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50th International Winter Meeting on Nuclear Physics

Bormio2012 - (other bormio conferences)
23-27 January 2012
Bormio, Italy
published October 12, 2012
Unlike many workshops, the Bormio meeting does not focus on a single topic. Instead, the aim is to bring together researchers and students from related fields in subatomic physics. Addressed topics include hadron physics, heavy ion physics, nuclear astrophysics and nuclear structure, particle physics, detectors and future projects as well as applications of these fields. Review talks by more senior speakers as well as talks and posters presented by junior researchers are encouraged.
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Monday Morning Session
Monday Afternoon Session
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Thursday Morning Session
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Friday Morning Session
Friday Afternoon Session
Monday Morning Session
PoS(Bormio2012)001 file missing C. Sfienti
Dawning of a New Era in Heavy Ion Physics!
PoS(Bormio2012)002 file missing J. Harris
Radiocarbon dating coming of age
PoS(Bormio2012)003 pdf W. Kutschera
Hot topics in hadron physics
PoS(Bormio2012)004 pdf D. Bettoni
Strange baryon production in HI collisions near the NN production threshold
PoS(Bormio2012)005 file missing N. Hermann
Search for the dark matter gauge bosons at the Mainz Microtron
PoS(Bormio2012)006 pdf H. Merkel
Monday Afternoon Session
Multidimensional Hadron Attenuation
PoS(Bormio2012)007 pdf G. Karyan
PoS(Bormio2012)008 pdf M. Barabanov
Investigating low energy QCD with kaonic atoms: the SIDDHARTA experiment at DAFNE
PoS(Bormio2012)009 pdf A. Scordo
Development of a neutron detector for A1/KAOS@MAMI
PoS(Bormio2012)010 pdf M. Thiel
Poles and resonances in the coupled channels model for $\bar{K}N$ interaction
PoS(Bormio2012)011 pdf attachments L. Hrazdilova and A. Cieply
A sampling ADC - universal tool for data processing and trigger application
PoS(Bormio2012)012 pdf P. Kulessa
$K^{0}$ production in pp and pNb reactions
PoS(Bormio2012)013 pdf J.C. Berger-Chen
Experience of the WLCG data management system from the first two years of the LHC data taking
PoS(Bormio2012)014 pdf D. Adamová
Implementation of a High Resolution Time-to-Digital Converter in a Field Programmable Gate Array
PoS(Bormio2012)015 pdf C. Ugur
Exclusive pkLambda production in p+p reactions
PoS(Bormio2012)016 pdf attachments E. Epple
Open heavy flavor and quarkonia measurements in STAR.
PoS(Bormio2012)017 file missing J. Bielcik
Results for a Simulated Resonance Scan of the X(3872) at PANDA*
PoS(Bormio2012)018 pdf M. Galuska, W. Kuehn, J.S. Lange and B. Spruck
Study of hadron properties in cold nuclear matter with HADES
PoS(Bormio2012)019 pdf P. Tlusty
Hybrid Pixels for the Micro-Vertex Detector of the PANDA Experiment
PoS(Bormio2012)020 pdf L. Zotti, D. Calvo, P. De Remigis, S. Marcello, G. Mazza, M. Mignone, A. Rivetti and R. Wheadon
Tuesday Morning Session
News from BES
PoS(Bormio2012)021 pdf S.L. Olsen
Recent Topics in Nuclear Astrophysics
PoS(Bormio2012)022 file missing B.R. Fulton
Recent results from the ALICE experiment in pp and PbPb collisions
PoS(Bormio2012)023 pdf E. Scomparin
Towards an effective field theory for vector mesons
PoS(Bormio2012)024 pdf S. Leupold
The neutron and the Universe - History of a relationship
PoS(Bormio2012)025 pdf S. Paul
Tuesday Afternoon Session
Progress in the research on the antikaon-nucleon and nucleus interaction
PoS(Bormio2012)026 pdf J. Marton
Development of a GEM-TPC prototype for high-rate experiments
PoS(Bormio2012)027 file missing F. Boehmer
