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7th International Fermi Symposium

15-20 October 2017
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
published November 11, 2020
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The two Fermi instruments have been surveying the high-energy sky since August 2008. The Large Area Telescope (LAT) has discovered more than three thousand gamma-ray sources and many new source classes, bringing the importance of gamma-ray astrophysics to an ever-broadening community. The LAT catalog includes supernova remnants, pulsar wind nebulae, pulsars, binary systems, novae, several classes of active galaxies, starburst galaxies, normal galaxies, and a large number of unidentified sources. Continuous monitoring of the high-energy gamma-ray sky has uncovered numerous outbursts from a wide range of transients. Fermi LAT's study of diffuse gamma-ray emission in our Galaxy revealed giant bubbles, as well as an excess of gamma-rays from the Galactic center region, both observations have become exciting puzzles for the astrophysics community.  The direct measurement of a harder-than-expected cosmic-ray electron spectrum may imply the presence of nearby cosmic-ray accelerators. LAT data have provided stringent constraints on new phenomena such as supersymmetric dark-matter annihilations as well as tests of fundamental physics. The full reprocessing of the entire mission dataset with Pass 8 includes improved event reconstruction, a wider energy range, better energy measurements, and significantly increased effective area, all them boosting the discovery potential and the ability to do precision observations with LAT. The Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) continues to be a prolific detector of gamma-ray transients: magnetars, solar flares, terrestrial gamma-ray flashes and gamma-ray bursts at keV to MeV energies, complementing the higher energy LAT observations of those sources in addition to providing valuable science return in their own right.
All gamma-ray data are made immediately available at the Fermi Science Support Center (http://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/ssc). These publicly available data and Fermi analysis tools have enabled a large number of important studies. We especially encourage guest investigators worldwide to participate in this symposium to share results and to learn about upcoming opportunities.
This meeting will focus on the new scientific investigations and results enabled by Fermi, the mission and instrument characteristics, future opportunities, coordinated observations and analysis techniques. In particular, we also encourage discussion of future prospects/science with Fermi in preparation for the upcoming NASA senior review.

Details on the 7th International Fermi Symposium can be found here: https://events.mpe.mpg.de/Fermi2017

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Session Opening
Session Pulsars
Session Active Galactic Nuclei
Session Central Galaxy
Session Gravitational Wave Source GW 170817
Session Gamma-Ray Bursts
Session Other Transients
Session Stellar Sources (galactic and extragalactic)
Session GeV-TeV Connection
Session Analysis Techniques
Session Galactic Diffuse Emission and cosmic-ray propagation
Session Extragalactic Diffuse Emission and Extragalactic Background Light
Session Dark Matter
Session The Sun and the Neutrino-Gamma Connection
Session Future Gamma-ray Missions
Session Opening
Status of Fermi
PoS(IFS2017)001 file missing E.A. Hays
Session Pulsars
Pulsars: implications from Fermi LAT observations and future prospects
PoS(IFS2017)002 pdf L. Guillemot,  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration and  on behalf of the Pulsar Search and Timing Consortia
