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The Modern Physics of Compact Stars 2015

30 September 2015 - 3 October 2015
Yerevan, Armenia
published December 30, 2016
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This conference is the third in a series which aim to bring together people working in astrophysics of compacts stars, physics of dense matter, gravitation and cosmology, observations of pulsars and binary neutron stars and related fields. The first and second conferences were held in 2008 and 2013. This third edition will also host COST "NewCompStar" Working Group II (Nuclear Physics) meeting which will be focused on two topics "Hyperonization and Quarks in Superdense Matter" and "Collective Excitations, Transport, and Superfluidity in Hadronic Phases of Neutron Stars".
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Session i nuclear physics of compact stars
Session ii dense quark matter in compact stars
Session iii neutron star dynamics
Session iv physics in strong magnetic fields
Session v cosmology and relativistic gravity
Editors' Foreword
PoS(MPCS2015)001 pdf A. Sedrakian
Session i nuclear physics of compact stars
Nuclear pairing from microscopic forces: singlet channels and higher-partial waves
PoS(MPCS2015)004 pdf P. Finelli
Magicity quenching in neutron-rich nuclei and its consequences on electron-capture rates during core collapse
PoS(MPCS2015)005 pdf A. Raduta, F. Gulminelli and M. Oertel
An empirical approach combining nuclear physics and dense nucleonic matter
PoS(MPCS2015)002 pdf J. Margueron and R. Casali
Interplay between Symmetry Energy and Excluded Volume Corrections under the Direct Urca Cooling Constraint in Neutron Stars
PoS(MPCS2015)026 pdf D.E. Alvarez Castillo and D. Blaschke
Hyperons and Neutron Stars
PoS(MPCS2015)027 pdf I. Vidana
Electrical conductivity tensor of dense plasma in magnetic fields
PoS(MPCS2015)011 pdf A. Harutyunyan and A. Sedrakian
Session ii dense quark matter in compact stars
Strange quark matter in compact stars
PoS(MPCS2015)006 pdf G. Alaverdyan, Y.L. Vartanyana, G.S. Hajyana, G.B. Alaverdyana, A.K. Grigoryan, A.R. Harutyunyan and H.A. Shahinyan
Hadron-quark Phase Transition in Hybrid Stars with the Field Correlator Method
PoS(MPCS2015)008 pdf F. Burgio and D. Zappalà
Color-superconductivity and inhomogeneous chiral symmetry breaking in isospin-asymmetric quark matter
PoS(MPCS2015)010 pdf D. Nowakowski and S. Carignano
Session iii neutron star dynamics
Numerical models of isolated rotating compact stars
PoS(MPCS2015)012 pdf J. Novak, M. Oertel, D. Chatterjee and A. Sourie
Constraint on the internal structure of neutron stars from pulsar glitches
PoS(MPCS2015)013 pdf N. Chamel
From macro to micro: universal properties of neutron stars
PoS(MPCS2015)014 pdf A. Maselli
Excitation of wakefield around pulsars
PoS(MPCS2015)015 pdf Z. Osmanov, V.I. Berezhiani and M. Belic
Session iv physics in strong magnetic fields
Atmospheres and radiating surfaces of neutron stars with strong magnetic fields
PoS(MPCS2015)016 pdf A. Potekhin, W.C.G. Ho and G. Chabrier
Magnetic field of strange stars with rotating superfluid core
PoS(MPCS2015)017 pdf D. Sedrakian, M.V. Hayrapetyan and D.S. Baghdasaryan
Effects of strong magnetic fields on hybrid stars
PoS(MPCS2015)018 pdf B. Franzon, V. Dexheimer and S. Schramm
Session v cosmology and relativistic gravity
Representation of the evolution of the Universe in the JBD theory considering vacuum phenomena
PoS(MPCS2015)019 pdf G. Harutyunyan, R.M. Avagyan, A.S. Kotanjyan and A.V. Hovsepyan
Quantum effects in anti-de Sitter spacetime for the electromagnetic vacuum
PoS(MPCS2015)021 pdf A. Kotanjian, A. Saharian, H.G. Sargsyan and D.H. Simonyan
Vaccum currents in braneworlds
PoS(MPCS2015)022 pdf A. Saharian, N.A. Saharyan and V.V. Vardanyan
Electromagnetic Casimir densities for a cylindrical boundary in de Sitter spacetime
PoS(MPCS2015)023 pdf A. Saharian and V.F. Manukyan
A free parametrized TOV: Modified gravity from Newtonian to relativistic stars
PoS(MPCS2015)025 pdf H. Velten, A.M. Oliveira and A. Wojnar