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Flavor Physics and CP Violation 2010

FPCP 2010 - (other fpcp conferences)
May 25-29,2010
Turin, Italy
published January 22, 2016
The aim of the meeting is to review developments, both theoretical and experimental, related to the physics of heavy flavors. Updates on many topics, including CP violation, rare decays, spectroscopy, CKM elements and, perhaps most importantly, the potential for studies of heavy flavor decays to help unravel any new physics seen directly at the LHC, have been presented.
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Session First Results from New Experiments
Session Angles of the CKM Triangles (1)
Session Angles of the CKM Triangles (2)
Session Bs Decays
Session Hadronic B Decays
Session Baryons
D Decays
Session B Leptonic & Radiatives Decays
Session Sides of the CKM Triangles
Session D0 Mixing and CP Violation
Session Overview of CKM Data
Session Quarkonia and Beyond
Session Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
Session Neutrino Physics
Session Future Projects
Session Concluding Session
Session First Results from New Experiments
Flavor Physics with ATLAS: status and perspectives
PoS(FPCP 2010)001 file missing S. Hassani
Flavor Physics with CMS: status and perspectives
PoS(FPCP 2010)002 pdf U. Langenegger
First Results from LHCb
PoS(FPCP 2010)003 file missing F. Muheim
First Results from BESIII
PoS(FPCP 2010)004 pdf H.b. Li
Session Angles of the CKM Triangles (1)
Measurements of \beta
PoS(FPCP 2010)005 file missing K. Sumisawa
Measurements of \alpha
PoS(FPCP 2010)006 pdf J.P. Dalseno
Measurements of \gamma
PoS(FPCP 2010)007 file missing D. Derkach
D Hadronic Decays (related to extraction of angle \gamma )
PoS(FPCP 2010)008 pdf C. Thomas
Angle measurements
PoS(FPCP 2010)009 file missing J. Zupan
Session Angles of the CKM Triangles (2)
Evidence for an anomalous like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry
PoS(FPCP 2010)010 pdf G. Brooijmans
S-waves and the extraction of \beta s
PoS(FPCP 2010)011 pdf S. Stone
Measurement of \beta s at CDF
PoS(FPCP 2010)012 pdf L. Oakes
Measurement of \beta s at D0
PoS(FPCP 2010)013 pdf A. Chandra
Session Bs Decays
Bs Decays at the Tevatron
PoS(FPCP 2010)014 pdf G. Giurgiu
Bs Decays at the B-Factories
PoS(FPCP 2010)015 pdf R. Louvot
Session Hadronic B Decays
Charmless B Decays
PoS(FPCP 2010)016 pdf S. Sitt
Baryonic B Decays
PoS(FPCP 2010)017 pdf J.G. Shiu
Hadronic B Decays
PoS(FPCP 2010)018 file missing G. Bell
Session Baryons
Baryon Production and Decays and b-hadron lifetimes
PoS(FPCP 2010)019 pdf S. Donati
D Decays
D Leptonic Decays
PoS(FPCP 2010)020 file missing S. Stone
D Semileptonic Decays
PoS(FPCP 2010)021 file missing K. Ecklund
D Hadronic Decays (not related to extraction of angle \gamma )
PoS(FPCP 2010)022 pdf J. Rademacker
Lattice and Charm Physics
PoS(FPCP 2010)023 file missing J. Shigemitsu
Session B Leptonic & Radiatives Decays
B\rightarrow s/d l+l- & s/d\gamma
PoS(FPCP 2010)024 file missing H. Nakayama
