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The New Era of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

25 - 29 March, 2019
Groningen, The Netherlands

The past few years have been pivotal for multi-messenger astrophysics, with the first detection of gravitational waves from the merging of two neutron stars and the recent announcement of a high-energy neutrino event detected by IceCube coincident in direction and time with a gamma-ray flare from a blazar detected by Fermi. Gravitational Wave and Neutrino sources and their electromagnetic counterparts, together with new developments in transient astronomy, are a vibrant field where the nature of many phenomena is still unknown or debated. Furthermore, the generation of new sensitive, wide-field instrumentation across the entire electromagnetic and astroparticle spectrum (SKA, CTA, KM3NeT, ELT, Athena) are set to radically change the way we perceive the Universe. In the next decade, space and ground-based detectors will jointly explore the Universe through all its messengers. Adequate e-infrastructures and algorithms will be needed to manage and analyse the data.

We look forward to welcoming you to discuss the recent developments in the fields of gravitational waves, astrophysical neutrinos, the highly energetic dynamic sky, and to explore new methods for multi-messenger science and the related research infrastructures.

The conference is hosted by the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) on behalf of the ASTERICS collaboration at Martini Plaza in Groningen, The Netherlands. ASTERICS is a Horizon 2020 funded project that collects knowledge and experiences from astronomy, astrophysics and particle physics and fosters synergies among existing research infrastructures and scientific communities, with the ambition of seeing them interoperate as an integrated, multi-wavelength and multi-messenger facility.

