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XII International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos

NIC XII - (other nic conferences)
August 5-12, 2012
Cairns, Australia
published April 24, 2013
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Nuclei in the Cosmos is the most important international meeting in the field of nuclear astrophysics. It brings together nuclear experimentalists, nuclear theorists, astronomers, theoretical astrophysicists, cosmochemists, and others interested in the scientific questions at the interface of nuclear physics and astrophysics. These questions concern, for example, the origin of the elements in the cosmos and the nuclear reactions that occur in the big bang, in stars, and in stellar explosions. Past meetings have been held in Heidelberg - Germany (2010), Mackinac Island - USA (2008), Geneva - Switzerland (2006), Vancouver - Canada (2004), Fuji-Yoshida - Japan (2002), Aarhus - Denmark (2000), Volos - Greece (1998), Notre Dame - USA (1996), Gran Sasso - Italy (1994), Karlsruhe - Germany (1992), Baden bei Wien - Austria (1990).

All papers were refereed by at least one independent, international expert referee. Some were not accepted for publication. There was also a number of papers presented at the conference for which a manuscript was not provided.

Editorial Board: John Lattanzio, Amanda Karakas, Maria Lugaro, George Dracoulis.

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Sunday 5th August. Opening
Topic 1. Nuclear reaction rates and stellar abundances I
Topic 2. The s process
Topic 3. Nuclear properties for astrophysics
Topic 4. High density matter
Topic 5. Novae and XRB
Topic 6. SNIa and the p process
Topic 7. Core collapse SN, mergers and the r process
Topic 8. The early universe
Topic 9. Galaxy evolution
Topic 10. Radioactivity and meteorites
Closing Remarks
Online Support 1 - Inputs for Astrophysics
Online Support 2 - Tools for Astrophysics
One Minute Poster Presentations
Remaining Poster presentations
Sunday 5th August. Opening
New Opportunities in Experimental Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(NIC XII)001 file missing M. Wiescher
Topic 1. Nuclear reaction rates and stellar abundances I
Underground experiments and their impact on stellar modelling
PoS(NIC XII)002 pdf G. Imbriani and A. Di Leva
Evolution and nucleosynthesis of low-mass stars
PoS(NIC XII)003 pdf R. Stancliffe
Exploring mechanisms inhibiting nuclear fusion
PoS(NIC XII)004 pdf M. Evers
A surprise in 6 Li(p,γ) 7 Be reaction at low energies
PoS(NIC XII)005 pdf J. He
Nitrogen isotopic ratios in Galactic AGB carbon stars
PoS(NIC XII)006 pdf R. Hedrosa, C. Abia, B. Plez and I. Domínguez
PoS(NIC XII)007 pdf M. La Cognata
Low-temperature triple-alpha rate in a full three-body model
PoS(NIC XII)008 pdf N.B. Nguyen, F. Nunes, E.F. Brown and I.J. Thompson
Nuclear astrophysics in hot, dense, and dynamic laboratory plasmas*
PoS(NIC XII)009 file missing D. McNabb
Rotational Mixing and Light Element Depletion in the Era of Asteroseismology
PoS(NIC XII)010 file missing M. Pinsonneault
New experimental results for the triple-alpha reaction
PoS(NIC XII)011 pdf H. Fynbo
Metallicities in Stars - what solar neutrinos can do
PoS(NIC XII)012 pdf K. Zuber
Pre-supernova evolution and nucleosynthesis of massive stars
PoS(NIC XII)013 file missing R. Hirschi
Direct and indirect techniques for reaction rate measurements
PoS(NIC XII)014 file missing A. Laird
Measuring radiative capture rates at DRAGON
PoS(NIC XII)015 pdf U. Hager
New indirect study of the 12 C(α,γ) 16 O reaction via the 12 C( 7 Li,t) 16 O transfer reaction
PoS(NIC XII)016 pdf F. Hammache
Probing electron captures on 56 Ni: A new technique to extract Gamow-Teller strengths of unstable nuclei.
PoS(NIC XII)017 pdf G. Perdikakis
The 12 C(α,γ) 16 O and the 12 C+ 12 C reaction rates
PoS(NIC XII)018 file missing F. Strieder
Topic 2. The s process
The slow neutron capture process in Asymptotic Giant Branch stars and in massive stars
PoS(NIC XII)019 file missing M. Pignatari
On a physical model for the formation of the neutron source for s-processing.
