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International Workshop on New Photon-detectors

PhotoDet 2012 - (other photodet conferences)
June 13-15, 2012
LAL Orsay, France
published May 21, 2013
The third edition of the « International Workshop on New Photon-Detectors (PhotoDet 2012) » will be held at the Laboratory of Linear Accelerator (LAL), Orsay, France, from 13th to 15th of June, 2012. The workshop is devoted to recent developments in photo-sensors and their applications in different fields like high energy physics,nuclear physics, cosmic-ray physics, astronomy, cosmology and medical sciences. The Geiger-mode multi-pixel photon detectors and their related front-end and read-out electronics represent the main targets of the workshop. Topics related to Hybrid-PMT, APD, MCP-PMT and other new photon sensors are also covered.
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Session Jun 14th
Session Jun 13th
Session Jun 15th
Session Poster A
Session Poster B
Session Jun 14th
Overview of SiPM applications
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)013 pdf G. Llosa
Initial Experience with Digital SiPMs in Detectors for Time-of-Flight PET
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)014 file missing D. Schaart
The AX-PET experiment: A demonstrator for an axial Positron Emission Tomography
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)015 file missing M. Heller
SiPM Photodetectors for Highest Time Resolution in PET
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)016 pdf S. Gundacker
Test beam experiment with FARICH prototype
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)017 file missing E. Kravchenko
Development of a scintillation counter with MPPC readout for the internal tagging system
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)018 pdf H. Kanda, Y. Kasai, K. Maeda, T. Nishizawa and F. Yamamoto
COMPET a high-resolution, high-sensitivity pre-clinical PET scanner
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)019 file missing K.E. Hines
First experience with the FACT camera
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)020 file missing T. Kraehenbuehl
Silicon Photomultiplieres with enhanced Blue-Light Sensitivity
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)021 file missing W. Gebauer
SensL New Fast Timing SPM - High-Speed Silicon Photomultiplier Signal Output for High-Performance Timing Applications
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)022 pdf K. O'Neill, N. Pavlov, S. Dolinsky and C. Jackson
Development of very low threshold detection system for low-background experiments
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)023 file missing A. Akindinov
Linear photon-counting with HgCdTe APDs
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)024 file missing G. Vojetta
Neganov-Luke effect assisted Light Sensors
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)025 file missing E. Olivieri
Session Jun 13th
The silicon photo-multiplier physics and technology: a review
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)001 file missing G. Collazuol
Timing resolution of MPPCs
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)002 file missing T. Takeshita
Delayed avalanches in Multi-Pixel Photon Counters
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)003 pdf F. Retiere
Simulation of Silicon Photomultipliers
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)004 pdf P. Eckert, R. Stamen and H.C. Schultz-Coulon
Novel approach for calibration breakdown voltage of large area SiPM
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)005 pdf S. Dolinsky
Performance studies of Silicon Photomultipliers with quench resistors integrated to silicon bulk
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)006 file missing J. Ninkovic
Study of PPDs with multi-wavelength laser microscope system
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)007 pdf K. Yoshimura and I. Nakamura
Study of 144 Channel Multi-Anode Hybrid Avalanche Photo-Detector for the Belle II RICH Counter
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)008 pdf attachments I. Adachi
Recent progress in vacuum photon detectors from Hamamatsu
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)009 file missing Y. Yoshizawa
Study on large area photomultipliers with super bialkali photocathode
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)010 pdf E. Leonora
Lifetime measurements of recent Microchannel-Plate PMTs
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)011 pdf A.W. Britting
Session Jun 15th
Overview of SiPM readout electronics
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)026 file missing C. De La Taille
A Fast Waveform-Digitizing ASIC-based Electronics and DAQ for a Position \& Time Sensing Large-Area Photo-Detector System
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)027 file missing E. Oberla
Using ultra fast analog memories for fast photo-detector readout
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)028 pdf D. Breton, E. Delagnes, J. Maalmi, H.M.X. Grabas and P. Rusquart
Latest generation of ASICs for photodetectors readout
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)029 file missing S. Conforti Di Lorenzo
NECTAR: New Electronics for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)030 pdf C. Naumann, J. Bolmont, P. Corona, E. Delagnes, D. Dzahini, F. Feinstein, D. Gascon, J.F. Glicenstein, P. Nayman, F.E. Rarbi, M. Ribó, A. Sanuy, J. Sieiro, J.P. Tavernet, F. Toussnel, P. Vincent and S. Vorobiov
The development of the multi PPD readout electronics with EASIROC and SiTCP
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)031 pdf R. Honda
Design and Characterization of a Micro-Strip RF Anode for Large-Area MCP-based Photodetectors
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)032 file missing H.M.X. Grabas
Characterization of Hamamatsu MPPC for use in liquid xenon scintillation detectors
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)033 file missing F. Neves
Evaluation of high UV sensitive SiPMs from MEPhI/MPI for use in liquid argon
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)034 pdf E. Popova
Development of PPD Sensitive to Deep UV Scintillation Photons of Liquid Xenon
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)035 pdf W. Ootani, X. Bai, T. Chiba, Y. Fujii, T. Iwamoto, D. Kaneko, S. Mihara, T. Mori, H. Natori, H. Nishiguchi, R. Sawada, A. Stoykov and Y. Uchiyama
