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18th International Conference on B-Physics at Frontier Machines

Beauty2019 - (other beauty conferences)
29 September / 4 October 2019
Ljubljana, Slovenia
published September 09, 2020

The conference is the 18th edition in a series initiated in Prague in 1993. The aim of the conference is to review experimental and theoretical advances in heavy flavor physics. Scientific program will cover a wide range of research including studies of CP violation and rare decays in beauty and charm hadrons, their (semi)leptonic decays, production of heavy hadrons, spectroscopy of conventional and exotic states, and searches for New Physics effects. New results from LHCb, Belle II and other experiments will be reviewed, as well as upgraded and new experimental facilities.

Editorial Board

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CPV B mesons
Rare decays
Heavy Flavor Production
B -> s l l
Heavy ions
Semileptonic decays
Beyond SM
Editorial: Beauty 2019 at Ljubljana, Slovenia
PoS(Beauty2019)064 pdf G. Wilkinson, R. Fleischer and B. Golob
Beauty at High Precision / Sensitivity
PoS(Beauty2019)001 pdf C. Quigg
CPV B mesons
CP violation in B decays
PoS(Beauty2019)002 file missing E. Kou
CP violation in $B_s^0\rightarrow J/\psi \phi$ in the ATLAS experiment
PoS(Beauty2019)003 pdf R. Novotny
Measurement of CP violating phase $\phi_s$ at CMS
PoS(Beauty2019)004 pdf F. Palla
$\phi_{s}$ status and prospects at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)005 pdf K. Govorkova
Quantum-correlated $D\bar{D}$ inputs to CKM angle $\gamma$ from BESIII
PoS(Beauty2019)006 pdf L. Li
Measurements of the CKM angle γ at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)007 pdf M. Bjoern and  on behalf of the LHCb collaboration
Measurements of CP violation in $B\to DD$ decays
PoS(Beauty2019)008 pdf M. Calvi
Lattice spectroscopy (focus on exotics)
PoS(Beauty2019)009 pdf S. Prelovsek
Search for exotic states in ATLAS: pentaquarks
PoS(Beauty2019)010 pdf I. Yeletskikh and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Heavy flavor spectroscopy results from CMS
PoS(Beauty2019)011 pdf S. Polikarpov
Spectroscopy at LHCb - conventional states
PoS(Beauty2019)012 pdf M. Needham
Spectroscopy and production of Bc mesons in ATLAS
PoS(Beauty2019)013 file missing K. Toms
CMS studies of excited $B_c$ states
PoS(Beauty2019)014 pdf L. Cristella
Rare decays
Angular distributions and BSM fits for rare B decays
PoS(Beauty2019)015 pdf S. Descotes-genon
Bs -> mumu and other rare decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)016 file missing M. Rama
Rare and Semi-rare Decays of Beauty Mesons in ATLAS
PoS(Beauty2019)017 pdf W. Walkowiak and  on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration
Measurement of rare $B \to \mu\mu$ decays and search for $\tau\to 3\mu$ decays at CMS
PoS(Beauty2019)018 pdf K.f. Chen
Rare decays studies using early Belle II data
PoS(Beauty2019)019 file missing M. Yonenaga
Radiative decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)020 pdf P. Krokovny
FCNC in top quark transitions in ATLAS
PoS(Beauty2019)021 pdf F.M. Daneri
Charmless b-hadron decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)022 pdf D. O'hanlon
Heavy Flavor Production
Heavy flavour production in ATLAS: Charmonium production in p− p at 13 TeV and in Pb−Pb collisions. Associated charmonium and vector bosons production.
PoS(Beauty2019)023 pdf B. Abbott
CMS studies in heavy flavor production
PoS(Beauty2019)024 pdf M. Galanti
Heavy flavour production at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)025 pdf M. Rotondo
Spectroscopy at LHCb - exotic states
