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7th International Conference on Physics and Astrophysics of Quark Gluon Plasma

1-5 February , 2015
Kolkata, India
published September 08, 2017
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session 1
Heavy ion physics: the big picture (past/present/future)
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)001 file missing J. Schukraft
session 2
Signatures of Quark Gluon Plasma
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)002 file missing J. Alam
QGP in the Universe - from the early stages to the present
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)003 file missing A. Srivastava
session 3
Relativistic Fluid Dynamics and Collective Flow in Heavy-Ion Collisions
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)004 file missing R. Bhalerao
Thermal Models
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)005 file missing J. Cleymans
session 4
Compressed Baryonic Matter
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)006 pdf S. Chattopadhyay
Physics with Electron-Ion Collider
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)007 file missing A. Deshpande
session 5
Theoretical Overview
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)008 file missing S.A. Bass
session 6
QGP Theory: Prospects, Challenges & open Questions
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)009 pdf S. Schramm, V. Dexheimer, R. Mallik and R. Negreiros
Lattice - overview
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)010 file missing F. Karsch
Heavy-ions at LHC
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)011 file missing J. Schukraft
session 7
Recent results from STAR experiment at RHIC
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)012 file missing Z. Xu
Recent results from NA61/SHINE on spectra and correlations in p+p and Be+Be interactions at the CERN SPS
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)013 pdf A. Wilczek
The quark recombination model and application to heavy-Ion collisions
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)014 file missing R. Fries
session 8
Initial Conditions - low-x Physics
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)015 file missing P. Tribedy
Collectivity in small colliding systems
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)016 pdf P. Bozek
Theoretical interpretation of pA results from RHIC and LHC
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)017 file missing I. Vitev
session 9
PHENIX overview
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)018 file missing I. Tserruya
Open heavy-flavour results with ALICE
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)019 file missing E. Bruna
Quarkonia results in heavy-ion collisions from CMS
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)020 pdf V. Kumar
Measurement of the quarkonia in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at LHC
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)021 pdf I. Das
session 10
Production and Elliptic Flow of Dileptons and Photons in the semi-Quark Gluon Plasma
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)022 file missing R. Pisarski
Anisotropic flow of photons in relativistic heavy ion collisions
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)023 file missing R. Chatterjee
ALICE results on angular correlations
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)024 file missing L. Milano
The effect of medium on the relaxation of the dissipative flows in an interacting pion gas
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)025 pdf S. Mitra
session 11
Transverse collective flow of hadrons at RHIC and at LHC
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)026 pdf P.K. Khandai and P. Shukla
Collective modes of an anisotropic quark-gluon plasma induced by relativistic jets.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)027 pdf M. Mandal
Measurement of azimuthal anisotropy of light nuclei produced in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)028 file missing R. Haque
Higher Harmonic flow of φ meson in STAR at RHIC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)029 pdf M.K. Sharma
Evolution of Polyakov loop field in heavy-ion collisions.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)030 file missing S. Pandit
session 12
Energy dependence of moments of the net-charge multiplicity distributions in Au+Au collisions at RHIC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)031 pdf D.K. Mishra
Transverse momentum correlations in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions in ALICE at the LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)032 pdf P. Pujahari
Event-by-Event Multiplicity Fluctuations in Heavy-Ion Collisions.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)033 pdf M. Mukherjee
Dynamical net charge fluctuations at RHIC energies in STAR.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)034 pdf B. Sharma
Temperature Fluctuations: A New Insight to Heavy Ion Collisions
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)035 file missing S. Basu
session 13
Separation of Chiral Magnetic Effects From Flow Effects in U+U Collisions.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)036 pdf S. Chatterjee and P. Tribedy
Shear viscosity of a pion gas due to ρππ and σππ interactions.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)037 pdf S. Ghosh and G. Krein
Phonon contribution to the thermal conductivity in neutron star core.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)038 pdf J. Michalowski, C. Manuel and L. Tolos
Reviving quark nuggets as a candidate for dark matter.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)039 pdf A. Atreya
New hyperon equation of state table for supernova simulations and neutron stars.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)040 pdf P. Char and S. Banik
session 14
Nuclear suppression and Elliptic flow of heavy flavour decay muons at 2.76 ATeV