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Main session
All-sky astrophysics enabled by innovative systems for indexing the sky
PoS(Asterics2019)001 file missing M. Allen
Joint Observation planning and Follow-ups
PoS(Asterics2019)002 pdf G. Anderson and E. Chassande-Mottin
Rapid-response radio telescopes in the era of multi-messenger astrophysics
PoS(Asterics2019)003 file missing G. Anderson
Discovering electromagnetic counterparts with ZTF, DECam, and GROWTH facilities
PoS(Asterics2019)004 file missing I. Andreoni
Multi-messenger science with VIRGO
PoS(Asterics2019)005 file missing S. Antier
AMON: Multimessenger alerts from high-energy gamma rays and neutrinos
PoS(Asterics2019)006 pdf H. Ayala
Science with the Cherenkov Telescope Array: The Multi-wavelength and multi-messenger scene
PoS(Asterics2019)007 pdf U. Barres de Almeida
Multi-messenger Astroparticle Physics in the Gravitational-wave Era
PoS(Asterics2019)008 file missing I. Bartos
Machine learning classification for gravitational-wave triggers in single-detector periods
PoS(Asterics2019)009 file missing M. Bejger
Towards a framework for multi-messenger data sharing
PoS(Asterics2019)010 file missing D. Berge
VLITE-Fast: VLA's commensal FRB search engine
PoS(Asterics2019)012 file missing S. Bethapudi
Spin equilibrium of transiently accreting millisecond pulsars
PoS(Asterics2019)013 file missing S. Bhattacharyya
Facilitating Joint Analysis
PoS(Asterics2019)014 file missing C. Boisson
Archiving data from a software telescope
PoS(Asterics2019)015 pdf C. Boisson, M. Servillat, K. Kosack, M. Louys, F. Bonnarel and M. Sanguillon
SKA Science and Coordination with Multi-messenger facilities
PoS(Asterics2019)016 pdf A. Bonaldi, E. Keane, R. Bolton and A. Chrysostomou
Dwingeloo telescope VLBI with a remote maser
PoS(Asterics2019)017 file missing P. Boven
pLISA: a parallel Library for Identification and Study of Astroparticles and its application to KM3NeT
PoS(Asterics2019)018 pdf C. Bozza, C. De Sio and R. Coniglione
Neutrinos from TXS 0506+056
PoS(Asterics2019)019 file missing S. Britzen
Identifying EM counterparts to NS-NS mergers: an Optimized Radio Follow-up Strategy
PoS(Asterics2019)020 file missing D. Carbone
Telescope and space mission scheduling towards a multi-observatory framework
PoS(Asterics2019)021 file missing J. Colomé
Multimessenger searches with the ANTARES and KM3NeT neutrino telescopes
PoS(Asterics2019)022 pdf M. Colomer Molla
Multi-messenger science in the European Astroparticle Physics Strategy 2017-2026
PoS(Asterics2019)023 file missing J. de Kleuver
Multi-messenger real-time analysis framework of the KM3NeT neutrino telescope
PoS(Asterics2019)024 file missing D. Dornic
Neutron Star Merger Afterglows: Population Prospects for the Gravitational Wave Era
PoS(Asterics2019)025 pdf R. Duque, R. Mochkovitch and F. Daigne
Operational Concepts of the CTA Observatory in the Time Domain Astronomy
PoS(Asterics2019)026 file missing M. Fuessling
Data and Software Preservation through Containerisation in KM3NeT
PoS(Asterics2019)027 pdf T. Gal
Access, Discovery and Interoperability of Multi-wavelength/multi-messenger Data
PoS(Asterics2019)028 pdf F. Genova, M.G. Allen, C. Boisson, E. Chassande-Mottin, P. Coyle, M. Van Haarlem, A. Lawrence, M. Molinaro, E. Solano, J. Wambsganss and M.F. Sterzik
Short Gamma Ray Bursts: what we have learnt from GW170817
PoS(Asterics2019)029 file missing G. Ghirlanda
LOFAR triggered observations of gravitational wave merger events and GRBs
PoS(Asterics2019)030 file missing K. Gourdji
Working with Gravitational-Wave sky localizations: new methods and implementations
PoS(Asterics2019)031 pdf G. Greco, M. Branchesi, E. Chassande-Mottin, M.W. Coughlin, G. Stratta, G. Dálya, G. Hemming, L. Rei, E. Brocato, P. Fernique, T. Boch, S. Derriere, M. Baumann, F. Genova and M. Allen
Fast Radio Bursts
PoS(Asterics2019)032 file missing J. Hessels
The H.E.S.S. transients alert system
PoS(Asterics2019)033 file missing C. Hoischen
Public engagement as a scientific tool to implement multi-messenger strategies with the Cosmic-Ray Extremely Distributed Observatory
PoS(Asterics2019)034 pdf P. Homola, D. Alvarez-Castillo, A. Duffy, D. Gora, B. Hnatyk, P. Jagoda, M. Kasztelan, K. Kopanski, P. Kovasc, M. Krupinski, A. Mozgova, V. Nazari, M. Niedzwiecki, W. Noga, D. Ostrogorski, K. Smolek, J. Stasielak, O. Sushchov, T. Wibig, K. Wozniak and J. Zamora-Saa
Joint gravitational wave - gamma-ray burst detection rates in the aftermath of GW170817
PoS(Asterics2019)035 pdf E. Howell, K. Ackley, A. Rowlinson and D. Coward
The benefits of public engagement
PoS(Asterics2019)036 file missing J. Jarvis
Multi-messenger astrophysics and ASTERICS results
PoS(Asterics2019)037 pdf C.A. Jackson
Open data and tools for gamma-ray astronomy
PoS(Asterics2019)038 file missing L. Jouvin
Efficient remote interactive pipelines using CASA and Jupyter
PoS(Asterics2019)039 file missing A. Keimpema, M. Kettenis, D. Small, T.J. Dijkema and A. Szomoru
Glowbug, a Gamma-Ray Telescope for Bursts and Other Transients
PoS(Asterics2019)040 file missing M. Kerr
Alert Mechanisms and multi-messenger coordination platforms
PoS(Asterics2019)041 file missing M. Kettenis
Neutrinos on ice - Blazars as counterparts to neutrinos above 100 TeV
PoS(Asterics2019)042 file missing F. Krauss
Coordinating observations among ground and space-based telescopes in the multi-messenger era
PoS(Asterics2019)043 file missing E. Kuulkers
ENGRAVE: Gravitational Wave Follow-up at the European Southern Observatory
PoS(Asterics2019)044 file missing A. Levan and t.E. Consortium
A Platform for Multi-Messenger Observing
