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16th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories and Future Neutrino Beam Facilities

NUFACT2014 - (other nufact conferences)
25 -30 August, 2014
University of Glasgow, United Kingdom
published July 21, 2015
These proceedings present the written contributions from participants of the 16th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories and Future Neutrino Beam Facilities (NUFACT 2014) that was held at the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom) from 25-30 August 2014. This edition of the NUFACT annual meetings, which started in 1999, consisted of 24 plenary and 92 parallel talks and various poster sessions, with the participation of 124 delegates. Furthermore, the International Neutrino Summer School 2014 was held from 10-22 August 2014 at St Andrews, Scotland, in the two weeks before NUFACT 2014. It was intended for young scientists with an interest in neutrino physics in such a way that they would be able to participate and contribute to the NUFACT workshop as well. The objectives of the NUFACT workshops are to review progress on different studies for future accelerator-based neutrino oscillation facilities, with the goal to discover the mass hierarchy of neutrinos, CP violation in the leptonic sector, charged lepton flavour violation, and possible new phenomena. The workshops are interdisciplinary in that experimenters, theorists and accelerator physicists share their expertise to further developments in accelerator-based neutrino facilities. The organisation of the workshop is based around four working groups: Neutrino Oscillation Physics, Neutrino Scattering Physics, Accelerator Physics and Muon Physics. Each workshop is tailored to ensure continuity and growth of knowledge from the previous workshop, by posing a series of questions that are updated on a yearly basis. These proceedings reflect a summary of the topics covered during NUFACT 2014 and reflect not only the state-of-the-art in current experimental endeavours in neutrino physics, but also the current thinking towards developing the next generation of accelerator-based neutrino and muon facilities, with the goal to determine solutions to some of the most fundamental questions in particle physics. It is a pleasure to thank the University of Glasgow and the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) for sponsoring the workshop and the Glasgow City Council for organising a Civic Reception for the delegates. The lively and stimulating atmosphere was aided by the other social events during the workshop, a whisky tasting session delivered with great enthusiasm and knowledge by Dr David Wishart, an excursion to Stirling Castle and a workshop banquet at the Bute Hall of the University of Glasgow, in which Professor John Butt, the university’s Gardiner Professor of Music, played the magnificent Lewis Organ in the Bute Hall. The editors wish to thank the Scientific Program Committee and the Working Group conveners for their engagement in making NUFACT 2014 a success, and all participants for the high quality of their contributions. We now look forward to the next instalment of the NUFACT conferences to be held in Rio de Janeiro in 2015. We also wish to thank Ms Valerie Flood, especially, for providing all the administrative support of the workshop. Paul Soler and Ryan Bayes, Glasgow, 2014.
Plenary sessions
Working Group 1 (WG1): neutrino physics
Working Group 2 (WG2): neutrino scattering physics
Working Group 3 (WG3): accelerator physics
Working Group 4 (WG4): muon physics
Working Group 1 and 2 joint sessions
Working Group 3 and 4 joint sessions
Plenary sessions
Theoretical Status of Neutrino Physics
PoS(NUFACT2014)001 pdf M. Drewes
Neutrino-nucleus Scattering Physics Theory
PoS(NUFACT2014)004 pdf A. Ankowski
Hyper-KamiokaNDE Project
PoS(NUFACT2014)007 pdf F. Di Lodovico
European Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Projects
PoS(NUFACT2014)008 pdf M. Dracos
Muon Accelerator R&D Programme
PoS(NUFACT2014)016 pdf D. Stratakis
Lepton Flavour Violation Experiments
PoS(NUFACT2014)022 pdf A. Kurup
Working Group 1 (WG1): neutrino physics
Model comparison and experimental constraints
PoS(NUFACT2014)026 pdf D. Meloni
Neutrino masses and mixings from continous symmetries and discussion
PoS(NUFACT2014)027 pdf L. Merlo
PoS(NUFACT2014)028 pdf A. Holin
T2K oscillation results
PoS(NUFACT2014)029 pdf C. Bronner
PoS(NUFACT2014)031 pdf U. Kose
PoS(NUFACT2014)032 pdf M.M. Devi
PoS(NUFACT2014)033 pdf J.P. Athayde Marcondes de André and  IceCube-Pingu Collaboration
Tagged electron neutrinos
PoS(NUFACT2014)037 pdf F. Terranova, A. Longhin and L. Ludovici
Short-baseline oscillation measurements at T2K
PoS(NUFACT2014)038 pdf J. Caravaca
Recent oscillation analysis results from Daya Bay
PoS(NUFACT2014)039 pdf attachments J. Zhao
New Results from RENO
PoS(NUFACT2014)040 pdf H. Seo
Status of the Double Chooz experiment
PoS(NUFACT2014)041 pdf M. Vivier
The measurement of the reactor antineutrino flux and spectrum of Daya Bay Experiment
PoS(NUFACT2014)042 pdf F. An
MIND at Neutrino Factories
PoS(NUFACT2014)044 pdf R. Bayes
Constraints on non-standard flavor-dependent interactions from Superkamiokande and Hyperkamiokande
PoS(NUFACT2014)045 pdf O. Yasuda
Working Group 2 (WG2): neutrino scattering physics
nuPRISM: A new way of probing neutrino interactions
PoS(NUFACT2014)046 pdf M. Scott
Fine-Grained Tracker as a Near Detector for LBNE
PoS(NUFACT2014)047 pdf X. Tian, S. Mishra and H. Duyang
T2K off-axis cross section measurements
PoS(NUFACT2014)049 pdf R. Castillo Fernandez
Status of muon neutrino cross section measurements with the T2K on-axis detectors
PoS(NUFACT2014)050 pdf K. Suzuki
Hadron Production measurements at the NA61/SHINE experiment for the T2K Neutrino Flux Prediction
PoS(NUFACT2014)051 pdf D. Sgalaberna
Hadronization processes in neutrino interactions
PoS(NUFACT2014)053 pdf T. Katori
Extraction of Neutrino Flux from the Inclusive Muon Cross Section
PoS(NUFACT2014)054 pdf T. Murata and T. Sato
Quasielastic neutrino-nucleus scattering in a continuum random phase approximation approach
PoS(NUFACT2014)055 pdf V. Pandey, N. Jachowicz, T. Van Cuyck, J. Ryckebusch and M. Martini
Using electron scattering to constrain the axial-vector form factor
PoS(NUFACT2014)056 pdf R. Gonzalez Jimenez
2p-2h excitations in neutrino scattering: angular distribution and frozen approximation
PoS(NUFACT2014)057 pdf I. Ruiz Simo, C. Albertus-Torres, J.E. Amaro, M. Barbaro, J.A. Caballero and W. Donnelly
Measurement of electron neutrino CCQE-like cross-section in MINERvA
PoS(NUFACT2014)058 pdf J. Wolcott
Measurement of Resonance Interaction in The NOMAD Detector
PoS(NUFACT2014)060 pdf H. Duyang, X. Tian and S. Mishra
The observation of gamma rays via neutral current interaction at Super-Kamiokande using the T2K neutrino beam.