PoS(NIC XII)020 pdf M. Busso, E. Maiorca, S. Palmerini, O. Trippella, L. Magrini and S. Randich
The s-process in globular cluster M22: hints for higher-mass polluters
PoS(NIC XII)021 pdf I. Roederer
Neutron sources and neutron poisons in the s process
PoS(NIC XII)022 file missing J. Görres
Neutron-induced reactions for the s-process, and the case of Fe and Ni isotopes
PoS(NIC XII)023 pdf C. Lederer
New Insights from Observations of Trans-Iron Elements in Planetary Nebulae: AGB Nucleosynthesis and Initial Stellar Composition
PoS(NIC XII)024 file missing H. Dinerstein
New 90,91,92,93,94,96Zr neutron capture cross-sections
PoS(NIC XII)025 pdf G. Tagliente
First Experimental Constraint on the 59 Fe(n,γ) 60 Fe Reaction via Coulomb Dissociation
PoS(NIC XII)026 file missing E. Uberseder
Topic 3. Nuclear properties for astrophysics
The resonances of 18Ne
PoS(NIC XII)028 pdf L. Ferreira
Recent mass measurements for the r process at JYFLTRAP
PoS(NIC XII)029 pdf A. Kankainen
Storage ring mass and lifetime spectrometry for nuclear astrophysics
PoS(NIC XII)030 file missing Y. Litvinov
Beta-decay half-lives and delayed neutron emission of r-process nuclei in the vicinity of 78 Ni
PoS(NIC XII)031 file missing M. Madurga Flores
Topic 4. High density matter
Quark matter in compact stars and core-collapse supernovae
PoS(NIC XII)032 file missing I. Sagert
The Theory of High-Density Matter
PoS(NIC XII)033 pdf J. Stone
Is the neutron star's inner crust unique?
PoS(NIC XII)034 file missing E.F. Brown
Nuclear processes in the crust of accreting neutron stars
PoS(NIC XII)035 file missing H. Schatz
Implications for compact stars of soft nuclear equation-of-state from heavy-ion data
PoS(NIC XII)036 pdf L. Tolos
Topic 5. Novae and XRB
Nucleosynthesis in classical nova explosions and type I X-ray bursts
PoS(NIC XII)037 pdf A. Parikh
Constraining the Dense Matter from Neutron Star Masses and Radii
PoS(NIC XII)038 pdf A. Steiner, T. Fischer, S. Gandolfi and M. Hempel
Nova Framework: A New Tool For Modeling of Nova Outbursts and Nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XII)039 pdf P. Denisenkov
Observations of X-ray bursts
PoS(NIC XII)040 file missing D. Galloway
Recent models and observations of X-ray bursts and superbursts
PoS(NIC XII)041 file missing L. Keek
Flame Spread Mechanisms in Type I Bursts
PoS(NIC XII)042 file missing Y. Cavecchi
X-ray Burst Sensitivities
PoS(NIC XII)043 file missing R. Cyburt
Radioactive Ion Beam studies of αp process waiting points in X-Ray Bursts
PoS(NIC XII)044 pdf
C. Deibel, L. Afanasieva, M. Albers, M. Alcorta, S. Almaraz-Calderon, S.A.M.d. Bedoor, P. Bertone, P. Carnelli, J. Chen, A.A. Chen, J.A. Clark, J.M. Figueira, J.P. Greene, C.R. Hoffman, D. Irvine, C.L. Jiang, B.P. Kay, J. Lai, H.Y. Lee, J. Lighthall, S. Manwell, S.T. Marley, C. Nair, T. Palachan-Hazan, R.C. Pardo, N. Patel, M. Paul, B.C. Rasco, K.E. Rehm, A.M. Rogers, D. Shetty, C. Ugalde, A.H. Wuosmaa and G. Zinkann
Topic 6. SNIa and the p process
p-process in SNIa
PoS(NIC XII)045 pdf C. Travaglio
Type Ia supernovae: exposing models to observations
PoS(NIC XII)046 pdf F. Röpke, M. Fink, W. Hillebrandt, M. Kromer, R. Pakmor, A.J. Ruiter, I. Seitenzahl and S.A. Sim
On Determining the Metallicity of Individual SNIa Progenitors
PoS(NIC XII)047 file missing S. De
Cross section measurements via X-ray counting for $\gamma$ process studies
PoS(NIC XII)048 file missing G.G. Kiss
Sub-Chandrasekhar models for Type Ia supernovae and astrophysical transients
PoS(NIC XII)050 pdf M. Fink, F. Roepke, S.A. Sim, M. Kromer, I. Seitenzahl, A.J. Ruiter and W. Hillebrandt
