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10th Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications

1-6 December, 2013
Montevideo, Uruguay
published October 06, 2014
The 10th Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications will be held on December 1-6, 2013 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The symposium will be preceded by a School on Medical Physics, on November 29-30, 2013. The symposium is organized by the Universidad de la República, Montevideo, by the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan, USA, and by the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Virginia, USA. This is the tenth event in a series which were previously held in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Ecuador. Traditionally, the purpose of these symposia is the dissemination of major theoretical and experimental advances in nuclear science, with emphasis on research topics carried out by Latin American groups or in collaborations involving institutions from Latin America. The topics of the symposium include: • Nuclear and Hadron Structure and Interactions • Nuclear Reactions and Phases of Nuclear Matter • Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics • Tests of Fundamental Symmetries and Properties of Neutrinos • Nuclear Applications • New Facilities and Instrumentation
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Plenary Session 1
Plenary Session 2
Plenary Session 3
Plenary Session 4
Plenary Session 5
Plenary Session 6
Parallel Session 1 - Nuclear Structure
Parallel Session 2 - Applications
Parallel Session 3 - Fundamental Interactions
Parallel Session 4 - Applications
Parallel Session 5 - Nuclear Structure
Parallel Session 7 - Hadron Structure and Interactions
Parallel Session 8 - Instrumentation and Facilities
Parallel Session 9 - Nuclear Reactions
Parallel Session 10 - Instrumentation and Facilities
Parallel Session 11 - Nuclear Reactions
Parallel Session 12 - Nuclear Structure
Parallel Session 13 - Applications
Parallel Session 14 - Nuclear Reactions
Parallel Session 15 - Hadron Structure and Interactions
Plenary Session 1
Accelerator technology and SPECT developments for BNCT
PoS(X LASNPA)001 pdf A. Valda
Status report on the detection of illicit materials in cargo containers by using neutron beams
PoS(X LASNPA)002 pdf G. Viesti
Plenary Session 2
Quantum Dosimetry and Directional Visualization of Space Radiation with Miniaturized Timepix Payloads Onboard the International Space Station (ISS) and ESA Proba-V Satellite
PoS(X LASNPA)003 pdf attachments C. Granja
Dynamical exploration of complex states of matter in neutron stars crusts
PoS(X LASNPA)006 pdf V. de la Mota
Nuclear astrophysics with radioactive beams
PoS(X LASNPA)007 pdf C. Bertulani
Astroparticles in Latin America: current status and outlook
PoS(X LASNPA)008 pdf I. Sidelnik
Plenary Session 3
Precision measurements of beta-decay correlation parameters from trapped atoms and ions
PoS(X LASNPA)010 pdf D. Melconian
Isobar separation and precision mass spectrometry of short-lived nuclides with a multi- reflection time-of-flight analyzer
PoS(X LASNPA)011 pdf L. Schweikhard
Using cosmic muons to search for cavities in the Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacan: preliminary results
PoS(X LASNPA)012 pdf A. Menchaca-Rocha
Plenary Session 4
Collinear Structure Functions of the Nucleon: Status and Future
PoS(X LASNPA)013 pdf S.E. Kuhn
Meson Spectroscopy at GlueX
PoS(X LASNPA)015 pdf C. Salgado
The emergence of hadrons from color charge in QCD
PoS(X LASNPA)016 pdf W. Brooks, H. Hakobyan, M. Arratia and C. Peña
Plenary Session 5
Experiments with the double solenoid system RIBRAS
PoS(X LASNPA)018 pdf R. Lichtenthaler
Rainbow-like scattering in absorptive nuclear systems
PoS(X LASNPA)019 pdf J.R.B. Oliveira, F. Cappuzzello, L.C. Chamon and J. Lubian
The ISOLDE Facility: recent highlights and the HIE-ISOLDE project
PoS(X LASNPA)020 pdf M.J. Garcia-Borge
Fusion reactions induced by halo and weakly bound nuclei around the Coulomb barrier: results and experimental problems
