PoS - Proceedings of Science

1st EPS conference on Plasma Diagnostics

14-17 April 2015
Frascati, Italy
published October 26, 2016

For a long time it was a wish of European plasma diagnosticians to have a biennial conference that brings together scientist working on diagnostics for magnetic confinement fusion, beam plasmas and inertial fusion, low-temperature and industrial plasmas, and basic and astrophysical plasmas. Although it is relatively straightforward to set up a new conference in a field, that doesn’t hold for obtaining the endorsement from the European Physical Society (EPS). After a successful 1.5 day pilot, which was organized as satellite to the main EPS Conference on Plasma Physics in Helsinki in 2013, the EPS gave the green light for organizing the First EPS Conference on Plasma Diagnostics, that was held from 14 to 17 April, 2015 in Frascati (Rome), Italy.

The International Scientific Committee of the First EPS Conference on Plasma Diagnostics (ECPD1) was formed by Dimitri Batani, Bob Bingham, Rejean Boivin, Hong Young Chang, Tony Donné (Chair), Anna Frank, Ralf König, Andrea Murari, Hiroaki Nishimura, Svetlana Ratynskaia, Vyacheslav Shakhatov and Michael Tatarakis. The Local Organizing Committee had as members Giulia Bartolomei, Daniela Nardone, Angelo A. Tuccillo (Chair) and Vincenzo Vitale from ENEA-Frascati, which took the whole responsibility of the organisation, Michela Gelfusa and Andrea Malizia from Rome University of Tor Vergata, which collaborate with ENEA-Frascatiin the organisation.

The International Scientific Committee of the conference aimed for a balanced distribution of tutorials and invited talks over the four categories mentioned above, with the aim to make the conference of interest for people from all corners of plasma physics, and also to enhance the possibilities for cross-fertilisation between the various disciplines of plasma diagnostics. A bulk of the papers presented and discussed at the conference is published here, in Proceedings of Science. All of them have been peer-reviewed at least by one expert through a process that has involved most of the conference’s attendance. A number of selected papers are being published in parallel in a Special Issue on Journal of Instrumentation. Proceeding on PoS and Special Issues on JINST http://iopscience.iop.org/1748-0221/focus/extraproc48 are both electronic full open access issues. The papers collected in these proceedings, are a good representation of those effectively presented at the conference; they are a close representation also of the sharing among the 4 topics of the Conference. Indeed the Magnetic Confinement Fusion section took largely the lead with a percentage in excess of 70% of the total number of presented papers. Some 15% belonged to Laser Beam and Inertial Plasma, Low Temperature and Inertial Plasmas section was closed to 10% and only a 5% was presented in the section of Basic and Astrophysics Plasmas. Given the success of this first meeting, and the positive feedback obtained from the about 180 participants from all around the world, it was decided to organize the 2nd EPS Conference on Plasma Diagnostics in April/May 2017 in or near Bordeaux, France. The International Scientific Committee of the 2nd Conference will benefit from the experience gained from this 1st event to promote a more balanced contribution between the topics to aim more and more to a truly interdisciplinary conference with increased cross-fertilisation capability.

We wish you much pleasure and wisdom as a result from reading the Proceedings.

