PoS - Proceedings of Science

14th European VLBI Network Symposium & Users Meeting

EVN2018 - (other evn conferences)
8-11 October
Granada, Spain
published October 09, 2019

The 14th European VLBI Network (EVN) Symposium and Users Meeting (http://evnsymp2018.iaa.es) was hosted by the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía-CSIC (IAA-CSIC) in Granada (Spain) on behalf of the EVN Consortium Board of Directors. The meeting took place on October 8-11, 2018 at the main auditorium of the Parque de las Ciencias of Granada, Spain.

This biennial meeting is the main forum for discussion of the latest very long baseline interferometric scientific results and technical and technological developments within the EVN member countries. This makes the European VLBI Network an actively evolving consortium and adds the current capability to lead relevant state-of-the-art scientific and technological projects like those presented during the meeting.

At this 14th EVN Symposium there was also a chance for user input into the future Science Vision for the EVN.

Topics discussed include:
•    Powerful AGN science
•    Starburst galaxies, extragalactic masers, and supernovae
•    Stellar evolution and stellar masers
•    Transient sources and pulsars
•    Astrometric, geodetic & space applications
•    VLBI technology developments
•    Users feedback
•    Current and future VLBI facilities and international cooperation

Moreover, the meeting also focused on the role of EVN on:
•    Very-high sensitivity VLBI with SKA
•    Future multi-wavelength and multi-messenger astronomy including high angular-resolution astronomy at other wavelengths

The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 730562 [RadioNet]

Editorial Board

conference main image
Stellar Evolution Session 1
AGN Session 1
Fast Transients, Neutron Stars & Pulsars Session
Starbursts, Low Luminosity AGN and Surveys
AGN Session 2
Stellar Evolution Session 2
Multi-Messenger and Multi-Wavelength Session
AGN Session 3
Astrometry Session
AGN Session 4
Stellar Evolution Session 3
EHT and new VLBI Developments
High Sensitivity VLBI with SKA and other VLBI Arrays
EVN Symposium 2018 Summary
Posters about AGN
Posters about Starburst galaxies, extragalactic masers, and supernovae
Posters about Stellar Evolution and stellar masers
Posters about Transient sources and pulsars
Posters about Astrometric, geodetic, and space applications
Posters about VLBI technology
Posters about VLBI arrays
Posters about Synergies between VLBI and high-resolution IR/optical interferometry
Posters about VLBI and Multi-Messenger Astronomy
Posters about Other Topics
Stellar Evolution Session 1
Studies of stellar evolution using masers
PoS(EVN2018)001 pdf A. Bartkiewicz
Revealing magnetic fields towards massive protostars: a multi-wavelength approach using masers and dust
PoS(EVN2018)002 file missing D. Dall'Olio
Magnetic field measurements around massive young stellar objects with the EVN.
PoS(EVN2018)003 pdf G. Surcis, W.H.T. Vlemmings and H.J. van Langevelde
KaVA Large Proposal for High-Mass Star-Formation Studies with Multiple Masers
PoS(EVN2018)004 pdf T. Hirota and K.T. Kim
High-mass star formation expored with maser VLBI & thermal (ALMA, JVLA) observations
PoS(EVN2018)005 pdf L. Moscadelli
AGN Session 1
The sharpest view of blazar jets through space and mm-VLBI observations
PoS(EVN2018)006 file missing J.L. Gómez
Does Cygnus A harbor a binary super-massive black hole?
