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tmr2000 7-13 September 2000 Paris, France

The TMR Conference ''Non-perturbative Quantum Effects 2000'' took place in Paris September 7-13, 2000. It was the last network meeting for the European program ''Integrability, Non-perturbative Effects and Symmetry in Quantum Field Theory'' (ERBFMRXCT96-0012). There were more than a hundred participants and a broad spectrum of subjects from AdS/CFT, Extended objects and SUGRAS, M-theory and dualities to Continuous (and discrete) integrable systems and Boundary effects as well as various applications to Condensed Matter Systems via Noncommutative geometry and Quantum groups. Each one of the six sessions was introduced by a guest speaker who either reviewed the subject or presented his own insights, and talks of network members including post-docs of the programme form the bulk of the contributions. The number of bosonic dimensions ranges from 11 to 2, the number of supersymmetric charges from 32 to zero, the unity comes from the tools used in particular conformal invariance, integrable boundary conditions and extended objects or dualities and their nonperturbative consequences.

Editorial Board
Loriano Bonora, Giuseppe Mussardo

tmr99 1-7 September 1999 Paris, France

Editorial Board
Dieter Lüst, Boris Pioline (chairman)