Order parameters for the high-energy spectra of pulsars
PoS(IFS2017)003 file missing D. Torres
The first detection of a pulsar with the Atacama Large Millimetre Array
PoS(IFS2017)004 file missing B. Rudak
Understanding the Pulsar High Energy Emission: Macroscopic and Kinetic Models vs. Fermi Data
PoS(IFS2017)005 file missing C. Kalapotharakos
MeV Pulsars: Modeling Spectra and Polarization
PoS(IFS2017)006 pdf A.K. Harding and C. Kalapotharakos
The Search for Millisecond Pulsars – Implications from Fermi Observations and Future Prospects
PoS(IFS2017)007 pdf C. Clark and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
On the highest energy emission from millisecond pulsars
PoS(IFS2017)008 pdf P. Saz Parkinson, A. Belfiore, D. Fidalgo, C. Clark, M. Kerr, L. Nieder and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Hunting for the missing spiders
PoS(IFS2017)009 file missing A.K.H. Kong
Inductive spikes and gamma-ray flares from the Crab Nebula
PoS(IFS2017)010 pdf J. Kirk and G. Giacinti
Constraining the Origin of Local Positrons with HAWC TeV Gamma-Ray Observations of Two Nearby Pulsar Wind Nebulae
PoS(IFS2017)011 pdf R. Lopez-Coto, S. Casanova, B. Dingus, F. Salesa Greus, H. Zhou and  on behalf of the HAWC Collaboration
Observing and modeling the gamma-ray emission from pulsar/pulsar wind nebula complex PSR J0205+6449/3C 58
PoS(IFS2017)012 file missing J. Li
An Einstein@home blind search for gamma-ray pulsars
PoS(IFS2017)013 file missing J. Wu
Blind Search Methods for Binary Gamma-ray Pulsars
PoS(IFS2017)014 pdf attachments L. Nieder, C. Clark and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Multiwavelength modeling of the Vela pulsar pulses - from Optical light to VHE gamma-rays
PoS(IFS2017)015 pdf attachments B. Rudak and J. Dyks
Differences between radio-loud and radio-quiet gamma-ray pulsars as revealed by Fermi
PoS(IFS2017)016 pdf attachments C.Y. Hui, J. Lee, J. Takata, C.W. Ng and K.S. Cheng
Session Active Galactic Nuclei
The Gamma-Ray Lobes of Centaurus A
PoS(IFS2017)017 file missing J. Magill
VLBI and gamma-ray studies of TANAMI radio galaxies
PoS(IFS2017)018 file missing R. Angioni
The dependence of optical polarisation of blazars on the synchrotron peak frequency
PoS(IFS2017)019 pdf E. Angelakis,  on behalf of the RoboPol Collaboration, D.A. Blinov, M. Böttcher, T. Hovatta, S. Kiehlmann, I. Myserlis, V. Pavlidou and A. Zensus
High-resolution polarization imaging of the Fermi blazar 3C 279
PoS(IFS2017)020 pdf B. Rani,  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration, S. Jorstad and A.P. Marscher
SALT Spectropolarimetry and Self-Consistent SED and Polarization Modeling of Blazars
PoS(IFS2017)021 pdf M. Böttcher, H. Schutte, B. van Soelen, R.J. Britto,  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration, J.P. Marais and D.A.H. Buckley
Gamma-rays in the radio galaxy 3C 84: A complex situation
PoS(IFS2017)022 pdf B. Rani, J.A. Hodgson and J. Oh
Gamma-ray emission from the black hole's vicinity in AGN
PoS(IFS2017)023 pdf F.M. Rieger and G. Katsoulakos
Extended Jets of AGN: Proton Synchrotron Emission
PoS(IFS2017)024 pdf N. Gupta and P.P. Basumallick
The Third Catalog of Hard Fermi-LAT Sources (3FHL)
PoS(IFS2017)025 file missing D. Thompson
Preliminary results from the fourth catalog of AGN Detected by the Fermi-LAT
PoS(IFS2017)026 file missing D. Gasparrini
MAGIC observations of extreme blazars: Toward clarifying the blazar sequence
PoS(IFS2017)027 file missing V. Fallah Ramazani
Gamma-ray Blazars at the Dawn of the Universe
PoS(IFS2017)028 file missing V.S. Paliya
On the radio and GeV-TeV gamma-ray emission connection in Fermi blazars.
