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15th European VLBI Network Mini-Symposium and Users' Meeting

EVN2022 - (other evn conferences)
11-15 July, 2022
University College Cork, Ireland
published August 22, 2023
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The European VLBI Network Symposium is the main forum for discussion of the latest Very Long Baseline Interferometry scientific results and technical and technological developments within the EVN member countries. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was not possible to hold this Symposium in 2020 as originally planned, and an online EVN Mini-Symposium was held during July 12-14, 2021. The full 15th EVN Symposium has now been held during July 11-15, 2022. Topics covered ranged from radio-emitting processes around stars to the innermost structure of active galactic nuclei and the origin of astrophysical jets, and a number of technical topics were also considered.

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Cosmology and High Redshift
Stars, Stellar Systems
Surveys, Galaxies
Imaging ICRF3 sources at K band with the European VLBI Network
PoS(EVN2022)002 pdf P. Charlot, M.E. Gomez, R.M. Campbell, M. Kettenis, A. Keimpema and A. Collioud
The Detection of a Compact Radio Feature in a Seyfert Galaxy After an Accretion Rate Change
PoS(EVN2022)006 pdf K.É. Gabányi, K. Smith, S. Frey, Z. Paragi, T. An and A. Moor
Double synchrotron self-absorption spectrum of the blazar 3C 454.3 and its B-field strength
PoS(EVN2022)008 pdf H.W. Jeong and S.S. Lee
Correlations of the multiwavelength emission in the blazar CTA 102 during 2016–2018
PoS(EVN2022)013 pdf S.H. Kim and S.S. Lee
A study of bent jets in active galactic nuclei at parsec scales
PoS(EVN2022)015 pdf V. Makeev, Y.Y. Kovalev and A. Pushkarev
A VLBI investigation of high-energy neutrino emitter candidates
PoS(EVN2022)016 pdf
C. Nanci, M. Giroletti, M. Orienti, G. Migliori, J. Moldon, S. Garrappa, M. Kadler, E. Ros, S. Buson, T. An, M. Perez-Torres, F. D’Ammando, P. Mohan, I. Agudo, B.W. Sohn, A.J. Castro-Tirado, Y. Zhang, P. Benke, F. Eppel, A. Gokus, J. Heßdoerfer, G.F. Paraschos, F. Roesch, J.L. Sinapius, P. Weber, D. Kirchner and S. Hämmerich
Rotation Measure studies of the quasar 3C 345 with RadioAstron
PoS(EVN2022)018 pdf F. Poetzl and  on behalf of the RadioAstron AGN Polarization Key Science Program
An extensive analysis of the sub-parsec region of 3C 84
PoS(EVN2022)019 pdf G. Paraschos, J.Y. Kim, T. Krichbaum, J. Oh, J.A. Hodgson, M.A. Gurwell and J. Anton Zensus
Cosmology and High Redshift
J2102+6015: an Intriguing Radio-loud Active Galactic Nucleus in the Early Universe
PoS(EVN2022)022 pdf S. Frey, T. An, K.É. Gabányi, L. Gurvits, M. Krezinger, A. Melnikov, P. Mohan, Z. Paragi, K. Perger, F. Shu, O. Titov, P. de Vicente and Y. Zhang
High-resolution Imaging of Two Radio Quasars at the End of the Reionization Epoch
PoS(EVN2022)024 pdf K. Perger, Y. Zhang, S. Frey, T. An, K.É. Gabányi, L.I. Gurvits, C.Y. Hwang, E. Koptelova, Z. Paragi and A. Wang
Cosmological studies with VLBI
PoS(EVN2022)025 pdf C. Spingola
Methanol and excited OH masers in HMYSOs at milliarcsecond scales
PoS(EVN2022)028 pdf M. Szymczak, A. Kobak, M. Aramowicz and A. Bartkiewicz
Exploring the radio continuum in megamaser galaxies with the EVN
PoS(EVN2022)029 pdf P. Castangia, A. Tarchi, G. Surcis, E. Ladu and F. Panessa
New 6.7 GHz imaging of the high-mass star-forming region Cep A HW2
PoS(EVN2022)030 pdf M. Durjasz and M. Szymczak
3D Models of Astrophysical Masers with Polarization
PoS(EVN2022)031 pdf M. Gray, K. Asanok, M. Phetra, T. Chanapote, S. Etoka and B. Pimpanuwat
Stellar Evolution Studies Using Masers
PoS(EVN2022)032 pdf E. Humphreys
The first look at the coincidence of methanol and excited OH masers around HMYSOs
PoS(EVN2022)033 pdf A. Kobak
IC 485: A new disk-maser galaxy?
