PoS - Proceedings of Science

Third Latin American Symposium on High Energy Physics

2-8 April 2000
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
published July 31, 2000
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Opening and Closing talks
Morning Lectures
Opening and Closing talks
Survey of High Energy Physics in Latin America
PoS(silafae-III)022 pdf L. Masperi
Perspectives in High-Energy Physics
PoS(silafae-III)007 pdf J. Ellis
Morning Lectures
Collider Physics
PoS(silafae-III)008 pdf E. Fernandez
The SUSY Soft-breaking Lagrangian - Where Experiment and String Theory Meet
PoS(silafae-III)013 pdf G.L. Kane
Lessons from Recent Measurements of CP Violation
PoS(silafae-III)024 pdf Y. Nir
Neutrino Physics
PoS(silafae-III)034 pdf A. Smirnov
Large N Field Theory from Superstrings
PoS(silafae-III)044 pdf J. Russo
Canonical quantum gravity theories
PoS(silafae-III)011 file missing R. Gambini
Electroweak Baryogenesis
PoS(silafae-III)018 pdf M. Losada
Neutrino Masses and Leptogenesis
PoS(silafae-III)019 pdf E. Ma
CP violation in Supersymmetry
PoS(silafae-III)021 pdf A. Masiero and O.M. Vives
Microlensing searches of Dark Matter
PoS(silafae-III)033 pdf E. Roulet
Electroweak couplings, Lepton Universality, and the Origin of Mass: An Experimental Perspective
PoS(silafae-III)036 pdf J. Swain
Exceptional models of fermion masses and mixing angles
PoS(silafae-III)001 pdf G. Anderson
Chiral Ward identities and pion propagation at finite temperature in the linear sigma model
PoS(silafae-III)002 pdf A. Ayala
WW and ZZ production at LEP
PoS(silafae-III)003 pdf F. Behner
Model for non-perturbative sea quark and gluon generation
PoS(silafae-III)004 pdf H. Christiansen
Parton Distribution Functions and Nuclear Effects
PoS(silafae-III)005 pdf A. Daleo
VEP Oscillation Solutions to the Solar Neutrino Problem
PoS(silafae-III)006 pdf J.C. D'Olivo
Search for Neutralino/Chargino with the ALEPH experiment
PoS(silafae-III)009 pdf D. Fouchez
Flavor violation in a left-right model with mirror fermions.
PoS(silafae-III)010 pdf L.R. Gaitan
Equivalence of Noether symetries between the standard and the enlarged formalisms
PoS(silafae-III)012 pdf A. Garcia-Zenteno
$O(\alpha _{s})$ radiative corrections to spin observables in polarized $t$ and $b$ decays
PoS(silafae-III)014 pdf J.G. Koerner
Trilinear Gauge Boson Couplings
PoS(silafae-III)015 pdf F. Larios
Analytical results on one loop corrections to spin correlations in $e^{+}e^{-}\rightarrow t\bar{t}$
PoS(silafae-III)016 pdf A. Leyva
Doubly Compacted Schwinger Model
PoS(silafae-III)017 pdf R. Linares
$\Lambda_c^+-\Lambda_c^-$ production asymmetries in two component models
PoS(silafae-III)020 pdf J. Magnin
Horizontal $U(1)_H$ symmetry: a non-anomalous model
PoS(silafae-III)023 pdf E. Nardi
Long range forces at finite temperature
PoS(silafae-III)025 pdf M. Nowakowski
Measurement of the W boson mass at LEP2
PoS(silafae-III)026 pdf J. Nowell
A new measurement of direct CP violation in neutral kaon decays at NA48
PoS(silafae-III)027 pdf J. Ocariz
A Review on Abelian Duality
PoS(silafae-III)028 file missing P. Olaya
GUTs and Strings
PoS(silafae-III)029 pdf W. Ponce
The Quarks Self-Energy
PoS(silafae-III)030 file missing C. Ramirez
Testing gauge invariance for a lattice with fermions
PoS(silafae-III)031 pdf J.M. Rivera-Rebolledo
The decay $H\rightarrow \gamma \gamma $ in Multi-Higgs doublet models
PoS(silafae-III)032 pdf R. Diaz, R. Martinez and L.J.A. Rodriguez
Status and first results from HERA-B
PoS(silafae-III)035 file missing J. Spengler
CP violation results from KTeV
PoS(silafae-III)037 pdf S. Taegar
Quantum gravity corrections to particle propagation
PoS(silafae-III)038 pdf L. Urrutia
Canonical formulation of the Conformal p-brane
PoS(silafae-III)039 pdf J.D. Vergara
Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays and the Pierre Auger Project
PoS(silafae-III)040 pdf A. Zepeda
Small angle $\mu$ and b-quark production in $p \bar p$ collisions at $\sqrt s = 1.8$ TeV.
PoS(silafae-III)041 file missing B. Gomez
EW corrections to $e^+ e^-\rightarrow \gamma Z,\, ZZ$ at LEP2 in an effective field theory framework
PoS(silafae-III)042 pdf D.D.A. Gomez
Magnetic Collapse in Electroweak Plasma
PoS(silafae-III)043 pdf R.H.C. Perez and A.P. Martinez
Higgs Boson searches at LEP2.
PoS(silafae-III)045 pdf D. Smith