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Flavor Physics & CP Violation 2015

FPCP2015 - (other fpcp conferences)
May 25-29, 2015
Nagoya, Japan
published January 22, 2016
"Flavor Physics & CP violation 2015" (FPCP 2015) was held in Nagoya, Japan, at Nagoya University, from May 25 to May 29 2015. This is the 13th meeting of the series of annual conferences started in Philadelphia, PA, USA in 2002. The aim of the conference is to review developments in flavor physics and CP violation, in both theory and experiment, exploiting the potential to study new physics at the LHC and future facilities. The topics include CP violation, rare decays, CKM elements with heavy quark decays, flavor phenomena in charged leptons and neutrinos, and also interplay between flavor and LHC high Pt physics. The FPCP2015 conference had more than 140 participants, including researchers from abroad and many young researchers (postdocs and students). The conference consisted of plenary talks and poster presentations. The plenary talks include 2 overview talks, 48 review talks, and 2 talks for outlook in theories and experiments, given by world leading researchers. There was also a special lecture by Prof. Makoto Kobayashi, one of the Nobel laureates in 2008. The poster session had 41 contributions. Many young researchers presented their works. These proceedings contain written documents for these plenary and poster presentations. The full scientific program and presentation materials can be found at http://fpcp2015.hepl.phys.nagoya-u.ac.jp/. We would like to thank the International Advisory Committee for their invaluable assistance in coordinating the scientific program and in helping to identifying many speakers. Thanks are also due to the Local Organizing Committee for tireless efforts for smooth running of the conference and very enjoyable social activities. We also thank the financial supports provided by Japanese Scociety for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) unfer the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) “Probing New Physics with Tau-Lepton” (No. 26220706), by Nagoya University under the Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities, and by Inoue Foundation for Science.
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Non-leptonic B decays
Semileptonic & leptonic B decays
Lattice QCD
Rare K
Top, Higgs, ...
Charm physics
HF production/Spectroscopy
Future B experiments/Outlook/Closing
Challnges for New Physics in the Flavor Sector
PoS(FPCP2015)001 pdf W. Altmannshofer
Theoretcail prospects for B physics
PoS(FPCP2015)002 pdf R. Fleischer
Non-leptonic B decays
Theoretical status of non-leptonic heavy meson decays
PoS(FPCP2015)003 file missing R. Sinha
Mixing-induced CP violation in Bd decays
PoS(FPCP2015)004 pdf K. Miyabayashi
Mixing-induced CP violation in Bs decays
PoS(FPCP2015)005 file missing S. Akar
Recent measurements of the UT angles (incl. $\gamma$ from $B\rightarrow Dh$)
PoS(FPCP2015)006 pdf M. Roehrken
Charmless Hadronic B decays
PoS(FPCP2015)007 pdf Y. Goh, B. Cheon and Y. Unno
Hadronic B decays
PoS(FPCP2015)008 file missing E. Rodrigues
Baryonic B decays
PoS(FPCP2015)009 file missing M. Rotondo
Semileptonic & leptonic B decays
Theoretical status of rare and semileptonic heavy meson decays
PoS(FPCP2015)010 pdf C. Bobeth
Electroweak Penguin: $b\rightarrow sll$
PoS(FPCP2015)011 file missing C. Linn
Inclusive radiative electroweak penguin decays: $b\rightarrow s \gamma$
PoS(FPCP2015)012 pdf attachments L. Pesantez
Purely leptonic and radiative leptonic B decays from the e+e- B-factories
PoS(FPCP2015)013 pdf C.S. Park
New $D^* \tau \nu$ result from LHCb + non-B semileptonics
PoS(FPCP2015)014 file missing G. Ciezarek
New $B\rightarrow D^* \tau \nu$ result from Belle
PoS(FPCP2015)015 pdf T. Kuhr
Lattice QCD
FLAG: Lattice QCD Tests of the Standard Model and Foretaste for Beyond
PoS(FPCP2015)016 pdf A. Vladikas
Lattice QCD Calculation of direct CP violation and long distance effects in kaon mixing and rare decays
PoS(FPCP2015)017 pdf N.H. Christ
Rare K
Rare kaon decay: challenges and perspectives
PoS(FPCP2015)018 pdf attachments G. D'Ambrosio
Rare Kaon Decay Experiments and Future Plan
PoS(FPCP2015)019 file missing T. Nomura
Top, Higgs, ...
