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Panoramic Radio Astronomy: Wide-field 1-2 GHz research on galaxy evolution

June 2-5 2009
Groningen, the Netherlands
published January 27, 2010

In a burst of renewed vigor enabled by recent technological advancements, radio astronomers around the world are now developing a number of new telescopes and instruments. Within the coming few years, a major improvement will be achieved over current facilities. Interferometers such as ASKAP, MeerKAT and WSRT+APERTIF will provide a combination of larger field of view and increased simultaneous bandwidth, while maintaining good collecting area and angular resolution. They will achieve a survey speed 10-50 times larger at 1-2 GHz than what is currently possible, allowing for the first time optical-like all-sky extragalactic surveys at these frequencies. The way that radio astronomical research is carried out will change profoundly, marking a major step towards the capabilities sought after for the coming decades.

Significant progress will be made in many fields of radio astronomy. One of the areas that will benefit most is research into the evolution of galaxies over the past few Gyr. In particular, wide-field observations at 1-2 GHz will provide an unprecedented panoramic view of the gas properties and star formation in galaxies, embedded in their environment, from z~0.2-0.5 to the present. We aim to bring together researchers in this field to discuss the optimal exploitation of the new radio observatories for future science programs. Within the framework of our current knowledge of the galaxy population at z<0.5, we will address: the key science questions that the new telescopes will permit us to answer in combination with complimentary work at other wavelengths; the observing/analysis modes/strategies which will allow us to most efficiently exploit the data; and the techniques for most effectively coping with the huge volume of survey products, so far unusual for the radio community. In keeping with the forward-looking spirit of this conference, we encourage potential speakers to present and discuss their plans for the instruments of the near future.

The key points that the conference will address are:

