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Tools for High Energy Physics and Cosmology

2-6 November, 2020
Institut de Physique des 2 Infinis (IP2I), Lyon, France
published May 10, 2021

TOOLS 2020, Tools for High Energy Physics and Cosmology, will be a hybrid in-person/online event at the Institut de Physique des 2 Infinis de Lyon (IP2I), Lyon, France, from Nov 2-6, 2020.

This workshop aims to review the state-of-the-art tools for high energy physics and cosmology.

The workshop consists of short sessions over 5 days together with software demo and several discussion sessions.

The following themes will be covered at the workshop:

Higgs and Collider physics

Dark matter


Flavour physics and precision tests

General tools (Fitting tools, recast tools, spectrum generators, etc...)

The program will consist of both invited talks and contributed talks. All the talks will be online (via zoom) but participants from close-by institutions are welcome to participate in person (please contact the organisers for travel funds).

All the talks will be recorded and made available online so that participants from different time zones will have the possibility to follow the talks.

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Dark Matter session
Collider session
Cosmology session
Higgs, Flavour and Precision session
General tools session
Dark Matter session
Review on Dark Matter tools
PoS(TOOLS2020)001 pdf C. Arina
An introduction to DDCalc
PoS(TOOLS2020)002 pdf F. Kahlhoefer
PoS(TOOLS2020)003 file missing F.A. Bishara
PoS(TOOLS2020)004 pdf D.A. Maurin
Strax and Straxen: Streaming analysis for xenon experiments
PoS(TOOLS2020)005 file missing D. Wenz
Formation of light (anti)nuclei
PoS(TOOLS2020)006 pdf J. Tjemsland
Tools for Feebly Interacting Particles
PoS(TOOLS2020)007 pdf L.J.M. Darmé
MeV astronomy with Herwig?
PoS(TOOLS2020)008 pdf P. Reimitz
Studying dark matter with MadDM 3.1: a short user guide
PoS(TOOLS2020)009 pdf C. Arina, J. Heisig, F. Maltoni, L. Mantani, D. Massaro, O. Mattelaer and G. Mohlabeng
DarkSUSY tutorial
PoS(TOOLS2020)010 file missing T. Bringmann
Capt’n General
PoS(TOOLS2020)011 file missing A. Vincent
Collider session
Review on Feynman rules and matrix elements calculators
PoS(TOOLS2020)012 file missing C.C. Degrande
Review on Monte Carlo based programs
PoS(TOOLS2020)013 file missing N. Desai
Review on collider recasting tools
PoS(TOOLS2020)014 file missing B. Fuks
PoS(TOOLS2020)015 file missing J. Van den Abeele
Generative Networks for LHC events
PoS(TOOLS2020)016 file missing A. Butter
PoS(TOOLS2020)017 file missing B. Krikler
pyhf: pure-Python implementation of HistFactory with tensors and automatic differentiation
PoS(TOOLS2020)018 file missing M. Feickert
Contur tutorial
PoS(TOOLS2020)019 file missing L.D. Corpe
Whizard tutorial
PoS(TOOLS2020)020 file missing P. Stienemeier
MadAnalysis5 tutorial
PoS(TOOLS2020)021 file missing J. Araz
New developments in SModelS
PoS(TOOLS2020)022 pdf G. Alguero, J. Heisig, C. K. Khosa, S. Kraml, S. Kulkarni, A. Lessa, P. Neuhuber, H. Reyes-González, W. Waltenberger and A. Wongel
Cosmology session
PoS(TOOLS2020)023 file missing P. Stoecker
BlackHawk: A tool for computing Black Hole evaporation
PoS(TOOLS2020)024 pdf J. Auffinger and A. Arbey
Review of Big Bang nucleosynthesis tools
PoS(TOOLS2020)025 file missing C. Pitrou
Multi-interacting dark matter in the Boltzmann code CLASS
PoS(TOOLS2020)026 pdf D.C. Hooper
ACROPOLIS: A generiC fRamework fOr Photodisintegration Of LIght elementS
PoS(TOOLS2020)027 file missing P.F. Depta
Particle spectra from dark matter annihilation: physics modelling and QCD uncertainties
PoS(TOOLS2020)028 pdf A. Jueid, S. Amoroso, S. Caron, P. Skands and R. Ruiz de austri
The ESCAPE Dark Matter Test Science Project
PoS(TOOLS2020)029 pdf E. Cuoco, C. Doglioni, K. Graf, G. Lamanna and S.R. Meehan
PoS(TOOLS2020)030 file missing T. Brinckmann
COFFE tutorial
PoS(TOOLS2020)031 file missing G. Jelic-Cizmek
PoS(TOOLS2020)032 pdf A. Arbey and J. Auffinger
Higgs, Flavour and Precision session
Review on Higgs calculators
PoS(TOOLS2020)033 file missing M. Muhlleitner
PoS(TOOLS2020)034 file missing D. Van Dyk
smelli – the SMEFT Likelihood
PoS(TOOLS2020)035 pdf P. Stangl
Flavour Physics with SuperIso
PoS(TOOLS2020)036 pdf S. Neshatpour and F. Mahmoudi
PoS(TOOLS2020)037 file missing J. Bhom
HEPfit: The Bayesian MCMC for HEP
PoS(TOOLS2020)038 file missing A. Paul
PoS(TOOLS2020)039 file missing W. Kotlarski
Constraining new physics from Higgs measurements with Lilith-2
PoS(TOOLS2020)040 pdf M. Bertrand, S. Kraml, T.Q. Loc, D.T. Nhung and L.D. Ninh
General tools session
GAMBIT, the Global and Modular BSM Inference Tool
PoS(TOOLS2020)041 pdf T. Gonzalo and  on behalf of the GAMBIT collaboration
Semi-automated BSM model building procedures in MARTY-1.1 through a 2HDM example
PoS(TOOLS2020)042 pdf G. Uhlrich, F. Mahmoudi and A. Arbey
PoS(TOOLS2020)043 file missing D. Stöckinger
PyR@TE 3
PoS(TOOLS2020)044 file missing L. Sartore
Automatic Differentiation for error analysis
PoS(TOOLS2020)045 pdf A. Ramos Martinez
NuTools for the LHC and Beyond
PoS(TOOLS2020)046 file missing R. Ruiz
SingularPhasespace and Helicity Recycling inMadGraph5_aMC@NLO
PoS(TOOLS2020)047 pdf K. Ostrolenk
SMEFT and background fields
PoS(TOOLS2020)048 file missing T. Corbett
SMEFT Fitting and One-Loop Matching
PoS(TOOLS2020)049 file missing T. You
PoS(TOOLS2020)050 file missing S. Bloor