PoS(IFS2017)029 pdf R. Lico, M. Giroletti, M. Orienti, L. Costamante, V. Pavlidou, F. D'Ammando and F. Tavecchio
MCMC estimation of SED model parameters using multi- wavelength data of the blazar Mrk 421
PoS(IFS2017)030 pdf Y. Yamada, M. Uemura, Y. Fukazawa, Y. Tanaka and R. Itoh
The remarkable gamma-ray flaring activity of CTA 102 as seen by the Fermi-LAT
PoS(IFS2017)031 file missing S. Buson
Detection of intra-day variability in FSRQ CTA 102 during high state
PoS(IFS2017)032 file missing A. Shukla
Unravelling the complex behaviour of our closest very-high-energy gamma-ray blazars, Mrk421 and Mrk501
PoS(IFS2017)033 file missing D. Paneque
The FSRQ PKS 1510-089: The Gamma-ray–Synchrotron Connection
PoS(IFS2017)034 pdf F. Jankowsky, S. Wagner, O. Kurtanidze and M. Zacharias
Orphan $\gamma$-ray Flares and Stationary Sheaths of Blazar Jets
PoS(IFS2017)035 file missing N.R. MacDonald
Long-Term Study of the Light Curve of PKS 1510-089 in GeV energies
PoS(IFS2017)036 pdf R. Prince, P. Majumdar and N. Gupta
Blazar Radio and Optical Survey (BROS): A New Catalog of Blazar Candidates
PoS(IFS2017)037 file missing Y. Tanaka
PoS(IFS2017)038 file missing K. Tanada
On the Underlying Particles in the Jet of 3C 279
PoS(IFS2017)039 pdf attachments E. Bottacini, M. Böttcher, E. Pian, W. Collmar and D. Gasparrini
Blazar Variability from Plasmoids in Relativistic Reconnection
PoS(IFS2017)040 pdf attachments I. Christie, M. Petropoulou, L. Sironi and D. Giannios
Time-domain behavior of blazar OJ 287 and the binary supermassive black hole conjecture
PoS(IFS2017)041 pdf S. Ciprini, M.J. Valtonen, S. Zola, A. Goyal and P. Pihajoki
Disk-Jet Connection in Active Supermassive Black Holes in the Standard Accretion Disk Regime
PoS(IFS2017)042 file missing Y. Inoue
Multi-wavelength observations of flaring blazars with ATOM and Fermi-LAT
PoS(IFS2017)043 pdf attachments F. Jankowsky, S. Wagner, M. Böttcher, M. Zacharias, O. Kurtanidze, J.P. Lenain and A. Wierzcholska
Optical Study of Bright FERMI/LAT Blazars
PoS(IFS2017)044 file missing O. Kurtanidze
Modeling Multiwavelength Blazar Spectra using a Particle Transport Equation
PoS(IFS2017)045 pdf attachments T. Lewis, J. Finke and P.A. Becker
Optical polarization as a method for the association of unidentified gamma-ray blazars
PoS(IFS2017)046 file missing I. Liodakis
Secondary particle yields from photomeson production in BLR radiation fields of blazars
PoS(IFS2017)047 pdf attachments A. Reimer and A. Brown
The Fermi LAT Very Important Project (VIP) List for Active Galactic Nuclei
PoS(IFS2017)048 file missing D. Thompson
Looking for the first time into the heart of the blazar TXS 2013+370
PoS(IFS2017)049 pdf T. Traianou, T. Krichbaum, B. Boccardi, E. Angelakis, R. Angioni, U. Bach, A. Zensus, S. Larsson, S. Kiehlmann and M.A. Gurwell
X-ray and GeV gamma-ray variability of the radio galaxy NGC 1275
PoS(IFS2017)050 file missing Y. Fukazawa
The X/$\gamma$-ray correlation in NGC 4945 and the nature of its $\gamma$-ray source
PoS(IFS2017)051 pdf attachments R. Wojaczynski and A. Niedzwiecki
Session Central Galaxy
Diffuse gamma-ray emission modeling and the Galactic center GeV excess
PoS(IFS2017)052 pdf D. Malyshev and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Modeling the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess
PoS(IFS2017)053 file missing T. Linden
Is the Galactic Centre Excess due to the X-shaped stellar over-density in the Galactic bulge?
PoS(IFS2017)054 file missing C. Gordon
Monitoring the Galactic Center with MAGIC for more than 5 years
PoS(IFS2017)055 file missing C. Fruck
Session Gravitational Wave Source GW 170817
Gravitational Wave Astronomy with Advanced LIGO/Virgo
PoS(IFS2017)056 file missing A. Nitz
GBM results in the GW Era
PoS(IFS2017)057 file missing E. Burns
INTEGRAL follow-up of the gravitational wave events
PoS(IFS2017)058 pdf
V. Savchenko, C. Ferrigno, E. Kuulkers, A. Bazzano, E. Bozzo, S. Brandt, J. Chenevez, R. Diehl, A. Domingo, L. Hanlon, E. Jourdain, P. Laurent, F. Lebrun, A. Lutovinov, A. Martin-Carillo, S. Mereghetti, L. Natalucci, J. Rodi, R. Sunyaev and P. Ubertini
Follow-up of Gravitational Wave Events with the Fermi-LAT. Current Status and Prospects for the Future
PoS(IFS2017)059 pdf N. Omodei,  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration, G. Vianello, D. Kocevski, S. Buson and N. Di Lalla
Off-axis short GRBs from structured jets as counterparts to GW events
PoS(IFS2017)060 pdf A. Kathirgamaraju, R. Barniol Duran and D. Giannios
Analysing the light curve and spectra of the first detected kilonova
PoS(IFS2017)061 pdf A. Jerkstrand
Session Gamma-Ray Bursts
Emission from accelerating jets in gamma-ray bursts: Radiation dominated flows with increasing mass outflow rates
PoS(IFS2017)062 file missing F. Ryde
GRB Locations and Spectra with the BALROG
PoS(IFS2017)063 pdf J.M. Burgess and J. Greiner
The Konus-Wind catalog of gamma-ray bursts with known redshifts. I. Bursts detected in the triggered mode.
