Ileana and Hades: a successful adventure into a large collaboration
PoS(BORMIO2010)006 pdf P. Finocchiaro
A life spent for the research in nuclear science and.....
PoS(BORMIO2010)007 pdf R. Bassini
session monday afternoon
Shear stress and shear flow in a partonic cascade
PoS(BORMIO2010)009 pdf F. Reining, C. Wesp, Z. Xu and C. Greiner
Relativistic Shocks in viscous Gluon Matter
PoS(BORMIO2010)010 pdf I. Bouras
PANDA EMC Trigger and Data Acquisition Algorithm Development
PoS(BORMIO2010)011 pdf Q. Wang
Perspectives for the study of quarkonium production in pp collisions with the ALICE muon spectrometer
PoS(BORMIO2010)013 pdf L. Bianchi
Operational characteristics of SiC diodes as ionizing radiation detectors
PoS(BORMIO2010)014 pdf M. De Napoli
Digitizer for Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors
PoS(BORMIO2010)015 pdf C.A. Dritsa
A demonstrator for the Micro-Vertex Detector of the CBM experiment
PoS(BORMIO2010)017 pdf C. Schrader
Search for ppK- state in p+p@3,1 GeV
PoS(BORMIO2010)018 pdf R. Muenzer
First Kaon Measurement with scintillating fibers read by MPPC at the DaFNE e+/e- collider
PoS(BORMIO2010)019 pdf A. Scordo
session tuesday morning
Exploring the World by Reading the Isotope Language
PoS(BORMIO2010)020 pdf W. Kutschera
Nuclei far from stability
PoS(BORMIO2010)021 pdf F. Camera
Physics at FRIB
PoS(BORMIO2010)022 pdf W. Bauer and T. Strother
Superheavy elements - laying the grounds for the landing on the island of stability
PoS(BORMIO2010)023 pdf D. Ackermann
session tuesday afternoon
Experimental Tests of the Standard Model of Weak Interactions
PoS(BORMIO2010)025 pdf D. Zakoucky
Flubber experiment: measuring 17F Coulomb breakup
PoS(BORMIO2010)026 pdf P. Capel and C. Sfienti
2He Decay from 18Ne Excited States: Status and Perspectives
PoS(BORMIO2010)028 pdf E. Rapisarda
Reaction mechanisms in collisions induced by halo and weakly bound nuclei around the Coulomb barrier
PoS(BORMIO2010)029 pdf V. Scuderi
session wednesday morning
Recent results from BESIII
PoS(BORMIO2010)030 pdf X. Shen
Hadron physics with PANDA
PoS(BORMIO2010)031 pdf T. Johansson
Development of new photodetectors
PoS(BORMIO2010)032 pdf A. Wilms
Studies of Hyperons and Antihyperons in Nuclei
PoS(BORMIO2010)033 pdf J. Pochodzalla
Physics with low energy antiprotons
PoS(BORMIO2010)034 pdf G. Bonomi
Kaonic atoms measurements at DAFNE by SIDDHARTA
PoS(BORMIO2010)035 pdf A. Romero Vidal
session wednesday afternoon
Confinement and chiral symmetry breaking critical points
PoS(BORMIO2010)036 pdf P. Bicudo
The data processing in the ALICE experiment
PoS(BORMIO2010)037 pdf D. Adamová
Investigating dense nuclear matter with electromagnetic and rare hadronic probes
PoS(BORMIO2010)038 pdf M. Lorenz
Phase structure of strongly interacting matter and results for heavy-ion collisions and neutron stars
PoS(BORMIO2010)039 pdf S. Schramm and J. Stenheimer-Froschauer
CVD Diamond Detectors - R&D Status and New Results
PoS(BORMIO2010)040 pdf E. Berdermann, W. De Boer, M. Ciobanu, S. Dunst, M. Kis, W. Koenig, P. Moritz, J. Morse, S. Muller, C. Nociforo, M. Pomorski, M. Schreck, M.S. Rahman, M. Traeger and H. Weick
The Micro Vertex Detector of the CBM-Experiment
PoS(BORMIO2010)041 pdf M. Deveaux
session thursday morning
Charmonia production in heavy-ion collisions: status and perspectives
PoS(BORMIO2010)043 pdf E. Scomparin
Chiral symmetry, di-electrons and charm
PoS(BORMIO2010)045 pdf B. Kaempfer, T. Hilger, H. Schade, R. Schulze and G. Wolf
session thursday afternoon
The Pamela Satellite Experiment: An Observatory in Space for Particles, Antiparticles and Nuclei in the Cosmic Rays.
PoS(BORMIO2010)047 pdf M. Ricci
Current Issues in Kaon Photoelectro-Production of the Nucleon
PoS(BORMIO2010)048 pdf attachments P. Achenbach
Search for saturation effects at the LHC with the ALICE experiment
PoS(BORMIO2010)050 pdf C. Hadjidakis
Dielectron production in Ar+KCl collisions at E = 1.76 AGeV
PoS(BORMIO2010)051 pdf M. Jurkovic
Measurement of the Lambda(1405)-Resonance with the HADES-Spectrometer
PoS(BORMIO2010)052 pdf J. Siebenson
session friday morning
Novel Detection Techniques for High Energy neutrinos
PoS(BORMIO2010)054 pdf G. Riccobene
Nuclear astrophysics deep underground: the LUNA experiment
PoS(BORMIO2010)055 pdf C. Mazzocchi
Last results of stopped K^{-} physics with FINUDA
PoS(BORMIO2010)056 pdf F. De Mori
Applications of particle accelerators in medical physics
PoS(BORMIO2010)057 pdf G. Cuttone
Phase Coexistence and Phase Transitions in Small Systems
PoS(BORMIO2010)058 pdf L. Moretto
session friday afternoon
Equation-of-State of Nuclear Matter with Light Clusters
PoS(BORMIO2010)060 pdf H. Wolter
The symmetry energy from heavy ion reactions
PoS(BORMIO2010)061 pdf W. Trautmann
Direct Photons in Heavy Ion Collisions from transport theory and hybrid model calculations
PoS(BORMIO2010)062 pdf B. Baeuchle and M. Bleicher
The Forward Muon Spectrometer of ALICE - Status and commissioning results.
PoS(BORMIO2010)063 pdf F. Bossu
Heavy flavour analysis in proton-proton collisions at the LHC with ALICE
PoS(BORMIO2010)064 pdf G. Ortona