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)041 pdf U.J. Begum
Exclusive Photoproduction of Upsilon in pPb collisions with the CMS.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)042 pdf R. Chudasama
Inclusive ψ(2S) production at forward rapidity in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)043 pdf B. Paul
Measurement of prompt psi(2S) to J/psi yield ratios by CMS in PbPb and pp collisions at sqrt(s[NN]) = 2.76 TeV
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)044 file missing A. Abdulla
Upsilon measurements by CMS in pp, pPb abd PbPb collisions.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)045 pdf P. Shukla
Upsilon production from pp to Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)046 file missing P. Rosnet
session 15
The Electromagnetic field in heavy ion collisions at low $Sqrt{s}$ and its significance
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)047 file missing T.K. Mukherjee
Charmonium suppression at FAIR.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)048 file missing P.P. Bhaduri
Local thermal equilibrium of strange hadrons at CBM energies.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)049 pdf S. De, S. De and S. Chattopadhyay
Fluctuation Evolution in Heavy Ion Collisions at FAIR energy.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)050 file missing S. Ahmad
Multi-Strange production at FAIR energy.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)051 pdf H. Jahan and S. Ahmad
Revealing similarity in multihadron production in nuclear and particle collisions.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)052 pdf A.N. Mishra, R. Sahoo, E.K.G. Sarkisyan and A.S. Sakharov
Fluctuation Evolution in Heavy Ion Collisions at FAIR energy.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)111 pdf S. Bhat, M. Farooq, S. Chattopadhyay, H. Jahan and S. Bashir
session 16
Studies of heavy-ion collisions with a two-component model.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)053 pdf A. Bylinkin, A. Rostovtsev and N. Chernyavskaya
Effects of magnetic field on CP violation and chiral symmetry breaking in quark matter at finite temperature and density
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)054 file missing B. Chatterjee
The QCD Equation of State to $O(\mu_B^4)$.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)055 pdf P. Hegde
Mesonic spectral functions in effective mean field model.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)056 pdf A.I. Chowdhury
NNLO HTL QCD thermodynamics at finite temperature and chemical potential.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)057 pdf N. Haque
Transport Coefficients of Strongly Interacting Matter using PNJL model.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)058 file missing P. Deb
session 17
Jet modification and the temperature dependence of transport coefficients
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)059 file missing A. Majumdar
Jet Measurements at STAR
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)060 pdf J. Rusnak
Jet results in heavy-ion collisions from CMS
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)061 pdf P. Netrakanti
Jet quenching measurements in lead-lead collisions at 2.76 TeV with the ATLAS detector
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)062 file missing D. Perepelitsa
session 18
ALICE results on light-flavour hadron production at the LHC
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)063 file missing R. Preghenella
Probing the QCD phase diagram with the measurements of strange hadron elliptic flow in STAR
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)064 pdf M. Nasim
Transport properties and Clustering of Color Sources in Nuclear Collisions
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)065 pdf B. Srivastava
Magnetic Field and Neutron stars: A comprehensive study
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)066 pdf R. Mallik, S. Schramm, V. Dexheimer and A. Bhattacharyya
session 19
Cosmic-ray physics with ALICE at LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)067 file missing A. Fernández Téllez
Gluon condensates and energetic lepton pairs from Quark Gluon Plasma.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)068 file missing A. Bandyopadhyay
Measurement of low-mass dielectrons in Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV with the ALICE experiment at the LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)069 pdf A. Caliva
Energy loss of a heavy quark in a hot QCD plasma.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)070 pdf S.P. Adhya
Fluctuating Hydrodynamics Confronts the Rapidity Dependence of Transverse Momentum Fluctuations
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)071 file missing S. Gavin
session 20
A finite volume study of the thermodynamic properties of strongly interacting matter using PNJL model.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)072 pdf S. Sur, A. Bhattacharyya, S.K. Ghosh, P. Deb and R. Ray
A Holistic Modeling Approach to Heavy-Ion Physics.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)073 file missing E. Sangaline
Isospin symmetry breaking and Baryon-Isospin correlations in effective mean field models.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)074 pdf S. Majumder
Study of equation of state and fluctuations at non zero magnetic field in the hadron resonance gas model.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)075 pdf S. Samanta, R. Ray, A. Bhattacharyya and S.K. Ghosh
Two Particle Correlation with Identified Trigger Particles at LHC energies in AMPT model.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)076 pdf S. Choudhury, D. Sarkar and S. Chattopadhyay
session 21
Properties of the events with large number of multi-parton interactions.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)077 file missing A. Ortiz Velasquez
Do we see change of phase in proton-proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider?