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session A1
Radar Sounding Of The Auroral Plasma
PoS(ECPD2015)001 file missing C. La Hoz
Combined Electron Cyclotron Emission And Heating For The Suppression Of Neoclassical Tearing Modes In Fusion Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)002 pdf H. Van den Brand, M. de Baar, B. Hennen, J.W. Oosterbeek, W. Bongers, E. Westerhof, W. Kasparek, N. Doelman, W. Klop, L. Giannone, J. Stober, F. Monaco, H. Schuetz, D. Wagner and A. Upgrade team
session A2
Holographic Interferometry In Investigations Of The Current Sheet Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)003 pdf A. Frank
Microwave Imaging Reflectometry On Diii-D
PoS(ECPD2015)004 pdf B. Tobias, G. Kramer, E.J. Valeo, C.M. Muscatello, X. Ren, M. Chen, A.G. Spear, A.V. Pham, T. Phan, M.A. Mamidanna, J. Lai, M. Li, D. Fu, F. Hu, C. Domier, N. Luhmann Jr., S. Zemedkun, T. Munsat and Y. Zhu
Recent Developments In Ultra-High Speed And Large Area Photomultiplier Tubes
PoS(ECPD2015)005 pdf J.S. Milnes
Diagnostics Concept Development For A Future Demonstration Fusion Reactor
PoS(ECPD2015)006 file missing W. Biel
session B1
X-Ray Diagnostics: From Tokamaks To Applications
PoS(ECPD2015)007 file missing D. Pacella
Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Spectroscopy: Principles And Applications To Single-Filament Discharges
PoS(ECPD2015)008 pdf T. Hoder, H. Hoeft, T. Gerling, M. Cernak and R. Brandenburg
Spectro-Polarimetrc Optical Systems For Imaging Plasma Internal Fields, Structures And Flows
PoS(ECPD2015)009 pdf J. Howard, C. Michael, H. Chen, R. Lester, A. Thorman and J. Chung
Visar As A Fundamental Tool To Study Extreme States Of Matter
PoS(ECPD2015)010 file missing M. Koenig
session B2
Single-Shot, High-Frequency Techniques For Plasma-Induced Proton Bunch Self-Modulation Measurements
PoS(ECPD2015)011 file missing R. Tarkeshian
Correlative Enhanced Scattering In The Upper Hybrid Resonance For Study Of Micro And Meso-Scale Wave Phenomena In Low-Temperature And Tokamak Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)012 pdf E. Gusakov and A. Gurchenko
Neutron Imaging Development For Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments
PoS(ECPD2015)013 file missing O. Landoas
Session B3
Complex Interferometry Principles And Its Potential In Case Of Reference Interferograms Availability
PoS(ECPD2015)014 pdf M. Kalal
Development And Calibration Of Electron Density Measurements In Argon And Helium Plasma Using Laser Collision-Induced Fluorescence
PoS(ECPD2015)015 file missing E. Barnat
Development Of The Cherenkov-Type Diagnostic System To Study Runaway Electrons Within Tokamaks
PoS(ECPD2015)017 pdf M. Rabinski
Measurements Of Strong Pulsed Magnetic Field Generated By Laser And Application To Guided Electron Beam Transport
PoS(ECPD2015)036 file missing M. Bailly-Grandvaux
Session C1
Diagnostics On Complex (Dusty) Plasmas: A Comprehensive Survey
PoS(ECPD2015)018 file missing T. Hubertus
Fast Electron Generation For The Fast Ignitor Experiment On Lfex
PoS(ECPD2015)019 file missing Y. Arikawa
Development Of A Dispersion Interferometer For Magnetic Confinement Plasma And Its Application To Atmosphere Pressure Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)020 pdf T. Akiyama
Detecting Alfvanic Electron Acceleration Using Whistler-Mode Wave Absorption
PoS(ECPD2015)021 file missing F. Skiff
Session C2
Imaging Challenges For The Iter Plasma Facing Components Protection
PoS(ECPD2015)022 file missing J.M. Travere
Microwave Diagnostics Of Plasma Filaments Produced By A High Power Femtosecond Laser Pulse
PoS(ECPD2015)023 file missing A. Zigler
Harmonic Current Analysis Method And Its Application To Plasma Diagnostics
PoS(ECPD2015)024 file missing C.W. Chung
Session C3
Highly Resolved Dust Dynamics In Fusion Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)025 file missing A. Shalpegin
Conceptual Design Of A Dust Monitor Diagnostic For Iter
PoS(ECPD2015)026 pdf E. Veshchev
Overview Of The Dixi X-Ray Framing Camera Operating At The National Ignition Facility
PoS(ECPD2015)027 file missing T. Hilsabeck
Advanced Disruption Predictor Based On The Locked Mode Signal: Application To Jet
PoS(ECPD2015)028 pdf J. Vega, R. Moreno, A. Pereira, S. Dormido-Canto and A. Murari