PoS(EVN2018)007 pdf U. Bach, B. Boccardi, T. Krichbaum and A. Lobanov
Moving cores in MOJAVE sample
PoS(EVN2018)008 file missing M. Lisakov
RadioAstron survey completed: AGN cores at unprecedented angular resolution
PoS(EVN2018)009 file missing Y.Y. Kovalev
Zooming in the jet formation site in AGN with RadioAstron
PoS(EVN2018)010 file missing T. Savolainen
Radioastron observations of the jet launch region in 3C84
PoS(EVN2018)011 file missing G. Giovannini
Innermost region of the blazar S5 0716714 from RadioAsron polarimetric observations at 22 GHz
PoS(EVN2018)012 file missing E. Kravchenko
Fast Transients, Neutron Stars & Pulsars Session
Localizations of Fast Radio Bursts on milliarcsecond scales
PoS(EVN2018)013 pdf B. Marcote and Z. Paragi
Recent VLBI Results on SN 1986J and the Possibility of FRBs Originating from Inside the Expanding Ejecta of Supernovae
PoS(EVN2018)014 pdf M. Bietenholz and N. Bartel
Unravelling pulsar scattering through VLBI
PoS(EVN2018)015 file missing D. Simard
Observing pulsars with ALMA: an unprecedented opportunity to explore the millimetre wavelength regime of pulsar emission
PoS(EVN2018)016 file missing P. Torné
Imaging pulsar echoes at low frequencies
PoS(EVN2018)017 pdf attachments O. Wucknitz
Pulsar scintillometry on the Vela pulsar with the LBA
PoS(EVN2018)018 file missing F. Kirsten
Starbursts, Low Luminosity AGN and Surveys
Continuum Observations of Starburst Galaxies
PoS(EVN2018)020 file missing J.E. Conway
star-formation and accretion in the local Universe - LeMMING's an e-MERLIN survey
PoS(EVN2018)021 file missing R.J. Beswick
EVN imaging of the obscured nuclei of the LIRGI galaxies
PoS(EVN2018)022 file missing N. Ramírez-Olivencia
Searching for intermediate-mass black holes in NGC3310
PoS(EVN2018)023 pdf M. Argo, J. Coppola, M. Mezcua, H. Earnshaw and T. Roberts
Studying galaxy evolution through cosmic time via the μJy radio population: early results from eMERGE
PoS(EVN2018)024 pdf A. Thomson, T.W.B. Muxlow, I. Smail, I. McHardy, R.J. Beswick, J. Radcliffe, N. Wrigley and  on behalf of the eMERGE consortium
Extragalactic wide-field surveys using the European VLBI Network
PoS(EVN2018)025 file missing P. Barthel
SETI searches with the EVN
PoS(EVN2018)026 file missing M.A. Garrett
AGN Session 2
Extreme physics at extreme baselines
PoS(EVN2018)027 file missing A. Lobanov
Polarimetric millimeter VLBI observations of 3C 84
PoS(EVN2018)028 file missing J.Y. Kim
VLBI and the faint radio AGN population
PoS(EVN2018)030 file missing N. Herrera Ruiz
Three little radio galaxies in the early Universe
PoS(EVN2018)031 pdf K.É. Gabányi, S. Frey, Z. Paragi, H. Cao, T. An, L. Gurvits, T. Sbarrato, K. Perger, K. Rozgonyi and G. Mező
Multi-frequency studies of the jet in the high-redshift quasar S5 0836710
PoS(EVN2018)032 file missing L. Vega García
ravitational lensing at milliarcsecond angular resolution with VLBI observations
PoS(EVN2018)033 pdf C. Spingola, J.P. Mckean, A. Deller and J. Moldon
Insights into galaxy evolution with strong gravitational lensing
PoS(EVN2018)034 file missing H. Stacey
Stellar Evolution Session 2
Multiepoch observation of periodic methanol maser in G107.298+5.639
PoS(EVN2018)035 pdf M. Olech, M. Szymczak, P. Wolak and A. Bartkiewicz
Astrometry of star-forming regions in the Sagittarius spiral arm