PoS(EVN2022)034 pdf E. Ladu, A. Tarchi, G. Surcis, P. Castangia, J.A. Braatz, F. Panessa and D. Pesce
6.7 GHz CH$_3$OH masers polarization in massive star-forming regions: the Flux-Limited Sample
PoS(EVN2022)035 pdf G. Surcis, W.H.T. Vlemmings, H.J. van Langevelde, B. Hutawarakorn Kramer and A. Bartkiewicz
Unveiling fine details of the (giga)maser source in TXS2226-184 with the VLBI
PoS(EVN2022)036 pdf A. Tarchi, G. Surcis, P. Castangia, E. Ladu and E.Y. Bannikova
Stars, Stellar Systems
Filming the evolution of symbiotic novae with VLBI: the 2021 explosion of RS Oph
PoS(EVN2022)038 pdf M. Giroletti, U. Munari, B. Marcote, T. O'Brien, P. Veres, J. Yang, D.R.A. Williams and P.A. Woudt
Minor Flares on Cygnus X-3 - VLBI Prospects
PoS(EVN2022)041 pdf R. Spencer, J.D. Bray, D.A. Green and M.A. Garrett
Surveys, Galaxies
The e-MERGE e-MERLIN/VLA/VLBI Wide-field Deep High Angular Resolution Survey of GOODS-N
PoS(EVN2022)044 pdf T. Muxlow, I. Smail, I. McHardy, J. Radcliffe, I. Prandoni and A.N. Ng‘Endo
The LeMMINGs survey: probing sub-kpc radio structures of nearby galaxies with e-MERLIN
PoS(EVN2022)046 pdf D.R.A. Williams, R.D. Baldi, R.J. Beswick, I. McHardy, B.T. Dullo, M. Pahari, E. Carver, J. Clifford, N.A. Kill, B. Krishnamoorthi, O. Woodcock, J. Knapen, S. Mathur and  on behalf of the LeMMINGs collaboration
VLBI in Malaysia: Current Status and Future Plans
PoS(EVN2022)049 pdf J.C. Algaba and Z.Z. Abidin
VLBI MultiView Astrometry of Radio Stars
PoS(EVN2022)050 pdf P. Boven, H.K. Vedantham, J. Callingham and H.J. van Langevelde
Trialling the use of generative adversarial networks for efficient identification of radio frequency interference
PoS(EVN2022)051 pdf J. Brooks and M. Argo
Ultra-wide band polarimetry using VLBI Exploration of Radio Astrometry (VERA)
PoS(EVN2022)052 pdf Y. Hagiwara, K. Hada, M. Takamura, T. Oyama and S. Suzuki
Developments in Spacecraft Doppler tracking software (SDtracker)
PoS(EVN2022)055 pdf G. Molera Calvés and M. Buttfield-Addison
Multiscale VLBI imaging
PoS(EVN2022)056 pdf H. Mueller and A. Lobanov
The Readiness of EVN Telescopes for the SKA-VLBI Era
PoS(EVN2022)058 pdf M. Rioja and R. Dodson
ngDIFMAP : new generation DIFMAP for Modelfitting Interferometric Data
PoS(EVN2022)059 pdf A. Roychowdhury and E. Meyer
Maser astrometry (𝑹𝒆𝒗𝒊𝒆𝒘)
PoS(EVN2022)060 pdf N. Sakai