Session D1
Review Of Recent Advances In Laser Driven Ion Acceleration And Applications
PoS(ECPD2015)029 file missing M. Roth
Pump-Probe Spectroscopy For Temporal Characterization Of Laser-Plasma Xuv Pulses
PoS(ECPD2015)030 file missing S. Namba
Motional Stark Effect Measurements Of The Local Magnetic Field In High Temperature Fusion Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)032 pdf R. Wolf
Laser Induced Flourescence Diagnostics Of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets
PoS(ECPD2015)033 pdf attachments G. Dilecce
Session D2
Thomson Scattering With Multi-Pass Intra-Cavity Laser System For The Study Of Fast Changing Structures In Fusion Plasma
PoS(ECPD2015)034 pdf M. Kantor
Diagnostic Systems For The Laser Megajoule (Lmj)
PoS(ECPD2015)035 file missing T. Caillaud
In Situ Monitoring Of Cf2 Radicals In Dielectric Etching Plasmas For Semiconductor Processing Using Quantum Cascade Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
PoS(ECPD2015)037 file missing N. Lang
Session D3
Nitrogen As A Spectroscopic Tracer For Measuring Plasma Flows In The High-Field Side Sol Of Asdex Upgrade
PoS(ECPD2015)038 pdf J. Karhunen, M. Groth, P. Heliste, T. Makkonen, A. Hakola, E. Viezzer and T. Pütterich
West Sxr Tomographic System Design Using Gem Detector
PoS(ECPD2015)186 file missing D. Mazon
The Set Of Diagnostics For The First Operation Campaign Of The Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator
PoS(ECPD2015)187 pdf R. Koenig
Investigation Of Effective Sheath Width Measurement Around Cutoff Probe
PoS(ECPD2015)050 file missing D.W. Kim
Session P1
Advanced Sub-Picosecond Active Optical Diagnostics Available At Pals European Research Infrastructure
PoS(ECPD2015)041 pdf J. Dostal, R. Dudzak, J. Hrebicek, T. Medrik, E. Krousky, M. Pfeifer, J. Skala, J. Ullschmied, T. Pisarczyk, T. Chodukowski, Z. Kalinowska, P. Pisarczyk, M. Kalal and M. Krupka
Hardened X-Ray Crystal Spectrometer
PoS(ECPD2015)042 pdf attachments C. Reverdin
Visar System: Application For Determination Of The Refractive Index Of Shock Compressed Water In The Megabar Pressure Range
PoS(ECPD2015)043 file missing K. Jakubowska
Measurement Of Magnetic Fields Developing At The Surface Of A Target Irradiated By A High Intensity Laser
PoS(ECPD2015)044 pdf P. Forestier-Colleoni
Overview Of The Petal+ Diagnostics For The Lmj/Petal Laser Facility
PoS(ECPD2015)045 file missing D. Batani
Development And Calibration Of The Sepage Charged Particle Diagnostics At Lmj-Petal
PoS(ECPD2015)046 file missing N. Rabhi
Single Photon Spectrometry Of X-Ray And Gamma Ray Photons By A Timepix Detector
PoS(ECPD2015)047 file missing K. Bohacek
Study On A Compact And Flexible Thomson Spectrometer For P-B11 Experiments And Low-Medium Energy Particle Detection
PoS(ECPD2015)048 file missing F. Consoli
Investigation Of Shock Wave Interaction With Gas Discharge Plasma
PoS(ECPD2015)049 file missing A. Baryshnikov
Babe; A Quiesent Discharge For Thermal Fluctuation Studies
PoS(ECPD2015)051 file missing S. Ratynskaia
Ball-Pen Probe Diagnostics Of A Weakly Magnetized Discharge Plasma Column
PoS(ECPD2015)052 pdf L. Salamon, G. Ikovic, T. Gyergyek, J. Kovacic and B. Fonda
Simulations Of An Ion Energy Analyzer Using The Particle-In-Cell Technique
PoS(ECPD2015)053 pdf T. Gyergyek
Diagnostics Of Low-Energy Secondary Electron Emission At Low-Temperature Plasma Boundaries
PoS(ECPD2015)054 file missing V. Demidov
Adjoint Monte Carlo Simulation Of Fusion Product Activation Probe Experiment In Asdex Upgrade Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)055 pdf S. Äkäslompolo, G. Bonheure, G. Tardini and T. Kurki-Suonio
Custom Silicon Detectors To Enhance Jet Neutral Particle Analysers For Dt Operations
PoS(ECPD2015)056 pdf M. Santala
Extension Of The Scintillator-Based Fast-Ion Loss Detector System In The Asdex Upgrade Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)057 file missing N. Lazanyi
Evaluation Of Radiative Power Loading On West Metallic In-Vessel Components
PoS(ECPD2015)058 pdf attachments M.H. Aumeunier, P.J. Moreau, J. Bucalossi and M. Firdaouss
Wide & Accurate Thermal Control Of Plasma Facing Components For The West Fusion Facility
PoS(ECPD2015)059 file missing M. Houry
