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The 13th International Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines

BEAUTY 2011 - (other beauty conferences)
April 4-8 2011
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
published October 10, 2011
The purpose of the Beauty 2011 conference is to review results in the field of B-physics and CP-violation, as well as to explore the physics potential of upcoming B-physics experiments, with a focus on hadron machines.
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Main session
13th International Conference on B-Physics at Hadron Machines (Beauty 2011)
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)060 pdf R. Fleischer, S. Erhan and N. Harnew
Main session
Measurement of exclusive B-hadron production at 7 TeV with the CMS experiment
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)001 pdf E. Aguilo
Theory Overview on Spectroscopy
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)002 pdf A. Ali
Studies of Bs\rightarrow J/psi phi decays with CMS
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)003 pdf V. Azzolini
Asl and the anomalous like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry at D0
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)004 pdf I. Bertram
Bs\rightarrow Dsh and B\rightarrow Dh decays in LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)005 pdf S.R. Blusk
Open heavy flavour measurements with the ALICE experiment at the LHC
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)007 pdf G. Bruno
Theory Vision
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)008 pdf A. Buras
Open b and bb cross section using inclusive and exclusive channels at ATLAS
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)009 pdf I. Christidi
Dimuon reconstruction for B physics in ATLAS
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)011 pdf M. Corradi
Quarkonia studies in LHCb: Y(1S), double J/psi, psi(2S), chi_c
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)010 pdf J. Cogan
Bs\rightarrow J/psi phi decays at ATLAS
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)013 pdf A. Dewhurst
Searching for New Physics through charm at CDF
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)014 pdf A. Di Canto
Suppressed Bs decays at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)015 pdf M. Dorigo
Theory Overview of Charm Physics
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)016 pdf S. Fajfer
Lepton Flavour Violation Theory
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)017 pdf T. Feldmann
B Lifetimes, X.Y,Z states at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)018 pdf J.P. Fernãndez
First ADS analysis of B+\rightarrow D0K decays in hadronic collisions CDF
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)019 pdf P. Garosi
Charm mixing and CP violation at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)020 pdf M. Gersabeck
Beauty production results from CMS
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)022 pdf C. Grab
Conference Summary
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)021 pdf A. Golutvin
First measurement of sin(2beta) at LHCb with B0\rightarrow J/psi KS
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)023 pdf M. Grabalosa Gandara
LHCb detector performance
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)024 pdf N. Harnew
CDF measurement of time-integrated mixing
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)025 pdf R. Harr
J/psi and Bc production at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)026 pdf J. He
D meson production cross section - Atlas
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)027 pdf S. Head
J/Psi production in pp and heavy-ion collisions at Atlas
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)028 pdf S.C. Hsu
|Vub| and |Vcb| from semileptonic B decays and B\rightarrow tau nu
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)030 pdf R.V. Kowalewski
Rare decays at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)029 pdf D. Kong
Charm production at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)031 pdf A. Kozlinskiy
Theory overview of heavy flavour production
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)033 pdf E. Laenen
LHCb semileptonic highlights from 2010 and prospects for 2011
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)035 pdf R. Lambert
Measurement of quarkonium production with CMS
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)036 pdf N. Leonardo
Charm inputs for gamma measurements
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)037 pdf S. Malde
Theory Overview of Semileptonic decays
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)038 pdf T. Mannel
LHCb Upgrade
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)039 pdf M. Merck
BES III: charming physics at an e+e- collider
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)040 pdf J. Messchendorp
Atlas detector performance
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)041 pdf R. Nikolaidou
Rare decay results and prospects with LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)042 pdf M. Palutan
CP violation measurements with Bs\rightarrow J/psi phi decays at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)043 pdf I. Ripp-baudot
Unitarity Triangle measurements - BaBar/Belle
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)044 pdf M. Roehrken
Bs decays and mixing
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)045 pdf J. Rosner and M. Gronau
CP violation in B\rightarrow hh decays at the Tevatron
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)046 pdf F. Ruffini
Heavy flavour production at HERA
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)047 pdf M. Sauter
CMS detector performance
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)048 pdf H. Snoek
Rare B decays
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)049 pdf D. Straub
b production cross section and fragmentation functions at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)050 pdf N. Tuning
Time-dependent angular analysis of $B^0_s \rightarrow J/\psi \phi$ events at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)051 pdf U. Uwer
B\rightarrow hh (hadronic final states) at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)052 pdf V. Vagnoni
Flavour tagging and mixing at LHCb
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)053 pdf S. Vecchi
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)056 pdf F. Wilson
Lattice QCD Calculations with b Quarks: Status and Prospects
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)057 pdf M. Wingate
Recent bottomonium results from BaBar and Belle
PoS(BEAUTY 2011)058 pdf V. Ziegler