Shorter half-life of p$-process 146 Sm measured and 146 Sm/ 142 Nd chronology of Solar System
PoS(NIC XII)051 pdf M. Paul
Possible solution to the alpha-potential mystery in the gamma-process and the Nd/Sm ratio in meteorites
PoS(NIC XII)052 pdf T. Rauscher
Topic 7. Core collapse SN, mergers and the r process
On the Status of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosion Theory
PoS(NIC XII)053 file missing A. Burrows
Weak interaction processes in astrophysics: neutrino winds from proto-neutron stars
PoS(NIC XII)054 pdf G. Martinez-Pinedo, T. Fischer, A. Lohs and L. Huther
Outcomes of Stellar Collapse and their Signatures in Gravitational Waves
PoS(NIC XII)055 file missing C. Ott
Highly r-Process Enhanced Stars: New Perspectives on Old Stars
PoS(NIC XII)056 pdf T. Beers
Meaurement of the Astrophysically Important 40Ca(α,γ)44Ti Reaction
PoS(NIC XII)057 file missing D. Robertson
The obstacles of the r process, the nuclear requirements, and the still missing convincing sites
PoS(NIC XII)058 pdf A. Arcones
Nucleosynthesis from Black-Hole Accretion Disks: Neutrino Flavor Transformation
PoS(NIC XII)060 file missing G.C. Mclaughlin
r-Process in Jet Ejecta of Magnetorotational Core Collapse Supernovae
PoS(NIC XII)061 pdf F. Thielemann
Evolution of Very Massive Stars and Type Ic Supernovae
PoS(NIC XII)062 pdf attachments T. Yoshida, S. Okita and H. Umeda
Observations of supernova light curves and implications for nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XII)063 file missing D. Kasen
A systematic experimental study of r-process nuclei
PoS(NIC XII)064 file missing S. Nishimura
Dust in Supernovae
PoS(NIC XII)065 pdf J. Danziger
The synthesis of light n-capture elements at low metallicity
PoS(NIC XII)066 file missing C. Frohlich
The second r-process
PoS(NIC XII)067 pdf C. Hansen
Nucleosynthesis in Hypernovae and Other Unusual Supernovae, compared with the Abundance Patterns of Extremely Metal-Poor Stars
PoS(NIC XII)068 pdf K. Nomoto
Topic 8. The early universe
Observational evidence for the first stars and constraints on stellar models
PoS(NIC XII)069 pdf W. Aoki
Particle and Nuclear Physics Aspects of the Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XII)070 pdf T. Kajino
Near-pristine gas at high redshifts: a window on early nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XII)071 pdf M. Pettini and R. Cooke
Chemical Yields and Structural/Nucleosynthetic Evolution of Ultra Metal-poor Low-mass Stars
PoS(NIC XII)072 pdf S. Campbell and J.C. Lattanzio
Influence of the variation of fundamental constants on the primordial nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XII)073 pdf A. Coc
LUNA data on the 2H(alpha,gamma)6Li reaction and Big Bang nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XII)074 pdf C. Gustavino
Topic 9. Galaxy evolution
Galactic chemical evolution
PoS(NIC XII)076 pdf G. Cescutti and C. Chiappini
PoS(NIC XII)077 pdf K. Freeman
Chemical Abundances in Globular Clusters
PoS(NIC XII)078 pdf D. Yong
Timescales for Chemical Evolution: Ages with a New Technique
PoS(NIC XII)079 file missing C. Epstein
The Galactic Terrestrial Zone
PoS(NIC XII)080 file missing B.K. Gibson
Topic 10. Radioactivity and meteorites
Radioactivity in the Universe
PoS(NIC XII)081 file missing R. Diehl
Lessons from stardust grains
PoS(NIC XII)082 file missing L. Nittler
Nucleosynthetic Signatures in Meteoritic Materials
PoS(NIC XII)083 file missing M. Schonbachler
Extinct Radioactivities in the Early Solar System.
