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5th International Workshop on Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement

CPOD 2009 - (other cpod conferences)
June 8-12, 2009
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Long Island, New York, USA
published January 19, 2010
This is the 5th workshop in a series that started 2004 with a workshop at the ECT* in Trento. Subsequent meetings were held at the University of Bergen in 2005, at the Galileo Galilei Institute in Florence in 2006 and the GSI/Darmstadt in 2007. The purpose of the workshop series is to discuss theoretical and experimental progress in studies of the QCD phase diagram and properties of strongly interacting matter at high temperature and density. Particular emphasis is put on the physics at non-zero baryon number density that shall be probed in future low energy experiments at BNL, CERN, GSI and JINR.
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NA49 evidence for the onset of deconfinement
PoS(CPOD 2009)005 pdf V. Friese
Phase transition signature results from PHENIX
PoS(CPOD 2009)006 pdf J. Mitchell
The ridges and the cone as “QGP corona" effects
PoS(CPOD 2009)007 pdf E.V. Shuryak
Energy dependence of azimuthal correlations
PoS(CPOD 2009)008 pdf M. Szuba
Oscillations of HBT radii and the softest point in the EOS
PoS(CPOD 2009)009 file missing M. Lisa
Thermal systems with a finite bath: A description of an event generator
PoS(CPOD 2009)010 file missing M. Hauer
Finite-size effects and the search for the critical endpoint in heavy ion collisions
PoS(CPOD 2009)011 pdf L. Palhares, E.S. Fraga and T. Kodama
Modeling phase transitions in rapidly expanding systems
PoS(CPOD 2009)012 pdf I. Mishustin
Monday Morning
The QCD phase diagram: Expectations and Challenges
PoS(CPOD 2009)001 pdf R. Stock
Exploring the QCD phase diagram: Fluctuations and Correlations
PoS(CPOD 2009)002 pdf V. Koch
Fluctuations and their scaling in effective models and LGT calculations
PoS(CPOD 2009)003 file missing K. Redlich
Overview of STAR results on fluctuations
PoS(CPOD 2009)004 file missing G. Westfall
Tuesday Morning
Universality, non-Gaussian fluctuations and the search for the QCD critical point
PoS(CPOD 2009)013 file missing M. Stephanov
Toward identifying the QCD critical point: attenuation of the sound mode around the critical point
PoS(CPOD 2009)014 pdf T. Kunihiro
Novel Ways to Look for the Critical Point and New Phases in RHI Collisions
PoS(CPOD 2009)015 pdf M. Asakawa
Phase diagram from PNJL models
PoS(CPOD 2009)016 pdf K. Fukushima
QCD thermodynamics with effective models
PoS(CPOD 2009)017 pdf B.J. Schaefer
Multiple critical points in the QCD phase diagram
PoS(CPOD 2009)018 pdf J. Kapusta
Inhomogeneous phases near the chiral critical point in NJL-type models
PoS(CPOD 2009)019 pdf D. Nickel
Tuesday Afternoon
When is nuclear matter quarkyonic, and a critical end point for deconfinement
PoS(CPOD 2009)020 file missing R. Pisarski
Signature of a quarkyonic phase in the QCD phase diagram
PoS(CPOD 2009)021 file missing A. Mocsy
Quarkyonic matter from hydro and rapid freeze out
PoS(CPOD 2009)022 pdf L. Csernai, Y. Cheng, S. Horvát, V. Magas, I. Mishustin, E. Molnár, D. Strottman and M. Zétényi
Finding the critical end point of QCD: lattice and experiment
PoS(CPOD 2009)025 pdf S. Gupta
Deconfinement phase transition and the quark condensate
PoS(CPOD 2009)023 pdf C. Fischer and J.A. Mueller
Hadronic Fluctuations for non-zero chemical potential
PoS(CPOD 2009)024 pdf C. Schmidt
Towards a determination of the chiral critical surface of QCD
PoS(CPOD 2009)026 pdf O. Philipsen
Tc, curvature on the mu-T plane, and the critical point: lattice QCD approaches the continuum limit
PoS(CPOD 2009)027 file missing Z. Fodor
Study of QCD critical point using canonical ensemble method
PoS(CPOD 2009)028 file missing A. Li
Wednesday Morning
NA49: Search for the critical point and fluctuations
PoS(CPOD 2009)029 pdf T. Schuster
Fluctuations and correlations from microscopic transport theory
PoS(CPOD 2009)030 pdf V. Konchakovski
Event-by-Event particle yield ratio fluctuations in CBM and NA49 experiments
PoS(CPOD 2009)031 pdf attachments D. Kresan
Statistical model and the mesonic-baryonic transition region
PoS(CPOD 2009)032 pdf H. Oeschler
Phase transition dynamics for baryon-dense matter
PoS(CPOD 2009)033 pdf J. Randrup
Transport model studies of the baryon-rich quark-gluon plasma formed in heavy ion collisions
PoS(CPOD 2009)034 pdf C.M. Ko
Wednesday Afternoon
Critical opalescence: A smoking gun signature for the critical point
PoS(CPOD 2009)035 pdf T. Csorgo
Locating the critical point of QCD phase transition by finite-size scaling
PoS(CPOD 2009)036 pdf Y. Wu, L. Chen and X.S. Chen
Chiral symmetry restoration and strong CP violation in a strong magnetic background
PoS(CPOD 2009)037 pdf E.S. Fraga and A.J. Mizher
STAR results on local strong P/CP violation at RHIC
PoS(CPOD 2009)038 pdf E. Finch
Physics Department Colloquium: CP violation and the CP
PoS(CPOD 2009)039 file missing D. Kharzeev
Thursday Morning
Overview on charm and dileptons at finite-T and µ
PoS(CPOD 2009)040 pdf R. Rapp
PHENIX Results and plans on charm and dileptons
PoS(CPOD 2009)041 pdf T.K. Hemmick
FAIR/CBM capabilities for charm and dilepton studies
PoS(CPOD 2009)042 pdf P. Senger
K/pi ratio in statistical models
PoS(CPOD 2009)043 file missing P. Braun-munzinger
Matter effects at CERN SPS
PoS(CPOD 2009)044 pdf H. Stroebele
Recent results from HADES on electron pair production in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
PoS(CPOD 2009)045 pdf attachments T. Galatyuk
Hadron production in Al + Al collisions at 2A GeV
PoS(CPOD 2009)046 file missing P. Gasik
Friday Morning
STAR results from 9.2GeV Au+Au run
PoS(CPOD 2009)047 pdf J. Chen
Investigating the dense QCD phase diagram with NICA at JINR Dubna
PoS(CPOD 2009)048 file missing D. Blaschke
NA61/Shine low energy program at SPS
PoS(CPOD 2009)049 pdf G. Stefanek
Progress of the FAIR project
PoS(CPOD 2009)050 file missing J. Stadlmann
Progress of the NICA project
PoS(CPOD 2009)051 pdf A. Smirnov
Low energy program at RHIC
PoS(CPOD 2009)052 pdf T. Satogata
Electron cooling for low-energy RHIC operation
PoS(CPOD 2009)053 pdf A. Fedotov
Friday Afternoon
STAR plans for RHIC low energy run
PoS(CPOD 2009)054 file missing D. Cebra
PHENIX plans for RHIC low energy run
PoS(CPOD 2009)055 pdf T. Sakaguchi
Closing talk
PoS(CPOD 2009)056 file missing K. Rajagopal