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International Symposium on Grids & Clouds 2022

ISGC2022 - (other isgc conferences)
21 - 25 March, 2022
online, Academia Sinica Computing Centre (ASGC), Taipei, Taiwan, Website: https://indico4.twgrid.org/event/20/
published September 28, 2022
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The annual ISGC virtual conference will be held from 21 to 25 March of 2022.  While the research data are becoming a real asset nowadays, it is an information and knowledge gained through thorough analysis that makes them so valuable. To process vast amounts of data collected, novel high performance data analytics methods and tools are needed, combining classical simulation oriented approaches, big data processing and advanced AI methods. Such a combination is not straightforward and needs novel insights at all levels of the computing environment – from the network and hardware fabrics through the operating systems and middleware to the platforms and software, not forgetting the security – to support data oriented research. Challenging use cases that apply difficult scientific problems are necessary to properly drive the evolution and also to validate such high performance data analytics environments.


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Physics (including HEP) and Engineering Applications Session
Health & Life Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences & Biodiversity Applications Session
Data Management & Big Data Session
Virtual Research Environment (VRE)
Infrastructure Clouds and Virtualizations Session
Network, Security, Infrastructure & Operations Session
Converging High Performance Computing Infrastructures: Supercomputers, clouds, accelerators Session
Artificial Intelligence Session
Physics (including HEP) and Engineering Applications Session
Machine Learning inference using PYNQ environment in a AWS EC2 F1 Instance
PoS(ISGC2022)001 pdf M. Lorusso, D. Bonacorsi, D. Salomoni and R. Travaglini
Quantum Computing and Simulation Platform for HEP at IHEP
PoS(ISGC2022)002 pdf Y. Bi, L. Wang, W. Sun and Q. Hu
Exploiting INFN-Cloud to implement a Cloud solution to support the CYGNO computing model
PoS(ISGC2022)021 pdf
F.D. Amaro, M. Antonacci, E. Baracchini, L. Benussi, S. Bianco, C. Capoccia, M. Caponero, D.S. Cardoso, G. Cavoto, D. Ciangottini, A. Cortez, I.A. Costa, I.A. Costa, G. D'Imperio, E. Dane, G. Dho, F. Di Giambattista, E. Di Marco, C. Duma, F. Iacoangeli, H.P. Lima Júnior, G.S.P. Lopes, G. Maccarrone, R.D.P. Mano, M. Marafini, R.R. Marcelo Gregorio, D.J.G. Marques, G. Mazzitelli, A.G. McLean, A. Messina, C.M.B. Monteiro, R.A. Nobrega, I.F. Pains, E. Paoletti, L. Passamonti, S. Pelosi, F. Petrucci, S. Piacentini, D. Piccolo, D. Pierluigi, D. Pinci, A. Prajapati, F. Renga, A. Rodano, R.J.C. Roque, F. Rosatelli, A. Russo, G. Saviano, D. Spiga, N.J.C. Spooner, S. Stanlio, R. Tesauro, S. Tomassini, S. Torelli, M. Tracolli and J.M.F. dos Santos
Development of a Scout Job Framework for Improving Efficiency of Analysis Jobs in Belle II Distributed Computing System
PoS(ISGC2022)029 pdf H. Hirata and  on behalf of the Belle II computing group
Study for jet flavor tagging by using machine learning
PoS(ISGC2022)031 pdf M. Morinaga, M. Saito, J. Tanaka, S. Ganguly and T. Kishimoto
Earth & Environmental Sciences & Biodiversity Applications Session
Downscaling of precipitation over the Taiwan region by a conditional Generative Adversarial Network
PoS(ISGC2022)004 pdf M. Iotti, P. Davini, J. von Hardenberg and G. Zappa
Data Management & Big Data Session
Exploiting Big Data solutions for CMS computing operations analytics
PoS(ISGC2022)006 pdf S. Gasperini, S. Rossi Tisbeni, D. Bonacorsi and D. Lange
Long-term Storage Achieves of IHEP: From CASTOR to EOSCTA
PoS(ISGC2022)007 pdf Q. Yao, Y. Bi and Y. Cheng
Open-source and cloud-native solutions for managing and analyzing heterogeneous and sensitive clinical Data
PoS(ISGC2022)022 pdf D. Spiga, D. Ciangottini, A. Costantini, S. Cutini, C. Duma, J. Gasparetto, P. Lubrano, B. Martelli, E. Ronchieri, D. Salomoni, G. Sergi, L. Storchi and M. Tracolli
Virtual Research Environment (VRE)
Data Analysis Integrated Software System in IHEP, design and implementation
PoS(ISGC2022)028 pdf Y. Hu and H. Tian
Infrastructure Clouds and Virtualizations Session
Cloud native approach for Machine Learning as a Service for High Energy Physics
PoS(ISGC2022)012 pdf L. Giommi, D. Spiga, V. Kuznetsov, D. Bonacorsi and M. Paladino
Implementation of CMSWEB Services Deployment Procedures using HELM
PoS(ISGC2022)013 pdf A. Pervaiz, M. Imran, V. Kuznetsov, P. Paparrigopoulos, S. Trigazis, A. Pfeiffer and  on behalf of the CMS Collaboration
Running Fermi-LAT analysis on Cloud: the experience with DODAS with EGI-ACE Project
PoS(ISGC2022)023 pdf I. Mereu, M. Antonacci, D. Ciangottini, S. Cutini, C. Duma, L. Gaido, S. Nicotri and D. Spiga
Network, Security, Infrastructure & Operations Session
Caching for dataset-based workloads with heterogeneous file sizes
PoS(ISGC2022)009 pdf O. Chuchuk, G. Neglia, M. Schulz and D. Duellmann
Supporting Multiple Concurrent Usage Patterns on the HTCondor-Based HTC Computing System at IHEP
PoS(ISGC2022)010 pdf X. Jiang, R. Du, Q. Hu, G. Sun, J. Shi, L. Xia and X. Liu
Operation and maintenance analysis platform at IHEP
PoS(ISGC2022)011 pdf Q. Hu, L. Wang, W. Zheng and X. Jiang
Malicious Traffic Detection with Class Imbalanced Data Based on Coarse-grained Labels
PoS(ISGC2022)030 pdf Z. Li, J. Liu, J. Wang, J. Liu, T. Yan, D. An, C. Zhou and Z. Wang
Converging High Performance Computing Infrastructures: Supercomputers, clouds, accelerators Session
Large Scale ARM Computing Cluster and its Application in HEP
PoS(ISGC2022)015 pdf Y. Cheng, W. Sun, Y. Bi, Y. Cheng, J. Shi, L. Wang, Q. Yao, Q. Hu and M. Zhang
Artificial Intelligence Session
Application of transfer learning to event classification in collider physics
PoS(ISGC2022)016 pdf T. Kishimoto, M. Morinaga, M. Saito and J. Tanaka
Sparse-view CT reconstruction based on fusion learning in hybrid domain
PoS(ISGC2022)017 pdf attachments H. Tian, L. Li, Y. Hu, X. Qiu, T. Deng, G. Li and F. Qi
Reinforce-lib: A Reinforcement Learning Library for Scientific Research
PoS(ISGC2022)018 pdf L. Anzalone and D. Bonacorsi
Software defect prediction: A study on software metrics using statistical and machine learning methods
PoS(ISGC2022)020 pdf M. Canaparo, E. Ronchieri and G. Bertaccini
A Weakly-supervised Method for Encrypted Malicious Traffic Detection
PoS(ISGC2022)027 pdf J. Liu, Z. Li, J. Wang, T. Yan, D. An, C. Zhou and G. Chen