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October 19-21, 2006
Brussels, Belgium
published August 08, 2007

The International Solvay Institutes for Physics and Chemistry, founded by Ernest Solvay, are an independent non-profit institution whose mission is to support first class fundamental research at the international level in physics, chemistry and related areas. Besides the renowned Solvay conferences, the Institutes have launched in 2004 a workshop program on topical questions at the frontiers of science.

The workshop "Bethe Ansatz: 75 Years Later" took place on October 19-21 2006 in Brussels, Belgium. It was devoted to different topics and developments in the field that grew out of the famous paper by Hans Bethe of 1931. Most represented were technical problems in the counting the solutions of Bethe equations for the XYZ model, approaches to the construction of correlation functions, and modern application to the AdS/CFT duality. In particular, very strong indications of the exact solvability of the N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory were provided.

Editorial Board
Ludwig Faddeev, Marc Henneaux, Rinat Kashaev, Franklin Lambert, Alexander Volkov (chairman)

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Hans Bethe
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Hans Bethe
Hans Bethe on the occasion of his 100th bitrhday
PoS(Solvay)021 pdf R. Brout
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Functional relations in the eight - vertex model
PoS(Solvay)001 pdf V. Bazhanov
The S-Matrix of AdS/CFT and Yangian Symmetry
PoS(Solvay)002 pdf N. Beisert
An Elliptic Current Operator for the Eight Vertex Model
PoS(Solvay)003 pdf K. Fabricius
Yang-Baxter Equation and Quantum Information
PoS(Solvay)004 pdf M.L. Ge
Classical Limit of the Bethe Ansatz for Stringy Sigma Models
PoS(Solvay)005 pdf V. Kazakov
XXX Spin Chain: from Bethe Solution to Open Problems
PoS(Solvay)006 pdf V. Korepin
Transcendentality Property of N=4 Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
PoS(Solvay)007 pdf L. Lipatov
Correlation Functions of Heisenberg Spin Chains : the Algebraic Bethe Ansatz Approach
PoS(Solvay)008 pdf J.M. Maillet
The 6-Vertex Model with Fixed Boundary Conditions
PoS(Solvay)012 pdf N. Reshetikhin
Enlarged Symmetries of Spin Chains and Loop Models
PoS(Solvay)013 pdf H. Saleur
Q-oscillator and correlation functions for XXZ model
PoS(Solvay)015 pdf F. Smirnov
Integrable Boundary Interactions
PoS(Solvay)019 pdf A. Zamolodchikov
Bethe Ansatz in Stringy Sigma-Models
PoS(Solvay)020 pdf K. Zarembo