PoS - Proceedings of Science

The fourth International Conference on Information Science and Cloud Computing

ISCC2015 - (other iscc conferences)
18-19 December 2015
Guangzhou, China
published February 09, 2016
This book comprises the papers accepted by the fourth International Conference on Information Science and Cloud Computing (ISCC), which was held from 18-19 December, 2015 in Guangzhou, China. It has 70 papers divided into four parts. The first part focuses on Information Theory with 20 papers; the second part emphasizes Machine Learning also containing 21 papers; in the third part, there are 21 papers as well in the area of Control Science; and the last part with 8 papers is dedicated to Cloud Science. Each part can be used as an excellent reference by engineers, researchers and students who need to build a knowledge base of the most current advances and state-of-practice in the topics covered by the ISCC conference. Special thanks go to Professor Deyu Qi, General Chair of ISCC 2015, for his leadership in supervising the organization of the entire conference; Professor Tinghuai Ma, Program Chair, and members of program committee for evaluating all the submissions and ensuring the selection of only the highest quality papers; and the authors for sharing their ideas, results and insights. We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading papers included in this book.
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Session I Information Theory
Session II Machine Learning
Session III Control Science
Session IV Cloud Science
Session I Information Theory
The Application of Autoencoder in Classification of the Eye Movement Data
PoS(ISCC2015)001 pdf M. Zhang
The Analysis and Forecasting of Time Sequence Based on SARIMA Model
PoS(ISCC2015)002 pdf Z. Deng
A P2P Spatial-cloaking Algorithm without Exposing the Collaborators for LBS
PoS(ISCC2015)003 pdf Z. Zhai
A New Robust Object Tracking Algorithm Based on Multi-Feature Fusion
PoS(ISCC2015)004 pdf W. Xu
Mining Spatio-temporal AIS Data Using Prefix-span
PoS(ISCC2015)005 pdf F. Sun
Segmentation of Touching Objects by using Motion Information
PoS(ISCC2015)006 pdf M. Ju
Realistic Texture Reconstruction Based on Associated Mapping
PoS(ISCC2015)007 pdf Z. Liu
Automatic Identification of a Coughing Animal using Audio and Video Data
PoS(ISCC2015)008 pdf H. Kim
Linux Kernel Driver Support to Heterogeneous System Architecture
PoS(ISCC2015)009 pdf W. Zhang
OBB Intersect Test Algorithm Based on Effective Constraint
PoS(ISCC2015)010 pdf L. Bai
A kind of Fog Recognition Method for Video Image
PoS(ISCC2015)011 pdf T. Li
(k.l)-Anonymity for Social Networks based on k-Neighborhood Anonymity
PoS(ISCC2015)012 pdf Q. Hu
A Robust Set-membership Affine Projection Algorithm Based on Outlier Estimation Method
PoS(ISCC2015)013 pdf J. Cui
MapReduce based parallel data processing for drug-drug interaction prediction
PoS(ISCC2015)014 pdf F. Wei
Defending Suspected Ratings in Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems: A Fast Detection Method
PoS(ISCC2015)015 pdf Z. Yang
Improvement of Apriori Algorithm
PoS(ISCC2015)016 pdf G. Jiang
Fast Centerline Extraction Method of Cardiovascular Virtual Endoscopy
PoS(ISCC2015)017 pdf J. Cong
Quality and Safety News Topic Tracking Algorithm Based on Improved K-Nearest Neighbor
PoS(ISCC2015)018 pdf Y. Xu
Optimal Allocation of Complex Equipment System Maintainability
PoS(ISCC2015)019 pdf X. Ren
Towards A Semantic Tagger for Analysing Contents of Chinese Corporate Reports
PoS(ISCC2015)020 pdf S. Piao
Session II Machine Learning
A Storage Method of Ontology Based on Graph Database
PoS(ISCC2015)021 pdf H. Zhang
Propagation Routes Analysis of HPAI Outbreaks using Sequential Pattern Mining
PoS(ISCC2015)022 pdf Z. Xu
CAR:Dictionary based software forensics method
PoS(ISCC2015)023 pdf X. Yang
Detection of Low-Weight Pigs using a Top-View Camera
PoS(ISCC2015)024 pdf J. Sa
A Road Network Construction Method Based on Clustering Algorithm
PoS(ISCC2015)025 pdf X. Chen
Skin Electrical Signal Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Packet and Establishment of Human Thermal Comfort Model
PoS(ISCC2015)026 pdf Y. Wei
Short-term Wind Speed Forecasting using Model Structure Selection and Manifold Algorithm
PoS(ISCC2015)027 pdf H. Shao
Pupil Localization Algorithm based on Hough Transform and Harris Corner Detection
PoS(ISCC2015)028 pdf L. Zhang
A Remote Sensing Ship Recognition Using Random Forest
PoS(ISCC2015)029 pdf S. Huang