PoS(EVN2018)036 pdf K. Rygl, Y. Wu, M.J. Reid, A. Brunthaler and K.M. Menten
NGC6334I - Tracing the Gas Motion During A Contemporaneous Maser Flare Event
PoS(EVN2018)038 pdf J.O. Chibueze, T. Hirota, T. Hunter, G. MacLeod, C.L. Brogan and R. van Rooyen
Measuring Magnetic Fields from Water Masers Associated with the Synchrotron Protostellar Jet in W3(H2O)
PoS(EVN2018)039 pdf C. Goddi, G. Surcis and L. Moscadelli
COBRaS: The e-MERLIN 21cm Legacy Survey of Cygnus OB2
PoS(EVN2018)040 file missing D. Fenech
Investigating Black hole formation using VLBI
PoS(EVN2018)041 file missing P. Atri
Multi-Messenger and Multi-Wavelength Session
Multi messenger astronomy
PoS(EVN2018)042 file missing M. Branchesi
The Synergy between VLBI and Gaia astrometry
PoS(EVN2018)043 pdf H.J. van Langevelde, L.H. Quiroga-Nuñez, W.H.T. Vlemmings, L. Loinard, M. Honma, A. Nakagawa, K. Immer, R.A. Burns, Y. Pihlstrom, L. Sjouwerman, I. Natarajan, R.M. Rich and R. Deane
The global EVN view of the radio counterpart of GW170817
PoS(EVN2018)044 pdf G. Ghirlanda
A dust-enshrouded tidal disruption event with a resolved radio jet in a galaxy merger
PoS(EVN2018)045 file missing M. Perez-Torres
Synergies between VLBI and high-resolution IR/optical interferometry
PoS(EVN2018)046 file missing J.C. Guirado
Synergies between CTA and VLBI
PoS(EVN2018)047 pdf M. Orienti and  on behalf of the CTA Consortium
AGN Session 3
Evolution of AGN jets from multiepoch core-shift studies
PoS(EVN2018)048 file missing A. Plavin
Exploring the non-linear motion of the parsec-scale jet of FSRQ 1633+382
PoS(EVN2018)049 pdf H. Ro, B.W. Sohn, A. Chung and T. Krichbaum
Gamma-ray emission in radio galaxies under the VLBI scope
PoS(EVN2018)050 file missing R. Angioni
Resolving the Radio-Loudest Quasar known to date at z~6
PoS(EVN2018)051 file missing E. Momjian
Asymmetric jet production in NGC1052
PoS(EVN2018)052 file missing A.K. Baczko
Substantial winds from the accreting supermassive black hole in M87 revealed by Faraday rotation observations
PoS(EVN2018)053 file missing J. Park
Astrometry Session
(Ultra) Precise Astrometry today and tomorrow, with Next-generation Observatories
PoS(EVN2018)054 pdf M. Rioja and R. Dodson
Where are you, Scutum? Tracking down a spiral arm with maser astrometry
PoS(EVN2018)055 pdf K. Immer, J. Li, L.H. Quiroga-Nuñez, M.J. Reid, B. Zhang and L. Moscadelli
Linking VLBI astrometric measurements of extragalactic radio-sources to astrophysical phenomena
PoS(EVN2018)056 pdf C. Gattano and P. Charlot
Einstein Equivalence Principle test with RadioAstron: preliminary results
PoS(EVN2018)057 file missing D. Litvinov
Tying multiple Radio Wavelength Celestial Frames to the Gaia Optical Frame
PoS(EVN2018)058 file missing C. Jacobs
Progress update of the VGOS radio telescope at Metsähovi Geodetic Research Station
PoS(EVN2018)059 pdf G. Molera Calvés
VLBI and Doppler tracking of spacecraft for planetary atmospheric studies
PoS(EVN2018)060 pdf T. Bocanegra Bahamon, L. Gurvits, G. Molera Calvés, G. Cimò, D. Duev and S. Pogrebenko
AGN Session 4
What the iMOGABA tells us about Gamma-ray bright AGNs
PoS(EVN2018)061 file missing S.S. Lee
Toroidal magnetic fields and associated currents in AGN jets on kiloparsec scales
PoS(EVN2018)062 pdf S. Knuettel and D. Gabuzda
