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The 26th International Workshop on Vertex Detectors

Vertex 2017 - (other vertex conferences)
10-15 September, 2017
Las Caldas, Asturias, Spain
published December 05, 2018

The International Workshop on Vertex Detectors (VERTEX) is a major annual series of international workshops for physicists and engineers from the high energy and nuclear physics community. VERTEX provides an international forum to exchange the experiences and needs of the community, and to review recent, ongoing, and future activities on silicon based vertex detectors. The workshop covers a wide range of topics: existing and future detectors, new developments, radiation hardness, simulation, tracking and vertexing, electronics and triggering, applications to medical and other fields.

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Detectors in design and Construction
Operational Experience on Current detectors
Electronics and System Integration
4th dimensional tracking and vertexing (timing)
Future Collider Experiments
New developments
Offline Tracking and vertexing
Online Tracking and vertexing
Radiation Hardness
Summary talk
Detectors in design and Construction
The CMS Pixel Detector Upgrade and R&D developments for the High Luminosity LHC
PoS(Vertex 2017)001 pdf L. Viliani and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
The LHCb Vertex Locator Upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2017)002 pdf E. Lemos Cid, P. Vázquez Regueiro and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
The CMS Outer Tracker Upgrade for the High Luminosity LHC
PoS(Vertex 2017)003 pdf J. Luetic and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
ATLAS ITk Strip Detector for High-Luminosity LHC
PoS(Vertex 2017)008 pdf J. Kroll and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector
PoS(Vertex 2017)004 file missing G. Mohanty
The Muon Forward Tracker, upgrade of the ALICE experiment
PoS(Vertex 2017)005 file missing R. Tieulent
Upgrade of ATLAS ITk Pixel Detector
PoS(Vertex 2017)006 file missing F. Huegging
Design and construction of the LHCb Upstream Tracker
PoS(Vertex 2017)007 file missing M. Petruzzo
The Belle-II Pixel Detector
PoS(Vertex 2017)009 file missing J.C. Dingfelder
Mu3e vertex and tracking system
PoS(Vertex 2017)010 file missing H.C. Augustin
Operational Experience on Current detectors
Operation and Performance of the CMS outer tracker
PoS(Vertex 2017)013 pdf E. Butz and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
The CT-PPS project: detector hardware and operational experience
PoS(Vertex 2017)015 pdf F. Ravera and  on behalf of the CMS and TOTEM collaborations
Commissioning and first results from the CMS phase-1 upgrade pixel detector
PoS(Vertex 2017)018 pdf J. Sonneveld and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
The LHCb VErtex LOcator and Silicon Tracker Operation Performance Run II
PoS(Vertex 2017)016 pdf E. Buchanan and  on behalf of the LHCb VELO and ST collaborations
MAPS-based Vertex Detectors: Operational Experience in STAR and Future Applications
PoS(Vertex 2017)019 pdf G. Contin
DAMIC and CONNIE: CCD detectors for low energy threshold dark matter and neutrino searches
PoS(Vertex 2017)012 file missing B. Kilminster
3D Silicon Tracker for AFP - From Qualification to Operation
PoS(Vertex 2017)011 file missing F.A. Forster
Operational experience with the ALICE ITS
PoS(Vertex 2017)014 file missing A. Alici
Operational experience of ATLAS SCT and Pixel Detector
PoS(Vertex 2017)017 file missing M. Kocian
Electronics and System Integration
Advanced cooling techniques
PoS(Vertex 2017)020 file missing P. Petagna
The NA62 GTK, from silicon microchannel cooling plates to tracking detectors
PoS(Vertex 2017)021 file missing A. Mapelli
RD53A: a Large Scale prototype of a New generation Pixel Readout ASIC for the HL_LHC experiment
PoS(Vertex 2017)022 file missing R. Becchrle
Solutions for flip chip bonding of future pixel detectors
PoS(Vertex 2017)023 file missing S. Vahanen
Microchannel Cooling techniques at LHCb
PoS(Vertex 2017)024 pdf O.A. De Aguiar Francisco and  on behalf of the LHCb VELO and CERN PH-DT collaborations
3D Integration of Sensors and Electronics
PoS(Vertex 2017)025 pdf R. Lipton
The Timepix family ASICs
PoS(Vertex 2017)026 file missing X. Llopart
4th dimensional tracking and vertexing (timing)
4th dimensional tracking: the GigaTracker of NA62 experiment.
PoS(Vertex 2017)027 pdf