(Oscillating) non-exponential decays of unstable states
PoS(Bormio2012)028 pdf F. Giacosa
Recent results on correlations and fluctuations from lattice QCD
PoS(Bormio2012)029 pdf C. Ratti, S. Borsanyi, Z. Fodor, S.D. Katz, S. Krieg and K. Szabo
270Ds and its decay products – K-isomers, α-sf competition and masses
PoS(Bormio2012)030 pdf D. Ackermann
Wednesday Morning Session
Theory of Antikaon-Nucleon Interactions with new constraints from kaonic hydrogen
PoS(Bormio2012)031 file missing W. Weise
The LhcB Experiment
PoS(Bormio2012)032 file missing U. Straumann
Exploring properties of asymmetric nuclei and nuclear matter with reactions of relativistic radioactive beams
PoS(Bormio2012)033 file missing T. Aumann
Neutrino-Long-Baseline Experiments and Nuclear Physics
PoS(Bormio2012)034 pdf U. Mosel
The nuclear fragmentation problem and Bormio's contribution to its solutions
PoS(Bormio2012)035 pdf W. Bauer
Wednesday Afternoon Session
Low energy QCD and phase diagram with functional methods
PoS(Bormio2012)036 file missing C. Fischer
Physics with Tau Lepton Final States in ATLAS
PoS(Bormio2012)037 pdf M. TrottierMc-Donald
High Resolution Decay Pion Spectroscopy of light Hypernuclei at MAMI
PoS(Bormio2012)038 pdf A. Esser
PoS(Bormio2012)039 pdf attachments M. Gumberidze
Studying halo nuclei by the ratio technique
PoS(Bormio2012)040 pdf P. Capel, R.C. Johnson and F. Nunes
Strange probes of Al+Al collisions around threshold
PoS(Bormio2012)041 pdf P. Gasik
Thursday Morning Session
MeV to TeV Physics with Parity-Violating Electron Scattering
PoS(Bormio2012)042 pdf K. Kumar
Latest results of ALTAS
PoS(Bormio2012)043 pdf M. Wessels
Measurements of transverse momentum in semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering at CLAS
PoS(Bormio2012)044 pdf K. Griffioen
Hadron formation in the deconfined matter at RHIC and LHC
PoS(Bormio2012)045 pdf R. Bellwied
Failures of Nuclear Models of Deformed Nuclei
PoS(Bormio2012)046 pdf J.F. Sharpey-Schafer
Thursday Afternoon Session
Tomography of the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) by heavy quarks.
PoS(Bormio2012)047 file missing J. Aichelin
Gluon-induced dissociation and screening of Y states in PbPb collisions at \sqrt s_{NN} = 2.76 TeV
PoS(Bormio2012)048 pdf F. Brezinski and G. Wolschin
Measurement of the neutron electric form factor in quasielastic electron scattering
PoS(Bormio2012)049 pdf S. Schlimme
In-medium effects on strangeness and dilepton production
PoS(Bormio2012)050 file missing E. Bratkovskaya
Identified-particle production and spectra with the ALICE detector in pp and Pb–Pb collisions at the LHC
PoS(Bormio2012)051 pdf S. Beole'
Open heavy flavour RAA in ALICE
PoS(Bormio2012)052 pdf A. Mischke
Friday Morning Session
The Quest for In-medium Modifications of Hadrons
PoS(Bormio2012)053 file missing J. Stroth
New CMS Results
PoS(Bormio2012)054 pdf T. Dorigo
RHIC and LHC phenomena with an unified parton transport.
PoS(Bormio2012)055 pdf I. Bouras, O. Fochler, F. Reining, F. Senzel, J. Uphoff, C. Wesp, Z. Xu, C. Greiner and A. El
Composite states of vector mesons, vector-baryon and vector mesons in a nuclear medium
PoS(Bormio2012)056 pdf E. Oset Baguena
In-Medium Properties of Hadrons
PoS(Bormio2012)057 pdf M. Nanova
Friday Afternoon Session
Self-consistent description of proton radioactivity
PoS(Bormio2012)058 pdf L. Ferreira
The Symmetry Energy in Heavy Ion Collisions
PoS(Bormio2012)059 pdf H. Wolter
The symmetry energy at high density: new experimental results
PoS(Bormio2012)060 pdf W. Trautmann and Q. Li
New Wrinkles in an old model. The Liquid Drop volume , surface and curvature terms and their relationship
PoS(Bormio2012)061 pdf L. Moretto