PoS(NIC XII)084 file missing M. Wadhwa
Ni isotope systematics in chondrules from unequilibrated chondrites to constraint 60Fe in the early Solar system.
PoS(NIC XII)085 pdf R. Mishra, M. Chaussidon and K. Marhas
On the origin of high-density presolar graphite grains
PoS(NIC XII)086 file missing E. Zinner
Closing Remarks
PoS(NIC XII)087 file missing B. Schmidt
Online Support 1 - Inputs for Astrophysics
PoS(NIC XII)088 file missing R. Cyburt
PoS(NIC XII)090 pdf A. Sallaska
JINA R-Matrix Projects
PoS(NIC XII)091 file missing R. deBoer
MESA/NuGrid Physics Package
PoS(NIC XII)092 file missing M. Pignatari
Online Support 2 - Tools for Astrophysics
SAGA: Stellar Abundances for Galatic Archeology
PoS(NIC XII)093 pdf T. Suda
SSPP: SEGUE Stellar Parameter Pipeline
PoS(NIC XII)094 pdf T. Beers and Y.S. Lee
PoS(NIC XII)096 pdf B. Meyer
PoS(NIC XII)097 pdf P. Denisenkov
One Minute Poster Presentations
Comparing Experimental and Calculated Electron-capture Rates of pf-shell Nuclei in Explosive Stellar Environments
PoS(NIC XII)098 pdf A. Cole
The Detailed Chemical Abundance Patterns of M31 Globular Clusters
PoS(NIC XII)099 pdf J. Colucci
Large sample stellar abundance analyses of Globular Cluster giant stars
PoS(NIC XII)100 file missing P. Cottrell
A Novel Approach to Model Hybrid Stars
PoS(NIC XII)101 pdf V. Dexheimer, S. Schramm and J. Stone
Final Fates of Super Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
PoS(NIC XII)102 file missing C. Doherty
Parametric Studies of the R-Process in Supernova Shocks
PoS(NIC XII)103 pdf M. Eichler, A. Arcones and F.K. Thielemann
Constraining nova observables: direct measurement of 33 S(p,γ) 34 Cl in inverse kinematics
PoS(NIC XII)104 file missing J. Fallis
A different view on light element anticorrelations in globular clusters: fluorine variations in NGC 6656 (M22)
PoS(NIC XII)105 pdf V. D'Orazi, M. Lugaro, G. Angelou, S. Lucatello, R.G. Gratton, A. Bragaglia, E. Carretta, A. Alves-Brito, I. Ivans, T. Masseron and A. Mucciarelli
The elusive origin of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor stars
PoS(NIC XII)136 pdf C. Abate
A new experiment on the 2 H(α,γ) 6 Li reaction
PoS(NIC XII)137 pdf M. Anders
Thermal nucleation of antikaon condensed matter in hot and neutrino-trapped matter
PoS(NIC XII)138 file missing S. Banik
Role of hyperon equation of state in core collapse supernova
PoS(NIC XII)139 file missing S. Banik
One-proton breakup reactions of proton-rich psd-shell nuclei for relevant reaction rates in explosive hydrogen burning
PoS(NIC XII)140 pdf A. Banu
The mass of 82 Zn and its presence in the crust of neutron stars
PoS(NIC XII)141 file missing K. Blaum
Analysis of low energy elastic scattering data in 7 Be+p
PoS(NIC XII)142 file missing L. Buchmann
The other hydrodynamics: modelling gas target properties
PoS(NIC XII)143 file missing L. Buchmann
Krypton Isotopic compositions in mainstream SiC stardust grains
PoS(NIC XII)144 pdf J. Buntain
Modeling the Li abundances of RGB and AGB stars with a new estimate for the 7 Be half-life
PoS(NIC XII)145 pdf M. Busso and S. Palmerini
Using the National Ignition Facility for Measuring Stellar Nuclear Reactions
PoS(NIC XII)146 file missing D. McNabb
Quark Mass Variation and its effect on nuclear binding
PoS(NIC XII)147 pdf M. Carrillo-Serrano, I. Cloet, K. Tsushima, A.W. Thomas and I. Afnan
A parametrization of the nucleosynthesis in Type Ia supernovae
PoS(NIC XII)148 file missing D.A. Chamulak
A Low-energy Platform for Nuclear Astrophysics Studies
PoS(NIC XII)149 file missing S. Chen
Solar System 48Ca, 50Ti and 138La isotopic variations: mixing between grains condensed from the ejecta of n–rich SNe-Ia and O/Ne zone of SNe-II
PoS(NIC XII)150 file missing H.W. Chen
Neutron transfer reactions with tin beams and r-process nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XII)151 pdf J. Cizewski
Low energy α_x000B_-scattering experiment on 64 Zn and the α_x000B_-nucleus optical potential for heavy element nucleosynthesis.
