PoS - Proceedings of Science

International Workshop on Astroparticle and High Energy Physics

14-18 October 2003
Botanic Garden, Valencia (Spain)
published December 05, 2003

Following the recent important discoveries which have led to the Nobel prize in physics in 2002, and because of its relevance for a variety of related fields of research, neutrino physics has become a major focus in particle physics research. It is likely that several crucial questions concerning both neutrino physics itself, and related fields such as nuclear and particle physics, precision cosmology, and gamma ray astronomy, will soon be answered. The AHEP-2003 meeting was devoted to addressing the main current issues in this research area. It was hosted by the AHEP group of IFIC, an institute of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) at the University of Valencia and forms part of the activities of the European Science Foundation Neutrino Astrophysics Network aimed at fostering scientific collaboration on neutrino physics and astrophysics.

Editorial Board
Martin Hirsch, Sergio Pastor, José W.F. Valle (chairman)

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Neutrino properties: Status and prospects
Future neutrino experiments
Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
Dark Matter
Astrophysical Aspects of Neutrinos
Particle Theory
Magnetic Fields and neutrino electromagnetic properties
Neutrino properties: Status and prospects
Neutrino oscillations: A phenomenological approach
PoS(AHEP2003)071 pdf G. Fogli, E. Lisi, A. Marrone, A. Palazzo, A.M. Rotunno and D. Montanino
Precision tests of neutrino oscillations and LFV
PoS(AHEP2003)014 pdf P. Huber
Latest results from SNO
PoS(AHEP2003)061 pdf N. Jelley
Status of absolute neutrino mass and double beta decay
PoS(AHEP2003)066 pdf H.V. Klapdorï-­Kleingrothaus
Testing theta_13, matter effects and leptonic CP violation
PoS(AHEP2003)025 pdf M. Lindner
Status of neutrino oscillations I: the three-neutrino scenario
PoS(AHEP2003)050 pdf M. Maltoni
Experiments with reactor anti-neutrinos
PoS(AHEP2003)038 pdf A. Piepke
Status of neutrino oscillations II: How to reconcile the LSND result?
PoS(AHEP2003)006 pdf T. Schwetz
Recent results and status of TEXONO experiments
PoS(AHEP2003)053 pdf V. Singh and H.T. Wong
Super-K,K2K,J-PARC and UNO: past, present and future
PoS(AHEP2003)062 pdf C. Yanagisawa
Future neutrino experiments
The KATRIN experiment - direct measurement of neutrino masses in the sub-eV region
PoS(AHEP2003)064 pdf B. Bornschein
The CUORICINO and CUORE experiments
PoS(AHEP2003)051 pdf
R. Ardito, G. Maier, C. Arnaboldi, C. Borer, S. Capelli, F. Capozzi, L. Carbone, O. Cremonesi, E. Fiorini, A. Nucciotti, M. Pavan, G. Pessina, S. Pirro, E. Previtali, M. Sisti, L. Torres, L. Zanotti, D.R. Artusa, F. Avignone, I. Bandac, R. Creswick, H.A. Farach, C. Rosenfeld, M. Balata, C. Bucci, M. Pyle, M. Barucci, E. Olivieri, E. Pasca, L. Risegari, G. Ventura, J.W. Beeman, R.J. McDonald, E.B. Norman, A.R. Smith, S. Cebrian, P. Gorla, I.G. Irastorza, A. Morales, C. Pobes, A. de Waard, G. Frossati, A. Fascilla, A. Giuliani, M. Pedretti, E.E. Haller, V. Palmieri, E. Guardincerri, P. Ottonello and M. Pallavicini
