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19th Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets and Polarimetry

PSTP2022 - (other pstp conferences)
26-30 September, 2022
Mainz, Germany
published August 04, 2023
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The 19th International Workshop on Polarized Sources, Targets, and Polarimetry (PSTP 2022) was jointly organized by the Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz. The workshop was held at the Helmholtz Institute Mainz from September 26 to 30, 2022. The scientific program of the workshop covered topics related to spin phenomena in particle and nuclear physics and related fields. Our goal was to present and discuss the current state of research, specifically of polarized targets, polarized sources, polarimetry and spin manipulation, and recent applications and developments , with special emphasis on polarization applications for fundamental symmetry tests and for upcoming spin physics facilities with new exciting experiments using polarized beams and targets.
The organizers gratefully acknowledge the financial support from HIM and the PRISMA+ Cluster of Excellence.

Have fun reading!
Frank and Kurt
(Chairpersons of the workshop)

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Session 1
The LHCspin project
PoS(PSTP2022)001 pdf P. Di Nezza, V. Carassiti, G. Ciullo, P. Lenisa, S. Mariani, L.L. Pappalardo, M. Santimaria, E. Steffens and G. Tagliente
LHCspin: Unpolarized gas target SMOG2, and prospects for a polarized gas target at the LHC
PoS(PSTP2022)002 pdf E. Steffens, P. Di Nezza, M. Santimaria, V. Carassiti, G. Ciullo, P. Lenisa, L.L. Pappalardo and G. Tagliente
Session 2
Automated Activation Procedure for GaAs Photocathodes at Photo-CATCH*
PoS(PSTP2022)003 pdf M. Herbert, T. Eggert, J. Enders, M. Engart, Y. Fritzsche and V. Wende
Session 3
Measurement of the occupation number of metastable atoms in the hyperfine-substate β$_3$ in an atomic hydrogen beam
PoS(PSTP2022)007 pdf M. Westphal, R. Engels, N. Faatz, C. Kannis, B. Klimczok, A. Mandiwal, M. Maubach and H. Soltner
Hyperfine-spectroscopy measurement of metastable hydrogen atoms with a Sona-transition unit
PoS(PSTP2022)006 pdf N. Faatz, A. Lehrach, C. Hanhart, C. Kannis, H. Soltner, H. Smitmanns, J. Salmann, L. Kunkel, M. Westphal, P. Schnicke, R. Engels, S. Aswani, T. Sefzick and M. Büscher
Polarized H_2, D_2 and HD molecules and their possible use to feed a polarized H_2^+, D_2^+ or HD^+ ion source for stripping injection into storage rings
PoS(PSTP2022)008 pdf R. Engels, R. Gebel, K. Grigoryev and Y. Valdau
Session 4
First Use of a Longitudinally Polarized Target with CLAS12
PoS(PSTP2022)009 pdf C. Keith, J. Brock, C. Carlin, T. Kageya, V. Lagerquist, J. Maxwell and P. Pandey
A High-Magnetic-Field Polarized 3He Target for JLab's CLAS12 Spectrometer
PoS(PSTP2022)010 pdf J. Maxwell, H. Avakian, J. Brock, C. Keith, X. Li, R. Milner and D. Nguyen
Session 5
Ce+BAF : Positron Beams at Jefferson Lab
PoS(PSTP2022)012 pdf
J. Grames, L. Cardman, S. Covrig, J. Benesch, M. Bruker, P. Ghoshal, S. Gopinath, J. Gubeli, S. Habet, C. Hernandez-Garcia, A. Hofler, R. Kazimi, F. Lin, S. Nagaitsev, M. Poelker, B. Rimmer, Y. Roblin, V. Lizarraga-Rubio, A. Seryi, M. Spata, A. Sy, D. Turner, A. Ushakov, C. Valerio-Lizarraga and E. Voutier
Polarization Measurements with Deep Learning Analysis of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
PoS(PSTP2022)014 pdf D. Seay, I. P. Fernando and D. Keller
Session 6
The Polarized Target SpinQuest Experiment at Fermilab
PoS(PSTP2022)015 pdf A. Conover, D. Keller and Z. Akbar
Reconstructing a Dilution Refrigerator for use in Low Energy Nuclear Experiments
PoS(PSTP2022)016 pdf M. Roberts, B. Norum, D. Crabb and D. Keller
A "cheap" VNA for polarization determination
