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Prospects for Charged Higgs Discovery at Colliders

Charged 2010 - (other charged conferences)
27-30 September 2010
Uppsala University, Sweden
published May 11, 2011
The third international workshop "Prospects for Charged Higgs Discovery at Colliders" was organized in Uppsala 27-30 September 2010. This was the third workshop of this kind - the first two ones were held in September 2006 and 2008 in Uppsala. At the time of the workshop, the LHC has been in operation for about six months and a few tens of inverse picobarns were collected by the experiments. This has allowed to make some first investigations based on physics data of QCD backgrounds, calibration methods based on Standard Model signals, analysis tools, reconstruction efficiencies and fake rates as well as trigger schemes. Moreover, new theoretical and phenomenological ideas concerning charged Higgs bosons have been developed since the last workshop in 2008. Further investigations of the charged Higgs discovery reach of the experiments have also been carried out. The plan of this third workshop was to bring together experimentalists and theorists to review the development, since the second workshop, of charged Higgs searches at colliders, in particular with regard to data analysis tools and triggers in the various experiments, theory/phenomenology and generator level simulation and strategies for experimental data analysis. New results in these fields were presented and discussed at the workshop.
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Invited talks on experiments
Invited talks on theory and phenomenology
Contributed talks on theory and phenomenology
Contributed talks on charged Higgs analysis tools and backgrounds
Invited talks on experiments
Status of the ATLAS experiment
PoS(Charged 2010)002 pdf D. Orestano
Review of charged Higgs searches at the Tevatron
PoS(Charged 2010)004 pdf P. Gutierrez
Review of indirect charged Higgs searches at B factories
PoS(Charged 2010)005 pdf M. Rozanska
Invited talks on theory and phenomenology
Interpretation of charged Higgs effects in low energy flavour physics
PoS(Charged 2010)020 pdf T. Hurth
Light charged Higgs in the NMSSM
PoS(Charged 2010)021 pdf R. Dermisek
Charged Higgs in Extended Higgs models (non-type II model)
PoS(Charged 2010)022 pdf A. Akeroyd
Special features of the complete one-loop MSSM SUSY effects in charged and neutral semi inclusive Higgs production at LHC
PoS(Charged 2010)023 pdf C. Verzegnassi
Tools for charged Higgs bosons
PoS(Charged 2010)024 pdf O. Stal
Contributed talks on theory and phenomenology
Charged Higgs production at the LHC
PoS(Charged 2010)025 pdf M. Krämer
Charged Higgs production with a top in MC@NLO
PoS(Charged 2010)026 pdf T. Plehn
Introducing HiggsBounds 2.0.0
PoS(Charged 2010)027 pdf O. Brein, P. Bechtle, S. Heinemeyer, G.R. Weiglein and K.E. Williams
Charged Higgs production via vector-boson fusion at NNLO in QCD
PoS(Charged 2010)028 pdf M. Zaro, P. Bolzoni, F. Maltoni and S.O. Moch
The Inert Doublet Model and its Phenomenology
PoS(Charged 2010)030 pdf M. Gustafsson
Phase evolution of Universe to the present inert phase
PoS(Charged 2010)031 pdf I. Ginzburg
Charged Scalars in a Lopsided doublet model
PoS(Charged 2010)032 pdf G. Wouda
Double charged scalars of littlest higgs model in ee colliders
PoS(Charged 2010)033 pdf A. Cagil
2HDMC -- a two Higgs Doublet Model Calculator
PoS(Charged 2010)034 pdf J. Rathsman and O. Stal
Flavour constraints and SuperIso
PoS(Charged 2010)035 pdf F. Mahmoudi
Charged Higgs Boson Benchmarks in the CP-conserving 2HDM
PoS(Charged 2010)037 pdf R. Santos, R. Guedes, S. Kanemura, S. Moretti and K. Yagyu
Charged-Higgs phenomenology in the Aligned two-Higgs-doublet model
PoS(Charged 2010)038 pdf M. Jung
Consistent higher-order corrections to $\tilde t_i \to \tilde b_j H^+$ in the complex MSSM
PoS(Charged 2010)039 pdf S. Heinemeyer, H. Rzehak and C. Schappacher
Implications of Yukawa texture in the charged Higgs boson phenomenology within 2HDM-III
PoS(Charged 2010)042 pdf J. Hernández-Sánchez
Contributed talks on charged Higgs analysis tools and backgrounds
Transfer function treatment of leptonic tau decays in the Matrix Element Method
PoS(Charged 2010)006 pdf C. Belanger-Champagne
Tau trigger and tau reconstruction, efficiency and fake rates in ATLAS
PoS(Charged 2010)007 pdf Y. Coadou
Missing ET and jets, trigger and reconstruction efficiency
PoS(Charged 2010)009 pdf M. Kortelainen
Search strategies for charged Higgs bosons in ATLAS
PoS(Charged 2010)010 pdf A. Ferrari
Search strategies for charged Higgs bosons in CMS
PoS(Charged 2010)011 pdf M. Gallinaro
QCD backgrounds in charged Higgs searches
PoS(Charged 2010)012 pdf A. Attikis
W + jets backgrounds in charged Higgs searches
PoS(Charged 2010)013 pdf F. Tarrade
ttbar backgrounds in charged Higgs searches
PoS(Charged 2010)014 pdf M. Flechl
Systematics in charged Higgs searches in ATLAS
PoS(Charged 2010)015 pdf S. Gentile
Systematics in charged Higgs searches in CMS
PoS(Charged 2010)016 pdf L.A. Wendland
ATLAS discovery prospects for the charged Higgs in the H+\rightarrow taunu final state
PoS(Charged 2010)017 pdf M. Klemetti
Charged Higgs physics at CLIC/ILC
PoS(Charged 2010)019 pdf M. Battaglia