PoS - Proceedings of Science

8th International Symposium on Heavy Flavour Physics

25-29 July 1999
Southampton, UK
published July 29, 1999

Editorial Board
Sachrajda Christopher (chairman)

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Quarkonia and hybrids from the Lattice
PoS(hf8)001 pdf C. Michael
Exclusive Semileptonic $B$ Decays: Dispersive Bounds and Lattice Results
PoS(hf8)002 pdf L. Lellouch
Sum Rules
PoS(hf8)006 pdf V. Braun
PoS(hf8)010 pdf I. Rothstein
Quark-Hadron Duality: the 't Hooft Model and Beyond
PoS(hf8)013 file missing M. Shifman
Quarkonia Experimental Results
PoS(hf8)014 pdf K. Seth
Charm counting and semileptonic branching fraction
PoS(hf8)015 pdf H. Yamamoto
Form Factors in $D$ Semileptonic Decays
PoS(hf8)020 pdf N. Stanton
Charm Lifetimes
PoS(hf8)022 pdf H. Cheung
Form Factors in $B$ Semileptonic Decays
PoS(hf8)024 pdf K. Ecklund
Determination of $V_{cb}$
PoS(hf8)033 pdf M. Calvi
$b$ Lifetimes
PoS(hf8)039 file missing S. Donati
Nonleptonic $B$ Decays: Theoretical Viewpoint
PoS(hf8)007 pdf L. Silvestrini
Gamma Determination
PoS(hf8)008 file missing M. Neubert
Rare $b$ Decays: Theory
PoS(hf8)011 pdf C. Greub
$B$ Physics Beyond the Standard Model
PoS(hf8)017 pdf A. Masiero and O.M. Vives
Experimental Results on Hadronic $c$ Decays
PoS(hf8)021 file missing B. Meadows
$D$--$\bar D$ Mixing Results
PoS(hf8)023 pdf P. Sheldon
Rare $b$ Decay Results
PoS(hf8)025 pdf D. Jaffe
Experimental Results on Hadronic $b$ Decays
PoS(hf8)026 pdf Y. Kubota
Lattice Results for Decay Constants and Mixing
PoS(hf8)031 pdf S. Hashimoto
$B$--$\bar B$ Mixing Results
PoS(hf8)034 pdf M. Daoudi
Measurement of $\sin(2\beta)$
PoS(hf8)038 pdf D. Bortoletto
Alpha and Beta Determinations
PoS(hf8)042 pdf I. Dunietz
Theory of $b$ and $c$ Production
PoS(hf8)003 pdf P. Nason
Quark Masses
PoS(hf8)004 file missing G. Martinelli
Heavy Quark Threshold Effects
PoS(hf8)009 pdf M. Beneke
Tau Hadronic Decays
PoS(hf8)012 pdf M. Davier
Top Quark: Theory Overview
PoS(hf8)016 pdf L.E. Simmons
Tau leptonic decays
PoS(hf8)018 pdf A. Weinstein
Top Quark: Experimental Status
PoS(hf8)036 file missing G. Watts
Charmonium and Open Beauty at the Tevatron
PoS(hf8)040 pdf S. Sumorok
Spectroscopy of excited b and c states
PoS(hf8)044 pdf V. Ciulli
Fixed target charm production
PoS(hf8)045 pdf J.S. Russ
Heavy Flavour Production at HERA
PoS(hf8)046 pdf F. Sefkow
Theoretical Status of $\epsilon'/\epsilon$
PoS(hf8)005 pdf M. Jamin
Overall Determination of the CKM Matrix
PoS(hf8)019 pdf S. Plaszczynski
Prospects for LHCb, BTeV, ATLAS and CMS
PoS(hf8)027 pdf N. Harnew
Future of Heavy Flavour Physics: Experimental Perspective
PoS(hf8)028 pdf S. Stone
Future of Heavy Flavour Physics: Theoretical Perspective
PoS(hf8)029 pdf J. Ellis
Measurement of $\epsilon'/\epsilon$
PoS(hf8)030 pdf P. Lubrano
$\epsilon'/\epsilon$ and Rare K Decay Experiments
PoS(hf8)032 pdf A. Barker
Status of HERA--B
PoS(hf8)035 file missing E. Gerndt
$b$-Physics Potential of Tevatron Run II
PoS(hf8)037 file missing R. Jesik
Status of BELLE
PoS(hf8)041 pdf S. Suzuki
Status of BaBar
PoS(hf8)043 pdf R. Waldi
All hadronic B decay trigger with the CDF Silicon Vertex Tracker
PoS(hf8)047 pdf S. Donati
FCNC transition $c\rightarrow u \gamma$ in $B_c\rightarrow B_u^* \gamma$
PoS(hf8)048 pdf S. Fajfer, S. Prelovsek and P. Singer
Sensitivity of D and B meson decays to their transition form factors
PoS(hf8)049 pdf D.S. Hwang
B0-B0bar mixing and decay constants from Lattice QCD
PoS(hf8)050 pdf L. Lellouch and C.J. David Lin
The parton-like model and photon energy spectra in B decays
PoS(hf8)051 pdf I. Narodetskii
A test of HHCPT using magnetic moments of heavy baryons
PoS(hf8)052 pdf I. Scimemi
Studies of charm production at the Serpukhov accelerator; an experimental data review
PoS(hf8)053 pdf L. Tikhonova
B meson tagging and identification with the HERA-B RICH
PoS(hf8)054 pdf T. Zivko