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3rd Computational Particle Physics Workshop

September 23-25, 2010
KEK Tsukuba Japan
published December 29, 2011
In March,1990, from Russia, Holland, Germany, Japan and other nations, we got together in Lyon at the first AIHEP/ACAT workshop for a first ever joint meeting on "Symbolic manipulation techniques for particle physics", a topic we were all involved in, although independently. At that time, high energy physics was requiring higher precision calculations due to the reach to higher energies, to high resolution detectors and to the need for a precise confirmation of the Standard model at e+ecolliders. There were lots of processes to be evaluated precisely. However human power and resources were rather limited and large-scale computations were actually impossible in practice. Even for skillful craftsmen, it seemed to be very hard to perform all calculation only by hands. "Render unto Computer the things which are Computer's", was our goal. We therefore created a collaboration aiming for the development of automatic-calculation systems for high energy physics. Twenty years have past. The calculations of Feynman amplitudes in high energy physics are no more handicraft industries. Through the industrial revolution, they have grown up to become powerful automatic-systems far from the mere academic teaching tools that some of our detractors were confining them. These systems are now indispensable tools for high-energy physics. Automatic-systems are now mature enough to be used by experimental physicists, especially for tree-level calculations. Many problems are solved but many new targets have become visible, including higher-order (loops) calculations and a variety of models beyond the standard model appearing one right after the other. Our collaboration has still a lot to provide and should be pursued one way or the other. This year is the 20-years anniversary after the epoch-making 1st AIHENP workshop at Lyon. Making use of this chance, let us meet together again to discuss what we have achieved and to explore the perspective for the next decade. Based on the spirit above, we would like to organize the 3rd Computational Particle Physics workshop, at KEK, Japan from 23/Sep./2010 to 25/Sep./2010. We look forward to making this exciting event fruitful and we wish your active participation.
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session Application
session Automatic System
session Computing and Physics
session Loop
Session Round Table Discussion
session Application
Light Higgs plus forward jets at the LHC with CompHEP
PoS(CPP2010)006 file missing M. Dubinin
NLO-QCD Event Generator with GRACE
PoS(CPP2010)007 file missing Y. Kurihara
Recent Physical Results using GRACE/SUSY
PoS(CPP2010)008 file missing T. Kon
GR@PPA event generator
PoS(CPP2010)009 pdf S. Odaka
session Automatic System
Automatic Computation for Particle Interactions
PoS(CPP2010)001 file missing D. Perret-Gallix
CompHEP: developments and applications
PoS(CPP2010)002 pdf M. Dubinin
Modern Feynman Diagrammatic One-Loop Calculations with Golem, Samurai & Co.
PoS(CPP2010)003 pdf T. Reiter, G. Cullen, N. Greiner, A. Guffanti, J.P. Guillet, G. Heinrich, S. Karg, N. Kauer, T. Kleinschmidt, M. Koch-Janusz, G. Luisoni, P. Mastrolia, G. Ossola, E. Pilon, M. Rodgers, F. Tramontano and I.T. Wigmore
Progress in FDC Project
PoS(CPP2010)004 file missing J.X. Wang
Slepton NLG in GRACE/SUSY-loop
PoS(CPP2010)005 pdf M. Jimbo
session Computing and Physics
Numerical calculation of one-loop integration
PoS(CPP2010)010 pdf T. Kaneko
Methods for IR divergent integrals based on Extrapolation
PoS(CPP2010)011 pdf E. de Doncker
FORM development
PoS(CPP2010)012 pdf J.A.M. Vermaseren
High-Accurate Computation of One-Loop Integralsby Several Hundred Digits Multiple-Precision Arithmetic
PoS(CPP2010)013 pdf H. Fujiwara
NLO corrections to WWZ and ZZZ production at the ILC
PoS(CPP2010)014 pdf N.D. Le, F. Boudjema, M. Weber and H. Sun
session Loop
A geometric approach to sector decomposition
PoS(CPP2010)015 pdf T. Ueda and T. Kaneko
One- and two-loop four-point integrals with XLOOPS-GiNaC
PoS(CPP2010)016 pdf S.H. Do, K.H. Phan and F. Yuasa
Numerical approach to calculation of Feynman loop integrals
PoS(CPP2010)017 pdf F. Yuasa
Session Round Table Discussion
Discussion summary
PoS(CPP2010)018 file missing D. Perret-Gallix