PoS(NIC XII)187 file missing D. Galaviz
Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics VI Conference
PoS(NIC XII)188 file missing D. Galaviz
A new approach to investigate (p,n) cross sections at astrophysical relevant energies
PoS(NIC XII)189 file missing D. Galaviz
The Role of Feedback in Shaping the Abundance Gradients and Age-Metallicity Relations of Galaxies
PoS(NIC XII)190 pdf B.K. Gibson, K. Pilkington, J. Bailin, C. Brook and G. Stinson
Producing baryons from neutralinos in small H2 clumps over cosmological ages
PoS(NIC XII)191 pdf E. Giraud
Heavy elements in the early Galaxy
PoS(NIC XII)193 pdf T. Hansen
Three-Dimensional Modelling of Proton Ingestion Episodes in Low-Mass Stars
PoS(NIC XII)194 pdf S. Heap
The Galactic R Coronae Borealis Stars: The C2 Swan Bands, The Carbon Problem, and The 12C/13C Ratio
PoS(NIC XII)195 pdf B. Hema, G. Pandey and D.L. Lambert
Dwarf galaxies and the cosmic chemical matter cycle
PoS(NIC XII)196 pdf G. Hensler and S. Recchi
Database for nuclear EoS
PoS(NIC XII)197 pdf C. Ishizuka, T. Suda, H. Suzuki, A. Ohnishi and K. Sumiyoshi
Rare presolar graphite grains from evolved low- and intermediate-mass stars
PoS(NIC XII)198 file missing M. Jadhav
A History of Galactic Nucleosynthesis Using APOGEE Abundances and Kepler Asteroseismology
PoS(NIC XII)199 file missing J. Johnson
Experimental study of resonant states in 26 Si and 27 P via elastic scattering of 25 Al+p and 26 Si+p
PoS(NIC XII)200 pdf H.S. Jung
Measurement of the 30 S+α system for type I X-ray bursts
PoS(NIC XII)201 pdf D. Kahl, A.A. Chen, S. Kubono, T. Hashimoto, D.N. Binh, J. Chen, S. Cherubini, S. Hayakawa, N. Iwasa, H.S. Jung, S. Kato, Y.K. Kwon, S.I. Michimasa, S. Nishimura, S. Ota, K. Setoodehnia, T. Teranishi, H. Yamaguchi and L. Zhang
Neutrino nucleosynthesis for heavy nuclides in supernovae
PoS(NIC XII)202 file missing T. Kajino
Pair conversion spectroscopy of the Hoyle state and carbon production in stars
PoS(NIC XII)203 pdf T. Kibedi
Elastic alpha scattering experiments and the alpha-nucleus optical potential at low energies
PoS(NIC XII)204 file missing G.G. Kiss
The astrophysically important resonances in 20 Na and 30 S
PoS(NIC XII)205 pdf G. Koldste
Study of level structure on 26 Si for the astrophysical interest in 26 Al production
PoS(NIC XII)206 pdf T. Komatsubara
Gamma-ray multiplicity study in 40,43,44 Ca(n,g) reactions using DANCE at LANSCE
PoS(NIC XII)207 file missing H.Y. Lee
Two- and three-dimensional simulations of core-collapse supernovae with CHIMERA
PoS(NIC XII)208 pdf E. Lentz
Study of the primordial Lithium abundance at CIAE
PoS(NIC XII)209 pdf Z. Li
Neodymium Isotopic Composition in Single SiC Grains from the Murchison Meteorite
PoS(NIC XII)210 file missing N. Liu
β-delayed proton emission of 69 Kr and the 68 Se rp-process waiting point
PoS(NIC XII)211 file missing Z. Meisel
Nucleosynthesis analysis of a post double degenerate white dwarf merger object - clues to understanding R Coronae Borealis stars
PoS(NIC XII)212 file missing A. Menon
Weak Nuclear Statistical Equilibrium and the Production of Neutron-Rich Iron-Group Isotopes
PoS(NIC XII)213 pdf attachments T. Yu and B. Meyer
The ReAccelerator Facility ReA for Rare Isotopes
PoS(NIC XII)214 file missing F. Montes
New Elements in old tools: nucleosynthesis in N-body codes
