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The 23rd International Workshop on Vertex Detectors

Vertex2014 - (other vertex conferences)
15-19 September 2014
Macha Lake, The Czech Republic
published May 21, 2015
The 23rd International Workshop on Vertex Detectors will review the progress on silicon based vertex detectors. The workshop covers existing and future detectors, new developments, radiation hardness, simulation, tracking alignment, electronics, triggering, and applications to medical and other fields.
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Detectors in Preparation: LHC
Detectors in Preparation: Non-LHC
Operation, Performance, Issues of Current Experiments
Vertexing at Future Accelerators
Radiation Hardness
Non-HEP Applications
R&D and Detector Simulations
Vertexing and Tracking Methods
Electronics and Integration, TRG
Poster Session
Detectors in Preparation: LHC
Upgrade of the ALICE ITS
PoS(Vertex2014)007 pdf F. Reidt
LHCb Upgrade: Upstream Tracker
PoS(Vertex2014)009 pdf F. Lionetto
CMS Pixel Detector Phase-1 Upgrade
PoS(Vertex2014)010 pdf W. Erdmann
Upgrades of CMS Outer Detector for HL-LHC
PoS(Vertex2014)014 pdf G. Sguazzoni
Detectors in Preparation: Non-LHC
Upgrade of the STAR Silicon Detectors
PoS(Vertex2014)015 pdf M. Szelezniak
Belle II PXD Detector
PoS(Vertex2014)016 pdf M. Schnell
Belle II SVD Detector
PoS(Vertex2014)017 pdf L. Vitale
NA62: Gigatracker
PoS(Vertex2014)018 pdf
B. Velghe, G. Aglieri Rinella, S. Bonacini, A. Ceccucci, J. Degrange, J. Kaplon, A. Kluge, A. Mapelli, M. Morel, J. Noël, M. Noy, L. Perktold, P. Petagna, K. Poltorak, P. Riedler, G. Romagnoli, S. Chiozzi, A. Cotta Ramusino, M. Fiorini, A. Gianoli, F. Petrucci, H. Wahl, R. Arcidiacono, P. Jarron, F. Marchetto, E. Cortina Gil, G. Nuessle and N. Szilasi
Operation, Performance, Issues of Current Experiments
ATLAS Pixel Detector: Operational Experience and Run1$\rightarrow$Run2 Transition
PoS(Vertex2014)001 pdf A. La Rosa
ATLAS Strip Detector: Operational Experience and Run1$\rightarrow$Run2 Transition
PoS(Vertex2014)002 pdf K. Nagai
CMS Pixel Detector: Operational Experience and Run1$\rightarrow$Run2 Transition
PoS(Vertex2014)003 pdf A. de Cosa
CMS Strip Detector: Operational Experience and Run1$\rightarrow$Run2 Transition
PoS(Vertex2014)004 pdf E. Butz
LHCb Silicon Detectors: Operational Experience and Run1$\rightarrow$Run2 Transition
PoS(Vertex2014)005 pdf C.U. Elsasser
Operational Experience and Performance of the Present ALICE ITS
PoS(Vertex2014)006 pdf S. Senyukov
Vertexing at Future Accelerators
R&D for the Vertexing at CLIC
PoS(Vertex2014)020 pdf S. Redford
Radiation Hardness
RD50 Overview
PoS(Vertex2014)023 pdf M. Fernández García
Overview of the Diamond Detectors
PoS(Vertex2014)024 pdf A. Oh
World Irradiation Facilities for Silicon Detectors
PoS(Vertex2014)026 pdf V. Cindro
Non-HEP Applications
Operation and Performance of AMS-02 Silicon Tracker
PoS(Vertex2014)028 pdf P.E. Saouter
Neutron Position Sensitive Detectors for the ESS
PoS(Vertex2014)029 pdf O. Kirstein
R&D and Detector Simulations
Simulation of Irradiated Detectors
PoS(Vertex2014)030 pdf R. Dalal
Devices Optimised for Avalanche Multiplication
PoS(Vertex2014)031 pdf V. Greco
Advanced TCT Setups
PoS(Vertex2014)032 pdf G. Kramberger
SOI Pixel Development
PoS(Vertex2014)033 pdf K. Hara
Characterization and Directional Visualization of Space Radiation Quanta on Low Earth Orbit with Timepix-based compact Spacecraft Payload
PoS(Vertex2014)035 pdf C. Granja
Vertexing and Tracking Methods
ATLAS FTK: Fast Track Trigger
PoS(Vertex2014)036 pdf T. Iizawa
Vertexing and Tracking Algoritms at High Pile-Up
PoS(Vertex2014)037 pdf G. Cerati
Vertexing and Tracking SW at LHCb
PoS(Vertex2014)038 pdf E.E. Bowen
Vertexing and Tracking SW at Belle II
PoS(Vertex2014)039 pdf T. Schlüter
Vertexing Software and Methods for the ILC
PoS(Vertex2014)040 pdf G.G. Voutsinas
Electronics and Integration, TRG
Edgeless and Slim-edge Detectors
PoS(Vertex2014)042 pdf A.J. Blue
65 nm Technology for HEP: Status and Perspective
PoS(Vertex2014)043 pdf P. Valerio
3D integration at Radiation Imaging Detectors
PoS(Vertex2014)045 pdf R. Lipton
Poster Session
Alignment of the Belle II Vertex Detector
PoS(Vertex2014)048 pdf T. Bilka
Cluster-shape Based Improvement of Spatial Resolution for the Belle II DEPFET Pixel Detector
PoS(Vertex2014)049 pdf P. Kodys
Evaluation of Bulk and Surface Radiation Damage of Silicon Sensors for the ATLAS Upgrade
PoS(Vertex2014)050 pdf M. Mikestikova
Properties of Irradiated CdTe Detectors
PoS(Vertex2014)051 pdf O. Korchak, M. Carna, M. Havranek, M. Marcisovsky, L. Tomasek and V. Vrba