Development Of Visible Spectroscopic Diagnostics For Monitoring Plasma Facing Components Impurity Sources In The West Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)060 pdf O. Meyer, J.C. Giacalone, J.Y. Pascal, D. Raulin, M.H. Aumeunier, C. Gil, S. Larroque, F. Micolon and P.J. Moreau
A New Single-Crystal Diamond Detector Matrix For Neutron Spectroscopy Of Dt Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)061 pdf M. Tardocchi
Model Based Estimation Of The Eddy Currents For The Iter Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)062 pdf A. Pironti, R. Ambrosino, M. Mattei, S. Arshad and L. Zabeo
Optimal number and position of the magnetic sensors for plasma shape identification in ITER
PoS(ECPD2015)063 pdf M. Ariola, A. Pironti, R. Albanese, G. Ambrosino, S. Arshad and G. Vayakis
Effect On Magnetic Sensors And Shape Indentification Of 3D Non-Axisymmetric Eddy Currents In Iter
PoS(ECPD2015)064 pdf F. Villone
Bayesian Inference Of Plasma Turbulence Properties From Reflectometry Measurements
PoS(ECPD2015)065 file missing G. Hornung
Advances In The Development Of A Cherenkov Diagnostic System To Study Runaway Electron Losses
PoS(ECPD2015)066 pdf F. Causa
Realization, Installation And Testing Of The Multichannel Reflectometer's Transmission Lines At Icrf Antenna In Asdex Upgrade
PoS(ECPD2015)067 pdf O. D'Arcangelo, O. Tudisco, S. Ceccuzzi, H. Fuenfgelder, G. Rocchi, G. Conway, G. De Masi, L. Fattorini, J. Friesen, L. Meneses, J.M. Noterdaeme, G. Siegl, A. Silva, A. Simonetto, A. Tuccillo, T. Vierle and I. Zammuto
Beam Emission Spectroscopy Diagnostics Solutions And Capabilities
PoS(ECPD2015)068 file missing D. Dunai
Discriminant Analysis For Characterization Of Edge-Localized Plasma Instabilities
PoS(ECPD2015)069 file missing A. Shabbir
Robust Scaling Of The Energy Confinement In Tokamaks
PoS(ECPD2015)070 file missing A. Shabbir
Spatial Resolution Capability Of The Cnesm Neutron Diagnostic Of Spider
PoS(ECPD2015)071 file missing A. Muraro
Robust Highly Emissive Probe For Plasma Potential Measurements In The Edge Region Of Toroidal Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)072 pdf B.S. Schneider, S. Costea, C. Ionita, R.W. Schrittwieser, V. Naulin, J.J. Rasmussen, R. Stärz, N. Vianello, J. Kovacic and T. Gyergyek
Simulating C Iv Plasma By Using A Sh-Htscebit
PoS(ECPD2015)073 file missing J. Xiao
First Results From The Neutral Particle Analyzer On The Compass Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)074 pdf K. Mitosinkova, A. Melnik, M. Tomes, J. Stockel, F. Janky, M. Komm, M. Imrisek, P. Hacek, J. Varju and V. Weinzettl
First Measurement Of Liiii Charge Exchange Lines On East Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)075 file missing Y. Li
First Results Of Polarimeter-Interferometer System For Current Density Measurement On East
PoS(ECPD2015)076 file missing H. Liu
Development Of An Ir System For Asdex Upgrade.
PoS(ECPD2015)077 file missing B. Sieglin
Introduction Of Poloidally Separated Doppler Reflectometers In Experimental Advanced Superconducting (East) Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)078 pdf X. Zhang
Overview Of The R&D Activities For The Iter Bolometer Diagnostic
PoS(ECPD2015)079 pdf H. Meister, H. Eixenberger, C. Gliss, A. Kampke, M. Kannamüller, J. Koll, F. Penzel, K. Kotrocz, A. Pataki, J. Szücs, G. Veres, T. Fekete, L. Tatar, P. Detemple, K. Mpoukouvalas and S. Schmitt
Symbolic Regression With Different Metrics To Investigate Scaling Laws In Tokamaks
PoS(ECPD2015)080 file missing M. Lungaroni
A New Compact Solid-State Neutral Particle Analyser At Asdex Upgrade: Setup And Physics Modeling
PoS(ECPD2015)081 file missing P. Schneider
Sub-Millisecond Electron Density Profile Measurement At Jet Tokamak With The Fast Li-Bes System
PoS(ECPD2015)082 file missing D. Refy
Hydrogen And Lithium Beam Emission Spectroscopy Measurements On Kstar
PoS(ECPD2015)083 file missing L. Mate, G. Anda, A. Czopf, G. Erdei, A. Kovacsik, G. Pokol, Y.U. Nam and S. Zoletnik
Cdte Semiconductor Detectors For Hard X-Ray Diagnostics At Compass Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)084 file missing M. Vlainic
Temperature Measurement And Heat Load Calculations Under Plasma Load
PoS(ECPD2015)085 file missing A. Herrmann
Physics Studies About Ece Through An Oblique Line Of Sight In Iter And Their Implications For The Detection Of Neoclassical Tearing Modes
