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Quantum aspects of gauge theories, supersymmetry and unification

tmr99 - (other tmr conferences)
1-7 September 1999
Paris, France
published February 29, 2000

Editorial Board
Dieter Lüst, Boris Pioline (chairman)

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long talks
Mass Scales in String and M-Theory
PoS(tmr99)003 pdf I. Antoniadis
PoS(tmr99)019 file missing M. Green
PoS(tmr99)020 file missing B. Greene
Mirage cosmology and universe-brane stabilization
PoS(tmr99)025 pdf E. Kiritsis
Introduction to the AdS/CFT Correspondence
PoS(tmr99)026 pdf I.R. Klebanov
PoS(tmr99)043 file missing E. Rabinovici
long talks
Superspace Representations of SU(2,2/N) Superalgebras and Multiplet Shortening
PoS(tmr99)016 pdf S. Ferrara
Warped Compactifications and AdS/CFT
PoS(tmr99)039 pdf Y. Oz
The Holographic RG flow to conformal andnon-conformal theories
PoS(tmr99)053 pdf A. Zaffaroni
On Space-Time Supersymmetry and String Duality in Nine Dimensions
PoS(tmr99)001 pdf M. Abou-zeid
Embedding Branes in Flat Two-time Spaces
PoS(tmr99)002 pdf L. Andrianopoli, M. Derix, G.W. Gibbons, C. Herdeiro, A. Santambrogio and A. Van Proeyen
Scalar Quartic Effective Action on AdS5
PoS(tmr99)004 pdf G. Arutyunov and S. Frolov
Riemann surfaces and Schrödinger potentials of gauged supergravity
PoS(tmr99)005 pdf I. Bakas, A. Brandhuber and K. Sfetsos
Diffeomorphisms and Weyl tranformations in AdS3 gravity
PoS(tmr99)006 pdf K. Bautier
Interactions of chiral two-forms
PoS(tmr99)007 pdf X. Bekaert
Aspects of Holography and Rotating AdS Black Holes
PoS(tmr99)008 pdf D. Berman
Testing the AdS/CFT correspondence beyond large N
PoS(tmr99)009 pdf A. Bilal and C.s. Chu
A New Class of Supersymmetric Orientifolds with D-branes at Angles
PoS(tmr99)010 pdf R. Blumenhagen, L. Gorlichand and B. Kors
Supersymmetric black hole solutions with R2-interactions
PoS(tmr99)011 pdf G. Cardoso, B. deWit, J. Kappeli and T. Mohaupt
NS Fivebranes and Type 0 Dualities
PoS(tmr99)012 pdf B. Craps and F. Roose
Supergravity Predictions on Conformal Field Theories
PoS(tmr99)013 pdf A. Ceresolea, G. Dall'agata, R. D'Auria and S. Ferrara
Concavity of the $Q\bar Q$ potential and AdS/CFT duality
PoS(tmr99)014 pdf H. Dorn and V.D. Pershin
Three dimensional Conformal Field Theories from Sasakian seven-manifolds
PoS(tmr99)015 pdf D. Fabbri
Charge and colour breaking bounds revisited
PoS(tmr99)017 pdf P. Ferreira
Wilson loop via AdS/CFT duality
PoS(tmr99)018 pdf S. Forste, D. Ghoshal and S. Theisen
Non-perturbative string connections
PoS(tmr99)021 pdf A. Gregori
Noncommutative Riemann Surfaces
PoS(tmr99)022 pdf J. Isidro
PoS(tmr99)023 file missing B. Julia
Gerbes and Massive Type IIA
PoS(tmr99)024 pdf J. Kalkkinen
PoS(tmr99)027 file missing D. Klemm
PoS(tmr99)028 pdf C. Kounnas
Implications of N = 2 Superconformal Symmetry
PoS(tmr99)029 pdf S. Kuzenko
A Quantum field theory of dyons
PoS(tmr99)030 pdf K. Lechner
Stable non-BPS D-branes of type I
PoS(tmr99)031 pdf M. Frau, L. Gallot, A. Lerda and P. Strigazzi
Black Holes and U-duality in Diverse Dimensions
PoS(tmr99)032 pdf M. Lledo
String-generated quartic scalar interactions
PoS(tmr99)033 pdf R. Marotta and F. Pezzella
AdS/CFT Correspondence and Type 0 String Theory
PoS(tmr99)034 pdf D. Martelli
The longitudinal fivebrane and tachyon condensation in matrix theory
PoS(tmr99)035 pdf M. Massar and J. Troost
Wick rotation and supersymmetry
PoS(tmr99)036 pdf A. Mountain
Anomalous U(1) Gauge Symmetries And Heterotic - Type I/II String Duality
PoS(tmr99)037 pdf H.P. Nilles
Thermodynamics of Field Theories from Spinning Branes
PoS(tmr99)038 pdf T. Harmark and N. Obers
Some remarks on the free fields realization of the bosonic string on AdS3.
PoS(tmr99)041 pdf I. Pesando
The Supergravity Dual of N=1 Super Yang-Mills
PoS(tmr99)042 pdf M. Petrini
Three graviton scattering and recoil effects in Matrix theory
PoS(tmr99)044 pdf A. Refolli, N. Terzi and D. Zanon
Correlation functions of chiral primary operators inperturbative N=4 SYM
PoS(tmr99)045 pdf S. Penati, A. Santambrogio and D. Zanon
M-Theory N=1 Effective Supergravity in Four Dimensions
PoS(tmr99)046 pdf R. Sauser
Anomaly inflow and RR anomalous couplings
PoS(tmr99)047 pdf C. Scrucca and M. Serone
Invariants and Counterterms in D=11 Supergravity
PoS(tmr99)048 pdf D. Seminara
Reflexive Polyhedra and their Applications in String and F-theory
PoS(tmr99)050 pdf H. Skarke
P-branes and the field theory limit
PoS(tmr99)051 pdf J.p. Van der schaar
Super-p-brane actions from interpolating dualisations
PoS(tmr99)052 pdf A. Westerberg and N. Wyllard
U-duality of Born-Infeld Theory
PoS(tmr99)054 pdf G. Zwart
String theory on ADS3: some open questions
PoS(tmr99)055 pdf M. Petropoulos
PoS(tmr99)057 file missing E. Gava