Editors in charge: G. Heald and P. Serra
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Session 1: New telescope facilities
Session 2: HI Surveys
Session 3: Posters
Session 4: Continuum surveys
Session 5: Data characterization
Session 6: Magnetic Fields and Cosmic Rays
Session 7: Environment, Clusters, and Voids
Session 8: Looking forward
Session 9: OH
Session 10: Complementary single-dish work
Session 11: The multi-wavelength picture
Session 12: Conference summary
Panoramic Radio Astronomy
PoS(PRA2009)001 pdf G. Heald and P. Serra
Session 1: New telescope facilities
Panoramic Surveys of the Radio Sky with the Australian SKA Pathfinder
PoS(PRA2009)002 pdf I. Feain, S. Johnston and R. Braun
The EVLA: Progress and Prospects
PoS(PRA2009)003 file missing M. Rupen
The MeerKAT SKA precursor telescope
PoS(PRA2009)004 file missing J. Jonas
The Allen Telescope Array: The First Widefield, Panchromatic, Snapshot Radio Camera
PoS(PRA2009)005 pdf
J. van Leeuwen, L. Blitz, D. Bock, D. Backer, A. Bauermeister, G.C. Bower, C. Cheng, S.D. Croft, M. Dexter, G. Engargiola, E. Fields, R. Forster, C. Gutierrez-Kraybill, C. Heiles, T. Helfer, S. Jorgensen, G. Keating, C. Law, J. Lugten, D. MacMahon, O. Milgrome, D. Thornton, L. Urry, J. Welch, D. Werthimer, P. Williams, M. Wright, R. Ackermann, S. Atkinson, P. Backus, W. Barott, T. Bradford, M. Davis, D. DeBoer, J. Dreher, G. Harp, J. Jordan, T. Kilsdonk, T. Pierson, K. Randall, J. Ross, S. Shostak and J. Tarter
The latest on Apertif
PoS(PRA2009)006 pdf T. Oosterloo, W. van Cappellen, M.A.W. Verheijen, L. Bakker, G. Heald and M. Ivashina
Session 2: HI Surveys
HI Science with MeerKAT
PoS(PRA2009)007 pdf W.J.G. de Blok, R. Booth and B. Frank
NIBLES: an HI census of SDSS galaxies in the Local Volume
PoS(PRA2009)008 pdf W. Van Driel, S. Schneider, M. Lehnert, S. Blyth, A. Bouchard, K.J. van der Heyden, W.J.G. de Blok, R.C. Kraan-Korteweg and M. Ramatsoku
Neutral Hydrogen in Galaxies from Low to High Redshift
PoS(PRA2009)009 pdf S. Blyth, A. Bouchard, K.J. van der Heyden, W.J.G. de Blok, R.C. Kraan-Korteweg, M. Ramatsoku and W. Van Driel
HI Surveys with APERTIF
PoS(PRA2009)010 pdf M.A.W. Verheijen, T. Oosterloo, G. Heald and W. van Cappellen
Blind Wide Area Surveys: Where will we find redshifted atomic and molecular absorption?
PoS(PRA2009)011 pdf S. Curran, M. Whiting and J. Webb
21cm absorbers at low and intermediate redshifts
PoS(PRA2009)012 pdf N. Gupta, R. Srianand, D.J. Saikia, P. Noterdaeme and P. Petitjean
The future of the HI mass function
PoS(PRA2009)013 file missing M. Zwaan
A Widefield ASKAP L-band Legacy All-Sky Blind Survey
PoS(PRA2009)014 file missing L. Staveley-Smith
Exploring the HI Universe with ASKAP
PoS(PRA2009)015 pdf M. Meyer
HI in radio galaxies
PoS(PRA2009)016 pdf B. Emonts, R. Morganti and C. Struve
Evolution of Neutral Gas in Galaxies over Cosmic Time with SKA pathfinder instruments
PoS(PRA2009)017 pdf K. van der Heyden, A. Bouchard, B. Holwerda, S. Blyth and W.J.G. de Blok
Session 3: Posters
Preparing old and recent radio source tables for the VO age: Current status
PoS(PRA2009)018 pdf H. Andernach
Low-column density gas in the halo of the Milky Way
PoS(PRA2009)019 pdf N. Ben Bekhti, P. Richter and M.T. Murphy
Detection of Submillimetre Galaxies in the Lockman Hole using the European VLBI Network
PoS(PRA2009)020 pdf A. Biggs, J.D. Younger and R. Ivison
Deep wide field HI imaging of M31
PoS(PRA2009)021 pdf L. Chemin, C. Carignan and T. Foster
Deep, wide-field global VLBI observations of the HDF-N and HFF
PoS(PRA2009)022 file missing S. Chi
Properties and short-time evolution of nearby galaxies
PoS(PRA2009)023 pdf A. Chuprikov and I. Guirin
Westerbork ultra-deep HI imaging of galaxy clusters at z=0.2
PoS(PRA2009)024 pdf B. Deshev, M.A.W. Verheijen, J.H. van Gorkom, A. Szomoru, K. Dwarakanath, B. Poggianti, D. Schiminovich, A. Chung, M.S. Yun and G. Morrison
Synthetic Observations of the HI Line in SPH-Simulated Spiral Galaxies
PoS(PRA2009)025 pdf K. Douglas, D. Acreman, C. Dobbs and C. Brunt
A panoramic view of the Milky Way HI gas
PoS(PRA2009)026 pdf attachments P. Kalberla, N.M. McClure-Griffiths and J. Kerp
Properties of the extremely HI-massive galaxy HIZOA J0836-43
PoS(PRA2009)027 pdf R.C. Kraan-Korteweg, M.E. Cluver, T.H. Jarrett and P.A. Woudt
The ATLAS Survey of the CDFS and ELAIS-S1 Fields
PoS(PRA2009)028 pdf E. Lenc, R.P. Norris, C.A. Hales, K. Randall, A. Hopkins, R. Sharp, M. Huynh, M. Mao and E. Middelberg