PoS(Beauty2019)026 pdf L. Zhang
Rare kaon decays and CP violation
PoS(Beauty2019)027 pdf A. Pich
Recent results in kaon physics
PoS(Beauty2019)028 pdf Z. Kucerova
B -> s l l
Theory status and implications of $R^{(*)}_K$
PoS(Beauty2019)029 pdf A. Vicente
Angular analysis of $\mathrm{B}\to\mathrm{K}^{(*)}\mu\mu$ decays at CMS
PoS(Beauty2019)030 pdf A. Boletti and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
b -> sll and friends (studies with muons) at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)031 file missing F. Kress
Lepton flavour universality tests in rare $b\to s\ell\ell$ decays
PoS(Beauty2019)032 pdf C. Langenbruch
$B\rightarrow K^{(\ast)}ll$ (and$B\rightarrow X_{s}\gamma$) measurements at Belle
PoS(Beauty2019)033 pdf S. Watanuki
Heavy ions
Heavy Ion Theory
PoS(Beauty2019)034 file missing M. Djordjevic
Heavy flavour production in heavy ion collisions
PoS(Beauty2019)035 file missing E. Scomparin
Heavy flavor measurements in heavy ion collisions, LHC Run3+4
PoS(Beauty2019)036 file missing A. Uras
Semileptonic decays
Lattice QCD (focus on Charm and Beauty form factors, R(D*), b- & c-quark masses)
PoS(Beauty2019)037 pdf O. Witzel
Semileptonic B decays, latest |V_xb| (status and prospects for Belle II)
PoS(Beauty2019)038 file missing P. Gambino
Theory status and implications of R_D(*) and tau polarisation
PoS(Beauty2019)039 file missing T. Kitahara
Semileptonic b decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)040 file missing M. Tilley
$R(D)$ and $R(D^*)$ at Belle
PoS(Beauty2019)041 pdf K. Hara
Full 4d angular analysis of B -> D* l nu at BaBar
PoS(Beauty2019)042 file missing M. Rotondo
Beyond SM
Flavor at low and high $p_T$
PoS(Beauty2019)046 pdf J. F. Kamenik
Search for dark matter with early Belle II data
PoS(Beauty2019)043 file missing E. Graziani
Beyond the Standard Model, guided by Lepton Universality
PoS(Beauty2019)044 pdf N. Košnik
(g-2)μ (and prospects for LFV measurements)
PoS(Beauty2019)045 file missing D. Pocanic
Recent results about charm decays at BESIII
PoS(Beauty2019)047 file missing L. Zhang
Charm decays
PoS(Beauty2019)048 pdf U. Nierste
Rare charm decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)049 file missing J. Brodzicka
Fighting systematics for Charm CPV at Belle II
PoS(Beauty2019)050 pdf Y. Kwon
$CP$ violation and mixing in charm decays at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)051 pdf M. Schubiger
Measurements of lifetimes and other b properties at LHCb
PoS(Beauty2019)052 file missing M. De Cian
Time-dependent studies with early Belle II data
PoS(Beauty2019)053 pdf Y. Yusa
Performance of High-Level Reconstruction at Belle II
PoS(Beauty2019)054 pdf F. Tenchini
Status of LHCb Upgrade I, and prospects for Upgrade II
PoS(Beauty2019)055 file missing S. Esen
Belle II status and prospects
PoS(Beauty2019)056 file missing G. Mohanty
Flavour prospects at future colliders, in particular the FCC-ee
PoS(Beauty2019)057 file missing S. Monteil
Beauty 2019 — Conference summary
PoS(Beauty2019)058 pdf P. Koppenburg
$B_c \rightarrow J/\psi$ Form Factors and $R(J/\psi)$ using Lattice QCD
PoS(Beauty2019)059 pdf J. Harrison, C. Davies and A. Lytle
Aerogel RICH at the Belle II experiment
PoS(Beauty2019)060 file missing L. Santelj
Search for second-class currents with the $\tau$ decay into $\pi\eta\nu$
PoS(Beauty2019)061 pdf K. Ogawa, M. Hernández Villanueva and K. Hayasaka
Hadronic $B$ decay reconstruction in early Belle II data
PoS(Beauty2019)062 pdf E. Ganiev, N. Rout and B. Wach
Feasibility of inclusive $B \rightarrow \Lambda_{c}$ $ X$ branching fraction measurement and search for baryonic $B$ meson decays with invisible particles
PoS(Beauty2019)063 pdf L.B. Rizzuto