PoS(ECPD2015)086 pdf C. Sozzi, L. Figini, D. Farina, D. Micheletti and M. Henderson
Los Distribution And Integration Constraints Of Bolometers In Iter
PoS(ECPD2015)087 file missing A. Suarez
Evaluation Of Ec Stray Radiation In Iter And Its Implication For Diagnostics
PoS(ECPD2015)088 pdf A. Sirinelli, F. Gandini, M. Henderson, J.W. Oosterbeek and G. Vayakis
Looking For An On-Line Backup Density Measurement For Iter
PoS(ECPD2015)089 pdf A. Sirinelli, T. Akiyama, C.K. Orimoto and C. Watts
Concept Design And Integration Aspects Of Iter Vertical Neutron Camera
PoS(ECPD2015)090 pdf attachments L. Bertalot
Electronic Components Exposed To Nuclear Radiations In Iter Diagnostic Systems: Current Investigations And Perspectives
PoS(ECPD2015)091 pdf V. Martin, L. Bertalot, J.M. Drevon, R. Reichle, S. Simrock, G. Vayakis, M. Walsh, J. Verbeeck, Y. Cao and M. Van Uffelen
Design Updates Of Iter Broad-Band X-Ray Survey Spectrometer
PoS(ECPD2015)092 file missing S. Varshney
First Results Of The Magnetic Fluctuation Measurement Using Fast Reciprocating Magnetic Probes On J-Text Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)093 file missing F.M. Li
Far-Forward Collective Scattering Measurements By Fir Polarimeter-Interferometer On J-Text Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)094 file missing P. Shi
Calibration Of Polarimetric Thomson Scattering By Raman Polarimetry
PoS(ECPD2015)095 file missing L. Giudicotti
Development Of Neutron Emission Spectroscopy Diagnostics At The East Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)096 file missing T. Fan
Unfolding Of Neutron Spectra With An Experimentally Determined Diamond Detector Response Function
PoS(ECPD2015)097 pdf A. Zimbal, F. Gagnon-Moisan, M. Reginatto and M. Zboril
Simulation Of The Neutron Response Functions Of Diamond Detectors With The Nresp Code
PoS(ECPD2015)098 pdf M. Zboril, J.E. Guerrero Araque, R. Nolte and A. Zimbal
Laser Cleaning Of Iter-Like Diagnostic Mirrors
PoS(ECPD2015)099 file missing A. Maffini
Lidar Thomson Scattering For Iter Core Plasma Revisited
PoS(ECPD2015)100 pdf P. Nielsen
Error Field In Tokamaks: A Plasmaless Measurements Approach
PoS(ECPD2015)101 pdf A. Formisano, A.G. Chiariello, R. Martone, S. Arshad and G. Vayakis
Three Dimensional Measurements Of Radially Sheared Zonal Flows By Correlation Doppler Reflectometry
PoS(ECPD2015)102 pdf W. Zhong, Z. Shi, Y. Xu, X. Zou, X. Duan, W. Chen, M. Jiang, Z.C. Yang, B. Zhang, P. Shi, Z. Liu, M. Xu, X. Song, X. Ding, J. Dong and Y. Liu
A New Interferometer/Polarimetry System With High Time Resolution On Hl-2A
PoS(ECPD2015)103 file missing Y. Zhou
Neutron emission spectroscopy measurements with a single crystal diamond detector at JET
PoS(ECPD2015)104 pdf M. Nocente
Simulation Of Pha Soft X-Ray Spectra Expected From W7-X
PoS(ECPD2015)107 file missing A. Czarnecka
Laboratory Tests Of The Pulse Height Analysis System For Wendelstein 7-X
PoS(ECPD2015)108 file missing M. Kubkowska
Planned Active Spectroscopy In The Neutral Beam Injectors Of W7-X
PoS(ECPD2015)109 pdf J. Baldzuhn, O. Ford, P. McNeely, T. Richert and  W7-X Team
Visual And Infrared Imaging Diagnostics At Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator In The First Operational Phase
PoS(ECPD2015)110 file missing C. Biedermann
Microwave And Interferometer Diagnostics Prepared For First Plasma Operation Of Wendelstein 7-X
PoS(ECPD2015)111 pdf M. Hirsch
Startup Impurity Diagnostics In Wendelstein 7-X Stellarator Foreseen In The First Operational Phase
PoS(ECPD2015)112 pdf H. Thomsen
Optical Instruments For Local Divertor Observation At Wendelstein 7-X
PoS(ECPD2015)113 pdf O. Neubauer
Simulation Of The X-Ray Line Spectra For Molybdenum In High Temperature Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)176 file missing K. Slabkowska
X-Ray Spectra Simulation For High Temperature Tungsten Plasmas
PoS(ECPD2015)177 file missing L. Syrocki
Session P2
Emission Of W27+ Ion In Ebit Plasma
PoS(ECPD2015)114 file missing V. Jonauskas
Optical Diagnostics For Equation-Of-State Experiments At The Orion Laser Facility
PoS(ECPD2015)115 file missing J. Luis
Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments On The Orion Laser Facility.