PoS(NIC XII)215 pdf G. Moyano Loyola and J.R. Hurley
The r-process in the neutrino-induced relativistic jet of a gamma-ray burst
PoS(NIC XII)216 pdf K. Nakamura
Core-Collapse Supernovae via the Quark-Hadron Phase Transition as an Origin of Heavy Elements
PoS(NIC XII)217 file missing N. Nishimura
Non-uniform structures in low-density nuclear matter and neutron star crust
PoS(NIC XII)218 pdf M. Okamoto, T. Maruyama, K. Yabana and T. Tatsumi
The study of nucleosynthesis by means of scandium45 + p reaction
PoS(NIC XII)219 pdf T. Onishi
Inelastic electronic and atomic collisions in stellar atmospheres
PoS(NIC XII)220 file missing Y. Osorio
Study on low-energy resonances of 22 Ne (α,γ) 26 Mg using 22 Ne + 6 Li reaction
PoS(NIC XII)221 pdf S. Ota
The sensitivity of nucleosynthesis in models of Type Ia supernovae to variations in thermonuclear reaction-rates
PoS(NIC XII)222 file missing A. Parikh
Signatures of Distinct Nucleosynthesis Events among Metal-Poor Stars
PoS(NIC XII)225 pdf R. Peterson
The Distribution Of Metals In Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulations Of Dwarf Disk Galaxies
PoS(NIC XII)227 pdf K. Pilkington
Progenitor evolution of Type Ia supernovae and the influence of triple stars
PoS(NIC XII)228 file missing O. Pols
High Resolution Integrated Light Spectroscopy of Galactic Globular Clusters
PoS(NIC XII)229 pdf C. Sakari, K. Venn, A. McWilliam, M. Shetrone and A. Dotter
STARLIB: A next-generation reaction-rate library for nuclear astrophysics
PoS(NIC XII)230 pdf A. Sallaska
The Sulfur Anomaly in Planetary Nebulae and Post-AGB Stars
PoS(NIC XII)231 file missing L. Shingles
Carbon, nitrogen and barium abundances of giant branch stars of ω Centauri using spectral matching
PoS(NIC XII)232 file missing J. Simpson
Modelling CO in the circumstellar envelope of IRAS15194-5115
PoS(NIC XII)233 pdf C. Smith, A.A. Zijlstra, L. Decin and R. Lombaert
AGB Evolution and Nucleosynthesis at Low-Metallicity Constrained by the Star Formation History of Our Galaxy
PoS(NIC XII)234 pdf T. Suda
Electron Capture Reactions and β-decays in Astrophysical Processes
PoS(NIC XII)235 pdf T. Suzuki
Variational Method for Nuclear Matter with an Explicit Energy Functional
PoS(NIC XII)236 pdf M. Takano
Quark beta decay in an inhomogeneous chiral phase and cooling of hybrid stars
PoS(NIC XII)237 pdf T. Tatsumi and T. Muto
Properties of supernovae in the early universe
PoS(NIC XII)238 pdf N. Tominaga
Abundance Evolution in Rotating Magnetised Stars
PoS(NIC XII)239 pdf C.A. Tout
Iron Isotopic Abundances in Presolar SiC Grains – A Tracer for Galactic Chemical Evolution
PoS(NIC XII)240 file missing R. Trappitsch
Dwarf spheroidal galaxies in the Local Group: star formation history and s-process enrichment
PoS(NIC XII)241 pdf C. Travaglio
Beta decay of 26 P to determine the 25 Al(p, γ) 26 Si reaction rate in novae
PoS(NIC XII)242 pdf C. Wrede
The power of chemical tagging for studying Galactic evolution
PoS(NIC XII)243 pdf E. Wylie-de Boer, K. Freeman and G. De Silva
Recent astrophysical studies at the low-energy RI beam separator CRIB
PoS(NIC XII)244 pdf H. Yamaguchi
Background reduction systems for direct measurement of 4 He( 12 C, 16 O)γ reaction
PoS(NIC XII)245 file missing H. Yamaguchi
Is PSCNe possible within the local universe?