PoS(IFS2017)064 pdf A. Tsvetkova, D.D. Frederiks, S. Golenetskii, A.P. Lysenko, P. Oleynik, V. Pal'shin, D.S. Svinkin, M. Ulanov, T. Cline, K. Hurley and R. Aptekar
Exploring the low-energy domain of LAT-detected GRBs
PoS(IFS2017)065 pdf E. Bissaldi, N. Omodei, G. Vianello, D. Kocevski and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
The Bright and the Slow - GRBs 100724B and 160509A with high-energy cutoffs at < 100MeV
PoS(IFS2017)066 pdf G. Vianello, R. Gill, J. Granot, N. Omodei, J. Cohen-Tanugi and F. Longo
Magnetic versus baryonic jets for gamma-ray bursts.
PoS(IFS2017)067 pdf D. Begue
Constraints on microphysical parameters of GRBs using HAWC
PoS(IFS2017)068 pdf S. Dichiara, M.M. Gonzalez, N. Fraija and  on behalf of the HAWC Collaboration
Session Other Transients
Fast Radio Bursts - implications for Fermi and future prospects
PoS(IFS2017)069 pdf M. Caleb
Probing mass ejection in nova outbursts using gamma-rays
PoS(IFS2017)070 file missing M. Pierrick
Are Gamma-ray Novae Intrinsically Rare Or Just Nearby?
PoS(IFS2017)071 pdf P. Morris, G. Cotter, A. Brown and P. Chadwick
Classical Novae in the Age of Fermi
PoS(IFS2017)072 file missing J. Linford
GeV--TeV Lightcurve of GRB Afterglow
PoS(IFS2017)073 file missing K. Asano
Is Spectral Width a Reliable Measure of GRB Emission Physics?
PoS(IFS2017)074 pdf attachments J.M. Burgess
The Rest-Frame Golenetskii Correlation via a Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis
PoS(IFS2017)075 pdf attachments J.M. Burgess
PoS(IFS2017)076 pdf attachments J.M. Burgess
Nine Years of Fermi LAT Flare Advocate Monitoring
PoS(IFS2017)077 file missing S. Ciprini
Spectral classification and variation of Fermi GRBs
PoS(IFS2017)078 pdf I.I. Rácz, L.G. Balazs, V.L. Tóth, I. Horvath and Z. Bagoly
New results in applying the machine learning to GRB redshift estimation
PoS(IFS2017)079 pdf I.I. Rácz, D. Ribli, Z. Bagoly, I. Csabai, I. Horvath and L.G. Balazs
Testing Isotropic Universe via Properties of Gamma-Ray Bursts Detected by Fermi / GBM
PoS(IFS2017)080 file missing J. Ripa
On the Connection of Gamma-Ray Bursts and X-Ray Flashes
PoS(IFS2017)081 pdf attachments J. Ripa and A. Meszaros
The 2nd LAT GRB Catalog
PoS(IFS2017)082 pdf attachments G. Vianello, M. Arimoto, M. Axelsson, E. Bissaldi, J. Bregeon, F. Dirisa, D. Kocevski, F. Longo, E. Moretti, N. Omodei, J. Racusin, M. Yassine and P. Veres
An Investigation on the GRB Peak Energy and Low-Energy Spectral Slope
PoS(IFS2017)083 pdf attachments H.F. Yu, F. Ryde and H. Dereli
MAGIC observation of the short nearby GRB160821B
PoS(IFS2017)084 pdf attachments M. Palatiello, K. Noda, S. Inoue, P. Colin, E. Moretti, F. Longo and  on behalf of the MAGIC and Fermi Collaboration