Double nuclear structure discovered in 3C84
PoS(EVN2018)063 file missing J. Oh
Radio structures in radio-quiet quasars with extremely powerful X-ray outflows
PoS(EVN2018)064 file missing J. Yang
Global Millimeter VLBI Array Survey of Ultracompact Extragalactic Radio Sources at 86 GHz
PoS(EVN2018)065 file missing D. Gopalakrishnan Nair
Parameter study of a semi-analytical relativistic MHD jet model in comparison with recent VLBI observations
PoS(EVN2018)066 file missing C. Ceccobello
Use of VLBI/Gaia position offsets for AGN physics
PoS(EVN2018)067 file missing L. Petrov
Expanding VLBI in East Asia and AGN science
PoS(EVN2018)068 pdf K. Hada, B.W. Sohn, M. Kino, G. Giovannini and  and the EAVN AGN Science Working Group
Stellar Evolution Session 3
Jets from massive protostars: clues on their role in the formation process from masers and high resolution radio / NIR imaging
PoS(EVN2018)069 pdf F. Bacciotti, F. Massi, L. Moscadelli, C. Arcidiacono, A. Sanna and C. Goddi
Detailed SiO proper motion analysis: slow net expansion and a small correlation with the magnetic field
PoS(EVN2018)070 pdf K. Assaf, B. Cotton, P. Diamond, M.D. Gray, S. Etoka, L. Humphreys, A. Richards and M. Wittkowski
Studies of galactic masers in RadioAstron space VLBI mission
PoS(EVN2018)071 file missing A. Sobolev
3D Models of Maser Flares
PoS(EVN2018)073 pdf M.D. Gray
Resolving discrepancy in the pPN OH 231.8+4.2
PoS(EVN2018)074 pdf J.F. Desmurs, J. Alcolea, M. Lindqvist, V. Bujarrabal, R. Soria-Ruiz and P. de Vicente
Multi-epoch VLBI of a double maser super burst
PoS(EVN2018)075 pdf
R.A. Burns, O. Bayandina, G. Orosz, M. Olech, K. Immer, J. Blanchard, B. Marcote, H.J. van Langevelde, T. Hirota, K.T. Kim, I. Val‘tts, N. Shakhvorostova, G. Rudnitskii, A. Volvach, L. Volvach, G. MacLeod, J. O. Chibueze, G. Surcis, B. Kramer, W. Baan, C.L. Brogan, T. Hunter and S. Kurtz
Radio emission in ultracool dwarfs
PoS(EVN2018)076 pdf J.B. Climent Oliver, J.C. Guirado, R. Azulay, B. Gauza, M.Á. Pérez Torres, R. Rebolo, M.R. Zapatero Osorio, J.M. Marcaide and I. Marti-Vidal
EHT and new VLBI Developments
Imaging Black Holes
PoS(EVN2018)077 file missing H. Falcke
Probabilistic fringe-fitting and source model comparison
PoS(EVN2018)078 file missing I. Natarajan
CASA on the fringe
PoS(EVN2018)079 pdf I. van Bemmel, D. Small, M. Kettenis, A. Szomoru, G. Moellenbrock and M. Janssen
RPICARD: A CASA-based Calibration Pipeline for VLBI Data
PoS(EVN2018)080 pdf M. Janssen, C. Goddi, H. Falcke, D. van Rossum, I. van Bemmel, M. Kettenis, D. Small and I. Marti-Vidal
BRAND - the next generation receiver for VLBI
PoS(EVN2018)081 pdf W. Alef, G. Tuccari, S. Dornbusch, M. Wunderlich, M. Pantaleev, J. Flygare, F. Tercero, G. Schoonderbeek, J. Hargreaves, R. de Wild, V. Bezrukovs, J.D. Gallego and J.A. López-Pérez
A development of compact triple band receiver for millimeter-wave radio astronomy
PoS(EVN2018)082 file missing S.T. Han
Comparing remote atomic clocks via VLBI networks and fiber optic links: the LIFT/MetGeSp perspective
PoS(EVN2018)083 pdf R. Ricci, M. Negusini, F. Perini, C. Bortolotti, M. Roma, R. Ambrosini, G. Maccaferri, M. Stagni, M. Nanni, E. Kravchenko, D. Calonico, C. Clivati, A. Tampellini, F. Levi, A. Mura, G. Bianco, M. Siciliani de Cumis and L. Santamaria Amato