Summary talk
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)036 file missing Y. Musienko
Session Poster A
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)037 pdf F. Ahmadov, Z. Sadygov, G. Ahmadov, R. Madatov, N. Anfimov, E. Guliyev, A. Olshevski, V. Shvetsov and V. Zhezher
Noise Factor of Micro-channel Plate no/with Ion Barrier Film
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)038 file missing S. Liu
Status of ASIC readout for the prototype Si-W electromagnetic calorimeter
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)039 pdf E. Guliyev
Timing properties measurements of STMicroelectronics Silicon Photomultipliers for time-of-flight PET scanners
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)040 pdf F. Riggi
Application of continuous crystals and SiPM arrays to PET and Compton detectors
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)041 file missing G. Llosa
Single Photon THz Timer with Radio Frequency PhotoMultiplier Tube
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)042 pdf A. Margaryan
GEANT4 Simulation of the Time-Resolution of a Fast Scintillation Detector Read-out by a G-APD
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)043 file missing K. Sedlak
Characterization of a recently developed SiPM for PET
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)044 file missing F. Schneider
Position, timing and particle ID measurement with scintillating fibers readout by SiPMs
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)045 pdf A. Papa, A. Antognini, G. Cavoto and E. Ripiccini
Development of economical and large area microchannel plates (MCPs) for photon detectors
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)046 file missing A. Mane
Temperature Dependence of Response and Its Correction for a Calorimeter Using PPD to Read out Photons from Scintillator Strips
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)047 file missing K. Kotera
Development of a Four-Layer Depth of Interaction Detector Based on a 6 x 6 SiPM Array for MR-PET
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)048 file missing T. Tsuda
Miniaturized multi-channels SiPM read-out electronics for medical imaging application
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)049 pdf T. Ait Imando and N. Dinu
Hybrid Photo-Detectors for the Hyper-Kamiokande Project
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)050 pdf Y. Nishimura
Optical to electrical detection delay in avalanche photodiode based detector and its interpretation
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)051 pdf J. Blazej
Development of Intraoperative Beta Probes based on Silicon Photomultipliers
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)052 pdf attachments N. Hudin, L. Pinot, Y. Charon, N. Dinu, T. Ait Imando, B. Janvier, V. Puill, D. Benoit, M.A. Duval and L. Menard
The developement of the calorimeter with a large MPPC-array
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)053 file missing Y. Akazawa
Toward a Time Resolved Single Photon Image Sensor based on SPAD array
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)054 file missing S. Tudisco
Multi-pixel Geiger mode imager for medical application
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)055 pdf K. Jradi
Light Emission from Light Detectors
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)056 file missing M.L. Knötig
Session Poster B
Detection of single photons with hybrid ThickGEM-based counters
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)057 pdf S. Levorato
SiPM PDE measurement with continuous and pulsed light
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)058 pdf V. Chaumat
Another step towards VSiPMT: recent developments
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)059 file missing G. Barbarino
Study of photocathode aging in MCP PMT
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)060 file missing M. Barnyakov
Study of Geiger-mode APDs performances at cryogenic temperatures
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)061 pdf attachments A. Bondar, A. Buzulutskov, A. Dolgov, E. Shemyakina and A. Sokolov
New developments at LNS-INFN on Time Of Flight PET with Depth Of Interaction feasible, based on SiPM detectors
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)062 file missing L. Cosentino
Study of detection effciency distribution and areal homogeneity of SiPMs
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)063 pdf M. Tesar, C. Jendrysik, J. Ninkovic and F. Simon
The stability of vacuum phototriodes to varying light pulse loads and long term changes in response
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)064 pdf P. Hobson
Optimisation of SiPM intrinsic and coincidence time resolution using digital techniques
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)065 file missing P. Avella
Development & performance of the Capacitive Division Imaging Readout (CDIR) detector, and future applications
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)066 file missing T. Conneely
Studies for the evaluation of the performance of the Time over Threshold technique for the digitization of the signal of a Very Large Volume Neutrino Telescope
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)067 pdf G. Bourlis, A. Leisos, A. Tsirigotis and S. Tzamarias
Characterization of the Hamamatsu R11265 Multi-Anode Photomultipliers tube with single photon signals
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)068 pdf L. Cadamuro, M. Calvi, A. Giachero, C. Gotti, M. Maino, C. Matteuzzi and G. Pessina
Evaluation of high UV sensitive SiPMs from MEPhI/MPI for use in liquid argon
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)069 file missing B. Lubsandorzhiev
Detailed Monte-Carlo simulation of SiPM-based scintillation detectors for PET
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)070 file missing J. Breuer
Recovery Time and Double Hit Resolution Measurements of SiPMs Using a Double Pulsed Laser
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)071 file missing L. Gruber
Bolometric light detectors for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay search
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)072 pdf D. Chernyak, M. Tenconi, F. Danevich, A. Giuliani, M. Mancuso, S. Marnieros, E. Olivieri and C. Rusconi
Studies of timing properties of SiPms at Fermilab
PoS(PhotoDet 2012)073 pdf A. Ronzhin