PoS(NIC XII)246 file missing N. Yusof
Remaining Poster presentations
CNO and F abundances in the globular cluster M22
PoS(NIC XII)106 file missing A. Alves-Brito
Extra Mixing in Globular Clusters of Varying Metallicity
PoS(NIC XII)107 pdf G. Angelou, S. Martell, R. Church, R. Stancliffe and J.C. Lattanzio
Impact of Nuclear Reaction Uncertainties on AGB Nucleosynthesis Models
PoS(NIC XII)108 pdf S. Bisterzo, R. Gallino, K. Franz, M. Wiescher and C. Travaglio
β delayed neutron emission measurements around r-process peak
PoS(NIC XII)109 pdf R. Caballero-Folch
LAMOST disk target selection for the disk pilot survey
PoS(NIC XII)110 file missing L. Chen
The Galactic Archaeology with HERMES Survey
PoS(NIC XII)111 pdf G. De Silva
Reducing experimental uncertainties on production and destruction of 7 Be in hydrogen burning
PoS(NIC XII)112 pdf A. Di Leva
Links Between High-K and Low-K States in 176 Lu and 180 Ta
PoS(NIC XII)114 file missing G. Dracoulis
An alternative approach to measure β-delayed neutron emission
PoS(NIC XII)115 pdf A. Evdokimov, I. Dillmann, M. Marta, F. Bosch, A. Dolinskii, C. Kozhuharov, Y. Litvinov, F. Nolden, M. Steck, H. Weick, T. Faestermann, R. Gernhaeuser and L. Maier
Investigation of particle-nucleus optical potentials for p-process nucleosynthesis
PoS(NIC XII)118 pdf J. Glorius, R. Reifarth and K. Sonnabend
Deconvoluting TOFSIMS depth profiles of presolar SiC grains
PoS(NIC XII)119 file missing T. Henkel
Nucleosynthesis in neutrino driven winds
PoS(NIC XII)120 pdf L. Huther, T. Fischer, G. Martinez-Pinedo and K. Langanke
A High-Resolution Study of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars
PoS(NIC XII)121 file missing C. Kennedy
Lithium Production in White Dwarf Mergers
PoS(NIC XII)122 pdf R. Longland, P. Lorén-Aguilar, J. José, E. García-Berro and L. Althaus
Chemical evolution of a classical bulge: The case of M31
PoS(NIC XII)123 pdf M. Marcon-Uchida, F. Matteucci and G. Lanfranchi
Abundance of presolar silicates in Cold Bokkeveld
PoS(NIC XII)124 file missing K. Marhas
Pasta structures in neutrino-degenerate nuclear matter
PoS(NIC XII)125 pdf T. Maruyama, N. Yasutake and T. Tatsumi
The Rare Earth Peak: An Overlooked r-Process Diagnostic
PoS(NIC XII)129 pdf M. Mumpower, G.C. McLaughlin and R. Surman
56 Ni production in aspherical explosion of massive CO star
PoS(NIC XII)130 pdf S. Okita
Origin of Anomalous Xe-H in Presolar Diamonds: Indications of a "cold" r-Process
PoS(NIC XII)131 pdf K. Farouqi, K.L. Kratz and U. Ott
Decay properties of waiting-point nuclei for the rp-process
PoS(NIC XII)132 file missing P. Sarriguren
resonances in 31 S with relevance to the astrophysically important 30 P(p,γ) 31 S reaction
PoS(NIC XII)133 file missing K. Setoodehnia
Accelerator-SIMS for isotopic analysis in nano-diamonds
PoS(NIC XII)134 file missing C. Vockenhuber
Neutron star properties with hyperons
PoS(NIC XII)135 file missing D. Whittenbury
Nuclear Thermometers for Classical Novae
PoS(NIC XII)152 pdf L. Downen, C. Iliadis, J. Jose and S. Starrfield
Improved Astrophysical S-factor for Deuterium Reactions
PoS(NIC XII)153 file missing H. Abu Kassim
Beta decay and the r-process
PoS(NIC XII)154 pdf J. Cass, G. Passucci, R. Surman and A. Aprahamian
Photonuclear and Radiative Capture Reaction Rates for Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(NIC XII)155 file missing M. Beard
Thermonuclear reaction rate for 18 O(p,γ) 19 F
PoS(NIC XII)156 pdf M. Buckner, C. Iliadis, J.M. Cesaratto, C. Howard, T.B. Clegg, A.E. Champagne and S. Daigle
The importance of quarks in the study of the high density equation of state
PoS(NIC XII)157 file missing J. Carroll
Thermonuclear combustion in steep density gradients.