Radiative and Rare Leptonic Decays
PoS(FPCP 2010)025 pdf M. Misiak
B\rightarrow µµ, B\rightarrow K*µµ
PoS(FPCP 2010)026 pdf M. Aoki
B\rightarrow \tau \nu and B\rightarrow D(*)\tau \nu
PoS(FPCP 2010)027 pdf A. Bozek
Session Sides of the CKM Triangles
Measurement of |Vcb| and |Vub|
PoS(FPCP 2010)028 pdf R. Kowalewski
Determination of |Vub| and |Vcb|: a theory perspective
PoS(FPCP 2010)029 pdf T. Mannel
|Vud| and |Vus|
PoS(FPCP 2010)030 pdf P. Massarotti
|Vus| from strange decays of \tau lepton
PoS(FPCP 2010)031 file missing S. Paramesvaran
Session D0 Mixing and CP Violation
D0 mixing
PoS(FPCP 2010)032 pdf N. Neri
CP Violation in D0 Decays
PoS(FPCP 2010)033 pdf M. Martinelli
D Physics: SM and New Physics Potential
PoS(FPCP 2010)034 file missing G. Perez
D(s)+ Decays and their CPV
PoS(FPCP 2010)035 pdf A. Zupanc
Inclusive Semileptonic D Decays and the Heavy Quark Expansion
PoS(FPCP 2010)036 pdf J. F. Kamenik
Session Overview of CKM Data
Lattice Input to CKM Measurements
PoS(FPCP 2010)037 file missing J. Laiho
Global fit to CKM data (CKMfitter)
PoS(FPCP 2010)038 pdf S. Descotes-genon
Global fit to CKM data (UTfit)
PoS(FPCP 2010)039 pdf M. Bona, A. Bevan, M. Ciuchini, D. Derkach, E. Franco, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, F. Parodi, M. Pierini, C. Schiavi, L. Silvestrini, V. Sordini, A. Stocchi, C. Tarantino and V. Vagnoni
Lessons for new physics from CKM studies
PoS(FPCP 2010)040 pdf E. Lunghi, J. Laiho and R. Van de Water
Session Quarkonia and Beyond
b anti-b States
PoS(FPCP 2010)041 file missing P. Kim
c anti-c States
PoS(FPCP 2010)042 pdf P. Biassoni
New Quarkonia States
PoS(FPCP 2010)043 file missing A.D. Polosa
Y(nS) Polarization Measurements
PoS(FPCP 2010)044 pdf J. Lewis
Session Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
Charged Lepton Flavor Violation
PoS(FPCP 2010)045 file missing V. Cirigliano
Neutrinoless Double b Decay
PoS(FPCP 2010)046 pdf F. Bellini
Lepton Flavor Violation at B Factories
PoS(FPCP 2010)047 pdf Y. Miyazaki
Lepton Flavor Violation in µ\rightarrow e\gamma
PoS(FPCP 2010)048 pdf C. Voena
Future LFV Experiments
PoS(FPCP 2010)049 pdf Y. Kuno
Session Neutrino Physics
Status of Neutrino Physics Experiments
PoS(FPCP 2010)050 pdf attachments D. Jaffe
Neutrino Physics: a Theoretical Review
PoS(FPCP 2010)051 pdf T. Schwetz-Mangold
Experimental Perspectives of Neutrino Physics
PoS(FPCP 2010)052 file missing M. Mezzetto
Session Future Projects
Physics reach of future flavor physics experiments
PoS(FPCP 2010)053 file missing Z. Ligeti
Status of SuperB
PoS(FPCP 2010)054 file missing U. Wienands
Status of SuperKEKB
PoS(FPCP 2010)055 pdf T. Kuhr
Upgrade of LHCb
PoS(FPCP 2010)056 pdf F. Machefert
K\rightarrow \pi \nu \nu Experiments
PoS(FPCP 2010)057 file missing M. Tecchio
Status of NA62
PoS(FPCP 2010)058 pdf C. Lazzeroni
Session Concluding Session
Experimental Summary and Outlook
PoS(FPCP 2010)059 file missing H. Jawahery
What if ? or On the interplay between Serendipity, Intuition and Conjecture
PoS(FPCP 2010)060 pdf B. Grinstein