PoS - Proceedings of Science

The 20th Anniversary International Workshop on Vertex Detectors

Vertex 2011 - (other vertex conferences)
June 19 – 24, 2011
Rust, Lake Neusiedl, Austria
published June 27, 2012
The aim of the meeting is to review progress on Silicon based Vertex detectors with emphasis on existing and future detectors, new materials, software, alignment, electronics, triggering, 3D devices, monolithic structures, new developments, applications to medical and other fields.
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Future Directions
LHC Detectors Operation
LHC Detectors Physics Performance
New Detectors
Device and Detector Simulation
Radiation Hardness
Electronics and Trigger
non-HEP Applications
Future Directions
Cooling in HEP Vertex and Tracking Detectors
PoS(Vertex 2011)003 pdf H. Postema and B. Verlaat
Overview of new technologies for construction of tracking detectors
PoS(Vertex 2011)004 pdf F.R. Cadoux
LHC Detectors Operation
PoS(Vertex 2011)006 pdf B. Di Girolamo
Operation and Performance of the ATLAS Silicon Microstrip Tracker
PoS(Vertex 2011)007 pdf P. Haefner
PoS(Vertex 2011)008 pdf K. Akiba
Operation of the CMS Pixel Detector
PoS(Vertex 2011)009 pdf A. Starodumov
Operation of the CMS Strip Detector
PoS(Vertex 2011)010 pdf N. Demaria
CDF silicon operation and aging
PoS(Vertex 2011)011 pdf M. Stancari
LHC Detectors Physics Performance
Impact of Vertex Detectors on Luminosity Calibration Measurements at the LHC
PoS(Vertex 2011)012 pdf M. Ferro-Luzzi
Performance of the CMS silicon tracker
PoS(Vertex 2011)013 pdf G. Sguazzoni
Performance of the ALICE silicon detectors
PoS(Vertex 2011)015 pdf R. Santoro
Totem: Silicon Detector Performance
PoS(Vertex 2011)017 pdf G. Ruggiero
Tracking and Alignment Performance of the LHCb silicon detectors
PoS(Vertex 2011)016 pdf S. Borghi
New Detectors
The ATLAS Insertable B-Layer pixel detector
PoS(Vertex 2011)018 pdf H. Pernegger
CMS Pixel Upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2011)019 pdf W. Bertl
LHCb Upgrade: from 1 to 40 MHz
PoS(Vertex 2011)020 pdf A. Gallas Torreira
The silicon pixel tracker – beginning of a revolution?
PoS(Vertex 2011)021 pdf C. Damerell
Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector
PoS(Vertex 2011)022 pdf M. Friedl, T. Bergauer, P. Dolejschi, A. Frankenberger, I. Gfall, C. Irmler, T. Obermayer, D. Smiljic, M. Valentan, Y. Onuki and T. Tsuboyama
Super B Vertex and Vertical integration
PoS(Vertex 2011)023 pdf V. Re
Device and Detector Simulation
TCAD simulations of silicon strip and pixel
PoS(Vertex 2011)024 pdf Y. Unno
Simulations of 3D detectors
PoS(Vertex 2011)025 pdf G. Giacomini
Fast Simulation using the Lic Detector Toy
PoS(Vertex 2011)026 pdf M. Valentan
Silicon Simulation Code for Belle II and ILC
PoS(Vertex 2011)027 pdf Z. Drasal, K. Prothmann and B. Schwenker
Simulation of Pixel Detectors for ILC
PoS(Vertex 2011)028 pdf N. Sinev
TCAD Silicon Sensor Simulations
PoS(Vertex 2011)030 pdf A. Lounis
Radiation Hardness
Latest developments in planar n-on-p sensors
PoS(Vertex 2011)031 pdf A.A. Affolder
3D Detectors
PoS(Vertex 2011)032 pdf R. Bates
Charge Injection Devices
PoS(Vertex 2011)034 pdf attachments J. Haerkoenen
Defect and Material characterisation
PoS(Vertex 2011)035 pdf A. Junkes
Evolution of Silicon Parameters due to Irradiation at the LHC
PoS(Vertex 2011)036 pdf attachments F. Hartmann
Electronics and Trigger
A hybrid architecture for a prompt momentum discriminating tracker for SLHC
PoS(Vertex 2011)037 pdf A. Marchioro
FE-I4 pixel readout chip and IBL module
PoS(Vertex 2011)038 pdf M. Barbero
Tracking Trigger for CMS
PoS(Vertex 2011)039 pdf D. Abbaneo
ATLAS FTK: Fast Track Trigger
PoS(Vertex 2011)040 pdf J.M. Tuggle
Powering for future detectors
PoS(Vertex 2011)041 pdf K. Klein
Fast readout links
PoS(Vertex 2011)042 pdf F. Vasey
SOI detector developments
PoS(Vertex 2011)043 pdf Y. Onuki
non-HEP Applications
The silicon detector of the muon g-2 experiment at JPARC
PoS(Vertex 2011)044 pdf T. Mibe
Development and applications of the Timepix3 chip
PoS(Vertex 2011)046 pdf V. Gromov