PoS(PSTP2022)017 pdf G. Reicherz and F. Grimm
Session 7
Wien-filter spin rotator with integrated ion pump
PoS(PSTP2022)018 pdf G.P. Serrano, C. Hernández - García and M. Poelker
Rogowski Beam Position Monitor
PoS(PSTP2022)019 pdf R. Suvarna, A. Nass, F. Rathmann, H. Soltner and J. Pretz
A versatile bulk superconducting MgB$_2$ cylinder for polarized targets and nuclear fusion fuels
PoS(PSTP2022)020 pdf G. Ciullo, L. Barion, M. Contalbrigo, P. Lenisa, F. Spizzo, M. Statera, G. Tagliente and L. Del Bianco
Session 8
CryPTA2022, Status Report from this year's annual Meeting
PoS(PSTP2022)021 pdf H. Dutz
Session 9
Simulations of Beam Losses for the Prototype Electric Dipole Moment Storage Ring
PoS(PSTP2022)023 pdf S. Siddique, J. Pretz, A. Lehrach,  on behalf of the CPEDM Collaboration and  on behalf of the Jedi Collaboration
Optimization of spin-coherence time for electric dipole moment measurements
PoS(PSTP2022)024 pdf R. Shankar, P. Lenisa and A. Lehrach
Session 10
Status of precise measurements of electron-beam polarization changes during long term operation
PoS(PSTP2022)025 pdf J. Trieb, V. Tioukine and K. Aulenbacher
Kicker-magnet for the 5.0 MeV polarimeter at MESA
PoS(PSTP2022)026 pdf V. Tyukin, K. Aulenbacher and C. Matejcek
Design of a precise 5 MeV Mott polarimeter operating at high average current
PoS(PSTP2022)027 pdf R. Thapa, K. Aulenbacher and V. Tioukine
Session 11
Towards experiments with polarized beams and targets at the GSI/FAIR storage rings
PoS(PSTP2022)028 pdf
T. Stoehlker, P. Lenisa, A. Maiorova, A. Nass, J. Pretz, F. Rathmann, A. Bondarev, R. Engels, S. Fritzsche, R. Gebel, R. Grisenti, A. Gumberidze, V. Hejny, D. Gu, P.M. Hillenbrand, A. Kacharava, T. Krings, A. Lehrach, M. Lestinsky, Y.A. Litvinov, B. Lorentz, F. Maas, W. Middents, T. Over, P. Pfäfflein, N. Petridis, J. Ritman, S. Schippers, R. Schuch, M. Steck, U. Spillmann, A. Surzhykov, G. Webera and B.X. Zhu
Session 12
Polarization measurement of a pulsed 𝑯− / 𝑫− ion Beam with a Lamb-shift Polarimeter
PoS(PSTP2022)029 pdf S.J. Pütz, R. Engels, R. Gebel, K. Grigoryev and Y. Valdau
High-precision Møller Polarimetry at Jefferson Lab's Hall A
PoS(PSTP2022)030 pdf E. King
Tests of a polarimeter for laser-driven proton beams at the 45-MeV cyclotron JULIC
PoS(PSTP2022)031 pdf C. Zheng, R. Engels, C. Kannis, O. Felden, A. Lehrach and M. Büscher
Session 13
Development of polarized sources based on molecular photodissociation
PoS(PSTP2022)032 pdf C. Kannis, M. Büscher, R. Engels, A. Lehrach, M. Xygkis and T.P. Rakitzis
PoS(PSTP2022)033 pdf A. Zelenski, G. Atoian, E. Beebe, S. Ikeda, J. Maxwell, R. Milner, M. Okamura, A. Poblaguev, D. Raparia, S. Kondrashev, M. Musgrave, J. Ritter, A. Sukhanov, S. Trabocchi and T. Kanesue
HJET performance in RHIC Run 22
PoS(PSTP2022)034 pdf G. Atoian, A. Poblaguev and A. Zelenski
Session 14
The search for electric dipole moment of charged particles using storage rings
PoS(PSTP2022)035 pdf V. Shmakova and  on behalf of the Jedi Collaboration
Storage Cell Tests for the Polarized Target at LHCb
PoS(PSTP2022)036 pdf R. Engels, O. Bilen, K. Grigoryev and  on behalf of the LHCspin collaboration
The polarized deuteron target at COMPASS in 2022
PoS(PSTP2022)037 pdf N. Doshita, Y. Ito, T. Iwata, H. Kohri†, K. Kondo, Y. Miyachi, G. Nukazuka, Y. Takanashi, W. Meyer, G. Reicherz, M. Finger, M. Pešek, N. Horikawa, H. Suzuki, J. Koivuniemi, C. Pires, T. Matsuda, S. Levorato and T. Trilok
Proposed experimental study of wave-particle duality in $p,p$ scattering
PoS(PSTP2022)039 pdf R. Talman and N. Co-authors
Session 15
Current status of polarized La target development for T-violation search with slow neutron
PoS(PSTP2022)038 pdf I. Ide, M. Fujita, H. Hotta, M. Iinuma, Y. Ikeda, Y. Ito, T. Iwata, M. Kitaguchi, H. Kohri, D. Miura, Y. Miyachi, T. Okudaira, H.M. Shimizu, Y. Takanashi and M. Yosoi