PoS(X LASNPA)089 pdf P. Figuera
Plenary Session 6
Nuclear structure aspects via g-factor measurements: pushing the frontiers
PoS(X LASNPA)021 pdf D.A. Torres Galindo and F. Ramirez
Parallel Session 1 - Nuclear Structure
Self-Consistent Quantal Cranking Model for Monopole Excitations in Light Nuclei
PoS(X LASNPA)024 pdf P. Parviz Gulshani
Parallel Session 2 - Applications
The 9Be(d n)10B reaction as a neutron source for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
PoS(X LASNPA)025 pdf M.E. Capoulat, M.S. Herrera, D.M. Minsky and A.J. Kreiner
High-sensitivity radiation detector for low dose levels radiological applications
PoS(X LASNPA)026 pdf M. Valente, W. Molina and J. Vedalago
Parallel Session 3 - Fundamental Interactions
The nuclear matrix elements of double beta decay in Pseudo-SU(4) model
PoS(X LASNPA)027 pdf J.P. Valencia and H. Wu
Spin physics at COSY and beyond
PoS(X LASNPA)028 pdf A. Nass
Lorentz invariance violation in weak interaction: search for effects in beta decay of polarized neutrons
PoS(X LASNPA)029 pdf attachments K. Bodek
Parallel Session 4 - Applications
Evaluation of high resolution detectors for table-top phase contrast enhanced Microradiography
PoS(X LASNPA)030 pdf K.D. Palma-Alejandro, J. Zemlicka, F. Krejci and C. Granja
Investigation of Ca and Mg in blood of dystrophic animal model using NAA
PoS(X LASNPA)031 pdf S. Metairon
Dosimetry Optimization System and Integrated Software (DOSIS): a comparison against FLUKA code results over a standard phantom
PoS(X LASNPA)032 pdf P. Pérez, F. Botta, M. Cremonesi, M. Ferrari, F. Guerriero, A. Mairani, F. Malano, G. Pedroli, I. Scarinci and M. Valente
Compton scattering spectroscopy for determining filtration of a clinical Computed Tomography system
PoS(X LASNPA)033 pdf attachments S. Veloza, H.U. Kauczor and W. Stiller
Parallel Session 5 - Nuclear Structure
Nuclei at the proton drip-line and their relevance to nuclear astrophysics
PoS(X LASNPA)034 pdf L. Ferreira
Mirror (a)symmetry far from stability
PoS(X LASNPA)035 pdf S. Lenzi and R. Lau
Structural changes observed in neutron rich A=108-122 nuclei
PoS(X LASNPA)036 pdf A. Ramayya
Coulomb Breakup as a novel spectroscopic tool to probe directly the quantum numbers of valence nucleon of the exotic nuclei
PoS(X LASNPA)037 pdf U. Datta Pramanik
Parallel Session 7 - Hadron Structure and Interactions
Cascade-minus Polarization in Photoproduction with CLAS
PoS(X LASNPA)039 pdf J. Bono
Parallel Session 8 - Instrumentation and Facilities
Development of a mobile modular system for the detection of Special Nuclear Material (MODES_SNM)
PoS(X LASNPA)040 pdf G. Viesti
Research and Development in HPGe Detectors at LNL
PoS(X LASNPA)042 pdf D.R. Napoli, G. Maggioni, S. Carturan, M. Gelain, J. Eberth, G. Della Mea, D. De Salvador, G. Mariotto, A. De Lorenzi, G. Valotto, M.G. Grimaldi, S. Tati, M. Loriggiola, D. Rosso and P. Cocconi
Position-Sensitive Coincidence Detection of Nuclear Reaction Products with Configurable Array of Timepix Detectors
PoS(X LASNPA)043 pdf attachments C. Granja
Parallel Session 9 - Nuclear Reactions
J/ψ measurements with the ALICE experiment at the LHC
PoS(X LASNPA)044 pdf E. Garcia-Solis
Coexisting single-particle solutions in low-density symmetric nuclear matter
PoS(X LASNPA)045 pdf H. Arellano, J.P. Delaroche and A. Rios
Nuclear matter and ν properties from π induced reactions and decay
PoS(X LASNPA)046 pdf attachments I. Gnesi
Recent developments in Multi-Channel Algebraic Scattering calculations
PoS(X LASNPA)047 pdf L. Canton
Parallel Session 10 - Instrumentation and Facilities
Novel dual single sided silicon strip detector chip for radiotherapy verification
PoS(X LASNPA)049 pdf M. Alvarez
Design and development of an integral high-resolution radiation dosimetry system for medical applications
PoS(X LASNPA)050 pdf M. Valente and J. Vedalago
Supersonic gas Jet target for nuclear physics experiments
PoS(X LASNPA)051 pdf F. Favela, E.R. Chávez Lomelí, E. Andrade, O. de Lucio and M.E. Ortíz
Parallel Session 11 - Nuclear Reactions