Session Stellar Sources (galactic and extragalactic)
Recent multi-wavelength studies of gamma-ray binary hosting Be star
PoS(IFS2017)085 pdf J. Takata
Fermi acceleration under control: $\eta$ Carinae
PoS(IFS2017)086 pdf M. Balbo and R. Walter
Gamma ray emission from Cyg X-3 and Cyg X-1
PoS(IFS2017)087 file missing A. Zdziarski
Towards the emerging source class of γ-ray emitting colliding-wind binary systems
PoS(IFS2017)088 pdf K. Reitberger, R. Kissmann, A. Reimer, O. Reimer and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
The population of gamma-ray binaries
PoS(IFS2017)089 file missing G. Dubus
The Gamma-ray Binary in the LMC: Implications for Populations and Further Discoveries
PoS(IFS2017)090 file missing R. Corbet
The Monster Next Door: Fermi-LAT observations of Supernova Remnant N132D in the Large Magellanic Cloud
PoS(IFS2017)091 file missing D. Castro
Detection of SN 1006 and HESS J1731-347 with Fermi-LAT: a complete view of shell-type TeV SNRs
PoS(IFS2017)092 file missing M. Lemoine-Goumard
A search for energy-dependence of the Kes 73/1E 1841-045 morphology in GeV
PoS(IFS2017)093 pdf P.K.H. Yeung
Disentangling hadronic from leptonic emission in the composite SNR G326.3-1.8
PoS(IFS2017)094 file missing J. Devin
Thermal X-ray studies on escaping of accelerated protons from SNR shocks
PoS(IFS2017)095 file missing H. Suzuki
New Extended GeV Sources in the Galactic Plane Found using 6 years of Fermi-LAT Pass 8 data
PoS(IFS2017)096 file missing M.H. Grondin
Resolving the Crab Nebula in TeV gamma-rays with H.E.S.S.
PoS(IFS2017)097 file missing M. Holler
On the origin of gamma-ray emission toward SNR CTB 37A with Fermi-LAT
PoS(IFS2017)098 file missing S. Abdollahi
Similarity of γ -ray spectrum in middle aged supernova remnants (SNRs) interacting with molecular clouds (MC): what can we learn?
PoS(IFS2017)099 pdf X. Tang
Diffusive shock acceleration in the young supernova remnant G1.9+0.3
PoS(IFS2017)100 file missing R. Brose
A New Gamma-Ray Source in the Vicinity of the Galactic Supernova Remnant G306.3−0.9
PoS(IFS2017)101 pdf T. Ergin, S. Katsuda, A. Sezer, R. Yamazaki, M.D. Filipovic, H. Sano, Y. Fukui and S. Tanaka
LMC P3: An Extreme Particle Accelerator
PoS(IFS2017)102 file missing J. Coley
Detection of an Unidentified Extended Gamma-ray Source Close to the Galactic Supernova Remnant 3C 400.2
PoS(IFS2017)103 pdf T. Ergin, A. Sezer, R. Yamazaki, H. Sano, Y. Fukui and S. Tanaka
Non-linear combined MHD- Monte Carlo simulations of proton acceleration in colliding wind binaries
PoS(IFS2017)104 pdf attachments E. Grimaldo, A. Reimer and R. Kissmann
Fermi-LAT Studies of Globular Clusters.
