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Critical Point and Onset of Deconfinement - 4th International Workshop

CPOD07 - (other cpod conferences)
July 9 - 13, 2007
Darmstadt, Germany
published March 28, 2008

The following topics will be addressed:

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How can we explore the onset of deconfinement by experiment
PoS(CPOD07)004 pdf J. Aichelin
The Effect of Dynamical Parton Recombination on Event-by-Event Observables
PoS(CPOD07)005 pdf M. Bleicher
Signals of a first order phase transition
PoS(CPOD07)006 pdf J. Randrup
Do we know eventually p (T,mu)
PoS(CPOD07)007 pdf B. Kaempfer
What we have learned so far from 3-fluid hydrodynamics
PoS(CPOD07)008 pdf Y. Ivanov
"The effects of angular momentum conservation in relativistic heavy ion collisions"
PoS(CPOD07)009 pdf F. Becattini
Hydrodynamic modeling of the deconfinement phase transition and explosive hadronization
PoS(CPOD07)010 pdf I. Mishustin
Rapidity Variation of Thermal Parameters
PoS(CPOD07)012 pdf J. Cleymans and F. Becattini
Fluctuations in Statistical Models
PoS(CPOD07)013 pdf M. Gorenstein
v_2 fluctuations in statistical models /// Fluctuation of the initial condition from Glauber models
PoS(CPOD07)014 pdf W. Broniowski
What are the degrees of freedom in the partonic fluid at RHIC ?
PoS(CPOD07)015 pdf R. Bellwied
PoS(CPOD07)016 pdf E.V. Shuryak
Energy and System-Size Dependence of Long-Range Multiplicity Correlations from the STAR Experiment.
PoS(CPOD07)019 pdf T. Tarnowsky
Azimuthal HBT and transverse momentum fluctuations from CERES
PoS(CPOD07)065 pdf D. Miskowiec
Quark-gluon plasma paradox
PoS(CPOD07)020 pdf D. Miskowiec
Dynamical Study of Fluctuations in Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
PoS(CPOD07)021 pdf V. Konchakovski
Event-by-event transverse momentum fluctuations in nuclear collisions at CERN SPS.
PoS(CPOD07)022 pdf K. Grebieszkow
Energy, Rapidity and Transverse Momentum Dependence of Multiplicity Fluctuations in Heavy Ion Collisions at CERN SPS /// Energy and system size dependence of multiplicity fluctuations in nucleus-nucleus collisions at CERN SPS Energies
PoS(CPOD07)023 pdf B. Lungwitz
Recent results on (anti)nucleus and (anti)hyperon production in nucleus-nucleus collisions at CERN SPS energies
PoS(CPOD07)024 pdf G. Melkumov
Collapse and Reappearance of Flow
PoS(CPOD07)025 pdf H. Stoecker
Recent lattice results on finite temperature and density QCD, part I
PoS(CPOD07)026 pdf F. Karsch
Resent QCD results
PoS(CPOD07)027 pdf Z. Fodor
Exploring the QCD phase diagram
PoS(CPOD07)028 pdf O. Philipsen
Chiral phase transition in the presence of spinodal decomposition
PoS(CPOD07)031 pdf C. Sasaki and K. Redlich
The critical structure of the QCD medium
PoS(CPOD07)032 pdf B.J. Schaefer
Dilepton measurements with NA60
PoS(CPOD07)033 pdf E. Scomparin
Dilepton measurements with CERES
PoS(CPOD07)034 pdf A. Marin
Dilepton measurements with HADES
PoS(CPOD07)035 pdf C. Müntz
In-medium effects and dilepton emission in heavy-ion collisions at SIS energies
PoS(CPOD07)036 pdf D. Cozma
Measurements of dilepton continuum at the PHENIX experiment at RHIC
PoS(CPOD07)037 pdf A. Toia
Light vector mesons in PHENIX
PoS(CPOD07)038 pdf Y. Nakamiya
Medium modifications of meson masses
PoS(CPOD07)039 pdf J. Wambach
Dileptons, hadronic resonances and chiral symmetry -- established connections and missing links
PoS(CPOD07)040 pdf S. Leupold
How do diquark fluctuations and chiral soft modes affect di-lepton production quasi-particle picture in the deconfined phase
PoS(CPOD07)041 pdf T. Kunihiro
Charmed signatures for phase transitions in heavy-ion collisions
PoS(CPOD07)042 pdf E. Bratkovskaya
Screening at finite temperature and density
PoS(CPOD07)043 pdf O. Kaczmarek
Statistical hadronization of charm quarks in ultra-relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions
PoS(CPOD07)044 pdf A. Andronic
Monte Carlo study of phase transition in relativistic heavy ion collisions
PoS(CPOD07)045 pdf M. Xu
Centrality dependance of K/pi fluctuations
PoS(CPOD07)046 pdf G. Torrieri
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Pions in High Multiplicity Events
PoS(CPOD07)047 pdf V. Begun
Pion freeze-out as seen through HBT correlations in HICs from FAIR/AGS to RHIC energies
PoS(CPOD07)048 pdf Q. Li
A test of statistical hadronization with exclusive rates in ppbar
PoS(CPOD07)050 pdf L. Ferroni and F. Becattini
RHIC Low-Energy Operations and Plans
PoS(CPOD07)051 pdf T. Satogata
Critical behaviors in multiplicity flucuations at RHIC-PHENIX
PoS(CPOD07)053 pdf K. Homma
NA61/NA49 future
PoS(CPOD07)054 pdf A. Laszlo
The CBM experiment at FAIR
PoS(CPOD07)056 pdf V. Friese
The NICA/MPD Project at JINR (Dubna)
PoS(CPOD07)057 pdf V. Toneev
The high density equation of state: constraints from accelerators
PoS(CPOD07)060 pdf C. Fuchs
Softening of the equation of state of matter at large densities and temperatures: chiral symmetry restoration vs. quark deconfinement
PoS(CPOD07)061 pdf A. Drago
Signals of the QCD phase transition from the Heavens
PoS(CPOD07)062 pdf J. Schaffner-Bielich