E. Migliore, E. Cortina Gil, E. Minucci, M. Perrin-Terrin, B. Velghe, S. Chiozzi, A. Cotta Ramusino, M. Fiorini, A. Gianoli, F. Petrucci, H. Wahl, R. Arcidiacono, C. Biino, F. Marchetto, G. Aglieri Rinella, D. Alvarez Feito, S. Bonacini, A. Ceccucci, J. Degrange, E. Gamberini, J. Kaplon, A. Kluge, A. Mapelli, M. Morel, J. Noël, M. Noy, L. Perktold, P. Petagna, K. Poltorak, G. Romagnoli and G. Ruggiero
Precision timing for the High Luminosity Upgrade of CMS
PoS(Vertex 2017)028 pdf R. Yohay and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
High Granularity Timing Detector at Atlas
PoS(Vertex 2017)029 file missing G. Kramberger
Future Collider Experiments
Status & Challenges of Tracker Design for FCC-hh
PoS(Vertex 2017)030 pdf Z. Drasal and  on behalf of the FCC-hh Detector Working Group
Silicon pixel R&D for CLIC
PoS(Vertex 2017)031 pdf A. Nürnberg
Vertex and Trakcing for LC detectors
PoS(Vertex 2017)032 file missing L.A. Perez Perez
New developments
Silicon Sensor technologies for timing (LGAD)
PoS(Vertex 2017)033 pdf M.M. Obertino
Overview and perspectives of depleted CMOS sensors for high radiation environments
PoS(Vertex 2017)034 pdf T. Hemperek
Recent Developments of SOI Pixel Devices
PoS(Vertex 2017)035 pdf K. Hara, D. Sekigawa, S. Endo, W. Aoyagi, S. Honda, T. Tsuboyama, M. Yamada, S. Ono, M. Togawa, Y. Ikegami, Y. Arai, I. Kurachi, T. Miyoshi, J. Haba and K. Hanagaki
Offline Tracking and vertexing
Performance of the ATLAS tracking
PoS(Vertex 2017)036 file missing S. Roe
Tracking Performance and alignment of the recently upgraded CMS tracker
PoS(Vertex 2017)037 file missing V. Veszpremi
Online Tracking and vertexing
Tracking, Vertexing and data handling strategy for the LHCb upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2017)039 pdf P. Seyfert and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Level-1 track finding for the CMS HL-LHC upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2017)038 file missing K. Hahn
Real-time alignment and reconstruction in Run 2 and its performance at the LHCb experiment
PoS(Vertex 2017)040 file missing A. Davis
Radiation Hardness
Multiplication onset and electric field properties of proton irradiated LGADs
PoS(Vertex 2017)041 pdf S. Otero Ugobono, M. Centis Vignali, M. Fernández García, C. Gallrapp, S. Hidalgo Villena, I. Mateu, M. Moll, G. Pellegrini, A. Ventura Barroso and I. Vila
Extreme Radiation Tolerant Sensor Technologies
PoS(Vertex 2017)042 file missing M. Mikuz
Review of RD42 activities
PoS(Vertex 2017)043 file missing H. Kagan
Review of RD50 activities
PoS(Vertex 2017)044 file missing M. Fernández García
Main Results of Radiation Characterization of CMOS 65nm technology and the impact on the design of RD53A, a large scale pixel chip prototype for HL_LHC.
PoS(Vertex 2017)045 file missing M. Menouni
Modeling radiation damage in TCAD
PoS(Vertex 2017)046 pdf D. Passeri, F. Moscatelli and A. Morozzi
Vertex Reconstruction and Performance in ATLAS
PoS(Vertex 2017)047 file missing B. Whitmore
Development of CMS silicon strip detector module mechanics for Phase-II upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2017)048 pdf P. Behera, N.P. Singh, S. Devadula and M. Alibordi
Simulation of material budget measurements with beam telescopes
PoS(Vertex 2017)049 pdf P. Schuetze and H. Jansen
Modeling Radiation Damage Effects in 3D Pixel Digitization for the ATLAS Detector
PoS(Vertex 2017)050 pdf V. Wallangen and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
The automated assembly of stacked detector modules for the CMS outer tracker upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2017)051 pdf J. Keaveney
The VeloPix ASIC test results
PoS(Vertex 2017)052 pdf E. Lemos Cid, P. Vázquez Regueiro and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
LHCb vertex locator upgrade: front-end electronics and firmware.
PoS(Vertex 2017)053 pdf A. Fernandez Prieto, E. Lemos Cid, P. Vázquez Regueiro and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration and VELO group
50um thin LGAD fabricated for the High Granularity Time Detector of the ATLAS experiment
PoS(Vertex 2017)054 file missing G. Pellegrini
Edge-TCT Characterisation on TowerJazz CMOS Sensor for the ITK Phase II Upgrade
PoS(Vertex 2017)055 pdf A. Sharma, C.S. Sanchez and D. Bortoletto
EMC characterization of vertex detectors within the framework of AIDA2020 project
PoS(Vertex 2017)056 file missing M. Iglesias
MuPix8 - A large-area HV-MAPS chip
PoS(Vertex 2017)057 pdf H.C. Augustin, N. Berger, S. Dittmeier, F. Ehrler, J. Hammerich, A. Herkert, L. Huth, D. Immig, J. Kröger, I. Peric, M. Prathapan, R. Schimassek, A. Schöning, A.L. Weber, D. Wiedner and H. Zhang
Summary talk
Workshop Summary Talk
PoS(Vertex 2017)058 file missing T. Bergauer