PoS(IFS2017)105 pdf attachments S. Lloyd, A. Brown and P. Chadwick
Reexamining the gamma-ray properties of globular clusters
PoS(IFS2017)106 pdf attachments K. Oh and C.Y. Hui
Combined approach to VHE gamma-ray astronomy at the TAIGA observatory
PoS(IFS2017)107 pdf attachments E. Postnikov and  on behalf of the TAIGA Collaboration
Session GeV-TeV Connection
H.E.S.S. highlights
PoS(IFS2017)108 pdf G. Puehlhofer and  on behalf of the H.E.S.S. collaboration
Gamma-ray astronomy across 6 decades of energy: synergy between Fermi, IACTs, and HAWC observatories
PoS(IFS2017)109 file missing M. Hui
Highlights of VERITAS observations of extragalactic objects
PoS(IFS2017)110 file missing M. Pohl
Recent Galactic Science Results from VERITAS on Pulsar Searches, PSR J2032+4127, and HAWC Follow-Ups
PoS(IFS2017)111 pdf G. Richards and  on behalf of the VERITAS Collaboration
Improved IGMF limits from Fermi and MAGIC observations of 1ES 0229+200
PoS(IFS2017)112 file missing I. Vovk
Evidence for cosmic ray escape: the GeV to TeV morphology of the $\gamma$-Cygni SNR with MAGIC and Fermi-LAT
PoS(IFS2017)113 file missing M.C. Strzys
Ten years of H.E.S.S. I extra galactic observations revisited
PoS(IFS2017)114 pdf attachments F. Brun, D. Sanchez, J. Chevalier and  on behalf of the H.E.S.S. collaboration
Probing high-energy acceleration processes in S5 0716+714 using combined Fermi-LAT and MAGIC observations
PoS(IFS2017)115 pdf attachments B. Rani, G. Pedaletti, E. Lindfors, M. Manganaro and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT and MAGIC collaborations
Temporal analysis of an unprecedented data set for the gamma-ray blazar 1ES 1215+303: Fermi-LAT and VERITAS light curves spanning ten years
PoS(IFS2017)116 pdf J. Valverde, D. Horan, G. Noto, R. Mukherjee, D. Bernard and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT & VERITAS Collaborations
Session Analysis Techniques
Information field theory for gamma ray astronomy
PoS(IFS2017)117 file missing T.A. Ensslin
Searches for Angular Extension in High-Latitude Fermi-LAT Sources
PoS(IFS2017)118 file missing R. Caputo
A new way of searching for transients: the ADWO method and its results
PoS(IFS2017)119 pdf Z. Bagoly, D. Szecsi, J. Ripa, I.I. Rácz, I. Csabai, L. Dobos, I. Horvath, L.G. Balázs and L.V. Tóth
Time Domain Astronomy with Fermi GBM in the Multi-messenger Era
PoS(IFS2017)120 file missing C. Wilson-Hodge
An Overview of the GBM Targeted Search For Sub-threshold Emission Associated with LIGO/Virgo Detections
PoS(IFS2017)121 file missing D. Kocevski
Improving the Fermi LAT source catalog and interstellar emission model
PoS(IFS2017)122 file missing J. Ballet
The second catalog of flaring gamma-ray sources (2FAV): observing astrophysical accelerators in real time
PoS(IFS2017)123 file missing R. Buehler
Effects of Biases of the Interstellar Emission Models on Point Source Finding and Characterization with the Fermi-LAT
PoS(IFS2017)124 file missing E. Charles
Towards the First Catalog of Fermi-LAT sources below 100 MeV
PoS(IFS2017)125 pdf G. Principe,  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration, D. Malyshev and S. Funk
Calorimeter-less gamma-ray telescopes: Optimal measurement of charged particle momentum from multiple scattering by Bayesian analysis of Kalman filtering innovations.
PoS(IFS2017)126 pdf D. Bernard and M. Frosini
The first VEGAS-free, exact, 5D, polarized photon-to-e+e-pair conversion event generator
PoS(IFS2017)127 pdf D. Bernard
The Fermi Large Area Telescope: 9 years of on-orbit performance
PoS(IFS2017)128 pdf attachments R. Cameron and  on behalf of the Fermi Large Area Telescope Collaboration
Finding untriggered gamma-ray transients in the Fermi GBM data
PoS(IFS2017)129 pdf M. Hui, M.S. Briggs, P. Veres and R. Hamburg
The Multi-Mission Maximum Likelihood framework (3ML)
PoS(IFS2017)130 pdf attachments G. Vianello, R.J. Lauer, J.M. Burgess, H. Ayala, H. Fleischhack, P. Harding, M. Hui, S. Marinelli, V. Savchenko and H. Zhou
Image Reconstruction Utilizing the High-Dimensional Data Space of Future Gamma-ray Telescopes
PoS(IFS2017)131 file missing A. Zoglauer
COMPTEL Reloaded: a heritage MeV data project
PoS(IFS2017)132 pdf attachments W. Collmar and A. Strong
A Novel Framework for Gamma-ray Source Classification using Automatic Feature Selection
PoS(IFS2017)133 pdf attachments A.P. Leung, Y. Tong, R. Li, S. Luo and C.Y. Hui
Session Galactic Diffuse Emission and cosmic-ray propagation
Cosmic rays and the diffuse gamma-ray emission
PoS(IFS2017)134 pdf F. Donato
Development of the Galactic Diffuse Emission Model for the LAT 4FGL Catalog Analysis
PoS(IFS2017)135 file missing S.W. Digel
Cosmic rays, gas, and dust in local clouds
PoS(IFS2017)136 pdf Q. Remy,  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration and I. Grenier
Diffuse X-ray emission from Loop I: Additional evidence of past activity of Galactic Center and relation to Fermi Bubbles
PoS(IFS2017)137 file missing M. Akita
Spiral Arm Signatures in Fermi-LAT's spectral index map
PoS(IFS2017)138 file missing N. Shaviv
High-energy $\gamma$-Rays from the Milky Way: 3D Interstellar Emission Models with GALPROP
PoS(IFS2017)139 pdf T.A. Porter, G. Johannesson and I.V. Moskalenko
Constraining the emission of cosmic electrons from supernova remnants with flux, dipole anisotropy and radio data
PoS(IFS2017)140 pdf S. Manconi, M. DiMauro and F. Donato
Measurement of the Cosmic-ray Proton Spectrum with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
PoS(IFS2017)141 file missing D. Green
Fermi-LAT $\gamma$-ray study of the Chamaeleon molecular cloud complex using thermal dust optical depth obtained with Planck
PoS(IFS2017)142 pdf attachments K. Hayashi and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
New 3D models of interstellar gas and their impact on high-energy interstellar emission.
