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Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2020

ACSC2020 - (other acsc conferences)
14-16 September 2020
Vienna - Austria
published April 12, 2021
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For the sixth time, almost 300 citizen science enthusiasts, researchers, students, practitioners, met at this transdisciplinary conference to exchange ideas, gain new experiences and present the results of their studies. "Citizen Science: Ambitions and Meaning" was the motto of this year's conference, and the truly diverse programme showed us that this motto resonated well with the citizen science communities in the German-speaking countries, and not only there, but also far beyond. Participants joined online from the USA, Brazil, Spain, Sweden and England, among others. The conference was organised in cooperation with the University of Vienna, Österreich forscht, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, the Centre for Citizen Science, Bürger schaffen Wissen and Schweiz forscht. Funding was provided by the Federal Ministry for Science Education and Research, the Municipal Department for Environmental Protection of the City of Vienna (MA22) and by the Ludwig Boltzmann Society.

Especially in these times, when science appears in the media as it rarely has before, it was important to talk about the ambitions and the meaning of citizen science.

Editorial Board:
Didone Frigerio, Konrad Lorenz Research Center for Behaviour and Cognition, University of Vienna, Grünau im Almtal, Austria
Daniel Dörler, Institute of Zoology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria

Editorial Board

Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2020
Citizen Science as a Bridge to the Violence Prevention in the Social Field School
PoS(ACSC2020)001 pdf attachments O. Havryliv
Fostering weather and climate literacy among pupils by engagement in a weather citizen science project
PoS(ACSC2020)002 pdf T. Kox, M. Göber, B. Wentzel, E. Freundl and H. Rust
What’s love (not) got to do with it. How to pair sexuality- and relationship research with citizen science.
PoS(ACSC2020)003 pdf S.F. Ossmann
'Let's talk about science!' A report on the ÖCSK workshop about making science communication attractive for academics
PoS(ACSC2020)004 pdf B. Heinisch, R. Stocker and E. Topitz
Ambitions and relevance of the citizen humanities
PoS(ACSC2020)005 pdf B. Heinisch
Empowerment and participation by the means of Citizen Science – Methodological approaches and experiences from projects in rural areas
PoS(ACSC2020)006 pdf M. Gruber and G. Hagendorfer-Jauk
Recognizing failures in citizen science projects: Lessons learned
PoS(ACSC2020)007 pdf F. Westreicher, M. Cieslinski, M. Ernst, D. Frigerio, B. Heinisch, T. Hübner and J. Rüdisser
Professional monitoring - A basis for citizen science projects with sustainable impact?
PoS(ACSC2020)008 pdf J. Siebert, N. Eder, E. Kmetova-Biro and R. Zink
The relevance of a digital platform for the citizen science project NestCams
PoS(ACSC2020)009 pdf J. Rittenschober, V. Püringer-Sturmayr and D. Frigerio
Digital project meets analog community – Expectations and experiences of a digital citizen science project on GDR history
PoS(ACSC2020)010 pdf A.R. Haumann and R. Smolarski
The diversity of participants of the Austrian Citizen Science Conference from 2015-2020
PoS(ACSC2020)011 pdf D. Dörler and F. Heigl
How to reach and engage social minorities - a look back on a successful involvement of pupils from all social classes
PoS(ACSC2020)012 pdf A.L. Mädge, I. Pollak and B. Schrank
Early Career Researchers’ Perspective on Citizen Science
PoS(ACSC2020)013 pdf P. Biberhofer, B. Lembke and S. Tönsmann
The data management plan - the common thread through the project. DMP consulting at the University of Vienna
PoS(ACSC2020)014 pdf S. Blumesberger
Science meets Practice – Practice meets Science: Intervention Research as "Method" for Citizen Science?
PoS(ACSC2020)015 pdf I. Paul-Horn
Citizen Science in Educational Institutions: does it require pedagogical embedment?
PoS(ACSC2020)016 pdf V. Miczajka, T. Hübner, F. Böttcher, V. van den Bogaert and K. Lange-Schubert
‘Hard to reach’ or ‘easy to ignore’. Strategies and reflections on including co-researchers.
PoS(ACSC2020)017 pdf V. Wöhrer, T. Buchner, N. Kerschhofer-Puhalo, B. Kieslinger, K. Mayer, S. Stefanie, B. Streicher and S. Truckenbrodt
Natural science education – a claim for equality, diversity and inclusion in Citizen Science activities
PoS(ACSC2020)018 pdf attachments B. Neuböck-Hubinger, K. Grubner, D. Frigerio and K. Hirschenhauser
INSIGNIA: Beekeepers as citizen scientists investigate the environment of their honey bees
PoS(ACSC2020)019 pdf R. Brodschneider, K. Gratzer, N.L. Carreck, F. Vejsnaes and J. van der Steen
SAMS - participatory development of smart apicultural management services in Ethiopia and Indonesia
PoS(ACSC2020)020 pdf K. Gratzer, A.M. Paramita, K. Proschek, M. Sperl, Y. Alemayehu, S. Fiedler and R. Brodschneider
Art in Science and Science in Art - reflections through the lense of Citizen Science.
PoS(ACSC2020)022 pdf C. Marizzi and P. Bartar
BioBus – Driving Community Science & Education
PoS(ACSC2020)023 pdf C. Marizzi, R. Frawley, A. Pirovano, T. Hirschfeld-Stoler, F. Anselmi, R. Heydari, L. Wright and B.J. Dubin-Thaler
The characteristics of citizen science in a fishbowl
PoS(ACSC2020)024 pdf G. Hager, B. Kieslinger, S. Hecker and M. Haklay
Citizen Science - An examination from the viewpoint of an ordinary person
PoS(ACSC2020)025 pdf G. Weiss
Pilzfinder.at Diversity and distribution of fungi in Austria. Let us search for fungi, take pictures, document them and thereby contribute to biodiversity research
PoS(ACSC2020)026 pdf I. Krisai-Greilhuber
Is this innovative? - Changes strengthen the importance of Citizen Science!
PoS(ACSC2020)028 pdf attachments G. Prystav and F. Becker