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The Xth Nicola Cabibbo International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons

HQL 2010 - (other hql conferences)
October 11-15 2010
Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell'INFN, Frascati, Rome, Italy
published August 26, 2011

The Xth International Conference on Heavy Quarks and Leptons (Frascati, 11-15 October, 2010), continues the tradition of regular scientific meetings, first started in 1993 at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati in Rome, Italy, under the name "Heavy Quarks at Fixed Target". In 2002 the scope was widened to include leptons with the workshop renamed to what is known as today. This workshop is dedicated to the study of the heavy quarks, namely charm, bottom and top, with obvious extensions to interesting topics involving the strange quark. Neutrino oscillation studies and new insights in mu and tau lepton phenomenology are also included.

Topics are:

Featuring Luciano Maiani
(CNR and Sapienza, Università di Roma)
In memoriam of Nicola Cabibbo (1935-2010)

Editorial Board: Luigi Benussi, Stefano Bianco, Davide Piccolo, Daniela Rebuzzi.

Local Organizing Committee: Luigi Benussi, Stefano Bianco, Marta Calvi, Antonio Di Domenico, Franco L. Fabbri, Davide Piccolo, Daniela Rebuzzi, Stefano Colafranceschi, M. Cristina D'Amato.

International Advisory Committee: Elisabetta Barberio, Gianpaolo Bellini, Stefano Bianco, Joel Butler, Brad Cox, Franco L. Fabbri, Konrad Kleinknecht, Angel Lopez, Stephan Paul, Adam Para.

Session Conveners: Alberto Correa Dos Reis (Spectroscopy); Elisabetta Barberio and Marta Calvi (CKM Physics); Will E. Johns (Semileptonics Physics); Konrad Kleinknecht and Antonio Di Domenico (Kaon Physics); Hitoshi Yamamoto, Giancarlo D'Ambrosio and Daniela Rebuzzi (CP Violation); Giancarlo Piredda (Lepton Flavor Violation); Adam Para and Gianpaolo Bellini and Daniela Rebuzzi (Neutrino Physics); Joel Butler, Davide Piccolo and Luigi Benussi (Top Physics); Brad Cox and Marta Calvi (Rare Decays); Angel Lopez and Antonio Di Domenico (New Experiments).