PoS(IFS2017)143 pdf attachments G. Johannesson, T.A. Porter and I.V. Moskalenko
Cosmic rays in the Orion-Eridanus superbubble
PoS(IFS2017)144 pdf attachments T. Joubaud, I. Grenier and J.M. Casandjian
Evidence for GeV Cosmic Rays from White Dwarfs in the Local Cosmic Ray Spectra and in the Gamma-ray Emissivity of the Inner Galaxy
PoS(IFS2017)145 pdf T. Kamae, S.H. Lee, K. Makishima, S. Shibata and T. Shigeyama
Galactic Diffuse Gamma-Ray Emission From 3D Cosmic-Ray Transport Models
PoS(IFS2017)146 pdf attachments R. Kissmann, O. Reimer and F. Niederwanger
Study of the Interstellar Medium and Cosmic-rays in Local HI Clouds
PoS(IFS2017)147 pdf attachments T. Mizuno and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Cosmic Rays from Multifrequency Observations of the Interstellar Emission
PoS(IFS2017)148 pdf attachments E. Orlando
Session Extragalactic Diffuse Emission and Extragalactic Background Light
Cosmic rays, particle acceleration, and Fermi constraints on star and galaxy formation
PoS(IFS2017)149 file missing C. Pfrommer
Radio and Gamma-Ray Constraints on the Wind, Magnetic Field, and Cosmic Rays along the minor axis of the starburst M82
PoS(IFS2017)150 file missing B. Buckman
X-ray to gamma-ray virial shock signal from the Coma cluster
PoS(IFS2017)151 file missing U. Keshet
The Extragalactic Background Light in the Fermi Era
PoS(IFS2017)152 file missing M. Ajello
Measuring the Cosmic Star Formation Rate Density with Fermi-LAT
PoS(IFS2017)153 file missing J. Finke
Exploring the full information content of the extragalactic gamma-ray sky maps
PoS(IFS2017)154 file missing A. Cuoco
Measuring the Galaxy Luminosity Density out to z~6 with Fermi-LAT
PoS(IFS2017)155 file missing K. Helgason
The Density of Blazars above 100 MeV and the Origin of the Extragalactic Gamma-ray Background
PoS(IFS2017)156 file missing L. Marcotulli
Extragalactic Background Light Measurements from a Combined Likelihood Analysis of Blazars Detected with the MAGIC Telescopes
PoS(IFS2017)157 file missing A. Dominguez
Study of the anisotropy of the unresolved gamma-ray background
PoS(IFS2017)158 pdf M. Negro and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Updated Fermi-LAT Constraints on the Extragalactic Background Light
PoS(IFS2017)159 pdf T. Armstrong and J. Graham
Deriving the contribution of point sources to the Extragalactic gamma-ray background with efficiency corrections and photon statistics
PoS(IFS2017)160 file missing M. Di Mauro
Characterization of the Local Universe via cross-correlations
PoS(IFS2017)161 pdf attachments S. Ammazzalorso, N. Fornengo, S. Horiuchi and M. Regis
A Galactic Center Excess in the Andromeda Galaxy M31 Seen with the Fermi -LAT
PoS(IFS2017)162 pdf attachments X. Hou, M. Pierrick and  on behalf of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration
Detection of virial shocks in stacked Fermi-LAT clusters
PoS(IFS2017)163 pdf attachments I. Reiss, J. Mushkin and U. Keshet
Session Dark Matter
Limits on Dark Matter annihilation signal from dwarf galaxies with prior-free astrophysical factors
PoS(IFS2017)164 file missing A. Chiappo
Probing the nature of dark matter with gamma rays: what we learned from the LAT and prospects for the CTA
PoS(IFS2017)165 file missing G. Zaharijas
Indirect Axion and Axionlike Particle Searches at Gamma-Ray Energies
PoS(IFS2017)166 file missing M. Meyer
Dark matter theory: implications and future prospects for Fermi
PoS(IFS2017)167 pdf P. Scott
Spectral modulation of non-Galactic plane Gamma-ray pulsars due to photon-ALPs mixing in Galactic magnetic field.