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)078 file missing S. Muhuri
Search for LQCD – predicted change of phase in pp collisions at the LHC in the framework of String Percolation Model.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)079 file missing I. Bautista Guzman
Study of collectivity in $pp$ collisions at LHC energies.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)080 pdf J.K. Nayak
Indication of Collective flow and Transparency in p-p Collisions at LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)081 pdf I.u. Bashir and S. Uddin
session 22
Constraining Heavy Quark Energy Loss Using B and D Mesons in Heavy Ion Collision.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)082 pdf K. Saraswat, P. Shukla and V. Singh
Measurement of angular correlations between D mesons and charged particles in pp, p--Pb and Pb--Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)083 pdf S. Kar
D-meson measurements in Pb-Pb collisions with the ALICE detector at the LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)084 pdf R. Bala
Measurements of heavy-flavour decay leptons with ALICE.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)085 file missing D. Thomas
Measurements of open-charm production in pp and p--Pb collisions with the ALICE detector at the LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)086 pdf C. Jena
session 23
Particle identified jet studies in ALICE.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)087 file missing P. Di Nezza
Jet measurements in pp, p–Pb and Pb–Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)088 pdf S.K. Prasad
Hadronic resonance production measured with the ALICE detector.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)089 pdf A. Dash
Direct-photon+hadron correlations for the study of parton energy loss at the top RHIC energy.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)090 file missing N. Sahoo
PHENIX measurements of nuclear modification factor of hadrons in d+Au and A+A collisions.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)091 pdf P. Sett
High transverse momentum resonance production in Pb-Pb, pp and p-Pb collisions at LHC.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)092 pdf K. Nayak
session 24
Fast reconstruction of multi-strange hyperons in the CBM experiment.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)093 file missing I. Vassiliev
ALICE TPC upgrade for High-Rate operations.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)094 pdf S. Biswas
Development of Muon Chamber (MUCH) system for CBM experiment at FAIR.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)095 file missing A.K. Dubey
The ALICE Inner Tracking System Upgrade.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)096 pdf S. Siddhanta
Heavy Flavor Tracker at the STAR Experiment.
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)097 file missing M. Simko
Common Readout System in ALICE
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)098 pdf M. Jubin
session 25
Lattice QCD and freezeout conditions in heavy ion collisions at the LHC
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)099 file missing K. Redlich
Exploring QCD Phase Diagram with the RHIC Beam Energy Scan Program
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)100 file missing B. Mohanty
Freeze-out parameter from higher moments
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)101 pdf S. Mukherjee
New insights on the QCD phase diagram
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)102 file missing R. Lacey
session 26
Heavy flavor production at RHIC
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)103 file missing S. Kabana
Charm quark evolution in the QGP medium
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)104 pdf Y. Mohammed and D.K. Srivastava
sPHENIX and Future Plans
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)105 file missing J. Hanks
The future of heavy ions at the high energy frontier - ALICE upgrades and more
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)106 pdf T. Peitzmann
Exploring the QCD phase diagram at neutron star densities: the CBM experiment at FAIR
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)107 pdf P. Senger
session 27
Rapporteur - 1: Theory-1
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)108 file missing R. Venugopalan
Rapporteur - 2: Theory-2
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)109 file missing G.M. Munshi
Rapporteur - 3: Experimental Status
PoS(ICPAQGP2015)110 file missing R. Snellings