Implementation Based on Hadoop Ophthalmic Imaging Serialization File Store
PoS(ISCC2015)030 pdf X. Zhao
Solving Universal Approximation Problem by Hankel Approximate Identity Neural Networks in Function Spaces
PoS(ISCC2015)031 pdf S. Panahian Fard
Detection for Application-layer Denial of Service Attack based on Cluster Analysis
PoS(ISCC2015)032 pdf X. Jing
The Mixture of Pattern Aggregation and CHI Statistical Techniques of the Categorization Research in Uyghur
PoS(ISCC2015)033 pdf Q. Ma
Passive Detection of Sea Targets by Using Loran-C
PoS(ISCC2015)034 pdf J. Shi
The Principle and Improvement of the Algorithm of Matrix Factorization Model based on ALS
PoS(ISCC2015)035 pdf X. Liang
The Research and Design of Children's Dental Treatment Machine Based on Ergonomics
PoS(ISCC2015)036 pdf Y. Su
Improved Frequent Pattern Mining Algorithm Based on FP-Tree
PoS(ISCC2015)037 pdf F. Wei
Static Image Classification based on ScSPM and LBP histogram Fourier (LBP-HF) Features
PoS(ISCC2015)038 pdf X. Li
Foreground Object Segmentation with Objectness Measure
PoS(ISCC2015)039 pdf J. Zhu
Medical image segmentation based on improved fuzzy clustering in robot virtual surgical system
PoS(ISCC2015)040 pdf Y. Bao
A Fuzzy Support Tensor Machines based on Support Vector Data Description
PoS(ISCC2015)041 pdf R. Zhang
Session III Control Science
The Application of Hidden Markov Model in the Eye Movement Data
PoS(ISCC2015)042 pdf L. Ma
Research of Wireless Network Coverage Self-Optimization Based on Node Self-Adaption Model
PoS(ISCC2015)043 pdf B. Xu
A Hardware Trojans Detection method by side-channel analysis
PoS(ISCC2015)044 pdf L. Ni
Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Optimization for Human-machine Interface Layout of Cabin Driver's Desk
PoS(ISCC2015)045 pdf B. Li
Link Analysis of VANET in Interchanges of Expressway
PoS(ISCC2015)046 pdf M.J. Chiang
GPU-Based Monte Carlo Methods for Solving Linear Algebraic Equations
PoS(ISCC2015)047 pdf S. Lai
Pressure Sensing Insoles for Learning Tai-Chi Chuan
PoS(ISCC2015)048 pdf Y.C. Chen
The design of non-overshooting state-feedback controller for the fractional derivative MIMO system
PoS(ISCC2015)049 pdf H. Zhang
Optimization Analysis of adaptive UKF filtering algorithm in self alignment of SINS
PoS(ISCC2015)050 pdf W. Su
A Fast and Iterative Migration for GPU Applications
PoS(ISCC2015)051 pdf X. Xu
Implementation of Fault Information Standardized Description and Network Transmission Based on LabVIEW
PoS(ISCC2015)052 pdf Y. Shen
Risk measurement of multivariate credit portfolio based on M-Copula Functions
PoS(ISCC2015)053 pdf X. Wang
Fault Localization Method Based on Enhanced GA-BP Neural Network
PoS(ISCC2015)054 pdf B. Zhang
Temporal Data Visualization Technology Based on C#
PoS(ISCC2015)055 pdf S. Zhang
Design and Implementation of Whiteboard in Online Classroom
PoS(ISCC2015)056 pdf X. Sun
Key Technology of Monitoring and Control for Coal Shearer Supporting Network Convergence
PoS(ISCC2015)057 pdf Q. Zhang
Improved Satellite Scheduling Algorithm for Moving Target
PoS(ISCC2015)058 pdf G. Mei
GPS/INS Integrated Navigation System Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Positioning
PoS(ISCC2015)059 pdf H. Shi
Low-cost GPS/SINS Integrated Navigation System Using MEKF to Estimate Attitude for Land-Vehicles
PoS(ISCC2015)060 pdf H. Liu
Compact CAFED Fully Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
PoS(ISCC2015)061 pdf L. Li
An approach for multi-attribute group decision making under the linguistic environment
PoS(ISCC2015)062 pdf J. Lan
Session IV Cloud Science
Cloud Services Platform based on Big Data Analytics and its Application in Livestock Management and Marketing
PoS(ISCC2015)063 pdf J. Huang
Trust Evaluation Method for the Perceptive Credibility of Tenants in the Cloud Platform
PoS(ISCC2015)064 pdf J. Wang
Hazardous Chemical Security Storage And Transportation System Based Internet of Things
PoS(ISCC2015)065 pdf M. Li
Research on Intelligent Education Resource Management in Cloud Environment
PoS(ISCC2015)066 pdf F. Li
Epidemics on Tree-Based Communities of Wireless Sensor Networks
PoS(ISCC2015)067 pdf Q. Li
The city fire control network system based on Storm for real-time data processing application
PoS(ISCC2015)068 pdf S. Yang
The processing strategy of IO-intensive application in cloud environment
PoS(ISCC2015)069 pdf P. Zhao
An abnormal data detection method based on temporal-spatial correlation in WSNs
PoS(ISCC2015)070 pdf N. Wang