PoS(IFS2017)168 pdf J. Majumdar, F. Calore. and D. Horns.
Fermi -LAT Limit on Individual Primordial Black Holes
PoS(IFS2017)169 pdf attachments D. Malyshev, C. Johnson, S. Ritz and S. Funk
Sensitivity of CTA to the Detection of a Dark Matter Signal in comparison to Direct Detection and Collider Experiments
PoS(IFS2017)170 file missing M. Meyer
Spotting imprints of dark matter in the extragalactic Fermi sky with photon counts statistics
PoS(IFS2017)171 pdf attachments H. Zechlin, S. Manconi and F. Donato
Realistic estimation for the detectability of dark matter subhalos with Fermi-LAT catalogs
PoS(IFS2017)172 file missing F. Calore
Session The Sun and the Neutrino-Gamma Connection
Fermi Large Area Telescope observations of the Sun: The first ten years
PoS(IFS2017)173 pdf M. Pesce-Rollins, N. Omodei, A. Allafort, V. Petrosian, S. Raino and W. Liu
Search for GeV neutrinos associated with solar flares with IceCube
PoS(IFS2017)174 pdf G. De Wasseige and  on behalf of the IceCube Collaboration
Origin of cosmic neutrinos in the Fermi context
PoS(IFS2017)175 file missing W. Winter
A minimal model for extragalactic high-energy particles
PoS(IFS2017)176 pdf M. Kachelriess, O. Kalashev, S. Ostapchenko and D. Semikoz
On the Detection Potential of Short Blazar Flares for Current Neutrino Telescopes
PoS(IFS2017)177 file missing M. Kreter
The Quiet Sun in Gamma Rays: Modeling of the CR Electrons in the Inner Heliosphere
PoS(IFS2017)178 pdf attachments E. Orlando, N. Giglietto, I.V. Moskalenko, S. Raino' and A.W. Strong
Session Future Gamma-ray Missions
The Path from COSI to COSI-X
PoS(IFS2017)179 file missing A. Zoglauer
Polarimetry and high angular resolution gamma-ray observations in the MeV regime using a novel detector concept
PoS(IFS2017)180 pdf D. Horan and  on behalf of the HARPO Collaboration
All-Sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO) - A discovery mission for the MeV gamma-ray band
PoS(IFS2017)181 file missing J.S. Perkins
Viability of a nano-satellite Compton space telescope
PoS(IFS2017)182 file missing F. Berlato
Monitoring of gamma-ray burst with a fleet of nanosatellites
PoS(IFS2017)183 file missing M. Ohno
Exploring the particle nature of dark matter with the All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO)
PoS(IFS2017)184 file missing R. Caputo
All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO): Simulations of the Instrument performance
PoS(IFS2017)185 file missing R. Caputo
Development and Testing of the AMEGO Silicon Tracker System
PoS(IFS2017)186 pdf S. Griffin and  on behalf of the AMEGO Team
The MERGer-event Gamma-Ray (MERGR) Telescope
PoS(IFS2017)187 file missing J.E. Grove
BurstCube: A CubeSat for Gravitational Wave Counterparts
PoS(IFS2017)188 file missing J.S. Perkins
Gamma-ray Burst and Gravitational Wave Counterpart Prospects in the MeV Band with AMEGO
PoS(IFS2017)189 file missing J. Racusin