High Sensitivity VLBI with SKA and other VLBI Arrays
High sensitivity VLBI with SKA
PoS(EVN2018)084 pdf C. Garcia-Miro, A. Chrysostomou, Z. Paragi and I. van Bemmel
SKA-VLBI Key Science Programmes
PoS(EVN2018)085 pdf Z. Paragi, A. Chrysostomou and C. Garcia-Miro
Investigations on MultiView VLBI for SKA
PoS(EVN2018)086 pdf R. Dodson and M. Rioja
Activities of VERA and East Asian VLBI network
PoS(EVN2018)087 file missing H. Kobayashi
Status of the Very Long Baseline Array
PoS(EVN2018)088 file missing W. Brisken
EVN Symposium 2018 Summary
EVN Symposium 2018 Summary
PoS(EVN2018)089 file missing T. Venturi
Posters about AGN
Origin and Evolution of the Multi–band Variability in the Flat Spectrum Radio Source 4C 38.41
PoS(EVN2018)090 pdf J.C. Algaba, S.S. Lee, B. Rani, D.W. Kim, M. Kino, J.A. Hodgson, G.Y. Zhao, D.Y. Byun, M.A. Gurwell, S.C. Kang, J.Y. Kim, J.S. Kim, S.W. Kim, J.H. Park, S. Trippe and K. Wajima
Resolving the Innermost Geometry of Relativistic Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(EVN2018)091 pdf J.C. Algaba, M. Nakamura, K. Asada and S.S. Lee
AGN intra-day and inter-day variability studies with VIRAC radio telescopes
PoS(EVN2018)092 pdf V. Bezrukovs, A. Sukharev, M. Ryabov, A. Orbidans and M. Bleiders
Towards a determination of $H_0$ in JVAS B1030+074: a detection of the VLBI jet in both images
PoS(EVN2018)093 pdf A. Biggs
Delving Deeper into Blazar Cores with 3mm GMVA Polarimetric Observations
PoS(EVN2018)094 file missing C. Casadio
Measuring the Core Shift of Sgr A*
PoS(EVN2018)095 file missing I. Cho
EAVN observations along with EHT for M87 in 2017
PoS(EVN2018)096 pdf Y. Cui, K. Hada, M. Honma, M. Kino, H. Ro, J. Park, M. Nakamura and  on behalf of the EAVN AGN Science Working Group
VLBI monitoring of two distant quasars as a showcase for 'EVN Lite'
PoS(EVN2018)097 pdf S. Frey, O. Titov, A. Melnikov, P. de Vicente and F. Shu
The rise and fall of a binary AGN candidate: the story of PSO J334.2028+1.4075
PoS(EVN2018)098 pdf P. Benke, S. Frey, K.É. Gabányi, L. Gurvits, Z. Paragi, T. An, E. Kun, P. Mohan, D. Cseh and G. Mező
Total and linearly polarized synchrotron emission from overpressured magnetized relativistic jets
PoS(EVN2018)099 file missing A. Fuentes Fernández
High-resolution radio imaging of the gamma-ray blazar candidate J1331+2932
PoS(EVN2018)100 pdf A. Gemes, K.É. Gabányi, S. Frey, T. An, Z. Paragi and A. Moor
First Results of 1.4–5.0 GHz VLBA observations of the MOJAVE–II AGNs
PoS(EVN2018)101 pdf D. Gabuzda, S. Knuettel, F. Richardson, J. Kyprianou and M. Spillane
3C 84 and a solution to the "Doppler crisis"?
PoS(EVN2018)102 file missing J.A. Hodgson
Investigating dark matter properties with flux-ratio anomalies in radio-loud strongly lensed quasars
PoS(EVN2018)103 file missing J.W. Hsueh
MASK: Multi-frequency AGN Survey with the KVN
PoS(EVN2018)104 file missing T. Jung
Probing the Faraday screen in the nuclear region of 3C84
PoS(EVN2018)105 file missing M. Kam
Interferometric Monitoring of Gamma-ray Bright AGNs: J1159+2914
PoS(EVN2018)106 pdf S. Kang, S.S. Lee, D.Y. Byun, J.A. Hodgson and J.W. Lee
Exploring the Nature of the 2016 γ-ray Emission in the Blazar 1749096
PoS(EVN2018)107 file missing D. Kim
Linking radio variability and kinematics in the extragalactic jets.