PoS(ECPD2015)116 file missing C. Horsfield
Plasma Diagnostics At The Orion Laser Facility
PoS(ECPD2015)117 file missing K. Oades
An Aspheric Crystal Imaging Diagnostic At The Orion Laser
PoS(ECPD2015)118 file missing S. James
Time-Of-Flight And X-Ray Detectors Based On Dual-Diamond Assembly For Laser Produced Plasmas In The Abc Facility
PoS(ECPD2015)119 file missing R. De Angelis
Spectral Identification Of X-Ray Transitions From Autoionizing Levels In Dense Laser-Produced Aluminum Plasma
PoS(ECPD2015)120 file missing C. Iorga, V. Stancalie and V. Pais
Time- And Energy-Resolved Measurements Of Ion Beams Emitted From Plasma-Focus Type Discharges
PoS(ECPD2015)121 pdf R. Kwiatkowski, K. Czaus, M. Paduch, M.J. Sadowski, E. Skladnik-Sadowska and E. Zielinska
Emission Of Multipulcharged Ions From Laser-Triggering Vacuum Discharge
PoS(ECPD2015)122 pdf attachments M. Alkhimova
Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond Detectors For Monitoring The Laser-Generated Plasma
PoS(ECPD2015)123 file missing G. Verona
Electric Field Induced Lyman-$\alpha$ Emission (Efile) Diagnostic : Electric Field Measurements In Vacuum And In A Plasma
PoS(ECPD2015)124 pdf L. Kovacic
Enea Euv Discharge Produced Plasma Source: Diagnostics, Characterization And Applications
PoS(ECPD2015)125 pdf L. Mezi, S. Bollanti, F. Flora and A. Torre
Diagnostics Studies Of Mw Plasmas Containing Hmdso, O2 And N2
PoS(ECPD2015)126 file missing J. Roepcke
Diagnosing The Initial Stages From Solid To Plasma Phase For Dense Plasma Explosions
PoS(ECPD2015)127 pdf E. Kaselouris
Floating Potential Oscillations Of An Emissive Probe And Their Relation To Plasma Parameter Oscillations
PoS(ECPD2015)128 file missing N. Lemoine
Conceptual Design And Optimization Of A Back-Scatter 14-Mev Neutron Time-Of-Flight Spectrometer For Fusion Applications
PoS(ECPD2015)130 pdf G. Ericsson
Development Of Motional Stark Effect Diagnostic With Laser-Induced Fluorescence For Measurement Of Magnetic Field In High-Beta Experiments
PoS(ECPD2015)132 file missing A.A. Lizunov
The Multichord Motional Stark Effect Diagnostic On Kstar
PoS(ECPD2015)133 file missing J. Chung
A Pellet Injector And Associated Plasma Diagnostics For Performing Plasma Studies And Fuelling In The Tj-Ii Stellarator
PoS(ECPD2015)134 pdf K.J. McCarthy, N. Panadero, I. Arapoglou, S.K. Combs, J.B.O. Caughman, E. de la Cal, C. Foust, R. García Gomez, J. Hernandez Sanchez, F. Martín Hernandez, M. Navarro Santana, I. Pastor Diaz, M.C. Rodriguez Fernandez and J.L. Velasco Garasa
Progress On Diagnostics Of The Iter Neutral Beam Test Facility
PoS(ECPD2015)135 pdf R. Pasqualotto, M. Agostini, M. Barbisan, F. Bonomo, M. Brombin, G. Croci, M. Dalla Palma, R.S. Delogu, M. De Muri, N. Fonnesu, G. Gorini, A. Muraro, N. Pomaro, G. Serianni, S. Spagnolo, M. Spolaore, M. Tardocchi and B. Zaniol
The Efit++ Equilibrium Code: Recent Upgrades And Applications To Air-Core And Iron- Core Machines
PoS(ECPD2015)136 file missing I. Lupelli
An Fpga-Based Bolometer For The Mast-U Super-X Divertor
PoS(ECPD2015)137 pdf J. Lovell, A. Field, G. Naylor and R. Sharples
Fpga-Based High Bandwidth Integral Electron Density Interferometer For Mast-U
PoS(ECPD2015)138 pdf K.J. Brunner, T. O'Gorman, G. Naylor, R. Scannell, G. Cunningham, R. Sharples and N.A. Dipper
