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Control Systems: Theory, Numerics and Applications

30 March - 1 April 2005
published April 07, 2006

The Workshop "Control Systems: Theory, Numerics and Applications" is the concluding meeting of the 2004 INDAM Intergroup Project "Controllo e Numerica".
The project involved various Institutes from differents Universities, among which: C.N.R., University of Firenze, Genova, Politecnico of Milano and of Torino, University of Padova, University of Roma 'La Sapienza' and 'TorVergata', University of Siena and SISSA of Trieste.

The guideline of the Project was the collaboration of researchers from different areas on problems in control theory. In particular three main themes were individuated:

  1. Geometric control theory and applications.
  2. Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellmann equations in optimal control.
  3. Infinite dimensional control systems.

For each of these topics, theoretical, modelling and numerical aspects were considered.

The Workshop was organized with five main speakers (mainly from outside project) and many shorter contributions (mainly from the project participants).

Editorial Board
Boscain Ugo, Cannarsa Piermarco, Capuzzo Dolcetta Italo, Falcone Maurizio, Piccoli Benedetto (chairman)

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Main Speakers
Main Speakers
American Options. Pricing and volatily calibration.
PoS(CSTNA2005)020 pdf Y. Achdou and O. Pironneau
Energy decay rates and convexity for hyperbolic equations with nonlinear dissipation
PoS(CSTNA2005)023 pdf F. Alabau-Boussouira
Local Boundary Feedback Stabilization of the Navier-Stokes Equations
PoS(CSTNA2005)003 pdf J.P. Raymond
Large time convergence in Hamilton-Jacobi equations
PoS(CSTNA2005)004 pdf J.M. Roquejoffre
Exponential stability of one-dimensional hyperbolic systems
PoS(CSTNA2005)005 pdf F. Khodja Ammar and M. Mokhtar-Kharroubi
Some ergodic problems for differential games
PoS(CSTNA2005)025 pdf M. Bardi and O. Alvarez
Null-controllability of some reaction-diffusion systems with one control force
PoS(CSTNA2005)006 pdf A. Benabdallah, F.A. Khodja and C. Dupaix
Controllability of the Schrödinger Equation via Intersection of Eigenvalues
PoS(CSTNA2005)007 pdf U. Boscain and R. Adami
Numerical Solution of the Perspective Shape-from-Shading Problem
PoS(CSTNA2005)008 pdf E. Cristiani, M. Falcone and A. Seghini
Numerical simulation of growing sandpiles
PoS(CSTNA2005)010 pdf S. Finzi Vita
Obstructions for steady-state controllability
PoS(CSTNA2005)019 pdf Y. Chitour, J.M. Coron and M. Garavello
Verification Theorems for HJB equations
PoS(CSTNA2005)021 pdf M. Garavello
Discontinuous feedback laws for infinite dimensional systems
PoS(CSTNA2005)011 pdf L. Levaggi
Second order controllability conditions for the controllability of control systems with drift
PoS(CSTNA2005)012 pdf A. Marigonda
Control problems for Euler-Bernoulli thermoelastic plates without memory and thermoelastic systems with memory
PoS(CSTNA2005)014 pdf M.G. Naso
Optimal control methods for immunotheraphy
PoS(CSTNA2005)027 pdf B. Piccoli and F. Castiglione
Controllability of the Gurtin-Pipkin equation
PoS(CSTNA2005)015 pdf L. Pandolfi
Numerical approximation of the effective Hamiltonian and of the Aubry set for first order Hamilton-Jacobi equations
PoS(CSTNA2005)016 pdf M. Rorro
On second order sufficient optimality conditions for a bang-singular arc
PoS(CSTNA2005)017 pdf L. Poggiolini and G. Stefani
Optimal control of peritoneal dialysis
PoS(CSTNA2005)018 pdf P. Zunino and D. Mastalli