PoS(EVN2018)108 file missing A. Kutkin
Radio and gamma-ray variability of S5 0716714
PoS(EVN2018)109 file missing J.W. Lee
Solving the puzzling kinematics of flat spectrum radio quasar 1928738
PoS(EVN2018)110 file missing K. Lee
Jet Kinematics of the Quasar 4C 21.35 from KaVA Observations
PoS(EVN2018)111 file missing T. Lee
Interstellar Scintillation Monitoring of the RadioAstron Blazars
PoS(EVN2018)112 pdf J. Liu, T. Krichbaum, H.E. Bignall, X. Liu, A. Kraus, Y.Y. Kovalev, K. Sokolovsky, G. Cimò and A. Zensus
From Electrons to Janskys: Synthetic Imaging of 3D Relativistic Jet Simulations
PoS(EVN2018)113 file missing N. MacDonald
High-resolution study of the inner jet of M87 at 8 and 15 GHz
PoS(EVN2018)114 file missing A. Nikonov
Inferring parameters of AGN jets using Bayesian analysis of VLBI data with inhomogeneous jet model
PoS(EVN2018)115 file missing I. Pashchenko
Bias of core shift effect measurement in the blazars jets
PoS(EVN2018)116 file missing I. Pashchenko
Relation between continuum radio spectra and parsec-scale properties of extragalactic radio sources
PoS(EVN2018)117 file missing A. Popkov
RadioAstron observations of 3C 345
PoS(EVN2018)118 pdf F. Poetzl, A. Lobanov, E. Ros, J.L. Gómez, G. Bruni, Y.Y. Kovalev and  on behalf of the RadioAstron AGN Polarization Key Science Program
Multi-frequency study of the gamma-ray flaring BL Lac object 2233-148 in 2009-2012
PoS(EVN2018)119 file missing A. Pushkarev
EATING VLBI and KVN-Yebes observations of AGN jets
PoS(EVN2018)120 pdf
B.W. Sohn, G. Giovannini, M. Giroletti, M. Kino, K. Hada, H. Ro, J. Kim, S. Koyama, M. Orienti, M. Honma, H. Nagai, T. Oyama, R. Lico, S. Oh, G. Zhao, P. Cassaro, A. Orfei, M. Stagni, T. Jung, P. Vincente, M. Rioja and R. Dodson
Tracing the peculiar jet kinematics of 3C 454.3
PoS(EVN2018)121 pdf T. Traianou, T. Krichbaum, S.G. Jorstad, A. Marscher, C. Casadio, J.Y. Kim, V.M. Patiño Álvarez, I. Agudo and A. Zensus
Frequency-dependent core shift in ultracompact quasars
PoS(EVN2018)122 file missing P. Voytsik
Sgr A* observations with KaVA and EAVN
PoS(EVN2018)123 file missing G.Y. Zhao
Posters about Starburst galaxies, extragalactic masers, and supernovae
Milliarcsecond monitoring of supernova remnants in M82
PoS(EVN2018)124 file missing D. Fenech
Posters about Stellar Evolution and stellar masers
OH EGOs: Hydroxyl masers in Extended Green Objects
PoS(EVN2018)125 pdf D. Quinatoa, R.A. Burns, K. Immer, O. Bayandina and M. Olech
Simultaneous Monitoring Observations of Evolved Stars Using KVN 4 Bands II.
PoS(EVN2018)126 file missing S.H. Cho
6668-MHz Methanol maser exploration of the W51 SFR complex beyond W51 main
PoS(EVN2018)127 pdf S. Etoka, M.D. Gray and G. Fuller
COBRaS: The e-MERLIN 21cm Legacy Survey of Cygnus OB2
PoS(EVN2018)128 file missing D. Fenech
Methanol maser polarization toward a massive star forming region, G10.34-0.14, using the KVN and the ALMA telescopes
PoS(EVN2018)129 file missing J.h. Kang
KVN Surveys of Water and Class I Methanol Masers toward High-mass YSOs
PoS(EVN2018)130 file missing K.T. Kim
First interferometric observations in Irbene - Torun baseline conducted by VIRAC
PoS(EVN2018)131 pdf V. Bezrukovs, J. Steinbergs, I. Shmeld, A. Aberfelds, M. Bleiders, A. Orbidans, K. Skirmante, M. Gawronski and R. Feiler
Simultaneous VLBI monitoring observations of H2O and SiO masers toward VX Sagittarii
PoS(EVN2018)132 file missing D.H. Yoon
Posters about Transient sources and pulsars