Hard X-Ray Tomographic Spectroscopy In Tcv
PoS(ECPD2015)139 pdf S. Coda, J. Kamleitner, S. Gnesin and P. Marmillod
Electron Cyclotron Emission (Ece) And Correlation Ece Diagnostic On Tcv
PoS(ECPD2015)140 pdf M. Fontana, L. Porte and P. Marmillod
The Tangential Phase-Contrast Imaging Diagnostic On The Tcv Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)141 file missing Z. Huang
Jet Diagnostic Enhancements In Preparation For Dt Operations
PoS(ECPD2015)142 pdf J. Figueiredo and A. Murari
Temperature Resistivity Of Spectrometric Diamond Detectors For Measurements Of Fusion-Plasma Products
PoS(ECPD2015)143 file missing J. Dankowski
Fast Data Acquisition Measurement System For Plasma Diagnostics Using Gem Detectors
PoS(ECPD2015)144 pdf attachments A. Wojenski, K.T. Poźniak, G. Kasprowicz, W. Zabolotny, A. Byszuk, P. Zienkiewicz, M. Chernyshova and T. Czarski
Conceptual Design And Development Of Gem Based Detecting System For Tomographic Tungsten Focused Transport Monitoring
PoS(ECPD2015)145 file missing M. Chernyshova
Serial Data Acquisition For The X-Ray Plasma Diagnostics With Selected Gem Detector Structures
PoS(ECPD2015)146 file missing T. Czarski
Mitigation Of Uncertainty In Fusion Power Measurements In Mixed D-D And D-T Neutron Fluxes
PoS(ECPD2015)147 file missing A. Batyunin
The Compact High Yield Neutron Generator For Fusion Plasma Diagnostic Purpose
PoS(ECPD2015)148 file missing Y. Kashchuk
Retrieving Models For Localised Measurements By Heavy Ion Beam Diagnostic
PoS(ECPD2015)149 pdf A. Malaquias, R.B. Henriques and I. Nedzeskiy
Towards Real-Time Density Profile Reconstruction With Cuda
PoS(ECPD2015)150 pdf D.R. Ferreira, P. Carvalho, H. Fernandes and L. Meneses
A Hybrid X-Mode Reflectometry First Fringe Detection Algorithm For Jet
PoS(ECPD2015)151 pdf P. Carvalho, L. Meneses, J. Santos and B. Gonçalves
Retarding Field Analyzers For The Ion Temperature Measurements In The Sol And Edge Plasmas Of The Tokamak Isttok And The Tj-Ii Stellarator
PoS(ECPD2015)152 pdf I. Nedzeskiy, C.P. Silva, H. Fernandes, M.A. Pedrosa and C. Hidalgo
Fuel Monitoring In Iter Plasma With The Use Of Neutral Particle Analysis
PoS(ECPD2015)153 pdf M. Petrov
A High Count-Rate Diagnostic For Measurements Of Soft X-Ray Bremsstrahlung Spectra In Plasma Of The Ft-2 Tokamak
PoS(ECPD2015)154 file missing A. Sidorov
Pilot Testing Of Npa System Components Intended For Iter
PoS(ECPD2015)155 file missing V. Afanasyev
3D Numerical Simulations To Validate The First Experimental Measurements During A Lova Reproduction Inside The New Facility Stardust-Upgrade
PoS(ECPD2015)156 file missing J.F. Ciparisse
Experimental Campaign To Test The Capability Of Stardust-Upgrade Diagnostics To Investigate Lova And Loca Conditions
PoS(ECPD2015)157 file missing L.A. Poggi
Real-Time Data Acquisition And Processing System Design For Iter Radial Neutron Camera
PoS(ECPD2015)158 pdf attachments R. Costa Pereira, N. Cruz, A. Fernandes, J. Sousa, B. Gonçalves, M. Riva, C. Centioli, D. Marocco, S. Podda, B. Esposito, S. Conroy, M. Cecconello, A. Zimbal and C. Correia
Progress And Prospects Of The Ftu Collective Thomson Scattering Diagnostics