conference main image
CKM Physics
Semileptonic Physics
Kaon Physics
CP Violation
Nicola Cabibbo Memorial
Lepton Flavor Violation
Neutrino Physics
Top Quark Physics
Rare Decays
New Experiments
Summary Session
PoS(HQL 2010)001 file missing M. Calvetti
Recent developments on the theory of quarkonium and bottomonium
PoS(HQL 2010)002 pdf N. Brambilla
Exes and why Z?
PoS(HQL 2010)003 pdf E. van Beveren and G. Rupp
Spectroscopy results from Tevatron
PoS(HQL 2010)004 pdf D. Tonelli
Spectroscopy results from ATLAS and CMS (minireview)
PoS(HQL 2010)005 pdf A. Perieanu
Recent results from BESIII
PoS(HQL 2010)006 pdf C. Shen
Recent results on hadron spectroscopy at COMPASS
PoS(HQL 2010)007 pdf R. Geyer
Spectroscopy results from BaBar
PoS(HQL 2010)008 pdf E. Prencipe
Spectroscopy results from BELLE
PoS(HQL 2010)009 pdf S. Choi
Charmonium and Heavy Flavour Production at LHCb
PoS(HQL 2010)010 pdf C. Fitzpatrick
Measurement of J/ψ, Upsilon and b-hadron production in proton-proton collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(HQL 2010)011 pdf R. Covarelli
CKM Physics
The CKM analysis: inputs from theory
PoS(HQL 2010)012 file missing V. Lubicz
Vub and Vcb exclusive
PoS(HQL 2010)013 file missing I. Nakamura
Vub inclusive
PoS(HQL 2010)014 pdf N. Gagliardi
Vus from tau
PoS(HQL 2010)015 pdf I. Nugent
Vus from kaon decays
PoS(HQL 2010)016 pdf C. Bloise
Searches for leptonic B decays and B\rightarrow Dtau nu at the B-factories
PoS(HQL 2010)017 pdf D. Lindemann
Inclusive Measurements of B\rightarrow X_c l nu and B\rightarrow X_s gamma Decays
PoS(HQL 2010)018 pdf K.J. Knoepfel
Unitarity Triangle Analysis within and beyond the SM
PoS(HQL 2010)019 pdf C. Tarantino, A. Bevan, M. Bona, M. Ciuchini, D. Derkach, E. Franco, V. Lubicz, G. Martinelli, F. Parodi, M. Pierini, C. Schiavi, L. Silvestrini, V. Sordini, A. Stocchi and V. Vagnoni
Status, open problems and prospects of the decay B -\rightarrow lepton neutrino
PoS(HQL 2010)020 pdf L.A. Perez
Semileptonic Physics
Review of the CLEO-c semileptonic results
PoS(HQL 2010)021 file missing G. Bonvicini
Studies of exclusive charmless semileptonic B decays and extraction of |V_{ub}| at BaBar
PoS(HQL 2010)022 pdf P. Taras
D, Ds Leptonic decays and form factors
PoS(HQL 2010)023 pdf M. Staric
Studies of semileptonic decays with the LHCb detector
PoS(HQL 2010)024 pdf R. Lambert
Kaon Physics
Theoretical highlights in Kaon decays
PoS(HQL 2010)025 file missing M. Gorbahn
Measurement of BR(K -\rightarrow e nu)/BR(K -\rightarrow mu nu) in NA62
PoS(HQL 2010)026 pdf A. Sergi
Status and prospects for the Ke2/Kmu2 at KLOE/KLOE2
PoS(HQL 2010)027 pdf B. Sciascia
Measurement of semileptonic form factors in Kmu3
PoS(HQL 2010)028 pdf M. Hita_Hochgesand
Precision Measurement of pi pi Scattering Lengths in Ke4 Decays
PoS(HQL 2010)029 pdf C. Biino
Precision measurements of kaon radiative decays in NA48
PoS(HQL 2010)030 pdf M. Pepe
The NA62 experiment at CERN
PoS(HQL 2010)031 pdf G. Ruggiero
Measuring KS and KL lifetimes at KLOE
PoS(HQL 2010)032 pdf M. Dreucci
Preparations for BSM Seaches using the Top-Antitop invariant Mass Distribution in CMS
PoS(HQL 2010)033 pdf M.G. Weinberg
Light-Meson Spectroscopy with COMPASS
PoS(HQL 2010)034 pdf B. Grube
PoS(HQL 2010)035 pdf J. Maeda
Rare B Decay potential of SuperB
PoS(HQL 2010)036 pdf A. Rakitin
CP Violation and new physics in loop and tree decays at SuperB
PoS(HQL 2010)037 pdf S. Stracka
Tau physics at SuperB
PoS(HQL 2010)038 pdf A. Cervelli
Charm physics at SuperB
PoS(HQL 2010)039 pdf R. Faccini
Measurement of the inclusive b production cross section in pp collisions at \sqrt s = 7 TeV
PoS(HQL 2010)040 pdf attachments S. Guo
Probing the heavy flavor content of ttbar events in proton-proton collisions at CMS
PoS(HQL 2010)041 pdf A. Tropiano
SuperB: The machine and the Detector
PoS(HQL 2010)042 file missing D. Lindemann
Interactions of Mev and Gev sterile neutrinos with matter
PoS(HQL 2010)043 pdf attachments A. Alavi
CP Violation
CPV Phenomenology Overview Talk
PoS(HQL 2010)044 pdf L. Silvestrini