The geometric distance and binary orbit of PSR B1259-63
PoS(EVN2018)133 file missing J. Moldon
Interstellar scintillation observations for PSR B035554
PoS(EVN2018)134 file missing Y. Xu
Posters about Astrometric, geodetic, and space applications
Multi-epoch VLBI images to study the ICRF-3 Defining Sources in the Southern Hemisphere
PoS(EVN2018)135 pdf S. Basu, A. de Witt, J. Quick and Z. Malkin
ICRF3, the new realization of the International Celestial Reference Frame
PoS(EVN2018)136 file missing P. Charlot
The X/Ka-band 2018b Celestial Reference Frame
PoS(EVN2018)137 pdf C. Garcia-Miro, C.S. Jacobs, J.E. Clark, L.A. White, S. Horiuchi, L.G. Snedeker, I. Sotuela, M. Mercolino, B. Garcia and M. Colazo
RASFX and DiFX: The Comparison of Geodetic VLBI Processing Results
PoS(EVN2018)138 pdf V. Ken and A. Melnikov
Study of ICME by spacecraft radio signals
PoS(EVN2018)139 pdf G. Molera Calvés, E. Kallio, G. Cimò and T. Bocanegra-Bahamón
Posters about VLBI technology
DBBC3 the new wide-band backend for VLBI
PoS(EVN2018)140 pdf G. Tuccari, W. Alef, S. Dornbusch, M. Wunderlich}, A. Roy, H. Rottmann, J. Wagner, R. Haas and K.Å.L. Johansson
The Current Status and Wideband Upgrades of the KVN
PoS(EVN2018)141 file missing D.Y. Byun
Analysis of VLBI Interferometer Characteristics Using Zero-baseline Lab Prototype and RASFX Correlator
PoS(EVN2018)142 pdf V. Ken, Y.V. Vekshin, V. Chernov, A. Evstigneev, E. Khvostov and M.B. Zotov
The Power of Simultaneous Multi-frequency Observations for mm-VLBI: Beyond Frequency Phase Transfer
PoS(EVN2018)143 file missing G.Y. Zhao
Posters about VLBI arrays
(JUMPING) JIVE: Recent Developments
PoS(EVN2018)144 file missing G. Cimò
Exploring Sub-Array Strategies for MeerKAT-VLBI
PoS(EVN2018)145 pdf N.S. Qwabe and R. Deane
New Zealands Continued VLBI Development
PoS(EVN2018)146 file missing S. Weston
Dwingeloo Telescope has Fringes (Again)
PoS(EVN2018)156 pdf P. Boven, C. van Tour, J. Koelemeij, R. Smets and A. Szomoru
Posters about Synergies between VLBI and high-resolution IR/optical interferometry
High-precision VLBI astrometry of radio stars
PoS(EVN2018)147 file missing W. Chen
Posters about VLBI and Multi-Messenger Astronomy
ASTERICS and the challenges of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
PoS(EVN2018)148 file missing G. Cimò
Posters about Other Topics
A new IAU Working Group for communicating radio astronomy
PoS(EVN2018)149 file missing M. Argo
Bursting H2O maser source G25.65+1.05: from single-dish to space VLBI
PoS(EVN2018)150 pdf O. Bayandina, A.V. Alakoz, R.A. Burns, S.E. Kurtz, E.E. Lekht, G.M. Rudnitskii, N.N. Shakhvorostova, M.A. Shurov, I.E. Val'tts, L.N. Volvach, A.E. Volvach and  on behalf of the Maser Monitoring Organization (M2O)
M2O-VLBI: The VLBI branch of the Maser Monitoring Organisation
PoS(EVN2018)151 file missing R.A. Burns
The new e-MERLIN CASA pipeline
PoS(EVN2018)152 file missing J. Moldon
The Role of the EVN in our Understanding of High-redshift Star-formation Activity and Low-Luminosity AGN Systems through Integrated Imaging across Wide Spatial Scales
PoS(EVN2018)153 file missing T. Muxlow
Ultra-compact structures in galactic masers observed in the Radioastron project.
PoS(EVN2018)154 pdf N. Shakhvorostova, A.M. Sobolev, A.V. Alakoz, J.M. Moran, H. Imai and V.Y. Avdeev
Physical parameters of the near-Earth asteroids from radar observations
PoS(EVN2018)155 pdf Y. Bondarenko, D. Marshalov, Y. Medvedev, D. Vavilov, M. Zotov and A. Mikhailov