The Far-Infrared Radio Correlation at High-z: Prospects for the SKA
PoS(PRA2009)029 pdf E. Murphy
Star formation and dust obscuration at z ~ 2: galaxies at the dawn of downsizing
PoS(PRA2009)030 pdf M. Pannella
The Ophiuchus Superbubble: Disk-Halo Interaction at Work
PoS(PRA2009)031 file missing Y. Pidopryhora, F.J. Lockman, M. Rupen and J. Shields
MeerKAT Configuration Studies
PoS(PRA2009)032 pdf A. Schroeder
Session 4: Continuum surveys
Overcoming the challenges of wide deep continuum surveys
PoS(PRA2009)033 pdf R.P. Norris
The E-FIRST Survey, What Comes Next
PoS(PRA2009)034 file missing R. Becker
Tracing High Redshift Starformation in the Current and Next Generation of Radio Surveys
PoS(PRA2009)035 pdf N. Seymour
The AGN component in radio deep fields: the First Look Survey
PoS(PRA2009)036 pdf I. Prandoni, R. Morganti and A. Mignano
OH MM activity and the ULIRG - SMG source population
PoS(PRA2009)037 pdf W. Baan and H.R. Kloeckner
Deep multi-frequency radio imaging in the Lockman Hole using the GMRT and VLA
PoS(PRA2009)038 pdf E.J. Ibar
The deep Swire VLA field: faint radio populations
PoS(PRA2009)039 pdf V. Strazzullo, M. Pannella and F.N. Owen
Continuum Surveys with LOFAR
PoS(PRA2009)040 pdf R. Morganti
Session 5: Data characterization
Parametrising spatially resolved H I disks
PoS(PRA2009)041 pdf G. Jozsa
HI Disks in the high-redshift Universe; Size and Quantified Morphology
PoS(PRA2009)042 pdf B. Holwerda, W.J.G. de Blok, A. Bouchard, S. Blyth, K. van der Heyden and N. Pirzkal
Data reduction strategy of the Effelsberg-Bonn HI Survey (EBHIS)
PoS(PRA2009)043 pdf B. Winkel, J. Kerp and P. Kalberla
Wide-field VLBI observations of 96 radio sources in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South
PoS(PRA2009)044 file missing E. Middelberg
Session 6: Magnetic Fields and Cosmic Rays
Evolution of magnetic fields in galaxies
PoS(PRA2009)045 pdf J. Stil
Magnetic fields in nearby galaxies: Prospects with future radio telescopes
PoS(PRA2009)046 pdf R. Beck
Magnetic fields in nearby galaxies
PoS(PRA2009)047 pdf G. Heald and R. Braun
Cosmological evolution of magnetic fields in galaxies: future tests with the SKA
PoS(PRA2009)048 pdf T. Arshakian, R. Beck, M. Krause, D. Sokoloff and R. Stepanov
Radio spectral index images of the spiral galaxies NGC 0628, NGC 3627, and NGC 7331
PoS(PRA2009)049 pdf R. Paladino
Session 7: Environment, Clusters, and Voids
Gas accretion onto galaxies: models vs past and future observations
PoS(PRA2009)050 pdf F. Fraternali
Our changing view of the blue compact dwarf NGC 2915
PoS(PRA2009)051 pdf E. Elson, W.J.G. de Blok and R.C. Kraan-Korteweg
The Environmental Impact on Galaxy Evolution: Highlighting the Structure of the Local Cosmic Web
PoS(PRA2009)053 pdf A. Bouchard, S. Blyth, W.J.G. de Blok, B. Holwerda and K. van der Heyden
The relationship between gas and star-formation in galaxies over cosmic history
PoS(PRA2009)054 file missing A. Hopkins
HI in Void Galaxies: probing the lowest density environments
PoS(PRA2009)055 file missing T.M. van der Hulst
An H I view of the on-going assembly of early-type galaxies: present and future observations
PoS(PRA2009)056 pdf
P. Serra, R. Morganti, T. Oosterloo, K. Alatalo, L. Blitz, M. Bois, R. van den Bosch, F. Bournaud, M. Bureau, M. Cappellary, R. Davies, T. Davis, P.A. Duc, E. Emsellem, J. Falcon-Barroso, S. Khochfar, D. Krajnovic, H. Kuntschner, P.Y. Lablanche, R. McDermid, T. Naab, M. Sarzi, N. Scott, G. van de Ven, A.M. Weijmans, L. Young and T. de Zeeuw
Radio Properties of Brightest Cluster Members
PoS(PRA2009)057 pdf H. Andernach and M.E. Ramos-Ceja
Session 8: Looking forward
The Square Kilometre Array
PoS(PRA2009)058 pdf J. Lazio
Session 9: OH
OH masers in nearby galaxies
PoS(PRA2009)059 pdf M. Argo
Tracing the merger rate of the Universe with Apertif and ASKAP
PoS(PRA2009)060 pdf J. McKean and A. Roy
Session 10: Complementary single-dish work
Extragalactic HI surveys with ALFA
PoS(PRA2009)061 file missing T. Henning
The Effelsberg Bonn HI Survey EBHIS
PoS(PRA2009)062 pdf J. Kerp
Session 11: The multi-wavelength picture
Synergies with multi-wavelength surveys
PoS(PRA2009)063 pdf M. Jarvis
A Somewhat Lower Frequency View of the Chandra Deep Field South
PoS(PRA2009)064 pdf J. Afonso
Galaxy transformation in dense environments: A multi-wavelength study of superclusters at z ~ 0.1-0.5
PoS(PRA2009)065 pdf P.A. Woudt
Session 12: Conference summary
PRA2009: Conference Summary
PoS(PRA2009)066 file missing W. Van Driel