CP Violation in BaBar/BELLE (BaBar speaker)
PoS(HQL 2010)045 file missing D. Derkach
CP Violation in BaBar/BELLE (BELLE speaker)
PoS(HQL 2010)046 pdf Y. Yusa
D0 Results on Asl and Phi_s
PoS(HQL 2010)047 file missing P. Ratoff
Precision measurement of CP violation in D0-\rightarrow pipi at CDF
PoS(HQL 2010)048 pdf A. Di Canto
New measurement of the B^0_s mixing phase at CDF
PoS(HQL 2010)049 pdf E. Pueschel
Search for New Physics in CP-violating Phenomena at LHCb
PoS(HQL 2010)050 pdf J. Blouw
Nicola Cabibbo Memorial
In memoriam of Nicola Cabibbo
PoS(HQL 2010)051 file missing L. Maiani
Lepton Flavor Violation
LFV: Where are we ?
PoS(HQL 2010)052 pdf P. Paradisi
New cLFV search experiments using the mu-e conversion process
PoS(HQL 2010)053 pdf S. Mihara
Search for Lepton-Flavor-Violating tau decays at the B factories
PoS(HQL 2010)054 pdf A. Lusiani
Search for lepton flavor violating muon decay: latest result from MEG
PoS(HQL 2010)055 pdf Y. Uchiyama
Neutrino Physics
Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions
PoS(HQL 2010)056 pdf E. Fernandez Martinez
Solar neutrino oscillations and the recent results of Borexino and SNO
PoS(HQL 2010)057 pdf M. Wurm
Recent Results from Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments
PoS(HQL 2010)058 file missing M. Messier
Recent results on Dark Matter
PoS(HQL 2010)059 pdf P. Belli
Status of the Neutrino Physics
PoS(HQL 2010)060 file missing C. Pena Garay
Geoneutrinos (models and data)
PoS(HQL 2010)061 pdf O. Smirnov
Top Quark Physics
Top quark physics at CDF, status and prospects
PoS(HQL 2010)062 pdf S. Leone
Top quark physics at D0
PoS(HQL 2010)063 pdf P. Renkel
Observation of Top-Quark Production at 7TeV - CMS
PoS(HQL 2010)064 pdf P. Ribeiro
Understanding backgrounds towards a first measurement of the top quark pair cross-section at ATLAS
PoS(HQL 2010)065 pdf B. Radics
Prospects for Top Quark Studies with CMS for up to 1fb-1
PoS(HQL 2010)066 pdf T. Peiffer
Rare Decays
Rare B and C decay - Theoretical overview
PoS(HQL 2010)067 pdf G. Isidori
Rare B decays results and prospects in ATLAS
PoS(HQL 2010)068 pdf V. Sipica
Dimuon decays and rare B decays prospects from CMS
PoS(HQL 2010)070 pdf L. Martini
Search for New Physics with Rare Heavy Flavour Decays at LHCb
PoS(HQL 2010)071 pdf N. Tuning
Rare decays searches at Babar
PoS(HQL 2010)072 file missing C. Jessop
Suppressed B decays at CDF
PoS(HQL 2010)073 pdf M. Rescigno
Rare B and D decays results from CDF
PoS(HQL 2010)074 pdf S. Farrington
Search for the rare decay B0_s to mu+ mu- with the D0 experiment
PoS(HQL 2010)092 pdf I. Ripp-baudot
New Experiments
Hadron Physics with Strange and Charm Quarks - The PANDA Experiment
PoS(HQL 2010)075 pdf O. Hartmann
The KLOE-2 experiment at DAFNE upgraded in luminosity
PoS(HQL 2010)076 pdf W. Wislicki
Future experiments on rare kaon decays
PoS(HQL 2010)077 pdf T. Spadaro
Future Neutrino Experiments
PoS(HQL 2010)078 pdf W. Zhong
Status and Prospects of the Super KEKB project (title TBC)
PoS(HQL 2010)079 pdf Z. Dolezal
The SuperB Project
PoS(HQL 2010)080 pdf G. Finocchiaro
Future and prospects in flavour physics from LHCb, ATLAS and CMS
PoS(HQL 2010)081 pdf P. Perret
Summary Session
Spectroscopy session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)082 pdf A. Correa dos Reis
CKM session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)083 pdf M. Calvi
Semileptonics session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)084 pdf W. Johns
Kaons session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)085 pdf C. Biino
CP violation session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)086 pdf H. Yamamoto
LFV session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)087 pdf G. Piredda
Neutrino physics session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)088 pdf G. Bellini
Top quark physics session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)089 pdf J. Butler
Rare decays session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)090 pdf B. Cox
Future experiments session summary
PoS(HQL 2010)091 pdf A. Lopez