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2013 Kaon Physics International Conference

KAON13 - (other kaon conferences)
Apr 29-30 and May 1st
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan - USA
published November 13, 2013
This is the latest on a series of conferences aiming at giving a venue to exchange new results and ideas to all people working in the field of kaon physics. The aim of KAON13 is to present new experimental results in kaon production and decays, relevant but not limited to topics like: - C, P and T violation - CKM Matrix and Rare Decays - Lepton Universality - Lattice Gauge Theory - Chiral Perturbation Theory - Implications from B factories and LHC Measurements Developments in experimental and theoretical techniques, as well as advances in accelerators and detectors R&D will also be covered.
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Session 1A
Session 1B
Session 1C
Session 1D
Session 2A
Session 2B
Session 2C
Session 2D
Session 3A
Session 3B
Session 1A
Kaon Physics from 30,000 Feet and Other Perspectives
PoS(KAON13)001 pdf L. Littenberg
Theory Opening Talk
PoS(KAON13)002 pdf B. Grinstein
Lattice QCD and Kaon Physics
PoS(KAON13)003 pdf J. Laiho
Session 1B
Constraints On Unitarity Triangle: Theory
PoS(KAON13)004 file missing F. Mescia
LHCb Constraint on the Unitary Triangle
PoS(KAON13)005 file missing C. Lazzeroni
Session 1C
CP Violation and the Origin of Matter
PoS(KAON13)006 file missing B. Kayser
Recent KLOE Results on Kaon Branching Ratios
PoS(KAON13)007 pdf P. De Simone
Search for CPT and Lorentz Symmetry Violation in Neutral Kaons at KLOE/KLOE-2
PoS(KAON13)008 pdf A. De Santis
Direct Test of Time-Reversal Symmetry and in the Entagled Neutral Kaon System at a Phi-factor
PoS(KAON13)009 pdf A. Di Domenico
Session 1D
New Physics Signatures in Kaon Decays
PoS(KAON13)010 pdf M. Blanke
Rare Beauty and Charm Decays at LHCb
PoS(KAON13)011 pdf A. Puig Navarro
Measurement of the Ratio of Charged Kaon Leptonic Decay Rates
PoS(KAON13)012 pdf G. Ruggiero
NA62 Prospects for Forbidden Kaon and Pion Decay Modes
PoS(KAON13)013 pdf M. Moulson
Searches for New Physics with the TREK Detector
PoS(KAON13)014 pdf S. Strauch
Session 2A
Measurements of IVusI from Tau Decays
PoS(KAON13)015 pdf I. Nugent
Kpi Form Factors and Determination of IVusI from Tau Decays
PoS(KAON13)016 file missing E. Passemar
High Precision Measurement of the Form Factors of the Semileptonic Decays K+- to pi0 I+- nu (KI3) at NA48/2
PoS(KAON13)017 pdf M. Raggi
Determination of VUs: Recent Input from the Lattice
PoS(KAON13)018 pdf V. Lubicz
Session 2B
Prospects for the Calculation of Rare Kaon Decay Amplitudes from Lattice Simulations
PoS(KAON13)019 pdf C. Sachrajda
Search for the Rare Ks\rightarrow mumu Decay
PoS(KAON13)020 pdf G. Graziani
Radiative Decays, including K\rightarrow pi+ pi0 ee, KS\rightarrow mu mu
PoS(KAON13)021 pdf G. D'Ambrosio
Session 2C
Dispersive Approach to Isospin Breaking in pi-pi Scattering
PoS(KAON13)022 pdf V. Bernard, S. Descotes-genon and M. Knecht
Inclusion of Isospin Breaking Effects in Lattice Calculations
PoS(KAON13)023 pdf A. Portelli
Atoms Consisting of pi+pi-, K+pi- or K-pi+, as a Tool to Check Precise "Low Energy QCD" Predictions
PoS(KAON13)024 file missing L. Nemenov
Low Energy QCD Measurement with NA48/2 at CERN
PoS(KAON13)025 pdf B. BlochDevaux
Session 2D
Theory Review
PoS(KAON13)026 pdf O. Cata
Convergence Issues in ChPT: A Lattice Perspective
PoS(KAON13)027 pdf S. Durr
Study of the Ke4 (K+- to pi0 pi0 e+- nu) decay with NA48/2 at CERN
PoS(KAON13)028 pdf B. BlochDevaux
Nonleptonic Kaon Decays from Lattice QCD
PoS(KAON13)029 pdf N.H. Christ
Study of the Rare Decay K+- to pi+- gamma gamma at NA48/2 and NA62
PoS(KAON13)030 pdf C. Lazzeroni
Session 3A
The NA62 Experiment at CERN: Status of the Construction
PoS(KAON13)031 pdf F. Hahn
The NA62 Experiment: Prospects for the $K^+ \to \pi^+ \nu \bar\nu$ Measurement
PoS(KAON13)032 pdf G. Ruggiero
KOTO Detector Status
PoS(KAON13)033 pdf T. Masuda
Status and Future Prospects for the KOTO Experiment
PoS(KAON13)034 pdf M. Togawa
Orka, The Golden Kaon Experiment: Precision Measurement of K\rightarrow pi nu nubar and Other Ultra-Rare Processes
PoS(KAON13)035 pdf E. Worcester
Kaons at Project X
PoS(KAON13)036 pdf D. Jaffe
Session 3B
Experimental Summary
PoS(KAON13)037 pdf M. Lenti
KAON 2013: A View of Kaons from the Lattice
PoS(KAON13)038 file missing R. Mawhinney
Theory Review
PoS(KAON13)039 file missing G. Buchalla
Gamma & Neutron Counter with WLSFiber Readout of undoped CsI crystals for KOTO Experiment
PoS(KAON13)040 pdf N. Kawasaki