Interplay between LHC and flavor-physics
PoS(FPCP2015)020 file missing J.M. Camalich
LHC Run-2 Commisioning Status: ATLAS, CMS and LHCb
PoS(FPCP2015)021 file missing S. Zimmermann
Top quark properties
PoS(FPCP2015)022 file missing J.T. Linacre
Status of Higgs Boson Couplings and Searches
PoS(FPCP2015)023 pdf P. Onyisi
Searches for Beyond Standard Model Physics at the LHC: Run1 Summary and Run2 Prospects
PoS(FPCP2015)024 pdf A.M. Cakir
Light Higgs and dark gauge boson searches
PoS(FPCP2015)025 pdf A. Soffer
Bounds on new physics from electric dipole moments
PoS(FPCP2015)026 pdf M. Jung
Symmetry Tests with Slow Neutrons
PoS(FPCP2015)027 file missing H.M. Shimizu
Charm physics
Charm physics theory
PoS(FPCP2015)028 file missing J. F. Kamenik
Mixing and time-dependent CPV in charm decays
PoS(FPCP2015)029 file missing F. Bianchi
Time-integrated CPV in cham decays
PoS(FPCP2015)030 pdf S. Perazzini
Recent Experimental Results on Semi-leptonic D Decays and Extraction of |Vcd(s)|
PoS(FPCP2015)031 pdf G. Rong
Lepton flavor violation: theory overview
PoS(FPCP2015)032 file missing E. Passemar
cLFV searches using DC muon beam at PSI
PoS(FPCP2015)033 pdf S. Mihara
Experimental searches for the muon to electron conversion
PoS(FPCP2015)034 file missing A. Sato
Majorana nature and flavor structures of massive neutrinos
PoS(FPCP2015)035 file missing Z.z. Xing
Long-baseline accelerator neutrino experiments
PoS(FPCP2015)036 pdf A. Ichikawa
Overview of the Reactor-based Neutrino Experiments
PoS(FPCP2015)037 file missing S.H. Seo
The Hyper-Kamiokande Experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)038 pdf F. Di Lodovico
HF production/Spectroscopy
Production and decay of HF baryons
PoS(FPCP2015)039 pdf N. Neri
Recent results in quarkonium production and decays
PoS(FPCP2015)040 file missing P. Lewis
Exotic hadrons at hadron colliders
PoS(FPCP2015)041 pdf S. Stone
Exotics in leptonic machines
PoS(FPCP2015)042 pdf Z. Liu
Spectroscopy of Heavy Quark Hadrons from QCD
PoS(FPCP2015)043 file missing M. Oka
Recent results in tau decays at Belle experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)044 file missing K. Hayasaka
Low-energy hadronic cross sections and g-2
PoS(FPCP2015)045 pdf W. Gary
New Experiments to Measure the Muon Anomalous Gyromagnetic Ratio
PoS(FPCP2015)046 pdf M. Eads
Discussion on recent results
PoS(FPCP2015)047 file missing T.E. Browder, W. Altmannshofer, C. Bobeth, J.M. Camalich, R. Fleischer, Z. Ligeti and R. Sinha
Future B experiments/Outlook/Closing
LHCb upgrade
PoS(FPCP2015)048 pdf U. Marconi
The Belle II experiment and SuperKEKB
PoS(FPCP2015)049 pdf M. Barrett
Theoretical Outlook
PoS(FPCP2015)050 file missing Z. Ligeti
FPCP 2015 Summary Talk on Experiments
PoS(FPCP2015)051 file missing K. Trabelsi
Lepton-Flavored Scalar Dark Matter with Minimal Flavor Violation
PoS(FPCP2015)052 pdf C.J. Lee
Way to crosscheck $\mu$-$e$ conversion in the case of no signals of $\mu\rightarrow e \gamma$ and $\mu\rightarrow 3e$
PoS(FPCP2015)053 pdf M. Yamanaka
Lepton-flavor-violation Higgs decay $h\rightarrow \mu \tau$ and muon anomalous magnetic moment in a general two Higgs double model
PoS(FPCP2015)054 pdf K. Tobe
Improved analysis of the CLFV decay of muonic atoms $\mu e\rightarrow e e$
PoS(FPCP2015)055 pdf Y. Uesaka, Y. Kuno, J. Sato, T. Sato and M. Yamanaka
Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation at the Mu2e Experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)056 pdf M. Roehrken
Development of Cylindrical Drift Chamber for COMET Phase-I
PoS(FPCP2015)057 pdf T.S. Wong
COMET Experiment searching for muon to electron conversion
PoS(FPCP2015)058 pdf Y. Nakazawa
Overview of the COMET Phase-I experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)059 pdf M.L. Wong
Search for mu-e conversion with DeeMe experiment at J-PARC MLF