PoS(Asterics2019)045 pdf J. Lightfoot, J. Colomé, M. Kettenis, D. Morris and M. Timmer
Supernova detection and real-time alerts with the KM3NeT neutrino telescopes
PoS(Asterics2019)046 pdf M. Lincetto and M. Colomer-Molla
The Rate of Short Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Local Universe
PoS(Asterics2019)047 pdf S. Mandhai, N. Tanvir, G. Lamb, A. Levan and D. Tsang
Observing a Fast Radio Burst from radio wavelengths to very high energy gamma-rays
PoS(Asterics2019)048 file missing B. Marcote
Facilitating Data sharing
PoS(Asterics2019)049 file missing S. Matheussen
Gemini Operations for Multi-Messenger Astronomy
PoS(Asterics2019)050 pdf B. Miller, A. Adamson, J. Blakeslee, A. Stephens, J. Thomas-Osip and A. Nunez
Prospects for kilonova signals in the gravitational wave era
PoS(Asterics2019)051 file missing R. Mochkovitch
ESFRIs & VO: networking and discussing
PoS(Asterics2019)052 pdf M. Molinaro and F. Pasian
The detection of high energy spectral cutoff of bright GRBs detected via Fermi telescope
PoS(Asterics2019)053 file missing E. Moneer
Simulation of fluorescence radiation for Cherenkov observatories
PoS(Asterics2019)054 pdf D. Morcuende, J. Rosado, J.L. Contreras and F. Arqueros
About policies for multi-wavelengths/multi-messengers astrophysics
PoS(Asterics2019)055 pdf D. Mourard, S. Matheussen, S. Berry, G. Cimo, M. Cirasuolo, R. van der Meer, P. Padovani and E. de WOLF
Exploring Time Domain Multi-Messenger Astronomy through the Virtual Observatory
PoS(Asterics2019)056 pdf A. Nebot, M. Allen, P. Fernique, M. Baumann, T. Boch, C. Bot, S. Derriere, F. Genova, K. Lutz and D. Morris
Gravitational waves and the birth of Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
PoS(Asterics2019)057 file missing S. Nissanke
On the sources of high energy neutrinos
PoS(Asterics2019)058 pdf A. Palladino
The binary neutron star merger rate via the modelled rate of short gamma-ray bursts
PoS(Asterics2019)059 pdf D. Paul
Standardizing VOEvent and archives
PoS(Asterics2019)060 pdf E. Petroff, D. Morris and E. Chassande-Mottin
A VOEvent Standard for Fast Radio Bursts
PoS(Asterics2019)061 file missing E. Petroff
Follow-up observations of multi-messenger alerts with H.E.S.S.
PoS(Asterics2019)062 file missing H. Prokoph
Future NASA Missions for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
PoS(Asterics2019)063 file missing J. Racusin
Searching for Optical Counterparts to High-Energy Neutrino Sources with ZTF
PoS(Asterics2019)064 file missing L. Rauch
AMPEL: a streaming data analysis framework
PoS(Asterics2019)065 file missing L. Rauch
MAGIC as a Neutrino Follow-Up Instrument
PoS(Asterics2019)066 pdf A. Fattorini, K. Satalecka, E. Bernardini and M. Ribó
MAGIC follow-up of gravitational wave events in the third LIGO/Virgo observation run
PoS(Asterics2019)067 pdf A. Berti, M. Ribó, L.A. Antonelli, J. Becerra-González, Z. Bosnjak, S. Covino, B.D. Lotto, F.D. Puppo, S. Inoue, F. Longo, D. Miceli, E. Moretti, L. Nava, B. Patricelli and A. Stamerra
Searches for ultra-high-energy photons at the Pierre Auger Observatory
PoS(Asterics2019)068 pdf P. Ruehl
Multi-messenger characterization of BH-NS mergers
PoS(Asterics2019)069 file missing O.S. Salafia
The limited contribution of gamma-ray bursts to ultra-high energy cosmic rays
PoS(Asterics2019)070 file missing F. Samuelsson
Hunting for elusive multi-messenger transients with INTEGRAL
PoS(Asterics2019)071 pdf V. Savchenko and on behalf of the INTEGRAL Multimessenger Collaboration
Astrophysical Online Data Analysis powered by provenance data model
PoS(Asterics2019)072 pdf V. Savchenko
Correlation of IceCube neutrinos with 2MRS
PoS(Asterics2019)073 pdf S. Sclafani and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Searches for counterparts of Gravitational Waves with VHE gamma-ray observatorie
PoS(Asterics2019)074 file missing M. Seglar-Arroyo
The ASTERICS VO schools. Getting closer to the astronomical community
PoS(Asterics2019)075 pdf E. Solano, A. Nebot Gómez-Morán and F. Genova
ROAst (ROot extension for Astronomy)
PoS(Asterics2019)077 pdf B. Spisso, C. Bozza and R. Coniglione
Search for High-Energy Neutrinos from Populations of Optical Transients
PoS(Asterics2019)078 pdf R. Stein and on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
CORELib: COsmic Ray Event Library
PoS(Asterics2019)079 pdf S.M. Stellacci
30 ELT science and its potential for multi-messenger astrophysics
PoS(Asterics2019)080 file missing M. Sterzik
LOFAR's fast response capabilities
PoS(Asterics2019)081 file missing S. ter Veen
GWOSC: Gravitational Wave Open Science Center
PoS(Asterics2019)082 pdf A. Trovato
RISCAPE: an analysis of the international landscape of research infrastructures in astronomy and astroparticle physics.
PoS(Asterics2019)083 pdf R. van der Meer, C. Baldovin, M. Timmer and R.C. Vermeulen
White rabbit time and frequency transfer in SURFnet8 network for VLBI purposes
PoS(Asterics2019)084 file missing C. van Tour
Are you up for faster dissemination of your data?
PoS(Asterics2019)085 file missing H. Verkouter
The Athena X-ray mission and its synergy with the next generation of multi-messenger facilities
PoS(Asterics2019)086 file missing J. Vink
Observatory e-environments linked by common challenges
PoS(Asterics2019)087 file missing T. Vuillaume
High Performance Computing applied to the Cherenkov Telescope Array data analysis
PoS(Asterics2019)088 file missing T. Vuillaume
J-GEM collaboration: an optical-infrared follow-up observation network
PoS(Asterics2019)089 file missing M. Yoshida
Continuous gravitational waves from axion clouds
PoS(Asterics2019)090 file missing S. Zhu

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