The ICARUS experiment
PoS(AHEP2003)039 pdf I. Gil Botella
Final results on atmospheric muon neutrino oscillations with MACRO
PoS(AHEP2003)036 pdf M. Giorgini
PoS(AHEP2003)060 pdf H.V. Klapdor-Kleingrothaus and I. Krivosheina
Progress of the MINOS experiment
PoS(AHEP2003)017 pdf K. Lang
PoS(AHEP2003)009 pdf M. De Serio
Status of the MiniBooNE Experiment
PoS(AHEP2003)028 pdf I. Stancu
Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
Search for Neutrino Point Sources with the AMANDA Telescope
PoS(AHEP2003)003 pdf O. Bouhali
ANTARES Status Report
PoS(AHEP2003)031 pdf C.N. De Marzo
Neutrino induced showering from the Earth
PoS(AHEP2003)042 pdf D. Fargion
Neutrino telescopes
PoS(AHEP2003)047 file missing J.J. Hernandez-Rey
Particle physics motivated solutions to the UHECR puzzle
PoS(AHEP2003)027 pdf M. Kachelriess
MIPP experiment at Fermilab
PoS(AHEP2003)075 file missing A. Lebedev
UHCR and extragalactic magnetic fields
PoS(AHEP2003)070 pdf T. Stanev
Tau leptons from Earth skimming tau neutrinos
PoS(AHEP2003)040 pdf J.J. Tseng, T.W. Yeh, H. Athar, M.A. Huang, F.F. Lee and G.L. Lin
UHCR and neutrinos
PoS(AHEP2003)074 file missing R. Vazquez
Probing the seesaw mechanism with the low-energy neutrino data and leptogenesis
PoS(AHEP2003)029 file missing E. Akhmedov
Warm inflation solution to the eta problem
PoS(AHEP2003)069 pdf A. Berera
Bounds on isocurvature perturbations from CMB and LSS
PoS(AHEP2003)041 file missing J. Garcia-Bellido
Neutrino cosmology
PoS(AHEP2003)052 pdf J. Lesgourgues
Neutrino masses and GUT baryogenesis
PoS(AHEP2003)048 pdf J.A. Lopez-Perez and N. Rius
Primordial nucleosynthesis in the precision era for cosmology
PoS(AHEP2003)058 pdf G. Mangano
Axions and other (pseudo) Goldstone bosons
PoS(AHEP2003)018 pdf E. Masso
CMB and Cosmological Parameters: Current Status and Prospects
PoS(AHEP2003)067 pdf A. Melchiorri
Dynamical effects of the neutrino gravitational clustering at Planck angular scales
PoS(AHEP2003)032 pdf L.A. Popa, C. Burigana and N. Mandolesi
Questioning the concordance model
PoS(AHEP2003)002 file missing S. Sarkar
The anomaly-induced effective action and natural inflation
PoS(AHEP2003)033 pdf A.M. Pelinson, I.L. Shapiro, J. Sola and F.I. Takakura
A FLRW cosmological model with running cosmological constant
PoS(AHEP2003)013 pdf I.L. Shapiro and J. Sola
Dark Matter
Further results on the WIMP annual modulation signature by DAMA/NaI
PoS(AHEP2003)063 pdf R. Bernabei, P. Belli, F. Cappella, F. Montecchia, F. Nozzoli, A. Incicchitti, D. Prosperi, R. Cerulli, C.J. Dai, H.H. Kuang, J.M. Ma and Z.P. Ye
A Light Dark Matter signature?
PoS(AHEP2003)065 pdf C. Boehm
Detection and study of dark electric matter objects (daemons)
PoS(AHEP2003)077 pdf E. Drobyshevski
Supersymmetric dark matter with gaugino non-universality
PoS(AHEP2003)056 pdf N. Fornengo
PoS(AHEP2003)004 file missing A. De Lesquen
Explosive dark matter annihilation
PoS(AHEP2003)044 pdf S. Matsumoto
Search of dark matter with space experiments
PoS(AHEP2003)024 pdf A. Morselli
Theoretical predictions for the direct detection of supersymmetric dark matter
PoS(AHEP2003)076 pdf C. Munoz
Light relic neutralinos