PoS(NUFACT2014)063 pdf Y. Koshio
Working Group 3 (WG3): accelerator physics
The Status of the Construction of MICE Step IV
PoS(NUFACT2014)064 pdf C. Pidcott
The Physics Programme of MICE Step IV
PoS(NUFACT2014)065 pdf R. Bayes
Progress Towards Completion of the MICE Demonstration of Sustainable Muon Ionization Cooling
PoS(NUFACT2014)066 pdf P. Hanlet
Optimization of Beam Line Settings for MICE Step IV
PoS(NUFACT2014)067 pdf J.C. Nugent and J. Pasternak
NuSTORM FODO solution
PoS(NUFACT2014)068 pdf D. Neuffer, A. Liu and A. Bross
Final results from IDS-NF study
PoS(NUFACT2014)072 pdf P. Soler
ESSvSB: Update on secondary beam studies
PoS(NUFACT2014)078 pdf N. Vassilopoulos
High-intensity muon sources for high energy physics experiments
PoS(NUFACT2014)083 pdf D. Stratakis
Hybrid 6D cooling channel
PoS(NUFACT2014)084 pdf D. Stratakis
Final cooling
PoS(NUFACT2014)086 pdf D. Neuffer
Working Group 4 (WG4): muon physics
The search for CLF violation in the MEG & MEG II experiments
PoS(NUFACT2014)087 pdf F. Tenchini
The Mu3e Experiment - Introduction and Current Status
PoS(NUFACT2014)088 pdf M. Kiehn
MuSun Experiment: Measuring the Rate of Muon Capture on Deuteron
PoS(NUFACT2014)090 pdf X. Luo
The MUSE Experiment: Studying the Proton Radius Puzzle with muon-proton Elastic Scattering
PoS(NUFACT2014)091 pdf K. Mesick
Search for muon to electron conversion at J-PARC MLF : Recent status on DeeMe
PoS(NUFACT2014)093 pdf Y. Nakatsugawa
Status of the New Muonium HFS Experiment at J-PARC/MUSE
PoS(NUFACT2014)094 pdf P. Strasser
Status of the Alcap experiment
PoS(NUFACT2014)095 pdf P. Litchfield
Tuning of the ultra slow muon beamline by utilizing ionized hydrogen.
PoS(NUFACT2014)097 pdf T. Adachi, Y. Ikedo, A. Yabuuchi, P. Strasser, K.M. Kojima, S. Makimura, J. Nakamura, K. Shimomura, T. Nagatomo, W. Higemoto, T.U. Ito and E. Torikai
g-2 at Fermilab
PoS(NUFACT2014)099 pdf J.M. Grange
PoS(NUFACT2014)101 pdf A. Kurup
Working Group 1 and 2 joint sessions
Energy Measurement in the T2K Oscillation Analysis
PoS(NUFACT2014)103 pdf S. Cartwright
NEUT development for T2K and relevance of updated 2p2h models
PoS(NUFACT2014)104 pdf C. Wilkinson
Implications of recent MINERvA results for neutrino energy reconstruction
PoS(NUFACT2014)105 pdf J. Wolcott
Working Group 3 and 4 joint sessions
Status of MuSIC facility
PoS(NUFACT2014)108 pdf Y. Matsumoto
PoS(NUFACT2014)109 pdf P. Litchfield
Enhancing the reach of INO-ICAL using correlated muon and hadron information
PoS(NUFACT2014)117 pdf M.M. Devi
The ANNIE Experiment
PoS(NUFACT2014)119 pdf F. Di Lodovico
Study of the background events from the tau decay in the INO-ICAL detector
PoS(NUFACT2014)121 pdf attachments S. Pal and D. Indumathi
The RF System for the MICE Experiment
PoS(NUFACT2014)124 pdf A.J. Dick, C.G. Whyte, A.R. Young, P. MacInnes, D.C. Speirs, K. Ronald, A. Moss, C. White, A. Grant, T. Stanley, S. Alsari, P.J. Smith and Y. Torun
Measurement of the intrinsic electron neutrino and electron anti-neutrino components in the T2K beam with the ND280 Tracker
PoS(NUFACT2014)125 pdf L. Southwell and L. Kormos
Oscillation Sensitivity with Upward-going Muons in ICAL at India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)
PoS(NUFACT2014)127 pdf K. Rawat, V. Bhatnagar and D. Indumathi