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From Strings to LHC

January 2-10, 2007
Goa, India
published April 09, 2008
The past decade has seen a large body of work being generated in the area of string phenomenology. New models inspired by string theory have been developed which go beyond the realm of the experiential i.e. confronting gross features like four spacetime dimensions, low-energy symmetries etc. to that of the experimental i.e. observable consequences in collider and other experiments. With the first set of data from the Large Hadron Collider expected to be available in less than three years, it is important to give the alliance between string theory and high-energy physics a more concrete shape. In particular, in this meeting, we are interested in bringing together string theorists who have been studying low-energy models, high-energy theorists who have expertise in collider phenomenology and LHC experimentalists.
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Overview Talks
Pedagogical Lecture Courses
Supersymmetry Working Group Talks
Brane Worlds Working Group Talks
Alternate Scenarios Working Group Talks
Working Group Summary Talks
Overview Talks
Overview of the LHC experiment
PoS(stringsLHC)001 file missing G. Polesello
Overview of LHC phenomenology
PoS(stringsLHC)002 file missing R.M. Godbole
PoS(stringsLHC)003 pdf M. Duff
Pedagogical Lecture Courses
String Basics
PoS(stringsLHC)004 file missing S. Mukhi
Supersymmetry at the LHC
PoS(stringsLHC)005 file missing X. Tata
Brane Worlds Theory
PoS(stringsLHC)006 pdf T. Gherghetta
Dark Matter at LHC
PoS(stringsLHC)007 file missing G. Polesello
Electroweak Superconductivity
PoS(stringsLHC)008 file missing A. Cohen
Flux Compactifications in String Theory
PoS(stringsLHC)009 file missing S. Trivedi
Brane Worlds Phenomenology
PoS(stringsLHC)010 file missing S. Raychaudhuri
Brane Worlds Cosmology
PoS(stringsLHC)011 pdf J. Cline
Standard Model Expectations at the LHC
PoS(stringsLHC)012 file missing S. Moretti
Supersymmetry Working Group Talks
SUSY Signatures at LHC
PoS(stringsLHC)013 file missing G. Polesello
Moduli Stabilization and Phenomenology
PoS(stringsLHC)014 pdf E. Dudas
The LHC, the Hierarchy Problem and M Theory
PoS(stringsLHC)015 file missing B. Acharya
Higgs Boson Mass Bounds in General SUSY Models
PoS(stringsLHC)016 file missing K.S. Babu
Gauge Extensions of the MSSM
PoS(stringsLHC)017 pdf P. Batra
Gravity Waves in String Inflationary Models
PoS(stringsLHC)018 file missing S. Trivedi
Brane Worlds Working Group Talks
Models with Warped Extra Dimensions
PoS(stringsLHC)019 file missing T. Gherghetta
Heterotic Standard Model, Moduli Stabilization and the Cosmological Constant
PoS(stringsLHC)020 file missing B. Ovrut
A Brief Survey of String/Brane Cosmology
PoS(stringsLHC)021 pdf S. Panda
Moduli Stabilization and Patterns of Soft SUSY Breaking Terms
PoS(stringsLHC)022 pdf K. Choi
Brane-Antibrane Inflation
PoS(stringsLHC)023 pdf J. Cline
Running Neutrino Mass from Six Dimensions
PoS(stringsLHC)024 pdf V. Sudhir
Effective Lagrangians on Domain Walls and Other Solitons
PoS(stringsLHC)025 pdf N. Sakai
Mini-Black Holes at LHC
PoS(stringsLHC)026 pdf S.C. Park
Alternate Scenarios Working Group Talks
Gauge Higgs Unification
PoS(stringsLHC)027 file missing S.C. Park
Little Higgs Models
PoS(stringsLHC)028 file missing A. Cohen
W_L W_L Scattering
PoS(stringsLHC)029 pdf S. Rindani
Mass, Mass Shifts, Higgs
PoS(stringsLHC)030 pdf Y. Srivastava
Single Top Production at D0
PoS(stringsLHC)031 file missing V. Simak
Top Quark Spin Correlation
PoS(stringsLHC)032 pdf K. Smolek
Working Group Summary Talks
Supersymmetry Working Group Summary
PoS(stringsLHC)033 pdf P. Roy
Brane Worlds Working Group Summary
PoS(stringsLHC)034 pdf D. Jatkar
Alternate Scenarios Working Group Summary
PoS(stringsLHC)035 pdf G. Bhattacharyya