PoS(AHEP2003)023 pdf S. Scopel
Astrophysical Aspects of Neutrinos
Neutrino Oscillations, Fluctuations and Solar Magneto-gravity Waves
PoS(AHEP2003)054 pdf C. Burgess, N.S. Dzhalilov, M. Maltoni, T.I. Rashba, V.B. Semikoz, M. Tortola and J.W.F. Valle
Geo-neutrinos, Mantle Circulation and Silicate Earth
PoS(AHEP2003)035 pdf G. Fiorentini, M. Lissia, F. Mantovani and R. Vannucci
A road map to solar neutrino fluxes, neutrino oscillation parameters, and tests for new physics
PoS(AHEP2003)037 file missing C. Pena Garay
Physics of Supernova Neutrinos
PoS(AHEP2003)043 pdf C. Lunardini
Search for neutrino radiative decays during total solar eclipse
PoS(AHEP2003)068 pdf V. Popa
Solar neutrinos: What is next?
PoS(AHEP2003)012 pdf A. Smirnov
MeV neutrinos: What seismology tells us?
PoS(AHEP2003)057 pdf S. Turck-Chieze
Supernova pointing with low- and high-energy neutrino detectors
PoS(AHEP2003)020 pdf R. Tomas
Particle Theory
Physics with large extra dimensions
PoS(AHEP2003)045 pdf I. Antoniadis
Impact of CP phases on SUSY particle production and decays
PoS(AHEP2003)073 pdf A. Bartl, H. Fraas, S. Hesselbach, K. Hidaka, T. Kernreiter, O. Kittel and W.R. Porod
Loop level lepton flavor violation at linear colliders
PoS(AHEP2003)005 pdf M. Cannoni, O. Panella and S. Kolb
Probing neutrino mass with multilepton production at the Tevatron
PoS(AHEP2003)008 pdf O. Eboli
Models of maximal atmospheric neutrino mixing
PoS(AHEP2003)034 file missing W. Grimus
Exotic Higgs Scenarios
PoS(AHEP2003)049 pdf J. Gunion
Predicting neutrino parameters from texture zeros
PoS(AHEP2003)030 pdf A. Ibarra and G. Ross
CP violation in production of neutralinos in e^+ e^- collisions
PoS(AHEP2003)011 pdf O. Kittel
Double beta decay and the extra-dimensional see-saw mechanism
PoS(AHEP2003)007 pdf G. Bhattacharyya, H.V. Klapdorï-­Kleingrothaus, H. Paes and A. Pilaftsis
Effect of supersymmetric phases on lepton dipole moments and rare lepton decays
PoS(AHEP2003)021 pdf W.R. Porod
Probing neutrino properties at accelerators
PoS(AHEP2003)016 pdf J.C. Romao
Can the CKM phase be the only source of CP violation?
PoS(AHEP2003)055 file missing V. Sanz
R-Parity violation in a SUSY GUT model and radiative neutrino masses
PoS(AHEP2003)015 pdf J. Sato
Degenerate neutrinos from a supersymmetric A4 model
PoS(AHEP2003)010 pdf M. Hirsch, J.C. Romeo, S. Skadhauge, J.W.F. Valle and A. Villanova-del-Moral
Spontaneous CP violation in a SUSY theory of flavour
PoS(AHEP2003)026 pdf O.M. Vives, G. Ross and L. Velasco-Sevilla
Magnetic Fields and neutrino electromagnetic properties
Supernova Neutrino Oscillations and the Neutrino Magnetic Moment
PoS(AHEP2003)001 pdf S.i. Ando and K. Sato
Solar antineutrino bounds and magnetic field: spin flavour precession after KamLAND
PoS(AHEP2003)046 pdf J. Pulido
Efficient solar anti-neutrino production in random magnetic fields
PoS(AHEP2003)072 pdf O.G. Miranda, T.I. Rashba, A. Rez and J.W.F. Valle
Magnetic Fields in the Early Universe
PoS(AHEP2003)019 pdf H. Rubinstein
Lepton magnetohydrodynamics in Standard Model of electroweak interactions
PoS(AHEP2003)059 pdf V. Semikoz
Constraining neutrino magnetic moment with solar neutrino data
PoS(AHEP2003)022 pdf M. Tortola