PoS(ECPD2015)159 pdf W. Bin, A. Bruschi, O. D'Arcangelo, L. Figini, C. Galperti, S. Garavaglia, G. Granucci, G. Grosso, V. Mellera, D. Minelli, A. Moro, A. Nardone, A. Simonetto and U. Tartari
Data Acquisition System For Divertor Neutron Flux Monitor Diagnostics At Iter
PoS(ECPD2015)160 file missing Y. Kashchuk
Accuracy Of The Approximate Expressions For Pure Cotton-Mouton Effect From Jet Real-Time Far Infrared Polarimeter
PoS(ECPD2015)161 pdf B. Bieg
Scintillators For High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics
PoS(ECPD2015)162 pdf L. Swiderski, A. Gojska, M. Grodzicka, S. Korolczuk, S. Mianowski, M. Moszynski, J. Rzadkiewicz, P. Sibczynski, A. Syntfeld-Kazuch, M. Szawlowski, T. Szczesniak, J. Szewinski, A. Szydlowski and I. Zychor
Development Of Current Density Profile Diagnostics At Kstar
PoS(ECPD2015)164 file missing J. Ko
Development Of Cherenkov Neutron Detector For Fusion Neutron And Runaway Electron Diagnostics
PoS(ECPD2015)165 file missing M. Cheon
Development Of A New Detection System For The Thomson Scattering Measurement In The Forward Scattering Configuration On Lhd
PoS(ECPD2015)166 file missing H. Funaba
Recent Improvement Of The Lhd Thomson Scattering System
PoS(ECPD2015)167 pdf attachments I. Yamada, R. Yasuhara, H. Funaba, H. Hayashi and K. Narihara
Development Of The Multi-Pass Thomson Scattering System In Lhd And Gamma10
PoS(ECPD2015)168 file missing R. Yasuhara
Heavy Ion Beam Probing - The Diagnostics For Internal Measurements Of The Plasma Electric Potential And Turbulence In Toroidal Plasma Devices
PoS(ECPD2015)170 pdf A. Melnikov
Mechanical Design Of The Iter Low Field Side Reflectometer Diagnostic System
PoS(ECPD2015)172 file missing A. Zolfaghari
Estimation Of 3D Rigid Deformations In Tokamak By Means Of Magnetic Diagnostic
PoS(ECPD2015)173 file missing R. Martone
Enhancement Of Iter Hfs Reflectometer Project By Measurements In Refractometer Mode
PoS(ECPD2015)174 file missing A. Petrov
Multi-Diagnostic Approach To Geodezic Acoustic Mode Study
PoS(ECPD2015)175 pdf A. Yashin
Plasma Cleaning Of First Mirrors In Iter-Like Conditions
PoS(ECPD2015)178 file missing L. Moser
Microwave Imaging Reflectometry (Mir) For The Study Of Edge Harmonic Oscillations (Ehos) On Diii-D
PoS(ECPD2015)179 file missing X. Ren
High Temperature Performances Of Cvd Single Crystal Diamond Detectors
PoS(ECPD2015)180 pdf R. Pilotti
Absolute Calibration Of The Asdex Upgrade Fast Ion Loss Detectors
PoS(ECPD2015)181 file missing M. Rodriguez
The Synthetic Fast Ion Loss Detector
PoS(ECPD2015)182 file missing J. Galdón
Determination Of Zeff In The Madison Symmetric Torus Using X-Ray Tomography And Charge Exchange Recombination Spectroscopy
PoS(ECPD2015)183 file missing M. Galante
Modelling Of Neutron Spectra On Mast
PoS(ECPD2015)184 file missing I. Klimek
Neutron Emission Spectroscopy Of Third Harmonic Radio-Frequency Heated Plasma With A Ne213 Scintillator At Jet
PoS(ECPD2015)185 file missing F. Binda, J. Eriksson, G. Ericsson, C. Hellesen, S. Conroy, E. Andersson-Sunden, M. Cecconello, M. Nocente and C. Cazzaniga
The Influence Of Dust Characteristics On Re-Suspension: Test With Tungsten And Data Discussion
PoS(ECPD2015)105 file missing A. Melis
1-D Photodiode Array Detector Based On Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond
PoS(ECPD2015)106 file missing C. Verona