Continuum Discretized Coupled Channels Calculations for reactions of 6Li with several targets. Effect of resonances of 6Li on elastic scattering Angular Distributions
PoS(X LASNPA)052 pdf A. Gomez-Camacho
Complete fusion of weakly bound nuclei
PoS(X LASNPA)053 pdf R. Donangelo
Coulomb effects in cold fission from 233U(nth, f), 235U(nth, f) and 239PU(nth, f)
PoS(X LASNPA)054 pdf M. Montoya
Parallel Session 12 - Nuclear Structure
Experimental study of the Neutron-rich Nuclei near the N=82 Closed Shell using the Reaction96Zr + 124Sn at 530 MeV with GASP and PRISMA-CLARA arrays
PoS(X LASNPA)055 pdf W. Rodriguez
Spectroscopy and GEANT4 Simulations of Element 115 Decay Chains
PoS(X LASNPA)057 pdf L. Sarmiento, D. Rudolph, U. Forsberg, P. Golubev and L.L. Andersson
Parallel Session 13 - Applications
Technical applications of an imaging Gamma-ray Compton Backscattering device and simulation using GEANT4
PoS(X LASNPA)058 pdf D. Flechas, L. Sarmiento, F. Cristancho and E. Fajardo
CAB Models for Water: new models for the interaction of thermal neutrons in water
PoS(X LASNPA)059 pdf J.I. Márquez Damián
Parallel Session 14 - Nuclear Reactions
Study of binary fragmentation and compound nucleus fission in the fusion reaction 50Ti + 208Pb
PoS(X LASNPA)060 pdf attachments M. Cinausero
Pre-equilibrium α-particle emission as a probe to study α-clustering in nuclei
PoS(X LASNPA)061 pdf D. Fabris
α-clustering effects in 12C+ 12C and 14N+ 10B reactions at 2.6 A.MeV excitation energy
PoS(X LASNPA)062 pdf L. Morelli
Parallel Session 15 - Hadron Structure and Interactions
Strongly interacting matter under intense magnetic fields
PoS(X LASNPA)063 pdf N. Scoccola and P.G. Allen
On the couplings in ELA for eta-meson photoproduction
PoS(X LASNPA)064 pdf H. Wu
Shell Effects in Duflo-Zuker inspired mass formulas: a status report
PoS(X LASNPA)065 pdf C. Barbaro
Compound nucleus decay of 47V: comparison between saddle point and scission point barriers for the 35Cl+12C and 23Na+24Mg reactions
PoS(X LASNPA)066 pdf attachments T.J. Santos and B.V. Carlson
Estimate of Photoneutrons Generated by 6-18 MV X-Ray Beams for Radiotherapy Techniques
PoS(X LASNPA)067 pdf R. Castillo
Modeling moderated proportional neutron counters using the Geant4 toolkit and the application to detection of fast neutron burst
PoS(X LASNPA)068 pdf F. Molina, A. Tarifeño-Saldivia, J.L. Tain, D. Jordan and L. Soto
Using the Bayes’ theorem of conditional probabilities to obtain the neutron flux of the RECH-1 experimental nuclear reactor at CCHEN
PoS(X LASNPA)070 pdf F. Molina, P. Aguilera, J.R. Morales, M. Zambra, D. Calderon, S. Bustamante, R. Crispieri, J. Daie, C. Henriquez, H. Hidalgo, L. Iturrieta, M. Loncomilla, L. Manriquez, J. Medel, H. Torres, E. Vargas and J. Zambrano
The use of portable X-rays Fluorescence Spectrometry (PXRFS) for clinical practices
PoS(X LASNPA)074 pdf C.B. Zamboni
Titanium Extraction from Waste NORM
PoS(X LASNPA)076 pdf M.A.G. Silveira and N. Medina
Radiation Effect Mechanisms in Electronic Devices
PoS(X LASNPA)077 pdf M.A.G. Silveira
Monitor unit calculation for radiotherapy tretments using the Monte Carlo Method
PoS(X LASNPA)078 pdf H. Laulate
Calculation of minor actinides transmutation in ADS reactors
PoS(X LASNPA)079 pdf P.K. Taipe
Characterization of a polymer gel dosimetry system based on N-isopropylacrylamide and N-N* methylenebisacrylamide
PoS(X LASNPA)080 pdf F. Mattea, M. Strumia and M. Valente
Near threshold 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy
PoS(X LASNPA)081 pdf D.M. Minsky and A.J. Kreiner
Application of the spatial efficiency epsilon(r-1) of a HpGe detector to determine the specific activity of radiative material in cylindrical extended sources
PoS(X LASNPA)083 pdf P. Ortiz and J. Morales
Dose Point Kernel calculation and modeling with nuclear medicine dosimetry purposes
PoS(X LASNPA)084 pdf attachments I. Scarinci, M. Valente and P. Pérez
Internal dosimetry for alpha emitters radiopharmaceuticals in biological tissue studied with the FLUKA code
PoS(X LASNPA)088 pdf M. Valente, F. Malano and P. Pérez