PoS(NIC XII)158 pdf C. Charignon
The New SuperORRUBA Array for Transfer Reaction Studies of Exotic Nuclei
PoS(NIC XII)159 pdf J. Cizewski and D.W. Bardayan
Over the last 60 years, a large amount of experimental nuclear data has been obtained for reactions which probe the 16 O compound nucleus near the alpha and proton separation energies, the energy regimes most important for nuclear astrophysics.
PoS(NIC XII)160 file missing R. deBoer
19F production in stars: toward an experimental study of key reactions 14;15N(alpha, gamma)18;19F
PoS(NIC XII)161 pdf A. Di Leva
Production of p-nuclei in ejecta from a neutrino-driven, aspherical supernova
PoS(NIC XII)163 pdf S.i. Fujimoto
Uncertainties of Oxygen Formation During Stellar Helium Burning
PoS(NIC XII)164 file missing M. Gai
The recoils mass separator ERNA at the CIRCE laboratory
PoS(NIC XII)165 file missing L. Gialanella
A study of the thermonuclear 30 P( p , γ ) 31 S reaction rate
PoS(NIC XII)166 file missing D. Irvine
Nucleosynthesis in Helium Shell Flashes on Accreting Carbon-Oxygen White Dwarfs
PoS(NIC XII)167 pdf Y. Kamiya
Recent research activities of nuclear astrophysics in University of Tsukuba
PoS(NIC XII)168 pdf T. Komatsubara
Electron Screening in Metals
PoS(NIC XII)169 pdf M. Lipoglavšek
Measurement of reaction, decay of astrophysical interest and progress of RI beam facilities
PoS(NIC XII)170 pdf W. Liu
News on the s process from young open clusters
PoS(NIC XII)171 file missing E. Maiorca
Coulomb breakup of 17 Ne from the view point of nuclear astrophysics
PoS(NIC XII)172 pdf J. Marganiec
The 14 N(p,γ) 15 O reaction studied at 0.5 - 2.5 MeV
PoS(NIC XII)173 file missing M. Marta
Ground State Nuclei in Strongly Magnetized Neutron Stars
PoS(NIC XII)178 file missing R. Nandi
The astrophysical S factor of 12 C(α,γ) 16 O at stellar energy
PoS(NIC XII)181 file missing D. Schuermann
CHILI: analyzing stardust with ultimate lateral resolution and sensitivity
PoS(NIC XII)182 file missing T. Stephan
AMS within Eurogenesis: Nanodiamonds and SN-signatures
PoS(NIC XII)183 file missing A. Wallner
Neutron capture on the s-process branch point nucleus 63 Ni
PoS(NIC XII)184 pdf M. Weigand
A new tool for exploring nuclear reactions of relevance to the cosmological 7 Li problem
PoS(NIC XII)185 pdf E. Williams
Experimental study of key astrophysical 18 Ne( α , p$) 21 Na reaction
PoS(NIC XII)186 pdf L. Zhang
Fast fragmentation measurements with MoNA and LISA
PoS(NIC XII)247 file missing J. Finck
Using neutron-capture abundances as a tracer of Galactic halo formation
PoS(NIC XII)248 pdf C. Fishlock, A. Karakas, M. Lugaro and D. Yong
Direct measurement of the 4He(12C, 16O)gamma cross section in inverse kinematics
PoS(NIC XII)249 pdf K. Fujita
A new equation of state with abundances of all nuclei in core collapse simulations of massive stars
PoS(NIC XII)250 pdf S. Furusawa, K. Sumiyoshi, S. Yamada and H. Suzuki
Lithium-Rich stars in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
PoS(NIC XII)251 pdf S. Martell and M. Shetrone