PoS(FPCP2015)060 pdf T.M. Nguyen
Development of a high-rate-tolerant HV-switching multi-wire proportional chamber and its readout electronics for DeeMe experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)061 pdf N. Teshima
After proton background estimation for DeeMe experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)062 pdf D. Nagao
Upgrade of liquid xenon calorimeter for MEG II experiment with VUV sensitive MPPCs
PoS(FPCP2015)063 pdf S. Ogawa
Development of Positron Timing Counter with SiPM Readout for MEG II Experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)064 pdf K. Yoshida
Probing dark matter self-interaction in the Sun with IceCube-PINGU
PoS(FPCP2015)065 pdf C.S. Chen
Fermi-BOltzmann statistics of neutrinos and relativistic effective degrees of freedom in the early universe
PoS(FPCP2015)066 pdf J. Iizuka
AXEL: neutrinoless double beta decay search with a high pressure Xe gas TPC
PoS(FPCP2015)067 pdf S. Ban
First measurement of muon anti-neutrino disappearance by the T2K experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)068 pdf T. Hiraki
A new experiment at J-PARC to measure the neutrino cross section ratio between water and plastic
PoS(FPCP2015)069 pdf N. Chikuma
Measurement of T2K Anti-neutrino Beam Properties Using the INGRID On-axis Near Detector
PoS(FPCP2015)070 pdf T. Hayashino
Development of Scintillation Fiber Detector for the Next Generation of Long-Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)071 file missing M. Yamamoto
Absolute branching fraction of Lambda_c hadronic decays at BES III
PoS(FPCP2015)072 pdf Q. Xu
Direct CP violation in $\Lambda_b$ decays
PoS(FPCP2015)073 pdf Y.K. Hsiao and C.Q. Geng
Study of the $B_c\rightarrow J/\psi D_s$ and $B_c\rightarrow J/\psi D_s^*$ decays with the ATLAS detector
PoS(FPCP2015)074 file missing D. Scheirich
The latest results on top quark pair cross-section measurement at the LHC-ATLAS experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)075 pdf K. Yamauchi
Dispersion relation of anti-D meson in the Chiral Density Wave
PoS(FPCP2015)076 pdf attachments D. Suenaga and M. Harada
Kaon Decay into Three Photons Revisited
PoS(FPCP2015)077 pdf S.Y. Ho and J. Tandean
Impact of $K_L\rightarrow \pi^0 \nu \bar \nu$ decay on high scale SUSY
PoS(FPCP2015)078 pdf K. Yamamoto
Development of Acrylic Cherenkov Counter in the KOTO experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)079 pdf S. Shinohara
Development of Amplifier with Pulse Shaper for High Rate MWPC
PoS(FPCP2015)080 pdf I. Kamiji
Development of gas wire chambers for in-beam charged particle detector in the KOTO experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)081 pdf K. Nakagiri
Precise discussion on T-asymmetry with B-meson decays
PoS(FPCP2015)082 pdf H. Umeeda
Global Fits of the CKM Matrix with the scan Method
PoS(FPCP2015)083 pdf G. Eigen
Flavor violating Z' from SO(10) SUSY GUT in High-Scale SUSY
PoS(FPCP2015)084 pdf Y. Omura
GUT Scale Threshold Effect on Proton Decay
PoS(FPCP2015)085 pdf T. Kuwahara
Electroweak phase transition in the singlet-extended SM
PoS(FPCP2015)086 pdf K. Fuyuto
Cartan's Supersymmetry and the Decay of $H^0(0+, 125\,\text{GeV})$ to $\gamma \gamma$, $WW$ and $ZZ$
PoS(FPCP2015)087 pdf S. Furui
CEDM constraints in $E_6 \times SU(2)_F \times U(1)_A$ SUSY GUT model
PoS(FPCP2015)088 pdf Y. Shigekami
Probing New Physics with $q2$ distributions in $B\rightarrow D^* \tau \nu$
PoS(FPCP2015)089 pdf R. Watanabe
Study of anomalous tau lepton decay using chiral Lagrangian with vector mesons
PoS(FPCP2015)090 pdf T. Morozumi
New PID detector -TOP counter- for Belle II experiment
PoS(FPCP2015)091 pdf K. Inami, K. Matsuoka and K. Suzuki
Overview and Highlights of the Belle II Computing
PoS(FPCP2015)092 pdf Y. Kato and K. Hayasaka